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Nutrition & VBACs

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Cross posted from VBAC forum:

I'm planning a VBAC, and I've read nutrition is very important for a natural birth, especially a VBAC. I eat pretty well as it is, and focus on getting lots of healthy proteins, healthy fats, fresh veggies and fruit, and not a lot of processed foods. I take a good, whole-food prenatal, cod liver oil, and make a pregnancy herbal infusion. Is there anything specific that is recommended for VBAC moms aside from a well-rounded, healthy diet?
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I haven't heard of anything specific to VBAC moms diet-wise. It's really awesome though that you are taking charge and doing everything you can.

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Thank you. I can't find anything specific, other than every VBAC site recommends a very good diet. I'm trying, but I still have aversions and nausea some days. I can't control the physical aspect as much, since my muscles do what they want and I can't really workout. (I can handle gentle yoga or pilates when I'm not having a flareup, but no running, rowing, or other things I used to do.) I think that the infusions and good vitamins are helpful, though.
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I'm not to sure either but I know I am definitely going to start taking probiotics just in case I have to go on antibiotics(I spiked a fever during birth) and I'm going to continue with making bone broth and being vigilant with both the last couple months of this pregnancy! I feel like the bone broth gave me what I needed! I think I'll pump up my green leafys too! I think what your doing sounds fantastic! smile.gif
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I need to start making more bone broth. We use it a lot of making soups and stews in the winter, and it is great for flavoring food like rice or mashed potatoes.
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I'm obsessed with making it now! I just love that I can make 3/4 meals out of a whole chicken and some veggies!
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We put up a decent amount of tomatoes this year, some summer squash for soups and what not, some green beans, etc. The tomatoes we made spaghetti sauce, plain sauce, pizza sauce, and frozen roasted tomatoes. We need to work on getting the rest of what we harvest before it gets cold, too. I'm going to go to the nursery this week or next to get some seedlings for a fall garden. I also need to harvest spaghetti squash...somehow we ended up with 25 on the vine between the volunteers in the compost pile and the three plants I put in. (A big HOLY COW on that one! We're going to have to share with others...I can't imagine eating 25 of them before they go bad.)

The garden should help keep with the healthy diet during the colder months. I'm on a waiting list for beef and pork from my cousin's farm, as well. She raises them on grass and without hormones, antibiotics, and other unnecessary meds. She gives me bones for stock, too. I really want that meat because the flavor and nutritional content of conventional meat isn't the same. I've been trying to fit in more protein from veggies and dairy in the meantime.
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chiropractic care is pretty important.  my ds was a hbac and i swear  it had a lot to do with getting chiropractic care

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I agree with the chiropractic. Aside from helping with the aches and pains, it helps to keep things from getting out of alignment when your balance shifts. That is especially important for me, since my muscle spasms can tweak my spine. I'm at a risk for lordosis in my lower back from it, and I don't want to go there any sooner than I have to.

Btw - The Webster technique is supposed to be more effective than external versions and without the pain and risks. It works about 80-90% of the time for getting baby into an optimal position. I'm definitely going to have my chiro use the technique later on.
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I need to get back to concentrating on my diet this week. I was feeling crummy, then got my infusion and felt worse, so I've just been eating what seems appealing. I tried to keep up with protein, but I stunk at getting enough plant foods into my diet. I think we need to do a major grocery shopping trip, and stock up on staples. Today I cut up some of the sugar pie pumpkins we grew to make puree, and got enough for several loafs of pumpkin bread. With wheat flour and coconut oil, it is a tasty treat that I don't feel bad about. Being active has been impossible, too. As soon as this headache is gone, I need to get back to fitting in some yoga and squats every day.
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This Mothering link came up on my alert today, and it is a good resource.

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I haven't researched this specifically for vbacs. But I do beleive that high fat dairy is good for you. (I read, specifically for fertility/conception.) You said you were getting healthy fats. Is dairy included? We love 3% milk. Seems so rampant, everyone wants low fat cheese and yogurt. Cut the chips, eat the high fat dairy!!! Mmm dairy... lol.

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Oh! And is your fibre digestable? I love nourished kitchen. They have a recipe for slow cook oatmeal. You let it soak overnight with alittle lemon juice or kefir, etc. It breaks down the fibre, and then you cook it in the morning. Nom.

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Yep - I don't buy low fat dairy.
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