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Oh Milk8shake! Hoping for you! I cannot even imagine how you are feeling. And when it comes to "no hobbies," we are all trying here, so I don't think anyone is surprised when someone gets pregnant. :)


MIL has left so life will be getting back to normal and we will now be open to just about any foster calls. Who knows how long we will wait, though. It most likely did not help that we said no last week. Oh well... Looks like the die test will not be done next cycle, as they refuse to do until dh has been tested. We will not have the time before af, and I would need to call and book the test on cd1. However, that is not a very big deal to me. I am once again feeling like I will not be taking clomid, so there is little left to do. I suppose I could call and ask about my blood test results, as the progesterone numbers do interest me, as well as the newest Thyroid results. 

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milk8shake - joy.gifand hug.gif and goodvibes.gifsticky.gif! And I, for one, consider sex to be an excellent hobby. ;) Not to mention an important way to keep your relationship alive. Do your doctors have a different treatment plan for you this time? I think you mentioned some stuff they were going to try, or maybe it was just that you wanted to try? Anyway, keep us posted! I am praying and rooting for you! (I trust that God knows who I'm talking about when I pray for milkshake, even if I don't!)


LTB - Hoping you get another call soon! I know it must be hard to think that refusing the first call hurts your chances of getting another call soon (and I agree, it might), but I think you totally did the right thing for your situation. You've been patient this far, so I hope the time till your next call goes by quickly!


AFM, I should really know better than to think my body might start spontaneously working again. Sheesh. I did spend a bunch of time yesterday looking for a new doctor to visit, but I'm not sure whose recommendations to take. I found a few here on MDC for people who seem nice, but I'm also looking somewhat for someone who's more aggressive in treating things, which is not usually what MDC mamas are looking for. Plus, I'm not really worried about finding someone I want to attend a birth at this point, since I'm not likely to still be in Houston whenever I do birth. There are lots of CNM recs, too, but my one experience with a CNM was not great. I feel like she had zero clue about how to deal with any of my medical issues. She seemed nice enough, and like she'd probably do well with birth (she owned a birth center), but was not really informed about non-pregnancy stuff.


I'm thinking about taking a recommendation from a PCOS messageboard I frequent, but I hesitate because the doctor is male. I've always been adamant about not wanting a male OB/GYN, and I'm not sure if I want to stick to my guns on that or not. My RE was male, which made me a little nervous, but he never actually did any of the exams/ultrasounds himself, so it was a non-issue. I've searched the doctor on the web, and he gets pretty good reviews as far as I've seen. However, he is in a big practice that has like 4 male and 5 female doctors, I think. I don't know, maybe I'm prejudiced, but I just think male OB/GYNs are weird. Although the men at this practice seem older, so they probably became OB/GYNs when there were relatively few women doctors. This doctor has been practicing for 20+ years, which makes me feel like he probably knows more than my current doc, who is nice, but rather clueless-seeming. (She's tested me for STDs 3 different times because of some symptoms I'd been having - despite knowing I've had a single partner, and that I'm his only partner. I get testing me once - people get cheated on without knowing it - but testing me 3 times suggests to me that she is unable to think of any other possible explanations outside of STDs.) Anyway, not sure what I'm going to do at this point. I am not feeling excited about starting all over again with another care provider. (In the last 3 years I've seen a CNM, 2 OB/GYNs, and an RE.) Blehhhh.

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privateeyes.gif Hi, Beloved! I've been thinking about you! hug2.gif
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Milk8shake- goodvibes.gifSTICK BABY STICK!  I am hoping and praying for you and your DH!


LTB- I hope the call comes soon! Also, wanted to add- When I asked my RE about Progesterone, he said they no longer test for it b/c your progesterone pumps out on a 3 hour cycle, so depending where they get you in that cycle it could show up higher than your average or lower than your average, so it is commonly incorrect. Just wanted to tell you in case it comes back 'normal' that if you think there is a problem and want to try a supplement that you should push for it regardless of what your number is. He said that extra progesterone is not harmful even if you there isn't a problem b/c you produce much more during pregnancy than is supplemented. I thought it was interesting, anyway.


lilmom- Can't wait to hear about your appointments, I hope your new OB takes you seriously and can get you some answers, and that they Dr finally finds something with your gallbladder so you can get back on the wagon ASAP!


smiles- I tried maca and vitex (at different times)- I didn't see any positive difference (or a positive HPT)... but I have regular cycles- so I hear that happens with vitex if you're 'regular' - makes things worse. I second lilmom on acupuncture- but I would caution you to find an acupuncturist that knows their stuff. I spent 6 months at a place that I felt comfortable with the practitioner, but he really didn't know anything about infertility (didn't take my concern seriously, b/c I was only 25), and just kept trying different things. I have my first appt back at my old practitioner on Friday- she had 30 pregnancies in 41 new patients last year, and 30 so far this year- but she cost more than twice as much per treatment.... you get what you pay for I guess.


wissa- You could always look into Arvigo or Mayan massage- some people have immediate results conceiving after ( I did not), but it can help with the C-section scar and preventing any adhesions from returning. It helps to increase blood flow to your uterus. I hope you get the go-ahead soon, how is the recovery going?



AFM- I took my first dose of Clomid last night.... and I feel, nothing. I guess it is good not to have side effects. AF is nearly on her way out, so boring times here in Boston...

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Milkshakejoy.gif Congratulations! joy.gif  I am praying that this one is sticky!  


Lilmom - hope your Dr. appt. goes well.  I can't wait to hear how it goes!


Monkeyscience - I hope you find a good Dr. soon.  I've actually had much better luck with male OB/Gyns and I used to hate the idea of some guy down there checking out my girly parts!   

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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

privateeyes.gif Hi, Beloved! I've been thinking about you! hug2.gif

I am so happy for you and your new little one, sooooo happy smile.gif

I have a feeling about this last BD with my old (and new) bf. I am so torn. I feel old, and for so many years I didn't get pregnant. I find myself obsessing again. I am not charting, but I definitely had EWCM, AND this man got me pregnant so easily when we were younger. I am crazy about him, but my friends don't like him, and I am trying to smooth things in my life over. I am finally happy where I am working, and I am out of the abusive marriage joy.gif
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Milk8shake, congrats! I hope your little one is STICKY!

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Milk8shake -- wow, that is fantastic news!  Congratulations!  I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you.  Seconding Monkeyscience:  are you trying any new protocols/treatment plans? 


CBAA2010:  also have my fingers crossed that the Clomid does good things.


AFM:  since my last update, I tried a new RE who was much more in tune with the whole "immunological" approach to recurrent miscarriages.  I felt super positive because he was listening to all of my concerns about rheumatoid factor, weird gout episodes which I get with each miscarriage, etc.  However, I ended up dumping him and returning to my original RE after the new guy turned out to be quite a bully.  He recommended an experimental, non-peer reviewed treatment which he said insurance wouldn't cover -- and which would cost me about $2000 plus several months of not-trying.  I was highly interested and willing to consider it -- but asked for time to figure out the finances.  I also didn't understand why *none* of it would be covered by insurance, even prescriptions which are pretty mainstream (ie., high blood pressure meds, allopurinal for the gout, etc.).  He flew off the handle and said all kinds of things like "You have 24 hours to make a decision about this treatment.  You're either in or you're out" and by the end of it, I felt like the whole thing was a big scam.  I fired him and then saw a GP for the blood pressure meds and allopurinal. 


In the meantime, I tested positive for ureaplasma, so I took a month off to work on that with doxycycline and also to get in a few weeks of the labetalol and allopurinal.  I'm now off all that stuff and "ready to love again" lol.  CD 5, currently on Femara, boosting it with Follistim this time.


The big breaking news is that, in addition to the ureaplasma (which could have caused the miscarriages), I've also tested homozygous for the C677T mutation (two copies) -- MTHFR.  So now I'm on double the FABB/Folgard.  (MTHFR is a clotting disorder which involves a kind of resistance to folic acid.)  This *could* be the root problem.  I'm hoping that between this diagnosis, and treating the ureaplasma, plus the thyroid stuff, plus the metformin and aspirin and prednisone and Lovenox. . . .  That this may all do the trick.

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Praha- all of that sounds complicated, I'm glad you are back to your old RE again and it sounds like you are on the right path. I think sometimes doctors don't know when they are overstepping their boundries, and not respecting that this is our life, not an experiment...


monkeyscience- I have a female OB/Gyn , I've only met her once, but now I wish I'd gone with a male. This is after I had my first visits with a male RE. It is all emotional, I was so hurt when my PCP and my OB completly blew off my fertility concerns. I think with a male, I don't expect sympathy because he doesn't have a uterus and ovaries, and while men can understand after a while, unless you've been there they just don't seem to get it. Surprisingly my RE seems very in tune, but after all, that is his job. I think that avoiding women in the medical field works for me, it is almost like they all feel they have something to prove. Good Luck!

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Milkshake - Thinking about you. Hope this one sticks!!  hug2.gif


Smiles - Sorry your cycles are "wacky".  I tired maca for a few months. It gave me a lot energy to start with then it gave me acne (cyst like ance), but didn't change my cycles. The only other things I've heard of are vitex and progesterone cream.  According to the Dr. Lee book, you can shut down you cycles for a couple months with the cream and then your body should start back up.  Of course, losing a cycle is not something us BSL would want to do. ;)


Monkey - I've had more luck with the men Drs.  Men tend to want to fix things not talk about them. Plus, since men don't have female parts they kinda of have to take your word about what's going on...where as I think women Drs think they know.


lilmom - How was the Ob/gyn appt.?  Good news about the grasto doctor. I really hope the tests show something, so you can get to feeling better and back to TTC.  I also hear ya on the Chiro.  I see one all the time and he has checked on my ribs and can't find anything.   It's just a soreness esp when I lay on that side and it gets worse around AF...hence my belief it's endo.  Oh well...Do you ever just wonder why everything has to be so complicated?


cbaa - I actually have thought about massage! I live in a rather small town/area, so I'm not sure I can find one that knows about fertility massage.  However, I really think it would help keep things they cleaned up with  the surgery clear.  I believe I read somewhere that no sides effects w/clomid is a GOOD thing!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Praha - Wow, I can't believe that Dr. was so rude to you!  I guess they get caught up in their work like everyone else...sounds like he just wanted someone else in his study. I'm glad that you got the ureaplasma  treated and got the dx on the other things.  Hope the femera and follistism and the hand full of meds works!!!  It really does sound like you may getting a lot of answers.



BTW - This just for the BSL that don't already have kids.  My husband said to me the other night...How many people do we know that have had trouble getting pregnant?  and then he said how many of them have had babies?  Answer - All of them now have at least one kid.  Hope it's y'alls turn soon!


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Milk8shake:  I really really hope you get your sticky baby this time! goodvibes.gif


Praha:  It must be great to finally get some answers!  Hopefully all the meds you are on will do the trick for you.


Sorry no more personals, just a quick posting in the minute I have.  Hugs for everyone!

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Just a quick note re: male docs. My RE was male, and I absolutely did not like him. Of the 3 female OB/GYNs I've had, I've liked two of them quite a bit. Of those 4, exactly one has been helpful to me in getting medical diagnoses - though she wasn't helpful as much with treatment. The 2 I liked both definitely had better bedside manner than my RE, but obviously that was less helpful in terms of diagnosis. (My RE was worthless for that, too.) I guess embarrassment is more of my issue with a male OB/GYN - that, and a fear that I'll somehow end up seeing one of the creepy kinds. Seems unlikely since the one recommended to me has good recs, but still...


Anyway, as many people who have been all up in my lady parts in the last year, I'm starting to wonder if I really care about it after all. Really, the thing I care most about is getting someone who understands PCOS, and who is also good with thyroid issues. Oh, and actually treats me like an intelligent human being. Probably a little too much to ask for, I know. :P

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Ok, I'm gonna talk about me first this time and then try to squeeze the personals in after. The ob/gyn visit was really good!!! He spent a long time with me. He was actually interested in my charts! And he was very encouraging. He took my word on everything I said as well, which I am not used to in a doctor. He did have me do bloodwork, and is testing just about everything under the sun including my thyroid and prolactin (which he thinks could be a problem) and my egg reserve too. He said if my egg reserve is low we will consider more aggressive treatment but for now he wants me to start Prometrium to kick in my period, and then Clomid day 5-9 (50 mg). Of course the caveat to that is, will I be having gallbladder surgery or something else? But he said that we should know if I am before I am even done with the prometrium, so I can postpone the Clomid if it turns out I need to have surgery or some other serious treatment.


He also said that he thinks i am an excellent candidate for VBAC and that he has only a 5% percent section rate with his patients and that he is a big believer that sections are rarely necessary. That was super exciting for me, and also a little sad, because I know that even if he helps me get pregnant, we will probably not be living here for much longer. So, I finally got a doc I like right before we move. Oh well..maybe he can help and at least I felt like he was listening to me.


There were some bad things though. He didn't want to test T3 and T4 because he thinks it's unneccessary. UGH. But i will be very interested to see if my #'s have changed since I last had it tested. He also is not really a believer in pcos. He said he thinks I probably have some hormone issues and he thinks it is probably thyroid or prolactin related.


Oh! And I asked him about the spotting I had on CD 20,21,and 22 and whether he thought it might be something to worry about or progesterone issues or what and he said probably nothing to worry about, he thinks it is related to whatever hormonal issue is causing my crazy cycles. Hmmm. So, I'm going back in 6 weeks. I'm excited to hopefully be starting Clomid soon!!!


 In my other health news, I am having an MRI Friday morning of my gb, pancreas, liver, and surrounding ducts. I am really hoping the MRI will show whatever they need to see to fix me up so that I do not have to have the scope next week, which I am terrified of, esp. after googling and finding out that you have to be awake while they put a tube down your throat!!! For maybe 2 plus hours! And that it can have some serious complications. I am tempted actually to not even do it. But we'll see what the MRI shows.


Let me see if I can rememer everyone's stuff..

Milkshake- HOORAY!!!! Praying for a sticky bean!! I hope this is it!!!! Don't feel one bit bad about all that lovin' you and DH have been doing. I'm all for it. LIke Monkey said, what a great hobby!!! And it is great for your relationship.


Wissa- I DO wonder why everything has to be so complicated, especially right now while I feel like I'm living at the hospital/doctor's office! And Dh's work is about sick of it too, since he has taken off work so much lately to watch DS and/or take me to the Dr. Anyway, I am so sorry to hear about your rib pain, that does sound like possible endo. Have you tried taking alot of vitamin C? I went to a naturopath's women's health seminar once who said that endo can be killed by taking a ton of vitamin C. I have no idea if that is true but her argument was that endo is basically a fungus and you just have to get it under control. I have the exact amount written down somewhere but maybe you could google it too if you're interested.


Monkey- For what it's worth, I can't stand female ob.gyns. I have never had a bad experience with a man but both times i went to a woman, it was horrible. They were uncaring, didn't listen to me, and dismissed my problems. I will never see a female ob.gyn again!!! I also feel creeped out by a woman messing with my privates, so I guess I'm the opposite of you! It just doesn't feel right to me! I agree with whoever said men want to fix stuff. I have found the female doctors just want to be RIGHT about stuff, and the male doctors want to find something that works. Also, don't give up on your body. God gave you an amazing body, so keep up the faith in that.


Praha- I really hope your new regimen does the trick!!! Sounds very promising!! Also, that is horrible about the doctor who gave you the time limit on decision making! That definitely sounds suspicious, not to mention horrible. I think you did the right thing too!


cbaa- I hope the Clomid is just the thing! Also, glad to hear you aren't having side effects so far.


LTB- You'll have to let us know about your test results! Maybe that will tell you something that will be helpful. I can see where you would be worried that saying no before means you won't get another chance quickly, but maybe you will. The right foster child will come along! Hang in there.


Beloved- when are you testing? Sounds like you just *know*..but i know it's hard to wait to see that test. It also sounds like your life is still a little chaotic..do you think your guy would react well to a pregnancy? I hope this all works out in a wonderful way for you.







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Lilmom-  Glad to hear you finally got your OB appointment (and that it went well!)  Did your Dr. check for thyroid antibodies?  That is so important... I was diagnosed with thyroid disease despite normal TSH because my Dr thought to check for antibodies (I was so clueless at the time...)  Also, I had an endoscopy a couple years ago and I was technically awake but consciously sedated so I don't remember a thing... I would bet that that is what you will have too... the worst part of the whole thing was getting the iv put in for the sedation!



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Monkeyscience et al.:  Interesting regarding the male vs. female doctor issue.  I have a male RE, who has done some exams and procedures including my HSG and endometrial biopsy -- his maleness hasn't bothered me so much, maybe because he's so quick and brusque there's no time to think about my "parts" hanging out there. . . .  But my DH has repeatedly pointed out that the RE looks like Jack Nicholson -- and for some reason that really increases the creepiness factor for me (so I've asked DH to shut up about it).  That said, I can't really get my head around a male doctor attending my birth in the future. In fact, I can't really imagine a doctor doing it in general.  I've been really committed to the widwifery model of birth, and not sure how/if I can let go of it.  I suspect I'll be risked out of homebirth/birth center birth/midwife care.  Maybe I can go with a CNM hospital birth.  That's what I had with my daughter, and although I hoped for a homebirth this time, at least I know from experience that I can have a natural birth is a hospital.


Lilmom:  Awesome about your new doctor -- especially his c-section rate.  Too bad he's not into the T3/T4 thing -- is he willing to order the tests to satisfy your curiosity, or could you perhaps have them ordered by a GP or someone?  Good luck with the MRI.

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I know it's been a while since I posted but I thought I would tell you after 2 years of trying... and extopic in 2010, and Misscarriage in 2010 right after, then a cemical pregancy in 2011 in jan....


I just got back some numbers today that might make you smile....


Monday HCG 192.3 Progesterone 47.3...... Wednesday Numbers HCG 662.3 Progesterone 41.89..... Things are on the up and up and I feel completely different this time.... I have a ultraound on Tuesday morning, Praying this little bean is going to snuggle into my bunny shapped uterus all like I picture and making plans to stay for 8 months....AT LEAST!

All I did was have Birthday sex (all week long!!) And I O'd Early!


Thought that I would update you all.... and it looks like alot of you are doing really great.... thinking good thoughts!

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AGreenMum10:  How exciting!  Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


All about me here.  Why do I even bring pregnancy tests into this house?  Because I am a big, dorky stupid-head, that's why.  This is what I did.  I wanted to know if I could have a coffee drink laced with Irish Cream, so I decided to test.  I forgot this morning, so I used second urine.  Then I walked out of the bathroom and forgot the test was there.  Two hours later, I noticed it, and of course it had a faint second pink line.  But it's a useless test, since it was past the time limit.  I threw the damn thing away and stomped around, trying to generate some pee.  But now I'm gun-shy and can't work up even a tiny tinkle.  And also, when I saw that faint line, my knees gave way and I nearly knocked a hole in my head on the corner of the bathroom counter.  I know it is in fact negative, that I am not pregnant, but I feel compelled to try again.  I noticed that my face is all flushed with excitement and I'm wild-eyed, so knowing it's negative has clearly not registered with at least some parts of me.  My temperatures indicate that I am not pregnant--I was below 98 this morning, but does that mean anything to me?  Noooo.  I really don't know if I can take this anymore.  ARGH.

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Self-pity party for me today, AF started. I'm going to go buy like every supplement, vitex, naturacure, blah blah blah, and see if anything changes. :( Every time I just think I can give up and focus on something else but then I start obsessing over getting pregnant again. ARGH.

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Driving by.  My hcg from yesterday wasn't altogether promising, only 42.  Its hard to say exactly what dpo I am, but I think yesterday was about 14/15dpo.  So 42 is pretty low greensad.gif

I still forked out the 100 bucks for the clexane and gave myself the shot.  Have another beta tomorrow, and one Monday. Ugh.


Kinza - hug2.gif

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Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post

Driving by.  My hcg from yesterday wasn't altogether promising, only 42.  Its hard to say exactly what dpo I am, but I think yesterday was about 14/15dpo.  So 42 is pretty low greensad.gif

I still forked out the 100 bucks for the clexane and gave myself the shot.  Have another beta tomorrow, and one Monday. Ugh.


Kinza - hug2.gif

goodvibes.gif Those numbers could be TOTALLY normal! I will be hovering and thinking really good thoughts for you! hug2.gif

kinza, I'm so sorry. I've done that so many times. I totally understand the "body not listening to rational brain" thing. I hope your body is right and your brain is wrong! fingersx.gif
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