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Oh man, I have been soo AAM.  Just so you all know, I have been reading along, I have just been too lazy - that's right, lazy - to do personals.

I will come back and catch up tonight, after work - Ugh!

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wissa19:  So, what happened with you?  Has the witch shown her face?  I hope the "travel issues" are something holiday related, at least?

LessTraveledBy: LOL - I love how your "quick updates" are still huge.  If I lose all my posts, I swear a bunch, and log off!!

I'm sorry that the doctors were so different, and the bad one was well, bad!  It frustrates me to think how much easier all of this journey would be for all of us if the medical side of it were less difficult.  Especially dealing with the doctors.  I get that they are human, but some of them are just so in the wrong line of work it is not funny.

CA Country Girl: I hope that you still manage to get some "quality time" in! You should be just about gearing up to O, right?  Will you be going on progesterone when you get your bfp?

In laws can be fun hey?  Mine are nice people, but having them in the house is a challenge.  Even DP reckons his tolerance threshold is three days.  I think that's pretty accurate.  lol.gif

lilmom:  How are you feeling today?  It's Friday here, so I'm guessing you get your results tomorrow?  I don't know what to hope for for you, but I guess I hope that they find something that is mild and fixable, so you can get back on the baby bandwagon asap.  I certainly don't mean to make light of your fears, because they are understandable.  I hope you can update us when you're able.  Sending much love to you. blowkiss.gif

Smilesarefree: Cuss.gif Cuss.gifCuss.gifCuss.gifCuss.gifCuss.gif

16 day cycle?  What the hell is that?  For heaven's sake!  It's not fair at all.  Once again, I'm a bit of a know nothing, but can I boss you into getting some fricken' hormone tests already!?  AF once a fortnight is just plain cruel...  hug2.gif

monkeyscience:  How are you feeling love?  I too consult Dr Google on all important matters!  I really hope you are feeling better.


AFM:  Still nothing much to report.  My shrink appt was fine.  The doc was nice, and she does a lot of work with maternal fetal medicine, so I think she gets the "issues".  She said that I can see her once a fortnight, or however often I need to.  It really is great to talk to someone on the outside, it's a lot easier, and yeah, there is no "burdening" guilt.  But talking is exhausting though.  I could sleep for a week after a good therapy session!!


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Milkshake - haha witch should be here at the end of next week. Just in time for a big family & Friends function where well meaning old people will ask (I'm sure) when we plan on having another baby.  I just hate it when I have to smile and be polite but vague.  Maybe I should start saying "When God gets around to it".  And the travel is not Holiday related :(.  It's work related, & I just can't DH saying I can't go I have to stay home and uh get busy with my wife.  winky.gif


I'm glad your therapist seems nice and is familiar with TTC issues.  I'm also glad you have someone you can go to if and when you need to!  It's true I sometimes feel I burden my mom and couple of close friends too much with my IF issues.


Smiles - I think Milkshake has a point.  Some hormone tests might be a good idea.  Sometimes it's better to know what your fighting against.  I put off having the HSG because I was afraid there was sometimes wrong with my tubes...and it turns out there was!!  I could have had that issue taken care over a year ago. 


lilmom - Waiting to hear some news. hug2.gif


AFM - I have been talking to my ovaries again.  However, it has occurred to me that I'm always encouraging them or talking nice.  So next month I'm going to threaten them "If you can't work I'm going to take the strongest ovulation drugs I can find and then you'll have to work!! and if that doesn't work I can always have you taken out! " 



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Milk8shake and Wissa - I did have my hormone levels tested in the spring after I had an 106 day cycle and they all came back normal, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to have them tested again- if my doc would agree to do it again so soon.  I am so irregular now that something must be up, a 16 day cycle is not normal, I have had 18, 19, and 21 day cycles recently as well as 31 and 35 day cycles.  I haven't even made it to a 2ww in months which is depressing in itself, I don't even get to hope for 2 weeks!! 


Lilmom - You mentioned in an earlier post that you got you egg levels checked or something like that?  Could you elaborate?  I am always fearful of menopause and if that is what is going on with me I'd like to know it.




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GOOD NEWS!!!!! I had my scope, and the news is good. The Dr. said my stomach, esophagus, intestine all looked good, however I seem to have a nerve wrapped around my liver and gallbladder. He said they can't unwrap it, but I can take muscle relaxants that hopefully will help it. It can be triggered by all sorts of things..moving heavy objects, *pregnancy* which would explain why it was so bad when I was pregnant with DS and also why it started up again when I had the chemical pregnancy this summer. So, the good news is, it won't kill me..the bad news is, the meds don't seem to be compatible with pregnancy, but I am going to talk to the ob.gyn and see if there is an alternative. I know when I was pg with DS, they gave me Darvacet and it helped some, but not entirely and I was scared to take too much, obviously. So, when I get pg again, I know I will be in bad pain. But at least now I know it won't kill me. And I survived it with DS. So I'm sure I would again. Anyway, he also said it does mimic gallbladder trouble and I need to avoid spicy foods and garlic, which are pretty much my favorites. So that is going to be sad, but I am willing to do whatever I need to do. I'm just pleased as punch though at these good results. He did do a biopsy to check for celiac disease, but he didn't think that was likely. OH, and that fluid I was so freaked out about, the Dr. said was absolutely nothing and so tiny that he said he wasn't sure why the MRI guy even reported it. Way to freak me out for nothing, crazy alarmist nurse who called me and scared me to death! Anyway, since I am sooo skeptical of the entire medical community, I am hoping this truly is the RIGHT diagnosis. It makes sense though, because my mother and grandmother both had what they always called "gallbladder issues" but never had any tests show gallbladder trouble, and never had them removed. So this is probably a genetic anomaly i am suffering from here.


So, TTC wise, I need to figure out how to manage this pain, but then I can get back on the bandwagon! I'm not sure if I want to go for it this month or try to give my body some time to calm down. I have my Clomid ready to go..but we'll see if I am ready by CD5. not sure I will be, since AF should be arriving very soon. Maybe, if there is something i can take safely while ttc and pg though..


Thanks soooo much for all the love ladies. You all are amazing!!!


Smiles- Yes, I had the egg test..they tested my anti-Mullerian hormone. You can do this on any day of the cycle. This does not necessarily reflect egg quality, but it DOES reflect egg quantity. So, it's a "how many eggs do you have left to work with" type thing. I think FSH tests egg quality, and I have not had that one done. I think that is a CD3 test. If anyone knows more about that, please fill Smiles and me in!!!

I was really glad I requested this test though, because it made me feel good to know that I am not on the verge of running out of eggs or anything like that. now, whether my eggs are good or not..I don't know..but I have heard that royal jelly and Clomid can help with that. Comments anyone?


More personals when I feel better. I need to lie down and rest but wanted to update. Thanks again girls!


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smiles - That is really concerning about your cycle. greensad.gif It really does sound like menopause, which would be terrible. Then again, I had a friend give birth a few months ago who had also gone into premature menopause (she's about 30, I think) but still got pregnant. Would you consider seeing a different doctor, or do you feel like your doc is still pretty good overall? Super-short cycles are something they should take seriously, though. Are they anovulatory cycles? Hoping and praying for you!


lava - wave.gifGood to see you! I enjoy stalking you ladies on the grad thread... glad to see it more active over there lately!


CACG - Good luck with O! Hopefully the increasing progesterone numbers are a good sign!


LTB - GRRR about the bad doc experience! And that totally stinks that you can't choose who you see.


wissa - I've been taking so much medication for my sick that I shudder to think what would happen to the baby if I were to get pregnant. Probably wouldn't ever even implant with all that stuff in my system! Hope you can get things figured out for next cycle. Have you done letrezole before? A lot of people find that it takes them a long time to respond to it - like follicles would be ready around CD 16-20 or so, instead of around CD 14. Just something to consider. And I think it's okay to only speak nicely to your ovaries!


milk8shake - Glad the shrink appointment went well, and that she is understanding of the issues you're facing. You'd think all mental health professionals would realize that if something upsets you, they need to take it seriously, whether or not they would personally find it upsetting. But it seems like a lot of them never got that memo. Hoping and praying and waiting for more good news from you!


lilmom - So glad you got some answers!! And that they're at least sort of good! It stinks they can't really 'fix' your problem, but hopefully knowing what is going on (and, like you said, knowing it won't kill you) will help you deal with it. Good luck with figuring out the next steps for TTC!


AFM, I FEEL LIKE A PERSON AGAIN!! I mean, I'm definitely still congested and coughing, but the feeling that death would be preferrable to my condition has passed. I feel sort of weak and light-headed, but it's definitely a feeling of "convalescing" more "still wallowing in sickness". It's sort of hard to explain. I finally seem to have beat the sore-throat-huge-effort-to-swallow feeling, which helps a lot. I imagine it will still be another week or so till I'm completely back to normal, but at least I feel like I actually want to do things again. I've already done a couple of loads of laundry today, as well as cleaning up the kitchen a bit, so I can tell I'm getting my energy back. (I did wake up with a terrible, awful headache, so I took medicine and went back to sleep until about 10:30, so I'm not turning into Wonder Woman or anything!) Anyway, thanks again for listening to me whine so much!

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Lilmom - Glad you found out what is up and glad it is good news - too bad it can't be fixed but great to know what is going on.  Thanks for the test info, I'd really like to know what I've got left for eggies in me, so I think I will ask for the test.


Monkey -  Glad you are feeling more human!!!  I don't think my cycles are anovulatory, at least not all of them, I don't temp but use opk's and always get my day or 2 of positives but I decided to give up doing them a few months ago hoping that would help stop some of my obsessing so I can't be sure about the last few cycles.  I'm in Canada and switching doctors is not an easy thing to do, even just getting a doctor is not easy, I do like my doctor but we'll see how my next appointment goes, I always feel stupid going to the doctor, I feel like I should only be going if I have something life threatening! Silly I know, I think that comes from having a nurse for a mother who only took us to the doctor when we were really really really sick!

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Happy Friday everyone


Lilmom- Yeah!  So happy to hear good news for you.  


Milkshake- Glad for the good appointment with the shrink.  So far my acupuncturist thinks that my progesterone will stabilize without taking any, but I will be reconsidering that if it does not keep going up.  Funny, my DH says the same thing about guests.  I think there is an expression- after 3 days guests and fish start to stink?  He pretty much believes that even when it is his folks.  There are a few people (women mostly) I wish lived with us- my sister or best friend could move in and I would be so happy.  I would be really into the sister wife concept if it was just sharing laundry, cooking, and gossip, but I couldn't do the sharing a husband thing.


Monkey- So happy you are finally on the mend.


Smiles- go for the tests again girl.  I agree with Wissa; it is best to know what you are up against and thinking about it without knowing what's up is just stressful.  I guess this is something that I definitely believe in because I can be obsessive and get anxiety about health things.  Last time I went to see a therapist she told me to address all health concerns directly instead of letting myself just get worked up about it for long periods of time before I dealt with it.


Wissa- I hate the "when are you going to have another baby" question.  I have taken to saying "We're trying" and changing the subject.  I can no longer keep the edge out of my voice either.  I know people mean well, but that question really bites.


AFM, had fun hanging out with DD in Kindergarten again this morning.  Looking forward to O "quality time" (as Milkshake termed it) over the next week.  Could October be our lucky month?  Here's to hoping.  Hugs to everyone.



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Hope no one minds, but I went ahead and started the October thread. I also put a little survey in the first post you can fill out if you like. I hope none of the questions are too intrusive - definitely feel free not to answer if you don't want to! Or feel free to add more if you think of it!

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