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Oh and forgot to UPDATE on me


Well today is CD 36, which puts me 7-8 days late. I dunno when I O'd, if I even O'd I think I'm annovulatory this month. But I don't feel like she is coming at all. I've had a few cycles like that in the past, the annovulatory ones are the "sneaky" ones because I don't cramp, spot or anything it just shows up. However; this cycle has been super weird, like I've been having PMS/Preggo symptoms since Monday...which means annovulatory or not, she should be showing up soon. Then they went away! Now I have nothing, no sickness, no PMS (which for me is really big, I PMS hardcore), no sore boobies. I don't feel like she's coming or she just left. I don't feel anything....but frustration..


Oh if frustration equaled BFP's and Babies....we'd all be some happy, happy campers :/

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I already knew that we would most likely have to do IVF. In fact, as soon as we found out about my diminished ovarian reserves, we knew we were doing IVF. It really isn't all that complicated, but it is already taking a lot out of me even before we get to daily doctor's appointments.  Although, today will be the second one of the week. Just a blood draw for today though.

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As for everyone's announcements on FB. I have hidden everyone's status that either is having or will be having a baby with the exception of family and super-close friends.

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I think it is strange for a clinic to absolutely require your DP to come in to your office. That is crazy. Mine said it was preferable for the initial consult, but after that, they really only need my DH for the retrieval and I would like to have him there for the transfer. I won't be able to drive either time, so that makes him necessary besides his "contribution".

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Good news from the RE's office. My DHEA dose is working. I will stay on this dosage until a positive pregnancy test. So, yay for not having to increase medication. There is also a possibility that my synthroid dosage is working too. I will know that for sure this afternoon.

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Can you please update my blurb? IVF scheduled for November. Turns out DH  is fine. I am on DHEA and at a therapeutic dose. Start all the other meds mid-October. Fertility issues- Endo, hypothyroid, diminished ovarian reserves.

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autumn - I also wanted to say I hear you on the wanting kids early! I wanted to marry earlier than I did, too, but there's only so much of these life processes that are up to us. Although we are actually doing super well financially right now, I totally get having very grounded dreams that aren't fulfilled. I couldn't buy a car at all until I was almost 26. We don't own a home (which I kind of like, but kind of don't), and no idea when that will be in the picture. We now own one ten-year-old car that probably needs new shocks. On the plus side for us, we have a significant amount saved for a second car (mostly due to selling our second car!), and we're about to start building up a serious emergency fund. We're now debt-free, which is also exciting. But this is all very recent, since my dh graduated and got a great job, which is currently giving him a lot of overtime. I hope things start looking good for you soon!


deborah - Yay for a plan, and good medication response! Good luck with your IVF!!


kenya - Welcome!! Sorry AF is playing games with you. :P


renavoo - Happy Friday to you, too! Almost done with the nasty BCPs!!


AFM, I'm having trouble catching up with everything here lately! I've actually had RL stuff to do lately, which is good. I'm worried I'm getting sick, which is less good, but it will be what it will be. I had to go buy fat pants today, which was really upsetting. I've doubled in size (from 6 to 12) in less than 2 years. I've gone from 8 to 12 in less than the last 6. I think I'm just going to take the plunge and try and new male OB/GYN recommended by someone on my PCOS message board.

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Deborah, you know what was most shocking for me? IVF wasn't actually very difficult at all. I expected it to be really complicated but it turned out that it wasn't really that but, like you said, just exhausting and time consuming. I'm dreading having to do another fresh cycle, if my FET doesn't work out but I now know that it won't be too difficult. Except for finding the time! Yah for DHEA!! I hope the synthroid helped too!


Monkey, sorry about the weight gain hug2.gif It happens to all of us because of the darn stress and hormones/drugs. Hopefully, the new doctor can give you some answers. I have always had female gyns and REs until I graduated up to IVF. Now, I've gotten used to having males look at me. And in some cases, a lot of them at a time, which happened during my embie transfer during IVF. That was still massively uncomfortable though. haha


Kenya, argh for not knowing what is going on!!! I hope that your body is just giving you a break from PMSing. Otherwise, hopefully you're pregnant :o)

Ok off I go...will come back and see if I missed anyone later!


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renavoo - I'm the same way. I get so angry when people who are just *ugh* can get pregnant so easily and dp and I can't. If it's someone I like, then yeah, happy but sad.


deborah - yay for clear tubes!!!


kenyasolovely - welcome to the group! I hope you're able to get some support from us here. I know being here helps me so much.


monkey - I totally understand about the weight gain. Happened to me too (PCOS as well). It is so hard to deal with. I hope you can get some answers.


Thanks everyone for the notes about seeing the fertility specialist. I did think it was weird that they were so strict about dp being there too. He's going to take off a few hours during the middle of the day when our appointment is. I was trying to get it switched to an earlier time, but nope! His work isn't too happy since he's the only one who can do the job he does, but I guess they have no choice. Hopefully they'll be able to get his history first so he can leave in the middle, but I'm worried they'll think we're not serious about this if he does. Right now I'm also worried because I have an appointment for a physical on Monday and AF is STILL here. I guess since it's been over 6 months since the last one it makes sense it would last a long time. dp is also doing his spermanalyysis on Monday morning. Thankfully they let him do the deed at home and bring it in within the hour!

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Shesaidboom (love the name, by the way...I smile every time I read it.) DH also prefers doing the deed at home. He hates the office because he thinks it is so impersonal. I wouldn't worry about them thinking that you weren't serious...i think that fertility specialists know that you're serious if you're trying to go to them. Also, the office should be a little more understanding...I mean, seriously. it isn't very convenient to have the appointment in the middle of the day. Thankfully, usually the monitoring should be more convenient. I hope so, for you, anyway!


So AFM, Today i took my last BCP (hopefully for the last time in a while!) and now I'm just waiting for the withdrawal bleed. when I used to take BCPs, it would come sometime Tuesday so hopefully, that is what happens this time and then Wednesday, I can get my ok to start meds in preparation for the embryo transfer. then I will hopefully be on track for my transfer on the 14th of October. Wednesday is the day my SIL is having her c section so i'm going to be an auntie!! (Poor baby is breach). I can't wait!


Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone! I hope people are doing something fun this weekend. i just made my poor DH go to a photography session with me. Tomorrow, we will be throwing a football party (well, DH is throwing the party. I'm just going along for the ride!) :o)



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Yes, the synthroid helped. Switch to brand if the generic isn't helping! My numbers went from high 7 range (almost 8) down to 2.23 (ideal for fertility- woohoo!).

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I did something fun- I got my purple belt yesterday and then hung out with a friend all evening to celebrate (she got her purple belt too).

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I am home from our weekend away! We had a great time, it was nice to be away with friends who are supportive and offer good advice, which is surprising since we were the only married couple, seems like all our married friends aren't supportive etc because they never had trouble TTC. I finished my Clomid last night, so far I only had a lot of burning when DTD Thursday (dry? weird b/c we used a little preseed to lubricate) and night sweats, maybe a little headache. Today is CD8 and my right ovary has been feeling twingy for a few days, the left one a little but not as often. I never feel like my right ovary works very well so we will see. I have my ultrasound Thursday and I'm really excited to see what is going on in there!


Renavoo- I love football parties!! I assume you were watching the Jets/Giants--- I'm a Pats fan stillheart.gif Things are looking up for you, all done with those stinky BCP's, on to better things! How many embryos are they transferring?


deborah- glad to hear your plan is working!


monkey hug2.gifMore to love! I know what you mean though... I started giving away my size 2 and 4 pants.... they just depressed me. Hormones do crazy things to weight... low progesterone can cause weight gain in the hips and thighs,  it was one of many 'side effects' per se, that convince me mine is either too low, or that my body doesn't process it correctly. Good luck deciding on an OB/GYN, good thing is, they spend relatively little time actually looking at your lady parts, so what you really need is the expertise!


kenya- welcome! Do you have AF or a BFP yet? The waiting is so tough!


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Hey ladies! So much to catch up with!  Sorry i haven't been here lately...things are going better but the road is still long yet....and it tonight when i get home I find something out after POAS it might be even longer!!! i'll explain in AFM at the end of this! 


Renavoo:  I got the book yesterday in the mail.  Thank you so much!! I'm super excited about getting started reading the book...dh is too surprisingly! I think we might be on a good road right now!


Deborah: I'm happy that you guy have a plan!!! And YAY for getting your purple belt...that is AWESOME!!!


Monkeyscience: BIG HUGS!!!  I know that weight gain sucks and especially as fast as you've done it because i did that back 5 years ago and went from 120lbs to 180lbs in like 4 months or less. **which sounds like more weight gain than you've been thru so i TOTALLY GET IT!!!****  If you do decide to go to the new ob/gyn i hope that he can help you!  I know that changing doctors is stressful in itself but if he can give you more insite and has more experiance with PCOS pt's then I would totally go for it. 


TO EVERYONE ELSE:  sorry i've not had a chance to go all the way back thru the posts, i'll try to do that tomorrow.  I'm trying to help my supervisor get caught up with her monthly reports from the past year that the fire department i dispatch for JUST asked for!! I hope everyone is doing great!!! 


AFM:  Okay, my spotting STILL hasn't stopped so today makes 10 days that i've been spotting.  The last time i did this i was pregnant. (i did it with BOTH of my pregnancies) It's not been bright pink or red blood though it's been the brown old blood spotting.  I'm SOOOOOO afraid that i'm pregnant (i know sounds weird to say that in a forum for women wanting to be pregnant) but i think that this will just make things worse before it makes things better with me and DH.  We are really trying to work on our whole relationship together and he's doing much better in the fact that he's gotten rid of his facebook and the rest of his contacts who were causing problems from his phone.  Anyways, DH is going to buy a test tonight when we go to the store and we are going to take it tonight after the kids go to bed.  I tested pos. with my last pregnancy at 10dpo at 830pm so I figured it shouldn't matter that i test tonight, though i'm going to make sure that we get a box of at least 2 tests just incase.  I'm also having other symptoms that are making me wonder if i am pregnant because i'm really dizzy and i was PERFECTLY FINE until one of my co-workers just heated up some food in the microwave and now i feel like i'm going to throw up all over the place! I don't want to worry because that's just going to make things worse.  I don't know when my actual period is due because i usually go anywhere from 21-28 days with my periods...so i should start between last tuesday the 13th to this tuesday the 20th.  That is a BIG difference lol.  I know that it is obviously longer than a 21 day cycle, but now i don't know...BLAH...i just need a long bath with candle light and a great book to calm me down!  Maybe things will straighten out soon but we'll see.  I will TOTALLY tell you ladies tomorrow what the test says.  DH and I are going to wait to tell people IRL if I am...1)because my contract ends with my current job December 31st and the people taking over our contract hasn't decided if they are going to hire all of us who work here yet or if they are going to only take a certain number of us.  and 2) my family is SOOOOOOO against me having another baby any time soon that it's not even funny. 

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Hi ladies!

I just discovered this site today.  DH and I have been TTC since the beginning of the year with no luck.  We actually have an appointment next Monday, the 26th with a fertility specialist.  My gyn suggested we go see this doctor for a possible IUI.  I really feel sort of unprepared in the sense that I look through these types of forums, and all you ladies really sound like you know your stuff ... and I'm still trying to figure out all the abbreviations!!  Ha!


Anyway, I was wondering if any of you here have had to see fertility specialists because of issues with your husbands/partners.  It seems like DH's count and motility is low.  I think I'm basically OK, but I'm not really sure.  Anyway, it's nice to see this community of women being there for each other.  I've read so many heartbreaking stories on this site, but I'm sure it helps to have people here who understand and can offer words of hope and encouragement.


About me: 34 ... DH 32 ... married April 2008 ... TTC #1

If you could add me to this group, that would be great!  Thanks, and good luck to all you ladies!!  :)  :)

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Hope everyone had a wonderful (relaxing) weekend.


Monkeyscience - Hello and thank you for the warm welcome!


Renavoo - Oh...the games are still being played :( and congrats on the LAST BCP!  The next big "B" we will see will be a BFP! :)


Shesaidboom - thank you for the welcome, I'm hoping this is a cool group of women to get to know, seems so thus far!


cbaa - HELLO! And no AF yet...


brichole - waiting on your test results


BabyMc - Welcome! I haven't seen a fertility specialist yet but if it comes to that I know the fertility issues will be lying with me, not him.


AFM...Hmmm, 8 days now late, I miscalculated, when I took my first hpt I was 5 days late AND used very diluted urine because I've been suffering with a horrible bladder infection (peeing every 20-30 minutes literally). So, I talked to my BFF and she said its a possibility the test could've been wrong due to my urine being weak and/or it being too early. I'm just very frustrated, I spend too much time reading stuff on the internet I shouldn't....like now I'm thinking it could be that I'm peri-menopausal. Basically I'm playing devils advocate, I'm refusing to believe I'm pregnant. DP seems to think I AM!!!! He's a sweet man though he's just trying to be supportive. I have a handful of PG symptoms but could also be AF-sneaky-ninja symptoms. The main thing thats rocking my world is I'm like the calmest I've ever been. Normally I'm super high-strung and have PMS from the depths of Hades and I'm like....cooler than the other side of the pillow. Totally not worried about anything at all.....


Dr appointment on Friday so...we'll see



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test was negative last night and i'm still waiting on AF to show up but i've been having VERY sharp ovary pain on my left side so i think i have a large cyst on my left ovary but i'm not able to take off work today to try to get an ultrasound done at the gyn office but i might try to go tomorrow before i go get DD#1 from school.  I'm sure that i'll be able to find a babysitter easier tomorrow too. 



On another note...i know that some of you were around when i was telling you in the summer that I went in to talk to a plastic surgeon about my breast reduction...well they called me today and told me to go have my Factor V tested to see if i have blood clotting issues and if i don't then they are going to call me back next week to set up my surgery date.  I'm going to go ahead and have the surgery done before the end of the year so that it will be covered by my current insurance since my insurance will be changing January 1st.  Well, i need to get to working.  I will talk to you soon!  I hope everyone is doing great!

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brichole - Hope you can figure out what's going on soon!


cbaa - Thinking good thoughts for you!!


everyone else - Thanks for the commiseration! I'm reading along but don't have much else to say right now.

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Thanks renavoo :)  I hope everything turns out well! Both for you and for your little niece or nephew.


deborah - congrats on your purple belt!


cbaa - good luck at the ultrasound! Make sure you update us :)


brichole - What a hard thing to deal with right now! It seems like it just keeps coming, doesn't it? I'm thinking good thoughts for you.


BabyMc - welcome to the group!


Monkey - lots of hug2.gif to you.




Dp did his spermanalysis today. No results yet of course, but I imagine everything will turn out fine. We had quite the adventure getting it there. The only lab location near us that accepts sperm samples is about 45 mins away and stops collecting at 8:45 am. We had to get there in rush hour traffic in Toronto, one of the worst places for traffic in North America, and made a stupid move on taking a detour that we thought would save us time, but ended up costing us nearly half an hour more. I was keeping the sample at body temp, in my arm pit, as per the instructions we got, and dp was so worried we'd get there too late. They told us the sample could only be an hour old. Thankfully, we were just minutes late so they took it anyway. It would have been awful if we had to do it again! Poor dp. He was so stressed out.

I also had my physical and pap today. I feel like everyone has been looking at my girly bits lately, but I guess I better get used to it! My doctor had the results of my ultrasound and sonohysterogram, and she told me the same, uterus and tubes look great, ovaries look awful. Now we just have to wait and see what the fertility specialist says. 8 more days!

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So, it turns out that my DHEA and Testosterone were a little high, so less pills for me!

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