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shesaidboom sorry to hear about the ovaries, glad the lab was nice enough to take your sample.  Having grown up in T.O., I TOTALLY understand what you mean about rush hour traffic and detours!


brichole  good luck with the bloodwork - do you have a history of von willibrands or thalasemia or something?  If not, your factor V should be just fine ~ a little bit of good news in your world would be wonderful, eh?  cramping ovaries, blech!  hope you find out what's going on soon.


BabyMc, Monkey, Kenya and anyone else new, welcome to the forum!


AFM, I am not able to get on every day, and a lot of times I just read and don't have a lot to add, but please know it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you!  I have an appt Sept 26 with an OB to hopefully we'll be able to make a plan - whatever that plan might look like. Looks like another unmedicated cycle for me since it's already cd6 and I still have a week to go until my appt.  Take my vitamins and eating as healthy as possible and just praying for a BFP this month....especially since we'll be on vacay and I don't want to have to deal with AF while we're away!  And besides, if we do get pregnant - 13 weeks will be around Christmas and we don't plan on telling our families until at least that point - with my history of 3 early miscarriages, it's just too hard to get their hopes up again...


Looking forward to hearing good news, ladies!




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Welcome kenyasolovely and kylie1! I am hoping we barely get to know you 'cause you'll be out of here so fast...but if not, I hope you will enjoy the support and warmth I have found here.


Just realized, I guess I should update the ol' blurb. O threadkeeper, can you please change it to:


Gozal (33) trying for number 2 since 2009. Finally diagnosed with prolactinoma after extended breastfeeding; PRL levels normal 4/11; ectopic pregnancy 6/11; doing monitored natural cycles for now and Clomid if needed.


Otherwise, I am 6dpo today and planning to test Friday on 10dpo. I sort of don't know what to think about this cycle. Usually I have pretty sharp intuition about it, but this time, I just don't know. I'm encouraged that my body seems to be back to itself following the EP in June. I ovulated on cd15 which is right on time for me; my cycle is most commonly 29 days. My RE seems to think I should be ovulating by cd15 at the latest and is a little concerned about my lackluster progesterone from before the last pg. But she also thinks it could just have been my body re-adjusting following treatment for the tumor, and that it may have corrected itself. So the next monitored cycle should tell us a lot.


I know I'm a little behind, hope to be back soon to catch up with everybody! Thinking of you guys!

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Hi ladies!


Babymc, welcome! As some of the ladies here have said, I hope your stay is short but we're happy to have you with us. Sorry about your DH's motility and count. :o( I'm glad that you're going to see a RE. I'm hoping he/she can give you some more answers. My DH actually had initial issues with morphology but we seemed to have corrected that with vitamin intake...at least, ever since the first test, he's had another pretty perfect test. I'm giving all the props to the vitamins since that's all we changed for him. He just takes a multivitamin. We don't eat very well. haha


Kenya, haha i love the description, AF sneaky ninja symptoms! That's hilarious. I hope that your DP is right and that you're pregnant. That would be sneaky but oh so welcome!! Are you going to see your doctor on Friday because of the infection? Hopefully, you can get them to do a beta at that point. i'm glad that you're feeling more relaxed though! it's important, especially if you're pregnant and the little bean is snuggling in!


Brichole, I'm happy that your DH and you enjoy the book. I hope it helps. Yah to breast reduction surgery!! i hope that it works out. It's crazy that you'll be getting it so fast but hey, it's necessary. I have a friend who got breast reduction surgery and it was something she considered the best thing she's ever done medically. She felt like it really helped her in life. I hope that's what happens for you!


Shesaidboom, ugh!! I'm sorry for your stress! I always find it so interesting how different labs have such different ideas of timing. My lab says that DH can get his sperm there within 1.5 hours. It's so odd. And then we get so antsy when we get there and then have to hold on to it for a while before they can take the sample. But usually, everything is fine. I'm glad that your DH didn't have to do it all over again. ugh. Poor guy. he must have been sweating bullets. And I'm so with you about getting used to people looking at your girly bits. sigh. it still gets embarrassing but these days, I know how to assume the position all too well...*shaking head*


Deborah, YAH to fewer pills!


Babycatcher, good luck at your appointment on the 26th. I hope you get your answers. Hopefully, you'll be able to see whether there is a nice follie and therefore, egg growing in there at that time. And hopefully, you guys will catch the egg and get pregnant soon. It would be a wonderful holiday season, if that happens!


Gozal, I can't wait to hear about your test results...I'm hoping it is a BFP! I'm glad your cycles are relatively normalized now. That's so exciting!


AFM, Sigh, still waiting. haha now, for my withdrawal bleed after the BCPs. Hopefully, tomorrow! Anyway, otherwise, I'm feeling my age because yesterday and today, I've had intense back pain. I don't even know what i did! But it's starting to get better so hopefully i can go to the gym tomorrow. I've also noticed that i've gotten slower at the gym so I'm attributing that to getting older too. haha Wednesday is my SIL's day for a c section so i'm fairly excited to meet my nephew. Otherwise, nothing doing! Hope everyone is doing well! I updated the blurbs but please let me know if there are any other changes!


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Brichole - Sorry to hear about the BFN. Can cyst cause longer cycles? I've heard some can but some don't. Either way sounds like no fun, hope you feel better and the pains go away!


Shesaidboom - OMG! I would've been so put out if they wouldn't have taken your DH sample. Phew!! That was a close call! But it all worked out, it was meant to be. And sorry your ovaries...are they leaning towards you possibly having to use a donor?


Babycatcher - I think this might be a good cycle for you. I've read so many stories of the cycles women say "oh heck with it" they get their BFP!!!! And I can already think of 1 millio-wait....2 million different ways to tell you family at Christmas!


Gozal - Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully I can stick around here, BFP or not. Seems like a nice chill spot to come and hang out. When you had your EP did you lose one of your tubes? Sorry if that's intrusive, I only have one myself so I was curious.


Renavoo...Yes my doctors appointment is Friday but i went to the ER last night for the infection I was up all night, didn't get home til 530 am.  And they didn't even bother doing a PG test, heck they didn't even ask when my LMP was, so I'm assuming they see a lot of women for that. But I'm going to still go see my GP on Friday. And lets not even talk about feeling our age.....my DP is 7 years younger than me and...some days he just DOES. NOT. GET. IT. And to make it worse I'm the worlds laziest healthy person and he's a former college athelete so he just looks at me like quizzically as if I'm some sort of fat freak of nature. Pfffttt! I'm embracing my better years!





NO AF! I have still not tested. Of course I have tons of weird body things going on but I'm not convinced! I am officially 11 days late today. Last test day was 5 days late with very very diluted urine. So if she doesn't show by Friday I am going in! Here's some of what I think are sxs, what do ya'll think?


Headache for like 2 days, Fatigue (only like 2-3 days) now I have...Insomnia...Breast are bigger, much bigger but not tender, which normally before AF the nipples get sensitive. This time they "ache" inside. Lower back ache that will NOT go away and sorry tmi, no discharge. I'm completely dry.

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I haven't done a thread like this since my DDC, over 9 years ago on this board!  Forgive me if I'm rusty and if I miss anything in the previous 7 pages!


Name: Lauren
Age: 29
TTC #: 2
CD: 23

DPO:9 (but having very pms-y sxs)
Testing: You have no idea.  I have been tested for every blood level ever and every autoimmune disorder known to mankind thus far.  I did not do the HSG, but may soon.
Trying Since: 2004
Plan for this Cycle: hMG, letrazole, IUI

Other details about me/my inferitlity:  inherited PCOS, 2 miscarriages with severe hemorrhage
, one herbal abortion (no apparent problems), Ovarian drilling in December 2010, non-responsive to clomid and letrazole by itself


I'm going to go try to catch up on what y'alls have been up to.

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shesaidboom- Glad they took your sample, now just gotta hope it comes back with A+ swimmers... what are their concerns with your ovaries again?


gozal- I hope you are feeling so blase about this cycle because you are trusting your body to do what is is made for--- making babies! Channel some of that calm energy over this way puhleeeese!


kenya- those sound like some promising symptoms!


renavoo- you are getting so close! Are  you still taking royal jelly? (I think I saw you post on a RJ thread), I know the it is a FET this time, but I wasn't sure if you had kept it up anyway. I lol-d about your DH taking a multivitamin because of poor eating... I am force feeding my DH multivitamins and high doses of vitamin E (makes them penetrate the egg better)... I have been eating very healthy for a while, but DH still gets into the snacks (I know, I just shouldn't buy them), but I feel bad because his tests came back A+ and mine came back like.... B-, so I get the guilt and eat carrots when I want french fries... sigh...


brichole- I think the reduction is a great thing to take advantage of now, when you are already taking a time out to get your life sorted. You will be so happy when it is done and I think all the testing they have you do beforehand is just to make sure all is clear- no surprises in surgery, so don't be worried! Glad  you are enjoying the book!


Welcome Mamma Mia! HSG sometimes opens you all up and brings good things for pregnancy (hasn't worked for me...but I'm still hoping!). Sorry to hear about the m/c's. What is ovarian drilling- sounds painful. Did they find anything else in your bloodwork, or just PCOS?


babycatcher- no AF for vacation and a wonderful Christmas surprise sounds like just what we all need, (vacation, no AF and Christmas surprises). Last year our first cycle & I remember thinking, OMG I can tell my family at Christmas.... sooo... round 2 of that I guess...



AFM- CD 11 here--  had a little EWCM last night, so I was excited Clomid hasn't taken away everything! Nothing else exciting here, I go to acupuncture today & have my ultrasound tomorrow, I really hope they let me trigger so I have more than one egg opportunity for conception... I'm going to the gym in 15 minutes, I always dread it until I get there and then I love it... I def. have a love/hate relationship with exercise. Anyone with me?!


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BabyMC, Mamma Mia, welcome! I want to wish you guys a short stay with us, too. (Very superstitious over here. Gotta make sure I get everyone. smile.gif) I'm about to celebrate the new year so my wish for the coming year is that this thread becomes completely empty and gets deleted by MDC due to zero activity. And we can all be chatting on some fabulous IF graduates thread instead...


Renavoo, you're almost there, lady! Almost time to get excited and gear up for the FET! As I said, I'm very superstitious, so I can't say anything about any good feelings I may have about October for you...


Kenya, no worries, I don't mind you asking at all! I was very fortunate, I did not lose a tube. I was treated with methotrexate and it looked like it wasn't going to work - but then all of a sudden it did. Actually in my case, technically I had a PUL - pregnancy of unknown location. They never found it on u/s, even at close to 8 weeks. One of the REs at my office leans towards thinking it was ectopic while another believes it was likely intrauterine. I'll never know, but I am just so grateful that my HSG this month showed no damage to my tubes. However I'll always be treated as though I had an ectopic which means lots of early monitoring for me, not a bad thing because I'm an "info please!" person.


cbaa, sending any remaining chill vibes that I possess over to you! Today I feel antsy as all get-out at 8dpo.


So yeah, I had some kind of dip thing happening today but not as dramatic as my last pg chart. Still don't know what to think.

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Originally Posted by cbaa2010 View Post


Welcome Mamma Mia! HSG sometimes opens you all up and brings good things for pregnancy (hasn't worked for me...but I'm still hoping!). Sorry to hear about the m/c's. What is ovarian drilling- sounds painful. Did they find anything else in your bloodwork, or just PCOS?

AFM- CD 11 here--  had a little EWCM last night, so I was excited Clomid hasn't taken away everything! Nothing else exciting here, I go to acupuncture today & have my ultrasound tomorrow, I really hope they let me trigger so I have more than one egg opportunity for conception... I'm going to the gym in 15 minutes, I always dread it until I get there and then I love it... I def. have a love/hate relationship with exercise. Anyone with me?!



Ovarian drilling is a surgery where they laparoscopically go in and cauterize the cysts on your ovaries with a hot needle.  I had a way better recovery than I expected, actually!  I used to have endometriosis, and they checked for any endo spots to burn off, but I'm all clear, so that's good.  They were mostly testing for autoimmune disorders that would explain the hemorrhage factor with my m/cs.  They checked for blood and clotting disorders and all kinds of stuff - even lupus.  All came back clear.  It seems to be that I retain miscarriages and need to catch them fast and get a D&C right away.


I hope you get to trigger too, though I hate not being able to test at home on a triggered cycle!


Originally Posted by gozal View Post

BabyMC, Mamma Mia, welcome! I want to wish you guys a short stay with us, too. (Very superstitious over here. Gotta make sure I get everyone. smile.gif) I'm about to celebrate the new year so my wish for the coming year is that this thread becomes completely empty and gets deleted by MDC due to zero activity. And we can all be chatting on some fabulous IF graduates thread instead...

So yeah, I had some kind of dip thing happening today but not as dramatic as my last pg chart. Still don't know what to think.

Thanks, gozal!


I really get frustrated with ambiguous signals.




I'm still here waitin'.  I took a hpt this morning to see if my hCG trigger shot had worn off and it was negative, so if I test again when it's testing time, I most likely won't get a false positive.  Which is cool. I remember the first time I did a trigger shot I went home a POAS just to see what it looked like with 2 lines!!


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Kenya - we haven't gotten that far yet. We're going to a fertility specialist for the first time on the 27th so we'll see what we can do. If nothing else works, I think that would be our next step.


cbaa - I have PCOS. I have more cysts and some larger ones than I did during my last ultrasound (about a year ago). Hopefully that'll be something we can get around though. We haven't done any treatments yet aside from using Metformin to help with the PCOS symptoms (didn't help), so we're basically starting from scratch. It was a long process for us to get my doctor to send us to a fertility clinic.


I'm thinking good thoughts for everyone!

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Ay-yi-yi! I cannot keep up with all the activity here, especially with all the new people! I am reading, just mostly from my phone so not commenting.


AFM, I'm on CD 33 with no O in sight. Apparently last month was a fluke. I'm getting back to my regularly scheduled apathy. :P Hoping for better things for the rest of you!

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Good morning ladies!  I SWEAR i'm ready to just crawl into a hole and hide out for the next year or so...maybe then everything will start going better again by then.  Not only am I having to deal with DH and all the crap that he said he would do, I also have to deal with the fact that his job just laid him off Tuesday...well they are giving him 2 weeks, but still he won't have a job by the end of this month.  I'm so frustrated!! I rely on him having a job to be able to make our house payment. One day everything will start going good again...just seems like the last part of this year isn't. 



Baby catcher: To answer your question about the blood test and why i had to have it done before my surgery is because my grandmother (my mom's mom) had blood clots and that was how she died at the age of 60 something.  She had a pulmonary embolism (sp?).  My doctor is just trying to take call factors into account to make sure we don't miss something and something happen to me.  Though this is like the 5th surgery that i'm having in my life time so you would think that this would have already come up because all of my doctor's have been told how my mom's mom passed away. 


I hope that everyone else is doing great.  AF finally showed up after 13 days of spotting!!!  I'm just happy she's finally here.   

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Oh, Brichole. I am just so sorry. I don't know why life has to be so hard sometimes. I know you have super strength to get through all this, but I still wish you didn't have to use it. How I hope that there is an unexpected, brilliant new chapter in your life that will somehow come about from all this. (That has happened to me at the most surprising of times.) Sending you tons of love. Please stick around with us so we can support you, okay? I'd miss you too much otherwise.


Monkey, nope, you're not getting away with that. smile.gif I completely understand your point of view, of course, but I cannot stand idly by and be apathetic with you. I am going to be busy hoping for good things for you over here.


AFM, I don't know, guys, I don't think this is my month. I want so badly for it to be, but I just don't think so. I'm starting to fall apart a little, I think. I can't believe how long it's been.

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Originally Posted by gozal View Post


AFM, I don't know, guys, I don't think this is my month. I want so badly for it to be, but I just don't think so. I'm starting to fall apart a little, I think. I can't believe how long it's been.

I'm having a hard month too, emotionally.  My dd is almost 9 and I have been ttc since she was a toddler!  Sometimes I feel like I should just quit trying - my life has been on hold for 10 years, including my pregnancy with her.  But then my period comes and I have a new cycle to get hopeful on and often times I perk up again.  I hope that's what's going on for you and you are able to feel hopeful again. <3


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Hi Ladies!


Sorry I've been MIA a little...it's been a little crazy!

I'm now an auntie and my little nephew is perfect (of course). haha He's really adorable. I've only seen him once though, the day of the delivery, because work has been so crazy. But still, I think he's a cutie and I can't wait until we can hang out with him more. DH looks so cute holding the baby. It's bittersweet...sad for us but I'm happy for my brother and SIL.


MammaMia, welcome onto this thread!! Do you want me to put up a blurb for you? If so, what would you like the blurb to say? It's good to see you on this thread too. Ovarian drilling sounds very painful so I'm glad that you came out of it ok! I hope that we can help relieve some of your stress during your 2ww. I am with you about testing just to see what a positive HPT looks like. I want to do that too but as I'm going to be getting a FET and therefore, no HCG injection, I won't be able to. Hey, if I get pregnant, I won't care...but it would be nice to see what a positive test looks like. haha


Kenya, I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure that I'm the world's laziest person winky.gif DH is actually like your DP...he likes to exercise while I call the gym the place of hell and torture. However, after being with me for 6 years, my hatred of the gym has started rubbing off on him. Perhaps, soon, you too will exert that wonderful type of influence. hahaha Seriously, though, I hope that the doctors give you some good answers on Friday!! I really hope you're pregnant. And OF COURSE you have to keep checking in, even if you're pregnant. We love hearing from graduates!


Brichole, hug2.gif I hope that things start looking up for you soon. I'm thinking that taking a day to just hide under the covers might be a good thing to help reset your mind though and hopefully, you and DH can then move on and figure out what else to do.At least AF is here for you (as if that was a good thing...)


cbaa, I'm not taking royal jelly anymore because I think I had a minor reaction to it. My throat would get scratchy after eating it and while it wasn't severe, I didn't want to take any chance that it would negatively impact me. As for the gym, read the above comment I had made to Kenya...haha I really do hate the gym but I agree...getting there is the worst part. Once I'm there, it's ok. I was supposed to go this morning but DH actually got up early today (he couldn't sleep) so I got to spend some extra time hugging him. That was more important than the gym to me. hehe (not that most things aren't more important than the gym to me!)


Monkey, you made me crack up with the regularly scheduled apathy comment. It is for a sad reason though. I'm very said that your O didn't come on time today but there is still hope!!! DH said that his mom got pregnant with him during an abnormally long cycle.


Gozal hug2.gif Why don't you think this is the month? What's going on? Please keep your chin up...It'll happen!! I'm doing the same thing you're doing for Monkey...I'm only hoping for the BEST for you over here. Hopefully you get the nicest surprise ever very soon!


Shesaidboom, ugh, for the delay. Why did you doctor delay you so much? But regardless, I'm looking forward to hearing what the RE can do for you. Hopefully, they will have a regimen that will counteract the PCOS!


AFM, AF is here. I was really annoyed this morning though...so my nurse has always said that 1st day of bleed is the day I get actual flow. Well, yesterday, it spotted a little so I wrote to my nurse to say that I was spotting a little so I expected the flow to come today. That means day 2 would be tomorrow, which should be when I get my blood test and US prior to going on estrogen in preparation for the FET. Well, she didn't write back yesterday but instead, wrote back today at 7am to let me know that today was my day 2 (which counteracts everything she's said before) and that I needed to get my tests done today. I didn't get the message until about 8:30, which is when the local clinic stops doing the monitoring. So I left her a message explaining that it wasn't day 2 according to her definition but that I would call the clinic to see if I could get in to get my tests. The local clinic said it was fine so I rushed there to get my tests done (and subsequently, was late for work). Well, then, I checked my email and the nurse had decided that I was right and that I should be going TOMORROW to get my tests done. Did she call? No. She emailed me, as if I would have checked before rushing to the darn clinic. So I wrote back to her and told her I had already gotten everything done at her request. So she will get the results today and the doctor will tell me when to start the meds. So annoyed! Oh well, at least it's done for now!


I know I'll be happy when I'm finally on the way but still, this was quite a harried and annoying day!


Big hugs to everyone!!






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Gozal:  OF COURSE I"M STAYING AROUNG :)  I would miss you ladies too much!! You gals have been my support/my back bone for the past 9 1/2 months and I'm super happy to be here with you ladies!! I'm praying that this is your month but if not...we're all here to support you!!!


Renavoo: BIG HUGS!!! I would have been just as frustrated with the nurse!!!  It always sucks when people feel they have to email you important stuff like everyone looks at their email 24/7!!! I hope that everything works out...please let us know what the doctor's plans are...i'm super excited for you this coming month!!! 



AFM: My dad has been giving DH extra "side work" to do lately which helps.  His work called him today and told him that he now doesn't get to work out the 2 weeks they told him he would have to get a job so he's going tomorrow to get his paper work and turn in his equipment.  I'm so upset still, but we are planning on getting his unemployment applied for tomorrow after he gets back from getting his paper work so that we can at least start getting a little bit of money coming in. We'll only get one more pay check from there for him and it's already eaten up with bills!!! I'm so depressed! I don't know how we are going to pay his truck payment for October!!! We'll i think i could actually afford all of our BILLS on my own but food and gas is another thing.  It's sad when you have to make a choice between buying food or paying your bills!!!!

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brichole - UGH!! As if you needed one more thing to worry about! At least you got AF, so that wait/worry is over, though I know it's a small consolation. hug2.gif


gozal - Hey, I'm okay with you hoping! And I'm sorry you're not feeling this month is too promising for you. I hope you are wrong! Anyway, apathy doesn't really mean any big changes for me - it just means I'm going to stop posting her about hopefully O'ing because I've had some creamy CM or my cervix seems a little squishy. I seem to have perpetual creamy CM, and my cervix nearly always seems like you might be able to call it soft, or high. :P


renavoo - Sorry for so much runaround! At least now the tests are done and you can move on. And I just picked an arbitrary day to give up - it's not like I have any sort of regular O to go by. I O'd last cycle on CD 43 or something. But if my body had decided to get back on a regular schedule, I highly doubt I would have a 50+ day cycle as a regular thing. But it's all good. Life is still moving forward!


Mama Mia - hug2.gifI've been reading a lot of stories lately of people who have dealt with IF over the long haul. I hope that won't be me (we've only been TTC for 16 months), but I'm starting to settle into the idea that this may be a very long road. I don't know how you do it, but I hope you can find a way to TTC without feeling like your entire life is on hold!

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Oh, brichole, what a terrible month for you! I can't believe how much crap you are going through. The universe needs to let you have a rest. I'm so sorry.


Mamma Mia - I hope things change for you soon. I've been TTC since 2007 and that has been enough. I'm sorry it has been such a long journey for you hug2.gif


auntie renavoo - congrats!!! Of course it is bittersweet. It is so hard to have such mixed emotions.


How frustrating that nurse is!! I cannot believe she kept going back and forth on the testing.


My dr kept delaying because I was still a student and she felt I was "too young" even though right now I'm 27. I think she let a lot of her personal stuff get mixed up in there. On one hand she was telling me we needed to do this before 30 to have a better chance, on the other hand she was saying "well, why don't we try this first and then maybe next time I see you I'll refer you". I'm such a doormat, so I let her push me around and saw the nutritionist and the endocrinologist, and did everything I could in the mean time. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and refused to leave her office without a referral. I'm so angry with myself for waiting so long to really stand my ground.


AFM, I need to vent a little and I think this is the only place people will really *get* it. I think I'm probably being selfish, but I checked facebook this morning and got annoyed at reading a status update of someone on my list. She was complaining about TTC for one and a half MONTHS and having nothing happening yet. She just had a baby four months ago. I'm sure it's always frustrating to hope for that BCP and get AF instead, even after such a short time, but one month? Really? I wanted to say "try four years", but of course I didn't want to start any drama so I kept my mouth shut. I get so jealous when I hear about women getting a BCP during their first or second month trying, or as a surprise. I wish it were that easy for all of us! 

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congrats auntie renavoo! I know the bittersweet feeling all too well... I have a friend and 2 cousins due the first week of October. As for the RJ- I thought I was having a reaction too, but turns out it was acid burn in my throat from gagging when I took it... I started mixing it with water this time around until it dissolves so I don't gag, so far no lump in my throat. 


shesaidboom- hug2.gif I need to block all the baby tickers on my facebook... I always want to post things about infertility, but I can't embrace my own infertility to admit it to the facebook world or most people IRL... I'm glad I have you guys


brichole-  I will say some more prayers for you that things start working out... they say God never gives us more than we can handle... but somehow I wonder when he started thinking we were all so strong...


AFM- UPDATE!! I had my ultrasound today- 1 follicle on the left at 14mm, 2 on the right- 19 & 20 mm, I got the go ahead for trigger tomorrow between 5-10pm (obv I'm going to do right at 5pm!), Doctor prescribed 'relations' Fri, Sat, Sun, Endometrin starts Tuesday AM, blood test for pregnancy 10/9, does that seem like lightyears away to anyone else?! Anyway, I just took an OPK and it was negative, so I'm glad I won't surge before the trigger... It is so nice to feel excited about TTC again!

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cbaa - Yay! Glad you're responding well to the Clomid! Did they say anything about how your lining looked? Also, I know it's hard to wait, and you should be fine to go ahead, but I personally might wait till the latest trigger time just to let those follicles grow a little more. But I understand the impatience! Good luck!!


shesaidboom - Wow, I can't believe your doc did that to you! I think if any of my docs had said anything about being 'too young' to be treated for IF, I would have left on the spot. Sucks that you needed her referral to move on. And yeah, people who complain about not getting pregnant on the first try should be slapped. And made to watch an hour-long informational presentation on infertility. :P

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Hello Everyone!!!


Well I'm going to give my own update first and then do personals, because it's Friday and I'm trying something new....


First off I'm believe AF showed up as I anticipated she would. The crazy thing is that I took another HPT yesterday afternoon. It said BFN. I had a complete mental breakdown in the middle of the day. I almost couldn't even pull it together to go back to work. The reason why is because the night before getting out the shower my breast had the Montgomery Tubercles on them....which I NEVER have gotten before only when I had my oldest two boys (basically I only get them in pregnancy). I know that is what it was because I'm very dark skinned and they are while pimples that pop out so I was not even imagining them. So I was so stoked and for the first time in 4 years of TTC, I let myself actually believe I was pregnant. Then yesterday I tested negative and started spotting. I'm still only spotting today but I'm assuming this was an anovulatory cycle, as this morning I STILL feel pregnant, my breast havent even started going down, my stomach is still bloated, I'm not flowing at all, just spotting. So I know this has to be a hormonal thing.


I'm sorry to carry on like this Ladies, I truly am normally I'm very composed and I know I'm not imagining things. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in May of this year and for the past 3 years I kept telling Doctors something was seriously wrong with me, I was ill...didn't feel good. They kept saying "Oh you're young...don't worry about it" or "change your diet". I quit smoking, quit drinking...and still was sick. I KNEW something wasn't right. And this cycle....I feel the same way. Something is burning in the back of my head telling me that something is not right. So I'm going to have to suck it up and to see a RE. I'm also debating if I want to take the holistic approach to this or a traditional approach. I am soooooooo depressed, I can't stop crying. I put DP through the WORST emotional fiasco last night my emotions were all over the place. One minute I was hysterical and laughing and the next I was pensive and crying my eyes out.  I was just so positive I was pregnant and I let my guard down and when I got that BFN yesterday....I honestly felt like doing something so drastic, because I've never been 13 days late before. And I had/have strong symptoms, I can't shake it. But I have to so I will....and move on and get ready for the next cycle.


My only question is (for those who read this lol)....with an anovulatory cycle...where do I go from here? Meaning how do I go about TTC, since this bleeding is breakthrough bleed, where am I at in my cycle...I'm all confused...


Thanks for reading and letting me rant ladies! :)

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