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That is so not fair. greensad.gif What little time I've spent on metformin didn't help me lose weight, either, but I really can't tolerate it, so I haven't taken it for more than a month, tops. Maybe not even that long. And that at the lowest dose, too. I guess there's no chance of you being referred to a different specialist? Did they listen to you at all about what you've been trying to do to lose weight?

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shesaidboom- I have never heard that before- what a thing to make all of this more stressful. I'm not sure how much 2 points of BMI is in pounds to lose , but it sounds like with your diet and exercise routine that they would be more understanding. Did they have any recommendations other than lose weight then come back? (and the metformin?)


renavoo- irked.gif Sorry you're across the world, do you come home soon?


monkey- darn cold- It isn't even winter yet, those germs should just stay away!


hug2.gifGozal and MammaMia- thinking of you both, the end of a cycle is so hard, treat yourselves to something nice, doesn't make it right, but a consolation prize doesn't hurt.


AFM- 2 DPO, Endometrin started today, anyone used this before? The doc says it shouldn't make me feel gooey but I feel gooey... ooey gooey.

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Shesaidboom, that is just ridiculous. I can't believe that they would just say that they wouldn't help you because your BMI is over 30. Can you go see someone else? I hope that you have options and I'm so sorry about the bad news. Maybe you can get a nutritionist to help you? I just think it's such a ridiculous thing that you have to go through such hoops to get the help you need!!


Monkey, how are you feeling today?


Cbaa, I took and will be taking endometrin. I love that they give you an applicator because it really does make things easier but yeah, I felt ooey and gooey too. Ugh. Lots of panty liners...that's all I have to say. This round, I'm doing estrace suppositories too...so not only do I feel ooey gooey due to the increased estrogen and therefore, increased CM but I also get bluish tinged CM. Ah, the wonders of TTCing.


Anyway, I'm off to my meeting but my body doesn't want to accept it because it's only 4am to me, even if it's is 10am here in Switzerland. I'm trying not to drink coffee either because I'm in my cycle so that's making it doubly hard...need caffeine!


My mantra is, just two more days and then I'm going home!


Big hugs, everyone!


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Renavoo, from your lips to G-d's ears!!! Also - I can't believe you have to go to work the morning after a transatlantic flight. I've spent my life flying back and forth long distances and I am nonfunctional for at minimum 48 hours after. You're a tough cookie! I hope you get to at least enjoy Zurich a little before flying home to hopefully the best October ever!


Brichole, seriously? Well then, what Monkey said!


Mamma Mia, I'm so sorry you're in the same place. :( What is an HMG? Is that the u/s one as opposed to the x-ray one? I'm afraid I don't know that answer to your question but hoping I can help somehow.


Shesaidboom, I'm just so sorry about what you are dealing with. That is so crazy backwards to me. I'm currently living in the States and I tried to find out what my dr's office policy was about BMI. I remember they put it on your basic info in your file. But it doesn't say anything about it on their website that I could find. Maybe the cut-off I remember reading about in their literature had to do with IVF, but it certainly sounds like they work with you to reduce it if IVF is the route you need (or in general). I wonder if you could approach a general endocrinologist instead of an RE rather than go it alone? Ugh, I'm just so frustrated on your behalf!


Thanks again to everyone for the hugs. Believe me, I feel them! :) Sending out good thoughts out there to you guys.




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cbaa - I totally agree - too early for this garbage! But apparently it's been going around here in Houston - family on the north and south side of town have it or known people who have. I'm still mystified, though, because I must've gotten sick in Oklahoma, where I spent most of my time in a hotel room or interacting with people who seemed well! Hope time is passing quickly for you... can't wait to hear how this cycle turns out!


renavoo - Yeeesh. Your schedule seems so brutal! And I'm probably over-amused by the thought of bluish CM. Yeah, the things we can't tell people about IRL... winky.gif


gozal - Hope you're doing okay! Any specific plans for this new cycle? (Maybe you already posted and missed them in my fever-haze?)


AFM, definitely still sick, but doing better. Got my first normal-range BBT since Saturday this morning, so hopefully the fever stays gone. My throat still hurts a little when I try to swallow, and swallow is still a little hard. I had a terrible time trying to sleep last night for some reason, but luckily I didn't wake up feeling worse than when I went to bed, sickness-wise. I did make the mistake of taking some Mucinex before eating breakfast, though, which made my stomach very, very unhappy. I had to drop dh off at work today, and I really thought I was going to puke before I could get back home and curl up in a little ball on the bed. The coughing is gagging me less overall, which is nice. I wish it would go away, though. And I hope I don't get a sinus infection. Yeah, I'm a bundle of cheer today. Plus, I had to turn down my SIL's request to watch my sweet little niece because I didn't want to infect them (especially 7-months pg SIL) with what I had. Turns out my niece is just getting done with an ear infection, and SIL already has a sore throat and cough, but since what I have is so vile, we don't want to take the chance of her getting something extra from me. greensad.gif It was funny, though - the entire time SIL was on the phone with me, my niece was babbling her head off in the background. (She's just about 1, so no real words.) SIL says she does this every time she's on the phone, or whenever someone's talking at church, or anything like that. I guess she just wants to be part of the conversation! Hopefully when I'm better I can hang out with them more.

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Monkey, I'm glad you're feeling better but boy did you have it bad! That's just awful. I hope that you can take this weekend to rest up so that next week will be a better week. Haha I know, I'm already thinking about the weekend :o)


BabyMc, good luck with the HSG. It's good to get all the tests done, although once their done, and if everything is still ok, you're probably going to be annoyed because you don't have any answers! That's how I was! But I do hope that the RE is able to tell you SOMETHING!


I'm exhausted today but I still can't sleep (12:20am right now. 7am start tomorrow. Sigh At least I'm waiting for my hair to dry!) It's been a crazy couple of days. We landed in Zurich  yesterday at 12pm, worked until 9pm, dinner until 10:30pm, teleconference call with clients from 10:30 to 12am and then started the day today at around 8am. Worked until 7pm today, dinner with clients (hey, at least I got to see Zurich, I guess) and just got back about 30 minutes ago. Just took a shower and I'm waiting for my hair to dry before I attempt to sleep. At least tomorrow is the last day. 7am start, end around 6:30pm and then I'll just wait impatiently for my flight Friday morning. haha all I want now is to go home. Whoever says business travel is really fun or even exotic obviously has a lot more fun than I do.


Ok off to check my work messages because we're still working on revising the presentation for tomorrow. Just one more day...just one more day...


Hugs everyone!




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Okay, not sure how much longer I can take this. I don't think it was the Mucinex that made me nauseated any more, because it happened again after I drank a vitamin C fruit smoothie. So I thought it was the citrus. But 4 hours later, I still feel mildly nauseated Maybe it still is the citrus? I don't know, but I'm sure all the drainage going into my tummy is helping. And coughing fits make me gag. I am SO DONE WITH THIS!

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Thank you all so much for the support. I got a phone call from the specialist today, apologizing. Apparently she got mixed up because the cut-off is new (and so is she) and it's BMI 35, not 30, so she'd be happy to treat us. She still recommends working on losing weight (already doing it, and will keep doing it..although to be honest, my goal for the past long while has been health rather than weight loss), but we can go forward with treatments. Honestly, I'm iffy about all of this, but I guess mistakes happen? I don't know. I was so..defeated yesterday. I literally sobbed all night, praying for help. So I guess we're back on. She booked both dp and I for blood tests tomorrow morning, and wants to do another sperm analysis (a $200 one) to test for structure. Our next appointment is October 25th, and here's what we're doing in the mean time:


blood tests for both of us, testing EVERYTHING.

additional sperm analysis

starting Metformin for me (starting on 1 tablet a day and slowly going up to 3 if I can handle it) 

and another blood test for me on the 24th



monkey - grouphug.gif to you. I'm sorry things are so hard right now.

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Yay!! Thank you for some good news, shesaidboom!

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Monkey, how are you feeling today?? I hope you feel better!


Shesaidboom, YAH! I'm so glad you're going to get some support. I still think it's silly that they put you through that but I'm happy that she came back to you and admitted her mistake!


I'm going home tomorrow!! I just can't wait! Yah!

haha I'll check in tomorrow and see how everyone is doing!



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shesaidboom- great news! now to get started on all the testing!


4dpo is super boring, all I feel is crampy and drippy from the progesterone... it is super gross.

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No nausea today, so it was infinitely more manageable. Spent a large amount of the morning sleeping or laying down. I have almost no coughing while laying down, which is nice, but I'm afraid I'm upping my chances for a sinus infection by letting it all settle in my head. I'm also really frustrated not to feel up to doing anything, and worried about making others sick if I leave the house. Thankfully, dh is still resisting the sick. I think he's taking something like 1000 mg vitamin C 3x a day. Fingers crossed it passes him over!
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Monkey, I hope you get progressively better and DH doesn't catch your illness. I hope, also, that he is taking good care of you!

Cbaa, are you going to POAS? I hope your 2ww passes quickly! haha as for the yuckiness of the suppositories, I'm so with you. I've been taking them for a while so i'm used to it but the liners really help. I have been taking estrogen suppositories and the worst part is that they turn my CM blue (tmi, I'm sure). so that's been less than fun too...


AFM, So happy to be home! I caught up on sleep yesterday (and boy, did I need a lot of catching up) so I feel much better today. I'm happy and nervous because on Friday, I will be getting my US to see how my lining has grown. If things go well, I'll be starting endometrin on Sunday (cbaa, so i'll be suffering with you!) I'm really nervous though because if my lining didn't grow well, that would be bad. Additionally, oct 14th is the transfer day and i'm concerned about thawing the embies. What if they don't thaw well!? i'm trying to not get overly nervous but it's difficult.


Hope everyone else is going well!!


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Renavoo- I can't imagine blue CM- so weird! I'm glad you are home and rested up! I have everything crossed for you for this cycle. I when is your U/S to check your lining? You can do some femoral massage until then to get the blood flowing strongly to your uterus to help build up your lining. I haven't tried it but it seemed pretty easy. Also, funny story- my aunt's friend has 2 girls, first with IVF, second FET- they were born sept 3rd and 4th- 2 years apart- She was saying yesterday how the girls are 'twins' (ie. from the same set of fertilized eggs), but everytime she looks at the little one she thinks what a miracle it is that she was frozen for 2 years. So, just thought that can cheer you up when you start to worry about your little eggs. They are professionals at this, you do you, they take care of the rest- you've got so many people (all of us included) behind you and praying for your success!


monkey- I hope by today you are feeling more like your old self- sometimes a little virus just attacks at the right time and gets you so knocked out. Every day is a little improvement!


AFM- 6 DPO is still boring, I had my acupuncture for implantation... now I'm resting, watching movies and DVR tv. My boobs are starting to hurt more, progesterone probably... as far as testing, I was thinking about Oct 7th, but I don't know what to do with the HCG shot. I have my blood test Sunday but I'd rather POAS to be prepared first, so I'm torn. I feel like a BFN is going to break my little heart, but at the same time I don't want to hear that over the phone, ya know?

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monkey - Rest, rest, rest! Are you feeling better? Here's to a better week.


renavoo - So glad you're going home! What a busy time you ha.


cbaa - sorry about the gross. Hopefully it leads to some good!



AFM, I don't know why I do this to myself, but right now I'm trying to convince myself I'm not pregnant while also convincing myself I am. I'm sure some of you know how that goes. I've been having all the typical symptoms. I'm even nauseous and throwing up. I feel..different. Off. I had a period after the sonohysterogram, so it's possible I could have ovulated this cycle, right? No no no. I cannot put myself through this again for nothing. I do this every time I so much as get a twinge in my breasts. The "what if..." You'd think I'd get used to this by now. I'm not going to buy a test (too early anyway), I'm just going to wait for our next appointment. I need someone to knock some sense into me.


Yesterday dp and I both had blood tests to test for basically everything. I'm usually fine with blood tests, but I fainted and threw up! It was so awful and embarassing. There was a whole bunch of cycle monitoring patients lining up for their poke and here I am passing out and throwing up. Thank goodness dp was there to put a garbage can between my legs. The lady doing the test was really nice about it, but I bet I ruined her morning!



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Looks like AF is right on schedule for me, so wish me luck on my IVF cycle! BC from 10/06-10/19. DHEA and Testosterone recheck 10/05; Appointment with genetics counselor 10/06. IVF start date 10/22. Retrieval 11/05 (Happy birthday to me!) and transfer 11/10. Somewhere in there I have to schedule trial embryo transfer and all the monitoring that comes with the cycle. I will respond to everyone else sometime in the next two weeks.

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I'm thinking good thoughts for you deborah!

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Shesaidboom, I'm sorry that you're so stressed and feeling such awful symptoms (although if you're pregnant, it would all be worth it! Yah!) When is your appointment? i hope that until then, you can settle your mind. I know it's difficult but just try to keep busy. But hope is always a wonderful thing to have!!! hug2.gif


Cbaa, Thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement. I feel so much better!! I am getting the US this friday. If all goes well, I'll be starting the progesterone on Sunday to prepare my body for the embies. The transfer is on Friday, October 14th. I can't believe it's getting here already! I know, it's another 2 weeks but after waiting as long as i've been waiting, it really does feel like the end is near. Hopefully, it is a positive one though!


Deborah, yeah for getting started soon! I can't wait for you to tell us that you got a great birthday present :o)


It's technically October so I guess someone should start the October thread. I am happy to do it if no one else wants to but i wanted to offer it up!


Big hugs everyone!


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Deborah, Sending lots of good thoughts for your IVF cycle!

Renavoo, I'm so glad you're home in one piece. Your work schedule sounds super intense. Yikes! I second what cbaa said. Sometimes I freak out too about what the doctors are doing - too much? not enough? - and it helps me to remember that this is what they do.

cbaa, I hope there won't be a next time for you with the trigger ('cause you'll be pregnant!) but I think it definitely pays to get a bunch of cheapie tests and test until you see the hcg go out of your system. That way you can test before the beta and be confident in the hpt result. All chances are that the hcg is out of your system (like way out by 12dpo), but of course it would be awful to get a false +. I actually didn't figure this out myself with my trigger and was just planning to wait it out. Luckily thought I could get Amazon to deliver some cheapie hpts to me within 2 days. By the time I took the first at 7dpo it was negative. I didn't have my beta until 16dpo so that was a real sanity saver. I hear you on the goopy, I hate that about the progesterone and I hate the false pg symptoms from the progesterone even more. In my experience Endometrin is less goopy that prometrium supps but yeah, both can get yucky. And yet I still hope you have to take them for ten weeks... wink1.gif

shesaidboom, oh yes, do I ever know about the convincing yourself yes/convincing yourself no at the same time. The human mind is a strange thing, what can I say? I am also with you in the faint/vomit club. I cannot donate blood. I pass out every time. I'm above the weight minimum but I have really low blood pressure. With my first pg when they did my first tri b/w, they had to scramble for some juice for me as I was about to hit the ground. One of the nurses had a capri sun in her lunch and that's what kept me from vomiting on their floor. In general pass out at the slightest provocation. I used to pass out in gym class in hs all the time when I had my period. I have passed out in important work events and on a first day at a job. Fun times! I also have terrible veins that are hard to tap. OTOH I have super high pain tolerance. So doctors can't hate me.

Okay, so I'm starting opks tomorrow on cd8 (why not? passes the time) and on Friday I have an u/s check to see how my follicles are developing. It'll only be cd11 because cd12-13 for me are over the weekend. Not sure how that will work but I'm supposed to get the trigger ready. In other news, we applied for a rescue dog and should find out in a month or so if we get to take her home. I'm trying not too fall too deeply in love...
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I hope everyone is doing good and would like everyone to come over and join in for October. I figured I'd take it this month just to give me something to do and keep my mind off everything...will update more over in the October thread!!!!

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