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cbaa - Sorry for the lack of diagnosis, but glad you have a plan! And I'm totally with you on the twins thing - dh and I would love to get pregnant with twins! Did the RE talk about giving you estrogen along with the Clomid? My RE says it's standard at his office because Clomid is so notorious for thinning your lining. Anyway, just something you might ask about - or at least see what your lining is like during your monitoring ultrasounds so you can find out if it's an issue for you. Good luck!!

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renavoo - it was just subcutaneous - I don't think I could do IM myself!  I was going to go for belly, but I'm really glad that I did it in my leg - the next day I was limping pretty badly, and I can only imagine what that would have been like in the belly! 


gozal - I never take as much Ibuprofen as they tell me to - and yeah, I have had a few cramps as a result.  But I'd much rather deal with a few minutes of cramps than the stomach ache forever!  I actually end up taking 2 Ibuprofen alternated with 2 acetaminophen every 2 hours CD1 + CD2 - I hate taking them, but without them I can't think enough to work!   And then my stomach is too pissed at me to have any more for a month! 


cbaa2010 - that's pretty much what we were doing this cycle, only letrozole instead of clomid.  My insurance isn't very good, and the co-pays for the Ovidrel and the endometrin were $100 each.  I think the doctor just suggested the endometrin because we'd hit "unexplained"  (they took my PCOS diagnosis away..) and I was worried about my 11 day LP, so I just didn't get it.  The Letrozole and Clomid were usually the lowest co-pay - I think the clomid was less than my lowest co-pay! 



We didn't end up doing the IUI... I woke up late and we fought about it, but still ended up getting the "sample" there on time and then getting back on time - only to find out that there were other issues.  I don't even know how to deal with it.  Getting both of us to appointments is just hell (we work 100 miles apart), but that's what has to happen next again, I guess.  That and I need an appointment with a therapist.    

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HI ladies,


Monkey, I'm so happy that you have made a decision and that it all works out for you!! It's a good thing to take a break from actively trying and hopefully, you and DH get back to having a lot of fun BDing, instead of it being a chore! haha I hope you're still going to be on this board though!!


SheSaidBoom, please let me know what you'd like your blurb to be. :o)


Cbaa, UGH to unexplained fertility. I really really hate that diagnosis because I tend to like to know what's wrong. With test after test showing I'm "normal" it just gets more and more annoying. Not that I want something to be wrong...I just want to know why i'm not able to get pregnant!!

i think that having a medicated cycle is a great idea. Clomid always worked well for me...although i did have drying of the cervical fluid and really thin lining after treatment. I know that the first cycle is always a "try and see" but if any of that happens, you may want to ask them if they can give you estrogen too, like Monkey says. But hopefully, that won't be necessary because you'll get your BFP!!


Autumn, haha i'm still impressed by you giving yourself your own shot because I'm such a baby. :) I'm so sorry that you and DH argued before having to do the IUI. It's such a stressful time and it looks like you are apart a lot. It's such a difficult situation! But I hope that you guys have a lot of quality time together where you just feel happy and loved...all of this is so hard for both of you that you deserve it! We all do!!


AFM, Still nothing going on...just really waiting for the end of the birth control pills. :o)


Hope all is going well with everyone!!




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Autumn - Sorry things are rough right now! That sucks that you went through all of that only to not even do the IUI. :(


renavoo - Luckily, BDing hasn't suffered much in the fun department because of TTC. "Benefit" of never ovulating, I guess. Not really any need to schedule it. I can imagine how it would get old if you ovulate every month and plan all the BDing around that. I do stress a little, because I like us to BD about every other day, just in case. And also because, umm... I'm horny like that. But I don't really put it that way to dh, so he's less stressed about it. I will probably still hang out here just because I want to see what everyone else is up to... I'm nosy like that. I'm sorry you're having to do the BCPs - it does seem so completely counterintuitive when you're TTC! If we ever end up doing IVF, I don't know what I'll do if they want me to take BCP. I've flatly refused them for any reason in the past, figuring my hormones were screwed up enough as they were, and it's not like I have a natural cycle to suppress, so... I don't know. But hopefully I never have to worry about that. And hopefully the next few weeks fly by for you!


AFM, for some reason, I keep randomly ending up reading threads in the January 2012 DDC, not realizing that's where they are until after I start reading them. And then I figure it out, and I'm reminded all over again that our medicated cycle didn't work, and that if it had, that would have been my DDC. And it hurts. And then I think about SIL being due with twins in January, and it hurts more. In conclusion, IF sucks. :P

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Is this day over yet?! It's been sooooooo slow at work and all I want to do is go home eyesroll.gif


Monkey, hug2.gif. I  second the motion that IF sucks. And I really really hope you don't have to ever take BCPs. I really dislike them now mostly because I blame them for my situation. Also, I have to say, I've felt nauseated, bloated and just generally bad on this round of BCPs. All of this sucks even more when I think about how I'm PREVENTING pregnancy from occurring. sigh. Another MONTH before my FET. What the heck and I going to do to keep busy?!



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ItsMeSri, such wonderful news!! So happy to hear it. Congratulations!


shesaidboom, welcome! My OB referred me to an endocrinologist too but I referred myself to a reproductive endocrinologist. Best move I made through the whole diagnosis ordeal. I hope you get lots of answers soon!


emski, I make sure to tell all the doctors I'm working with that I want more than one more kid. It is amazing how some will assume that everyone wants two kids and that's it. I can imagine it's even more so when you have "one of each." People!


cbaa, sorry to hear that you're Unexplained...I can imagine that's a very difficult place to be. I can tell you that I paid about US$85 for Ovidrel OOP. Endometrin was about US$225, but my doctor suggested that I just use prometrium (inserted) instead when Endometrin wasn't covered for me. The Endometrin is a little more comfortable, but both had the same effect for me in terms of elevating my progesterone. Just wanted to mention that in case it might work for you. I don't remember how much prometrium is OOP because my insurance does cover it, but I think it was a lot less.


Monkey, please stick around and be nosy! And let us know how things are going. 'Cause otherwise we would miss you too much. Unless you're a graduate, then you better desert! smile.gif I wonder if you have a thyroid thing going on? Most of all, wishing you continued peace with your decision and lots of luck. Peace is really hard to come by and impossible to fake, so to hear you say you've found some really makes me smile.


AutumnLaughing, I'm so sorry to hear about your IUI. For me also, it is really tough to get to all my appointments - and I have a very flexible schedule! I can't even imagine if DH and I worked 100 miles apart. It's just so hard and I hope you are able to make it happen next cycle.


Renavoo, just hugs. Waiting is awful. Sometimes I feel like I am going to jump out of my skin, it is so hard. My only answers is: projects. I am a total project/goals person. Paint the bathroom, re-organize the kitchen, make a quilt, learn how to make my own yogurt, do yoga twice a week, read classic novels from the 1930s, whatever it may be, as long as I call it a project. Weekend trips have helped a lot. And this whole last year of roller coaster has been one that, IF aside, I have really enjoyed. But mostly I feel that antsy feeling, like I am holding my breath and waiting for life to re-start on its rightful course... So yeah. I hear you. Lots of hugs for you!


AFM, first of all, THANK YOU for all the commiseration. I was particularly surprised by this nurse, I think, because my RE's practice is so very warm and supportive. They go out of their way to be sensitive and treat you as a human being and not just a patient. So what was she doing there? Who knows.


And...my HSG went really well! I ended up taking only a regular dose of ibuprofen and I was fine. (Thanks for the advice, Autumnlaughing, you were totally right. For some reason naproxen makes me feel...weird and bad...does anyone else get that? That's why I stick with ibuprofen even though it can upset my stomach.) I barely felt anything - it was more comfortable for me than the endometrial biopsy, which was not really that uncomfortable either. But best of all, I apparently have textbook anatomy. My uterus is "beautiful" (just like yours, Renavoo!) and there was absolutely no evidence of any damage from the suspected ectopic. It only took 8 seconds for the dye to spill out, which apparently is excellent. The doctors felt really positive and I left feeling upbeat. (Also: fallopian tubes, so long and tiny, who knew?) Next week I have another consult about the action plan with the RE. Otherwise I've started opk-ing and it looks like I'm starting a fade-in pattern at CD10. For some reason I am really nervous about my o date this cycle. So I feel like I am in the 2ww already. Why? I don't know. All those months of not ovulating, I guess. I know all the tests have shown my tumor to be under control but after waiting so long to try again, I am going nuts. Especially since I had to let two eggs go waiting post-mtx.

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Tenzins- Thank you! I hope this is it too. I am CD 22 today, 10 DPO- spotting started so I'm out... booooo.


Autumn- Sorry your IUI didn't work out, have you been BDing on the side? When was your trigger (I must've missed this before!). I was thinking I wanted to do the letrazole, but he suggested I give clomid a try first... maybe letrazole if this doesn't work. I am going to use lots of pre-seed since we aren't doing IUI, my concern is if I do the trigger how can I be sure my cerviz is HSO and receptive to sperm (I assume thats why they usually do the IUI with trigger...). Did you use ovidrel shot subq? I'm not sure how to admin it, but I was thinking in my belly--- I'm concerned about lack of fat though... I'm going to have a coworker do it for me. How many cycles have you done with this, how long TTC? This is our first and we have been off nuvaring 22 mos and TTC for 11 mos. Next month will be our 12th cycle.


Monkey- thanks for that advice, he didn't mention estrogen for my lining... I will be sure to ask when they do the U/S to see how it is doing-- Do you know if it gets worse with each cycle with clomid or if it generally is a problem right off the bat? I didn't realize you had done a medicated cycle (sorry about the ddc's by the way, I haven't ventured there, only to the graduate thread occasionally to read up on the ladies  I miss). I feel like every month I can think back to the cycle we would have been TTC and how we were going to tell people... sigh... IF does suck.


rena- I also blame birth control (3 years on BCPs and 5 years on nuva ring) for my problems (who knows though, right). I hope your FET is successful, when is your transfer date?


AFM- Thanks for the support, I got word today that my insurance approved my medications. They will be delivered tomorrow- I don't know yet what it is costing me, I'll update that Saturday (reading what it cost you autumn, I'm a little scared!). I started getting bright red spotting tonight at 10 dpo and had a little last night (more gooey and red), usually my spotting starts light tan and progresses to dark brown. I hate this red spotting b/c I don't know when AF truly starts, I mean, it isn't 'full flow' but it is red. I want to make sure I start the clomid on CD3 (they were adamant about doing days 3-7). In some ways I don't want AF to start tomorrow b/c I've never had a 10 day LP (last month was 13, I'm usually 11), but at the same time I just want to get started on next cycle!


Thinking of you all



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gozal - Don't worry, I'm too bored to utterly disappear right now! And yeah, I think there's a decent chance I have a thyroid problem, on top of everything else. I'm going to be looking into that in October. Also, ITA about the fallopian tubes - I never knew they were so thread-like until I looked at pictures of an HSG! (I haven't had one done myself.) All the textbook pictures make them look like rubber tubing or something - much bigger! I'm glad your HSG went well, and that, over all, you've had a good year. Good luck with O!


cbaa - I think the lining thing could get worse with each cycle, but renavoo would probably know more about that, since she had that issue. I actually haven't tried clomid myself, but have learned a lot from the ladies around here about it. We've only done one medicated cycle, and the RE skipped us directly to letrezole, since a) it tends to work better for people with PCOS, b) it doesn't have the lining issues associated with clomid, and c) it has less risk of twinning (this was not an issue we were concerned about). I was also put on dexamethasone for the first 10 days of my cycle to try to suppress the testosterone overproduction. If we decide to go for another medicated cycle, I would probably want to do the same protocol, or maybe just up the letrezole dose. I think that cycle failure had a lot to do with timing/stress, as I was traveling and attending my grandpa's funeral during the time right around triggering. Incidentally, my trigger shot was an IM shot. Which is strange, because everyone else seems to be doing subcutaneous triggers. Wonder what the difference is?


renavoo - Well, if you're really bored, you could always bake me cookies... ;)

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cbaa. our clinic has a guideline for how to count CDs.... they say AF is when 'full flow' starts, and 3 pm is the cut off-- if full flow happens after 3 pm, you count the next day as CD1.  Maybe you could phone and get clarification from your clinic?  Also, I would suggest you take the clomid at night, as i found that to be so much better in terms of having the side effects kind of happen at night instead of the day. 


gozal, great news from your HSG!  Yay for such fine looking anatomy!



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RCR:  Yes, I live in Madison or huntsville which ever lol.  We just moved here from Decatur that is only 15 minutes down the road but it puts me 15 minutes closer to work so YAY lol


ItsMeSri:  YAY for the BFP!!! So excited for you!! Take care of yourself and little bam-bean-o growing inside of you!!!


Gozal: You are a better woman than me because i would have gone off on that nurse!  She either is/was fertile-mertile OR has issues herself and no kids and is bitter that you've had one...but that's NO reason to even say something like that. Either way i would have complained or just went off on her lol.  (WoW i guess i'm in a mood today!) I'm happy that your HSG went well though!! YAY for that!!!


Shesaidboom:  Welcome! I pray that your stay here is short and sweet!  G/L at your appointment on the 27th!!!!


emski:  I hope that with your cycles becoming more regular your ovulation will too!!!


monkeyscience:  I'm happy you are able to be at peace with the break you and your DH have decided to take. Maybe figuring out what's causing the sudden weight gain will help solve some of the IF problems!  I know that i'm battling with my weight gain too, but I have PCOS to blame i do believe!!!


cbaa:  Happy that everything came back "normal" but having unexplained infertility is no fun!  Yay for a monitored cycle also! I was super exited that my RE wouldn't do anything w/o being monitored.  I also like that your RE sat down and listened to you!  I just love doctors like that.  Also when my insurance covered my medications I only had to pay my max co-pay for each and at that time it was $45 per scrip.  or box.  The most i paid though was like $165 at one time and that was because it was my first cycle and they ordered an ungodly amount of medication for me.  I ended up having to throw out like 3 full boxes and 1/2 of another box.


Autumnlaughing: So sorry you didn't get to do your IUI after all of that!!! I hope things get better!!!


renavoo: Hang in there girlie!! I have high high hopes for you for October!! And just think...in 6 days September will be half way over with!!! YAY


AFM:  I am soooooooooo just frustrated.  Yesterday i had some spotting and a little brown discharge (which my doctor says is "old blood"?)  anyways, it's not there any more after this morning and it wasn't really heavy....and so I am GUESSING it was break thru bleeding. I haven't had that since the two cycles i concieved my DD#1 and DD#2...so we'll see.  My temps are sooooo all over the place so i'm not holding my breath for this one...and i'm TOTALLY out of any kind of test in the house lol.  I really need to get onto another website and order some OPKs for next cycle...

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I'll check in again tonight as I just realized I cross posted with gozal but wanted to say IF is expensivvvvve. My meds were $275, OUCH! DH is not happy... I pray pray pray this is it... I really don't want to pay for more expensive months like this! I wanted to do acupuncture this month, but I can't really justify 275 in meds and then $320 for 4 weeks of acupuncture!

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ok, i have have been suspecting that my DH wouldn't be faithful to me if given the chance and i think i've been confirmed on that.  I created a fake facebook and put a picture of a really hot girl from the internet on there and he took the damn bait!!! He sent the "girl" his work number and told her to call him on that.  WTF!!!! I"m mad as heck right now and i'm just wondering how far he would actually take this!  He even sent an email to the email address i set up...I just don't know what to do.  Should i see how long he will do this or do i confront him and ask him why in GOD"S NAME he gave some chick his phone number? I'm livid sorry ladies. i know he will be mad that i even set him up to take the bait but i had to know...really i did!

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Brichole...OH. MY. LORD...I don't know how you're not ripping him a new one right now...I would have killed my DH if he did something like that. I'm so sorry. I personally would confront him. Here's my rationale...do you think it's less of a betrayal to give out his number to a hot girl or do you need something more to consider it a betrayal? Him giving the girl his number is betrayal enough to make me question whether I can trust in him anymore. Just a couple of things...I don't know the back story so I don't know if you, as this other girl, contacted him and asked him for the number? Did you preface it by saying that you need his help or anything? I'm just hoping that there may be a reason why he would do this to you. But regardless, if at all possible, when you finally do feel ready to confront him, you should try to stay as calm and logical as possible. The only reason I can see for continuing to lead him on is that he could possibly explain this away somehow but if future emails suggest more nefarious intentions...or if he asks to meet...he has no defense.I don't think I would be able to keep this in and wait that long though.


Can I ask why you felt that he would cheat on you, if given a chance?


I actually gasped out loud when I read this post. I have never met you but I know that you are an amazing person with a heart of gold. I am so sad for you right now because you have to go through this and suffer from such negative emotions. I hope that somehow, someway, there is a rational explanation that doesn't involve him being a pig of the highest degree. If so, I will be so happy. but regardless, please vent and let out all your emotions. We're all here for you.




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Gozal, yah to a "beautiful" uterus! haha I was particularly proud of that compliment too. We should start a club. I think everyone should join in and our tag line should be "Every uterus is beautiful"

Big hugs to you too. I want so badly for this to be your month!! goodvibes.gif as threadmaster this month, I have decided that you are REQUIRED to get a BFP this month. Sheepish.gif


Cbaa, I'm so with you about not knowing when I'm actually "bleeding". I also count it as full flow but this last time, i had issues because it was so light. Considering how thick my lining was for my IVF, I expected a really heavy flow. But noooooooooo I got nothing like that! Anyway, hopefully, when I go in for my US after BCPs, everything will be ok. I'm scheduled for a FET on October 14th. As for lining issues, I had really poor lining from the first cycle on. I was a very very good responder to clomid- around 3-4 follies a month. And my lining was about 3-5mm, depending on the day. But it never got higher than 5mm on clomid. Contrast that with my natural cycle right after clomid- by day 8, my lining was around 8mm. So it really did a number on my lining. I asked and asked and asked my then RE for a script for estrogen and she refused. That explains why she's not my CURRENT RE. eyesroll.gif As for the costs, isn't it insane? I thought that IUIs were insane. And then, I went on to IVF. We get some coverage for drugs so our meds "only" came out to about 1200 dollars. The IVF procedural fee was 20K though- because we decided to join in a shared risk program (they give you a number of tries in order to get pregnant for that one fee). We're still hurting from the expense!


Brichole, could your spotting be ovulatory? or maybe implantation bleed? I know now isn't the best time to be worrying about that but I wonder if it's a great sign, especially since you experienced it with your previous babies?


TenzinsMama, did you get answers from your nurse?


Monkey, you had me giggling with the cookie remark. First, I would never bake you cookies because I like you and wouldn't want to poison you. And even if they were edible, I have a sweet tooth and would have gobbled them up before I could get them to you. ROTFLMAO.gifhehehe

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Renavoo:  I just contacted him as "her" and said that we should get together sometime and then he emailed "her" his work cell phone number.  Then he has been acting all paranoid with me since he's left to go golfing this afternoon.  I have set up and account on google voice that gave me a local phone number that i can text from and it saves all in coming and out going messages that i will keep for my evidence. I have been thru this with him once but I never thought I would have to go thru it again with him. I'm so confused and worried.  That is one reason why i have discouraged him from having the big V done because what would stop him then from going out and screwing other women.  I'm so sick to my stomach it's not even funny.  He's still playing golf right now but him and "her" are going to have a conversation before I get off work.  Then i'm sure "she" will be talking to him again tomorrow and sunday while i'm at work.  I am just so sad that he doesn't love me enough to not even THINK about talking to another girl...It just puts me beyond words!!!

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Thanks for more welcomes! renavoo, I'll send you my intro blurb soon. Just have to think of something :)


brichole - That's awful! I'm so sorry. I cannot imagine how much pain you must be in right now. Are you planning to confront him about it soon?


cbaa - IF is expensive and it does suck, you're right! dp and I have put off putting a down payment on a house because of how expensive this stuff gets and we have no idea what we're in for yet. I hope things go well for you this month. Everyone I vent to about this tells me "well babies are expensive!" Uh, yeah, but they shouldn't be before we're even pregnant!!



I had my sonohysterogram this morning and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The dr doing it was really nice, and high fived me when it was over! I was lucky to have such a caring guy because I was so nervous. It was very uncomfortable and I've been having horrible cramps and some bleeding all day, but I'm hoping that'll go away soon. The good news is that my uterus looks good and my tubes are clear and open! I guess I can join that nice uterus club someone was joking about several posts ago ;)  He checked out my ovaries too and said they looked pretty bad, a lot of cysts, but at least the uterus and fallopian tubes are clear. Phew!

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Brichole, I'm so sorry...there are no words to describe how sad I am for you and your little children. I am hoping that somehow, someway, he redeems himself instead of getting himself caught more and more in his web of deceit. I'm especially sad that he's done this to you before; it really is something that no one should have to go through once, much less twice. After all of this is said and done, I hope that you go and get tested to make sure that, if he has physically cheated on you without you knowing, your health is in the clear. I'm sending caring vibes through the web to you. If you ever need to talk or to vent or to scream, I'll be happy to be here for you.


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Thank you ladies.  He just confirmed that he wouldn't be bothered by the fact that he's married if "they" finally meet up and have sex....so i'm totally crushed...i was going to let this go on a few days to see if he would actually set something up but now i don't know if i can make it thru the night!

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brichole - NOoooo!! That is so terrible! I don't even know what to say, except I feel so bad for you. If I were you, I would decide what your plan is before you confront him. Are you going to ask him to leave, or tell him you're leaving? Ask him to go to counseling? etc. I don't think it does any good to confront him if all you have to say is Why?? You need to let him know what you will and won't put up with. Maybe this is why he's been reluctant with TTC? Anyway, hug2.gifand prayers for you!


cbaa - Yeah, IF IS expensive. That was one thing that startled dh and I - that we manged to go through about $1000 for one medicated cycle that didn't involve IUI and only had one shot. And that was on top of a $200 'gift certificate' of sorts to the RE, and the insurance covering the diagnostic stuff with just copays. Really, really stinks!


renavoo - Well, it's hard to actually POISON people with cookies, unless you slip some Dran-o into them. I guess this means I need to visit NY and teach you to make cookies, because moms need to know how to make cookies! I actually just got an excellent, super-easy lemon cookie recipe recently, too. :)


shesaidboom - Glad things mostly looked good for you. And sorry you're all crampy - that was my experience, too. It will pass!

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brichole- I am startled and feeling so sad for you, what a difficult thing to deal with. I can only imagine myself in that situation and I honestly do not know how I would react or what my plan would be. I will keep you in my thoughts over the next few days while you reflect and decide your next step.


gozal- YAY for clear tubes and a beautiful healthy uterus. I also can join that club, my HSG was also clear- I couldn't believe how tiny the fallopian tubes are and so long! Also, the breakdown of our costs were about the same as yours, like 185 for the endometrin (ouch!) 11 for the clomid, and 78 for the Ovedril... I am going to fertility diet next month to make sure I have great chances... I just think of all the sweet baby things we could buy with that money.


renavoo-  I am glad then that they will be monitoring me, I honestly didn't realize the lining built up so much pre-o (and here I thought I knew so much about fertility!). Does the endometrium help that at all post O or is it too late?

I think it is time for some baking lessons/practicing for you- that's something that will keep you busy until Oct 14!!! I would be happy to send you some of my favorites if you want some foolproof recipies- I LOVE to bake!

Also, Oct is such a fantastic month- I will cross all my crossables for you, wonderful things come from October (my wedding anniversary, for one!)


Tenzins- Thank you for the advice! I have seen that around, to take it at night, but it is good to be confirmed that is best and it works. I do remember now what you said about 'full flow' and after 3 pm... I am always misled by day one considered as 'red blood'- but now that you say the other thing I will go by that, just slipped my mind! Remind me, did you do Clomid for your first BFP? What was your protocol? I will start on the Clomid ladies thread once AF arrives and I start my meds.


shesaidboom- yay for another healthy uterus (and no complications). I had a little feeling like getting a yeast infection for a few day after- Did they give you antibiotics-- I wasn't offered any- I probably wouldn't have taken them anyway...



monkeyscience- your cycle sounds the same as mine, we didn't want IUI, and only have the 1 trigger shot... I pray we don't need more than this in the future, it is just too much, I think we would do clomid alone and probably try prometrium instead with no trigger... just too expensive when I already know I ovulate. You can come to MA and bake cookies anytime!



AFM- 1. I got my book in the mail today- called 'Water Crystal Healing'- It is hard to explain, but it uses music to heal your body, because water is affected by positive and negative energy and your body is 90% water, the classical songs are paired with what they treat best, I can't wait to start reading it tomorrow! The author has done years of research on the affect of positive and negative energy on water crystals. 2. DH and I went to see The Debt tonight, it was a very good movie, lots of history (though I'm not sure if it is based on real life). Has anyone done fertility diets to help me know what I should or shouldn't be eating this cycle? 3. I have been researching Clomid twins (Google).

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