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brichole1214 - I don't post over in this thread often.  I hang out mostly on the IVF thread, but I stalk the ladies here and cheer them on as I lurk.  I've been following what you've been going through the last couple weeks and I wanted to tell you first how sorry I am and second, let you know that I was in a similar situation, except the other woman was real (though I don't see a difference in your case.)


2 years ago this month, I was at church and I was looking through my husband's texts for a message my mom had sent him with a phone number in it.  While doing so, I found a bunch of texts that were sexual and I found that he had met a stripper at a club and had been dating her.  The topic of sex came up more than once.  To this day, I still don't know if they did it or not. He offered her money to keep seeing him and he took her out several times.  I confronted him and his answer was similar to your DH's that he liked the attention and wanted something "new."  He slept in another room for many months and things were very rocky for quite some time.  We eventually worked through it and I still feel insecure and my trust levels are low from time to time, but for the most part, we're better. 


I'm telling you this so that you know you are not alone and even though you don't know me, I feel deeply for you and I am here to talk if you ever need it.  

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Ohhh I am behind again! I read through every day... I am just terrible at posting I guess!


Sourire- I am so excited to see how well you've done with Prometrium. Your BFP has to be right around the corner! Mid cycle spotting the way you are having it (right before O) can signify a strong ovulation, get to your bedroom fast!!!


gozal- I will definitely look into it, so far I've just cut out most processed foods and been focusing on nutrient rich foods (minus the half a cider donut I had tonight). My acupuncturist gave me a lot of recommendations broken down into pre-o, around o, and LP. Looks like I will be eating a lot of yams, broccoli, red meat, and almonds!


Thank you Tenzins! I'm only on 50mg and we are just doing 'relations' so we will see how it goes!


RCR- yay for the 2ww- it is so exciting right after O!!!


Brichole- you are a very strong woman, I think that counseling will be a good step, and kudos to your DH for making the call. I think that trust can be rebuilt, but is so hard not to have suspicions, as you obviously had this time. I hope you see progress, I agree with PP (Im not sure who it was) that he really needs to make the commitment to himself. You are brave to pursue this, I think as far as TTC goes, if you are able to strengthen your marriage, I hope that you will be able to get on the same page about a larger family, of course if you are pg now, you know either way that you will be there for your children and give them the best, most stable life possible. hugs.


AFM- clomid challege starts tomorrrrrrrrow. I am excited and nervous and cranky-- I know, the cranky doesn't have anything to do with my emotions on starting the craziness that could come with clomid, but for some reason AF has made me very crabby/depressed--- not a good way to start a clomid cycle. I am always so happy and upbeat and relatively stress free, I'm not sure what kind of funk I've gotten into. I just feel very cranky.... phooey!


ETA- http://www.tamietreatment.com/Nutrition.html In case anyone wanted to see the nutrition recommendations!

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cbaa - no antibiotics. The cramping didn't leave, but it triggered AF, which was a pleasant surprise! The last time I had AF was back in February or so. An ex-friend of mine who also has PCOS got pregnant right after her sonohysterogram and said the same for someone else she knew. I can always hope, right?


renavoo - I'm sorry the lump on your ear is worrying you so much. I hope it turns out to be nothing, and stops causing you pain soon!

Could you also add my blurb as: shesaidboom (27) TTC #1 since 2007. Struggling with PCOS. Seeing a fertility specialist this month, and hoping for good news!


brichole - that is so hard! Please don't ever apologize for talking about anything. We are here to listen and support you as much as we can. I'm glad that he called a counsellor. That's a good step in the right direction. I'm sure TTC is something you'll be able to bring up in counselling.


I have a question for you ladies that have seen a fertility specialist. I called the clinic today to confirm my appointment for the 27th. I had planned to go on my own as dp just got a huge promotion at work and can't exactly take days off right now. He already booked off Monday for a sperm analysis, so another day so soon is just not in the cards. The problem is the receptionist told me that if dp can't come with me then I can't go at all. They apparently only see couples. I understand they want both of our histories, but we spent hours tonight filling out 20 or so pages of history forms each, so it's all there. It would be great to have dp with me, but how do people with jobs manage this? Not everyone can just take days off whenever they want. Clinic is only open from 9-3, so before/after work isn't an option either. I'm really hoping it's just the first appointment because we won't be able to continue if it's not. Just another frustrating thing to add to the awful infertility list! Is this standard though? What have your experiences been? If it's just this clinic, I guess I can always look into seeing another.

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shesaidboom- They did recommend at our clinic that we both go to the initial visit, however, I went to my second visit (review of our results) on my own, and the doctor did not seem surprised my DH was not present. It is hard for both of us to get time away from work, so I just figure they have to understand we usually can't get time together, mid day. If you can make it happen, I would try and get him to go with you, but after that I wouldn't even mention to them that he can't come. Also, YAY for AF!! (Not often we get to say that) I have also heard that the HSG can increase fertility (as everything is all open), I am hoping this is my month too!

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shesaidboom - Wow, I can't believe the clinic said you couldn't go at all if he wasn't there!! I know clinics strongly prefer to have both partners present, since obviously the health of both of them matters, but I don't see why, if he's filled out all the health history and had his SA done, he would have to be there. Does he have his own office at work? If he did, or had a private place to talk, I wonder if the doc would agree to doing a conference-call type thing. I would definitely push them about that. And no, I don't think most clinics require both partners there past the initial evaluation. Obviously if you do IUI or IVF, he'll have to come in to provide his half of the equation, but I think most clinics open pretty early for that sort of thing, so he should be able to go before work. Definitely something to ask them about, though. I personally elected to have my dh come to all appointments, because I wanted him to know what was going on, and because I read about so many ladies here on MDC who felt alone in their TTC process, and I didn't want to feel that. But my dh was also a student, so he had much more flexible hours. One of my biggest problems was that *I* couldn't get time off because I was a teacher.


Sourire - Still hoping for good things!


blue & kewpie - I did not realize that the stalking ran both ways between this thread and the IVF thread. Still cheering for both of you, but trying not to thread crash over there too much. :)


AFM, no O after all. No surprise. :P But the puzzle I'm working on is about half done now. Yesterday was one of those slap-in-the face days for IF. You know the kind where you just can't get away from it? I was reading the blog of my friend, who got married the same day I did and got pregnant two weeks later. I haven't read in awhile, so I don't know if this is new, but she mentioned getting in shape so they can try for #2. #1 is 6 months old. I feel like I'm going to get "lapped" by her. Grrr. Also, I happened to decide to watch Law & Order for the first time in a long time, and it was about... a murder in an IVF clinic! And a dispute over embryos. And the characters were having all sorts of debates over whether or not IVF was ethical, with one of them saying that people with IF weren't meant to be parents! The whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way. Oh, but interesting note - part of the deal was that one lady wanted to implant embryos that were made with her dead husband's sperm and his ex-wife's eggs. It came out in the episode that it might be for money (an heir would get more of dead daddy's money), but I was just thinking... what the heck?? If my dh had a first wife, NO WAY would I want to have "their" babies, no matter how much I loved my dh and wanted to have his biological child. Just curious what you ladies think.

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Hi Ladies,

Shesaidboom, I put in your blurb! thumb.gif

Can DH call in? I agree that you may want to just not tell them he can't come but if you want him to be there, perhaps he can call into the office and be put on speakerphone? DH and I go to a clinic that is 4-5 hours away for our IVF and our first consult was over the phone. The doctor got all the information he needed from me and DH and we both got to ask our questions. That may be an option. I also have a really difficult work schedule so happily, my local clinic where I get monitored have early am meetings. Otherwise, I contact my RE and nurse mostly through email- my office walls are really thin and I don't want anyone at work overhearing!


Cbaa, thanks for the link! It was very interesting. I'm sorry you're cranky :( i hope the challenge goes well. I wonder if your crankiness stems from the stress involved in IF. I also sometimes get stressed out and upset for no reason whatsoever and I'm so happy that I have the support of my DH because he's really the only one who is able to cheer me up at this time, since I don't have my family to go to (I didn't tell my family about this...I told my friends but DH is just more accessible)


Monkey, hug2.gif Sorry you had such a difficult time yesterday. sniff. i know what you mean though...I ALWAYS feel like I'm in a race with someone-no one in particular...just ANYONE! It's so difficult and I try to talk myself down because those are the days that are most difficult for me. However, then I go on facebook and see more announcements and I just want to scream!! I literally try to go on facebook as little as possible now (mostly to check out if I've missed anyone's birthday). By the way, I'm SO with you about having my DH's ex's baby. WHAT!? Who the heck would do that!?

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Renavoo, I've had a lump like that in my left ear before. It was there, went away, and came back, and at one point it was sort of painful like you describe (but not as bad). I was told it was nothing to worry about. I know that probably doesn't help much but I wanted you to know I do know what you're talking about it and ultimately it went away for me, no harm done!


Monkey, boo to no o! Blech. Bodies!


cbaa, how's the Clomid going?!


shesaidboom, I agree that your clinic is being unreasonable and that you should press them for a workaround. I don't like to ask for things like that (non-confrontational, anyone? except when I am) but you are well within your right to do so.


Sourire, that is awesome! I was just discussing optimal o timing with my RE and she mentioned she'd like to see me o CD15 or earlier. Actually DS was conceived on a late o, but she thinks it's a good way to increase my chances. Speaking of which...


It looks like I ovulated yesterday, CD15! Temp spike for me this morning (though FF doesn't think it's good enough, but who cares). So I'm in the 2ww.


You know what hit me, though, when I realized it's 2ww time again? How much...innocence, I suppose...I've lost through IF. It's like I can't feel my excitement anymore, even though it's there. Usually moving into the 2ww is a happy thing for me. This time, I feel scared and stressed out for the first time. It's not that I don't have hope, but that I'm afraid to hope, I think. This used to be a fun and exciting thing, ttc. I loved reading my pregnancy books and relishing the possibility. Just to have a possibility was so great after so longer without ovulating. Now, it's awful to say it, I know, but I just want to fast-forward to the BFN and have it over with. Or to the second beta that's dropping. Or to the bad news at the u/s. I guess I am feeling worn down today. Sorry to sound so negative. Hopefully I'll get this out and start feeling more positive again.

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shesaidboom - My husband was about 45 minutes late for our first appointment at the place we're currently at - they just took my medical history first.  He actually got there just as we'd finished mine.  Since he works 2 hours away, I've usually gone by myself.. but today I had to make an appointment that I'm pretty sure we both need to be there for, and that was a hassle!  He also isn't good for *anything* before about 10 or 11 am, so that was another problem. Luckily, he can sometimes work from home, so that makes it easier, but yeah, it's a pain in the neck! 


monkeyscience - that sounds like a rough day!   I just had one moment today when I was headed out to call the fertility people and this woman at work was walking in with her new baby.. She's kind of always smug + acts like she knows everything about everything (and she doesn't..), so that was irritating.  It's just a little twinge of jealousy when people that I think are cool get kids.. but when it's people that I think are awful people, there's a "But,...how come she deserves that and I don't!?!?!"  which is ridiculous, I know, but it's how I feel.  And yes, I always feel like I'm in a race - I always wanted kids *early* for crying out loud!  And I feel like I'm losing any way I look at it... I don't make enough money to do the things I want (which aren't much - retirement, emergency fund, car fund...we haven't taken a real vacation in a decade), I'm not doing work that I feel really matters, I don't have kids, I don't even own a house, or even a decent car!  


As for the embryos... I think I'd care what the ex-wife would have thought, probably even if I thought she was an awful person.  If I thought that both of them would like to see their child/ren born (if they could), then I would really want to do it.  If not, I probably wouldn't.  But I have kind of a weird morality about relationships... 


IVF - I really, honestly never thought we'd actually get there.  But the last time I saw my doctor, she said "Well, we certainly could still do IVF".  I can't even imagine finding the money for IVF.  


(I'm also still not able to process/talk about that visit (the failed IUI).  I made an appointment with their counselor, but I didn't get good vibes off the phone call.  And it's not until the 22nd.)


Also, all of my co-workers got to hear me yell at the pharmacy Monday morning - I spent all weekend fighting with DH about fertility stuff, and then I got in to an email that they'd shipped the next month's letrozole and the endometrin - I'd asked them to hold both perscriptions.  The letrozole is no big deal -  I'm likely to use it, and it's just a $20 co-pay (I'd thought it was less, before..) even if I don't.  The Endometrin, however, is $125 out of pocket, and I've been trying to get that perscription cancelled ever since I found out how much it cost!  (I think the doctor just gave me the script because I said I was nervous about my 12 day luteal phase - but really, that *should* be long enough!  (and I'll skip the rant about how that shows that free market health care is a myth))  I really got mad when they insisted that I'd mailed that one in separately, which is why they hadn't held it - I never even saw it!  Also, I confirmed the medication names with the woman that I spoke with about holding them - not that she offered them, I had to ask about it.    


I'm usually the most patient person ever, but life is really pushing me to my limits lately!   At this rate, I worry that I'm going to use my lifetime supply of patience up before we even have kids!


..and more seriously, when do you guys usually order the drugs?  I guess I have to order them (even the ovidrel) before CD1.. probably CD 21ish of the previous cycle?  I don't know what we're doing now, and we don't have the next appointment until the 26th, which will be about CD 7 or 8, so I figured that we aren't doing anything next cycle, anyway.  


Sorry that I'm not more cheerful.. I'm blaming it on PMS with nearly 0% chance of baby this month... 

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Gozal and Autumn, hug2.gif I'm sorry you guys are both having difficult days.


Gozal, thanks for the comforting words about the ear cyst!!! I got it confirmed that it was a cyst and the derm injected it with cortisone. It feels much better now, although my jaw still is uncomfy, with some pain when i do certain things like yawn. Hopefully, it gets better soon. As for losing your innocence, i'm 100% with you. These days, I just think, well, here is another chance for me to be devastated. I think that's why I am so good about holding off on testing during the 2ww. I typically wait until day 13 or 14 to test because i just don't want to see another BFN. But i think that we must hold on. And hopefully, this time, you'll get a BFP that sticks...you suffered from something that could break even the strongest, most optimistic person. But still, you are amazing and positive. It's something wonderful to behold.


Autumn, i watch some reality tv shows (I know, awful) and I often say things like, "so she can get pregnant and I can't...really?!?! I hate to be bitter but I really just get so upset. I watch all these other people getting pregnant so easily and it makes me sad and angry. I'm so with you though...when it's someone I like and respect, then I just get a little sad that it's not us. I am happy for the other people and sad for my DH and me. When it's someone I don't like and respect, I get angry at them. haha it's not rational but it gets me through my day



By the way, UGH about the pharmacy sending out the drugs before you're ready!!! Will they take it back? Is prometrium covered by your insurance? I found prometrium to be much cheaper. I'm taking endometrin but when I was taking prometrium, i only paid about 20-30 dollars per 30 day supply. In fact, I think i have like 1.5 months supply left over because i never had to take the whole thing and I am a hoarder so I called in a prescription just in case. Sigh, i hate wasting drugs. I'm doing IVF now and yeah, it's an expensive process. Luckily, we get about 80% of our drugs covered but the process has cost us about 24K already. It's really quite ridiculous, especially since the 4 IUIs prior to that cost us about 3.5K. I guess at least we can claim it on our taxes. sigh. I usually order the drugs at the start of the cycle too. Usually before the first test because just in case I need them, they are there. So, for instance, I already have my drugs for this cycle (I've had it for about a week) because I think i'll start in a couple of weeks. I ordered them a little earlier this time around because I ordered them as a refill, to lower costs (I apparently don't need to pay for refills on this plan- it sucks because this is the last refill I had- why, oh why, didn't the nurse call for more refills?!) eyesroll.gif


AFM, 2 more days of BCPs (Saturday is my last day) and then waiting for withdrawal bleed and then, if all the tests come out ok, it's time for the drugs. i'm looking forward to doing SOMETHING to help with fertility, instead of taking those darn BCPs. Sigh. Oh well, here we go again.


Happy Thursday, everyone!


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Hi ladies! I haven't been ignoring anyone...been off work since i posted my last post.  I took off early monday and tuesday and wednesdays are my regular off days so I've been doing all i can to keep myself busy.  THANK GOD my grandparents decided that this was the week they wanted to go thru the basement at my old house (which they own) because they have new renters now and we are trying to get everything cleared out so they can start trying to fix some of the leaks and make sure the smell of "mold" gets out of the house before the new people move in. ANYWAYS, it gave me a chance to go thru all of my old stuff not just from me and my current dh but also stuff i've had down there from my first marriage and from my high school days!!! (Which I started high school 13 years ago!!!) It was nice to just look back on when things weren't so complicated.  I found a lot of INTERESTING pictures too lol.  I can't believe how much i've changed since then. (It makes me wish that I was skinny like that again lol) anyways, it kept my mind off the things that DH has done and how he's betrayed my trust.  I believe him when he says that he's going to make an effort with the counseling.  He starts going October 26th because that was the soonest they could get him in...but it's a place that takes his health insurance so he will only have to pay his co-pay.  When he goes in i'm going to go with him and set up my appointment for our joint session but I think that he needs a couple of sessions alone.  That way he can maybe figure out what the deal is with why he is the way he is.  We have both been trying to work on our communication skills, but we are still fighting every other day.  I just want to thank everyone for being so supportive and sharing your own personal stories with me.  It does feel better that i'm not fighting this battle alone! I love you ladies!! I'll have to go back and read thru the thread to catch up on everyone.  I need to start knocking out some of my reports for the month but i promise i'll get back to you ladies!! Even though i'm not actually TTC at this time i'm still here to support everyone....



OH also, before i leave for now wanted to say that i've STILL been spotting this week.  I'm sure it's the stress now! I thought for sure Friday night i was going to start because i was cramping SOOOOOOO bad on my left side i could barely move...but the next day the pain was gone and i was still JUST SPOTTING!!! BLAH!!!  I'm on CD24 now so I have been officially spotting for like 6 or 7 days and still no AF.  I really don't know what day i will start because my cycles are anywhere from 19-27 days long these days lol...so that leave a pretty big window HA! DH is really freaking out thinking that I might be pregnant though...but i can't help but know that i'm not so i'm not really worried about it. 

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brichole - So glad to hear good news about your dh! Sucks that he has to wait so long, but that's great that it will just cost a copay. I (unfortunately) know how expensive out-of-pocket counseling can be. And it is so great he's doing this himself - he's so much more likely to get something out of it/stick with it if he goes willingly instead of being dragged. Thoughts and prayers with you!


autumn - hug2.gif


More to say, but I just realized I'm late! Back later!

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Hi Renavoo,


Thanks for starting the thread up again. A lot is going on here, so let me give you the update to post. It turns out that Ian is fine. Having Endo and hypothyroid is still true for me. I also had diminished ovarian reserves. I am on Synthroid at 100 micrograms a day and DHEA at 75mg per day.  We are moving on to an IVF protocol. If my cycle does what we think it is going to, then I will have my retrieval as a birthday present (November 5) and embryo transfer on November 10 with modified bed-rest November 10-12. Birth control pills will be 0ct. 6-19 with injections afterward leading up to retrieval. Very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

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I should clarify that my cycle will be a conversion cycle, so if I don't produce enough eggies (at least 4), they will convert the cycle to an IUI cycle so as not to have the cycle be a waste.

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Brichole, sorry about the constant spotting! That is really annoying. I'm happy that your DH is seeking out therapy and I'm sorry that it's going to take them so long to fit him in. Perhaps he can call once in a while to ask if they have had cancellations? That's what I do when I really want to get to see my doctor. Sometimes I'm lucky and other times, not so much but at least it helps pass the time! I think it's a great idea to have him go and get therapy alone as well. I'm sorry you guys are arguing though duh.gif Hopefully, things will get more normal with a little more time. I'm glad you're still with us though!


Deborah, yah to hopefully getting some good news on your birthday! I'm sorry you have to go on to IVF though. I know that it's time consuming and not especially comfortable but I hope that it brings you a beautiful baby soon! Are you having a natural month this month as you wait for IVF? Did you get your schedule and do you know what kind of regimen you're going to be on? And I hope you sign on to the IVF thread too, to give your update!


Big hugs, everyone!





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Hello Everyone!lurk.gif I been reading the post and am new to the site so I wanted to kind of jump in and "introduce" myself. I'm not one for the formal introductions but I'm here because I'm infertile. I am 35 and been blessed with two of the most amazing human beings one could ask for. My oldest boy is 16, I call him Mr. All-American and my "baby" is 14 years old. I call him my little Detective. And when they're together it's a bunch of fencing.gif. . and twins.gif with the occasional argue.gif but always plenty of hug2.gif...


It's been 15 years since I've had a positive HPT, been pregnant...so I can safely say it's like trying for Baby #1 for me.


I got my tubes tied when I was 21 years old and reversed when I was 31. I was told at my reversal one tube could not be repaired jaw2.gifBUT supposedly the right tube was wide open headscratch.gif and apparently it IS NOT...lol, because now exactly four years later I am still not pregnant, never been pregnant or anything.


So with that being said I am forced to accept my fate as it stands....which is right now "infertile" so I'm welcoming myself to the group grouphug.gif. I do have a plan of action, the first of which starts with an HSG to see if my tube is in fact "closed". If so, then I am going to go straight to IVF. I'm not doing another reversal, don't even want to. I am going to be doing holistic TTC for the next year or so, just because I believe the holistic approach can't go wrong with the whole body healing process.


So I'm just here and happy to be here.


Oh and my period is SIX days late, I tested BFN this morning and have never been past 4 days late. So, apparently the witch is enjoying playing games this month....stupid censored.gif

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I forgot to add. I had my hysteroscopy and my tubes are clear!

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renavoo - yeah, they'll take them back...which is a damn good thing!  I'll probably just hold on to the letrozole, though - I'll probably use them at some point.   I can only imagine how frustrating the BCP must be.. but next month sounds exciting. 


brichole - it sounds like a good idea to have him go in a few times and then go in together... I'm hoping that I can find a good counselor that I can get DH to come with me to at some point - TTC for so long definately does put stress on a relationship, and while he isn't acting as badly as your DH, I do feel like he's rarely there for me when I need him to be.  And, honestly, my communication skills have gone downhill, too!  


Deborah - that sounds so complicated!   And what a birthday present!


kenyasolovely - welcome! 


I've gotten to talk to a few people about my adventures lately, and I'm starting to feel a little less shocky and a little more "OK, so our next plan is...", which is good.  I'm 12 DPO today, which is my usual LP, and I've been a little crampy the past few days but not even spotting yet - I usually have a 12 day LP with a few days of spotting, which I know is probably OK...  I'm happier without the spotting!  I had *test* on my calendar for tomorrow, I really should take it off, but the cramps and the no spotting has my hopes up even though I know the chances aren't good at all :(

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Well, I'm out this month.....sigh....spotting x2 days and AF decided to come in all her glory late yesterday evening.....good luck to the rest of you ladies!  Guess I'll be seeing you next month on this thread when I begin my 2ww again.....sigh....

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Kenyasolovely, welcome!! Please let me know if you would like me to put a blurb for you on the welcome page? if so, please let me know what you would like that blurb to be! I hope AF is late for a good reason ;o) and that you're pregnant (I hear some people just don't respond well on POAS!) but if not, I hope AF shows her witchy face soon so you can get started on your next round.


Babycatcher, hug2.gifNext month, then. it'll happen soon!


Autumn, I'm a huge proponent of therapy too. DH and I went during our 2nd or 3rd year together (we've been together almost 6 years now, married for a little more than 2) and we went to therapy to sort out arguing styles. We don't argue a lot but when we do, oh boy, it gets heated. The one thing is that when we argue, we don't ever call each other names. With my ex boyfriend, we used to call each other awful names- actually he used to call me awful names and I used to just scream at him to shut up...I still can't believe i was in that relationship for 3 years...boggles the mind. Anyway, I'm digressing! DH and I haven't gone to therapy in a while but every once in a while, when we argue, I always say to him that we should go to therapy just to continue to work on our relationship kinks. That's been put on the back burner because of TTC. He's been really wonderful during the process though. he's really my rock. I think you have the added stress of distance as well, right? Is this all year or do you just have stretches of time you're separated from each other? I hope that you guys get it all settled so that you don't feel alone at any time during the process!!


Now, fingers crossed for your BFP today!!! I want to hear some good news!!



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Autumnlaughing - Thanks for the warm welcome!


Baby Catcher (very COOL name for a midwife, btw) - Sorry she found you. Heads high moving forward to next month!


Renavoo - Thanks for the welcome. I don't know about the blurb just yet, lol, I want to get my self used to the site and using it more, but I know I'm gonna be asking you to add me soon. That was a nice nice gesture. And Happy Friday, Thank GOODNESS, GLORY GLORY We Made It...and all that jazz....

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