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Do I finally cut my 2 yr olds hair? -A boy with blond banana curls UPDATE PIC ON POST 25! - Page 2

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For really low maintenence and to give your sis really somethin to talk about~ how about dreadlocks :) I loved mine, and then had another appreciation for long smooth tangle free hair after I cut them.

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Originally Posted by Koalamom View Post

My 2 yr old ds has super blond hair and thin but very tight banana curls. But they are getting very wild and long and kind of messy. I love his long hair which is past his shoulders when straightened but halfway down his neck when curled. I was going to let it grow, but my sister has been giving me grief but she gives her boys buzz cuts. And my dh has been complaining about it especially since ds wants to wear dresses jewelry, and carry around purses. He says the long hair is just too much. So ds has a 4 yr old sister and that is all he sees. I am cool with his dressing up and the long hair. What would you guys do?

I'd let him wear dresses, purses, and whatever he wanted.  If he was older, I'd say to ask him what he wants to do with his hair.  But since he's 2, I would probably just leave it if it's not causing problems and you both like it. 


This is coming from the mama of a shaggy-haired boy who wears skirts, purses, and fingernail polish. :)


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Is it in his eyes? Is it hard to wash? Does it get in his way when he's trying to play? All of these are reasons to cut it.


When my daughter was younger, I kept her in a (really cute) bob just above chin length because anything else was too hard to care for and too much in her way. Now she's 7 and she very definitely wants long hair. She's been growing it out for 2 years. I trim the ends now and then when it gets too hard to care for, but I won't cut it shorter until she wants it to be.


I think  your son is too young to know whether he really wants it long, but if it doesn't bother him and it isn't too hard to care for, I don't see a reason to cut.

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We need a pic :)


Nice, well kept longer hair on boys CAN look nice.  Uncut, scraggy hair doesn't look good on anyone.  


IMO very few boys can pull of long hair.  So... we need a pic!

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Here is a pic of the hair as of last night. It looks a bit more tidy than usual but then here is the kids making funny faces and you can see the more wispy pieces.

Crazy how curly their hair is as my hair is brown and straight as could be.
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LOL, just noticed he has on a dress in the one pic!

So what ye say ladies- cut it or leave it?
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They only way I would cut that hair is if he wanted it cut.  It does not seem to be interfering in his life (ex - in his eyes) at all.


Cute kids!

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I am confused by the pics.  The child in the first pic has short hair?  Maybe that's an old pic?

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no way. that's not even 'long' hair in my books. that is glorious hair and i would not touch it. even if he asked for it i'd make sure he really wanted it cut. 


silly kids. 

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don't cut it... it's adorable!

cute kids, btw.
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Originally Posted by D_McG View Post

I am confused by the pics.  The child in the first pic has short hair?  Maybe that's an old pic?

Yeah that is the craziness of his hair. The top pic was a few hours later after he changed his clothes several times and ran around. His hair just curled more. Most of the time it is more wispy. These were taken last night.
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I would definitely get a good trim for it!  I'd be concerned less with the length and more with the shape.

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very cute. It doesn't look messy and it's not in his eyes. It doesn't even look that long.


I wouldn't cut it.

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If his hair mostly looks like the top picture I'd leave it alone for now. That pic doesn't look messy or very long at all.

If his hair usually looks like the bottom picture then I'd trim it- maybe 1/2" off- just to tidy it up.  That pic looks like odd and messy hair.


I don't think he looks particularly girly in either picture so I don't think it is going to change perceptions if he has a hair cut or not in that regard. Random people will still guess he is a girl if he is wearing a dress and has painted nails even if he were totally bald.


Your kids are very cute!

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In the first photo, his hair looks fine, but in the second it looks like he could use a trim to clean up a bit. My son has sort-of wavy white blond hair, and our rule of thumb is to cut it when it reaches the point of not being able to make it look "tidy" (meaning within minutes of being brushed it's already pointing out in all directions). He hair usually needs to be trimmed  every few months.

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I agree that I might trim it (maybe 1" or less) if it usually looks like the second pic -- just to make it a bit more tidy. That's what we do with DS's hair, which is a whole lot longer than your DS's, even after multiple trims! So you can still grow it out even if you trim it, it will just look neater. If it tends to lean more toward the 1st pic, I'd just leave it alone.

Your kids are adorable. smile.gif
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I agree.  First pic looks good.  Second one looks like it could use some trimming to even things up a bit.



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here's the thing. his hair is at that middle irritating space.


do you guys want to grow it long. if yes then i wouldnt cut it. i'd put oil and slick it back.


but if you dont intend long hair then yeah go for a trim.


however even with short hair dd's could be messy. esp. at that age. so keeping things short did not mean necessarily neat for us.

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His hair is BEAUTIFUL.  I wouldn't want to cut it either!


My son (also almost 2) has only ever had his bangs trimmed. He's got fairly long (hangs far down his back when wet, but curls up at his nape when dry) thick hair that curls at the ends.  People sometimes mistake him for a girl because of it, but honestly? I could give a rat's behind. It's freakin' adorable and he has his whole life to have short boring boy hair if that's what he wants when he's older. 


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It doesn't look long to me, but if you want to grow it longer you could always just have it shaped rather than getting a full-on haircut. That's what I did with my DD when she was 2 and her hair was in that grown-out baby-mullet stage -- I just had the back trimmed a bit and shaped so that as it grew out it didn't look so funky. 

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