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Hey all!


Saw the OB today and he's cool with not scheduling a c/s.  Well, sort of.  lol  I had a really positive NST today and he felt like scheduling a c/s would be a bit overkill, sooooo.... I have another visit and NST scheduled for Thursday.  At that point they'll check and if I have a good Bishop score they'll send me to L&D for AROM and hope for the best, or if the NST is non-reassuring they'll send me to L&D for surgical prep, or if the NST is good but there is still no cervical action they'll schedule a c/s for Friday morning.  The midwife I really like and who caught ds is on call tonight.  I'm burned out on wishes and hope right now, but I'll light a candle and see what happens.  Maybe?  Please?


Of course, I was also told today that if /anything/ changed I was to hustle my bum into the office ASAP and that if at any point I wanted to call and schedule a c/s they would understand and put me on the calendar immediately.  The OB basically said he wouldn't try to push for a c/s since babe was currently healthy, but that he also didn't think a c/s was a bad idea right now (I'm 41 weeks today) so it would be totally up to me till Thursday.  And then we'd see.




I'm reading Simplicity Parenting right now and feeling inspired to de-clutter.  Anyone else know the book?  It's basically a discussion (by a therapist who is also a Waldorf teacher) about how to slow down, simplify, and create more mindfullspace for children to grow (birth through teens).  Sort of a "why to" as well as a "how to" guide. 



Greenmagick- yikes!  That does sound like a challenge.  I think my 6yo dd would go crazy with that sort of mobility restrictions, though at least with the autumn weather at least there wont be the siren song of sunny/warm days where everyone else is off on the playground.  Hmmm... would she like to learn knitting or some other focus intensive but easy to do while sitting skill like table weaving, a musical instrument, pottery, a new art technique like calligraphy or felting, making balloon animals or origami?  Does she like workbooks or mazes or things like that?  Is it a flexi cast or a hard cast... if it's flexi, does the medical center offer a hydrotherapy program where she could have fun in a pool/whirlpool jacuzzi?  Or could the medical center suggest a short term play group or therapy option that would give her something fun/special without risking the surgery/cast?  Our local medical center partners with a wonderful youth yoga program for kiddos with different mobility issues but I don't know how widespread that sort of thing is.



Anyone planning for the equinox?  Any neat crafts or rituals in the works?  I've seen these amazing little beeswax lanterns cropping up in various books, magazines, and websites so I think I'm going to give them a try... basically you melt beeswax (carefully in a double broiler type set up) and then dip inflated balloons into the wax over and over to build up a thick shell of wax.  You can press leaves or flowers or whatever into the wax while it is warm and seal them in place with more layers of wax.  Eventually you set them aside to cool, pop and remove the balloon, and you're left with a beeswax bowl/globe lantern.  The images I've seen look amazing, and I bet the smell fantastic! 


We usually do an autumn leaf handprint craft as part of our autumnal rituals... the kiddos shave crayons into waxed paper, I iron them into those big sheets of marbled "stained glass", and then we cut out dozens of handprints (instead of tracing their hands over and over and over I generally have them make handprints on cardboard using finger paint, then cut out the "best" handprint to use as a template).  We make dozens of the crayon/wax paper stained glass handprints and string them up like bunting, glue them to the windows (with a glue stick, it washes right off), fill vases with them, and send them to relatives.  It's fun to see how much their hands have grown from year to year (I save a few each year)!  And it adds a really neat fire/leaf theme to our autumnal decore.


And then every year I try to get my act together to make corn necklaces with the girls (this is the first year I "have" to though, since each year so far I've been able to rely on dd1's waldorf school to make corn necklaces as part of family craft day lol) and craft a few simple corn dollies we leave as offerings/blessings around our property.


I saw a fun wreath idea too... tying strips of fabric in seasonal colors to a grapevine wreath.  I do try to get a new wreath up on the door for each holy day and this might be a quick/easy way to manage it this holiday.  If I tuck some other symbols and things into the mix, maybe a few of those handprints from each family member, some corn dollies or corn necklaces....  hmmmm!



speaking of property... the girls made a really nifty fairy house a week or two ago.  Ds trampled into the mud the other day though.  The girls are a bit upset (Ds had actually helped build it too).  I don't want to tell them to build only where ds can't reach, but... should I jsut encourage them to keep building housees in a very "this is temporary" way or should I help them find a way to make more permanent (less kick down, squishable) houses?  I've been thinking about making little "caves" in the side of our staircase hill to hold LED candles and our winter earth altar so I could suggest adding a few for the fairies.  But then it wouldn't be "all them" and I think that having a set spot might kill some of the spur of the moment fun involved in fairy homes.  What do you all think?

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To Clay's baby: I know she is a wonderful mama but you will still get to be with her once you are Earth-side.


Glad baby is doing well, despite wanting to hangout inside. Sending you beautiful VBAC thoughts. Not sure what your thoughts are on "natural" induction. Evening Primerose Oil (taken in capsules or applied directly to the cervix) can help with cervical ripening. There are also a few homeopathics that can bring on contractions. Feel free to PM if you want more info. *hugs* mama


DOK - hope Roo is getting better. Sending you healthy thoughts.


Lots of positive thoughts to everyone!


Pagan Pride - we have it coming up on the 25th. Looking forward to it. There are usually a few within a one hour drive of here, but luckily there is one about 15 minutes from home.


I started reading a book about kitchen magic. I am looking forward to being more intentional with food. These days, I feel like I just hurry up and eat. I don't feel like I am benefiting from the energies the food bring to the table (and probably not the nutrients eating that fast either). I think the words I have to remember are intention and reverence.


DH started a new post at work where he has to be there for 7am. Our reservist jobs are starting again, which means Mondays and Wednesdays are crazy. Today DH will come home and turn around and leave again until probably 10-11pm.


We met DD's kindy teacher Friday. She is quite nice. DD is looking forward to going. They are doing a slow integration into class, so she goes for the day on Wednesday to play with some of her peers and then the whole class will start together on the 19th. She doesn't seem excited by anything I offer her - colouring, puzzles, water table play, reading, etc.


DS is 2 months old now...can't believe it was that fast. Should post more pictures for facebook when I think of it next.

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LOL  I have been trying a variety of "natural" induction techniques since 38 weeks.


I have taken so much EPO and Borage oil (at both ends) that it's coming our my pores.  I am soaked in RRL and Cumin tea and will not be able to look a pineapple in the eye for the next year.  My acupressure points are getting bruised, even my dh is starting to get blase about the non-stop "prostaglandin application" (again at both ends), my ds thinks I am a paragon of horsie and my hand scrubbed floors are starting to wear through (hands/knees position for fetal positioning), nipple stim is filling the freezer with colostrum, warm chest wraps and rose oil body rubs are wonderful but going nowhere.  I've walked circles round the moon, visualized and used every self-hypnosis track in the house, begged and bartered with whichever entity might be listening, swung on the kiddos' swingset and walked on the curbs, climbed stairs till I've approximated the distance to the top of Everest, and.... bumpkus.  I've even tried the cohosh blends despite being more or less opposed to those for VBAC moms.  (I did the homeopathic cohoshes last time as well as the Gentle Birth formula and neither helped, so I didn't try those this time)


I was dilated to almost 2cm last Monday.  Four days ago the same midwife checked and I wasn't even 1cm.  She thinks the stress had me going backwards (hence my weekend o' relaxation).  And today I was "barely 1cm, long/hard/posterior/closed.  I've asked for a membrane sweep every office visit since 39 weeks and so far everything has been so closed they could barely reach the cervix and none of the midwives could even /do/ a sweep.


But if anyone has any ideas... let me know!  I haven't tried castor oil, and wont since it's a bit too risky on the vbac mama scale for me to do without monitoring.  Ditto the hard core cohoshes.  I gave it a try prior to my office visits last week since I knew I'd be getting NST and checks... it didn't do anything (not even dilation or cervical ripening) but even so, I'm not going to try it without knowing I'll have medical backup.

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Clay: You don't have to answer these to me but...what are your fears? What do you feel is holding you back? And I mean the stuff that is deep down inside - above and beyond what you may write in this Circle. If you can, I would work on releasing those fears and visualizing your birth exactly the way you want in the most vivid way possible. Over and over and over again.


Let you mind, spirit, and body be open.


I (re-)read a birth story last night in Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. The woman said she saw her yoni as an underwater cave and imagined the water rushing in and out, the ebb and flow. Feeling full and letting go. Complete surrender.


What about printing out some sheela na gigs?


Just some out of the box thoughts! :)


Meal times here are rough with DD. She says she is hungry but won't eat most of what is there. She does like a variety of foods (and has some she won't touch). I guess she is at the snack all day stage.

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Mamas, I hope you will forgive me for not sifting through pages and pages to catch up.  I did notice that Clay's baby hasn't decided to make an appearance yet, and I'm sending labor vibes that way.


So much has happened here.  The dog....ah, the dog.  He has made it very clear that he isn't happy in our home, and so he's going back, with a big bag of food and a large donation.  He came from a no-kill shelter, so he'll be safe there until he finds the forever home that will make him happy.  I'm very sad about it, but it's best for all involved.


To cheer us all up about the loss of the dog, the Gods sent us a new kitty.  We were traveling back home from NY last night, stopped at a rest stopped to pee, and there he was.  This rest stopped is sandwiched between the north dna south lanes of 95, so he didn't walk there.  He is skinny and filthy and still has all his boy parts, so I'm thinking he was dumped quite a while ago, and that the employees maybe having been feeding him a little.  He's super friendly.  We'll be posting ads to see if someone lost him, but I sincerely doubt that he's someone's cherished pet.  So he's got an appointment for some needles and scissors later this week, and hopefully will come back to us a happy and healthy (un)man.  He's orange and white, we found him in the fall, and he's very sweet, so he has been named "Pumpkin Pie".  Just "Pumpkin" for every day.  I think he'll fit right in here - even unaltered, he and our other (male) cat haven't been fighting, though they're not so sure about each other yet.


In the biggest news, there's a very good reason we were coming home from NY yesterday.  We went up to the renaissance faire with Badger and the ex on Saturday, and on Sunday we put down a deposit on a piece of land.  It's 13 acres, hilly and wooded with a stream at the bottom.  There are several flat spots with only small trees that we can easily clear to put up our yurt, and there's already road access to the back of the property in the form of a snowmobile trail that can easily be improved a bit into a 4 wheel drive road.  There's also about an acre already cleared in the front, by the stream, so we can fence it and throw our sheep right in.  It's absolutely perfect for us - less land than we were planning to buy, but the only neighbors are seasonal hunters and Amish families.


I'm so excited I can't even tell you!  Our homesteading dream is finally coming true!  By this time next year we'll be on our own land!

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Max - Congrats!!!

Clay - Have you tried hypnosis? I know there is a hypnobabies just for helping a baby come out.

Maia - My mother has made it abundantly clear that she does not want to talk about her adoption. My grandmother might be willing to talk, but I do worry about offending my mother. She might see it as going behind her back and getting into her business.


No one wants to talk children and tarot?

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MaxsFox- YAY!  What great news!  I'm so glad you found the right land, and magical mystery tour animal companions rock!  :)


hypnosis- I use the hypnobabies home study program (this is the third pregnancy I've used the program).  It does have a "fear release" script and it's not turning up anything unexpected.  I had a lot of physical birth trauma with dd2's birth so I am always nervous about that.  It's one reason I don't try for homebirths and why my birth plans are not "vbac or bust".  But that's something I've been working on for nearly 4 years so it's not "new", and it didn't seem to hold back ds.  I do think relaxation and visualization play a role in birth (as in life!) but I've seen so many women hurt (myself included) by the belief that if they had just "relaxed more" or "visualized better" or "hadn't had those negative thoughts" or whatever it might be... that the "bad thing" wouldn't have happened.  It's something I go back and forth on... I certainly believe you get back what you put out, and that you can attract things good or bad into your life.  I make treasure maps and use feng shui and positive affirmations.  But when push comes to shove I feel like intent/attraction only goes so far.


It's a good discussion topic though!  :)


Leaves are falling off many of the trees, but there isn't much in the way of color.  It's strange, but some trees have just sort of turned faded yellow/brown and dropped their leaves.  I wonder if it's climate related, or more immediate (like the flooding or a disease).  There are plenty of other trees that haven't turned at all and still have lots of leaves, so hopefully we'll still get some color!  We don't get a lot of leaf peeper tourists (well, there are lots of tourists, and the leaves help, but they're mostly here for the wineries or schools or museums or whatnot) but I still love seeing the hills all decked out.


And of course, any excuse to use the word autumnal. ;)  I lurve that word!

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Morning all, just a quick stop by today as there is much to do around here.


Clay, sending out baby be born vibes:)

Valerie, I hope you feel better soon and stay feeling better.

Max, great news on the land and them new member of your family Pumpkin:) Glad the dog will go back to the no-kill till he has a home.



I hoe I didn't miss anyone.  If I did sorry:(  Rushing this morning.


Hugs to all who need.  Hope everyone has a great day.

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Valerie, how is your family feeling today?

Originally Posted by revolting View PostNo one wants to talk children and tarot?

Sorry about your mom being so closed up, revolting.


I have this: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/zolar-astrological/ and ds is not really interested in it anymore. I got it from Goodwill. I can send it if you like smile.gif


Originally Posted by MaxsFox View PostIn the biggest news, there's a very good reason we were coming home from NY yesterday.  We went up to the renaissance faire with Badger and the ex on Saturday, and on Sunday we put down a deposit on a piece of land.

Oh, that's awesome! Congratulations!

I'm feeling really bummed about the house today greensad.gif The bee people never scheduled another showing, and there haven't been any others. Caregiver wishes she could get a down payment cause she said she'd love to be able to buy it, and I would love to have her live here. She's already familiar with the house. I told her about the United Way class that I took on First Time Homebuyers. It was excellent and they have ways to get down payment assistance. She's not sure she wants to put down roots, though. Gah. I so want to be out of here!

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More Birthing Vibes for Clay! ~~~


Congratulations MaxsFox!


Selling vibes for Maya! ~~~



I'm still sick this morning... will take it easy again... another day of "couch schooling"

I had asked for help for loosing weight... I never thought it would turn that way...

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Clay, thinking the best baby getting ready for a mama who is ready thoughts ever for you guys!


Having a Lupus flare, work is nuts, but we got to see the nephew this last weekend and that was a treat. He is so awesome.


Tomorrow I get to do a turnover on an apt that was left with approx 200 dirty disposable diapers in it. No joke. horrors.gifYeah, realllly looking forward to that.


Getting ready to bless a new necklace today so I can finally wear it. :)  Going to make a great stew for equinox I think. Working on the rune sets as well, but with work nuts that is taking forever.


Thinking of all!

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Clay- Agreed, I think we need to blend science and intent, sometimes science knows things that our intentions do not, and sometimes our intentions are what we need. I have been doing accupuncture and it has really helped balance a lot of areas. I am using in part for my anxiety, but it doesn't clear all of my anxiety and I still need my western meds. It is such a delicate balance, finding what really helps us heal, while accepting that as much as our intent sets our course, that sometimes we need something "else" to step in and help keeps us on course.


I have been reading the Four Agreements, and while it "seems" more GOD centered, it really fits as a whole into my personal beliefs and life. So, I just exchange out the word God for whatever fits, and continue reading. I am working on the first agreement- BEING TRUE with my Word. I am trying my best to put out positive words to my kids, that is my first attempt. I am also noticing that I am being kinder in my words with my DH. It really has opened my eyes to how much I allowed myself to move towards negative attitudes.


Love and Light MY DEARS!

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Neat.  The Simplicity Parenting book uses "True, Kind, Necessary" as it's sort of "core".  Anything that doesn't pass all three guidelines is probably not something you want/need/should encourage in your life.  The authors apply it to various aspects of life (from speech to food to activities to stuff) and it's an interesting filter to use.  I don't know that I agree with all their applications, but it's been making me rethink different areas of my life and how our home functions.


I often use the Craftman motto of having nothing that isn't beautiful or useful, but I think the two mantras work well together.


I have my last pregnancy appointment tomorrow, one way or the other, and I'm really nervous.  Which I suppose is "true" and "useful", but certainly not kind, necessary, or beautiful!  LOL  I told dh I really need to focus on myself today but unfortunately it's hard core grant season at his lab and he really can't take any time off unless he is literally holding the new babe in his arms.  And even then he doesn't really have the time.  :(  His lab will certainly follow the laws regarding paternity time and it's not like anyone there /wants/ to force him into the lab 24/7 but the truth is that if they don't have the research then they don't have the grants and then they don't have the money to pay the staff.  So if he isn't there, making science happen and submitting the grant proposals and paperwork, the money wont be there next year when the renew contracts. 


Ah well.  It'll all work out somehow.  I just wish I had one of those "easy buttons" from the staples ads!  :)

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well now that sept is 1/2 over i think i should sign up. lol i might try and catch up.:)



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Wombat - Sorry, Wombat. Having had mostly positive birth experiences, I didn't really think of how it could affect a woman who experienced trauma during birth. At the end of my pregnancy with my second, as soon as I hit 40 weeks, my midwife started really pressuring me to try to get the baby to come. (Never mind that I picked a home birth midwife because I did NOT want that kind of pressure...) I felt super stressed out for the extra week I gestated. However, as soon as soon as I did a hypnobabies script for the baby coming out, the next day I gave birth. I do feel like the stress was part of what kept me from giving birth and that the hypnosis helped me relax. I know you've been having a lot of stress lately, and it reminded me of the end of my second pregnancy. I, of course, don't think the cause of women gestating past 42 weeks or any less-than-ideal birth outcome comes from women's failure to relax or visualize or whatever. There are so many factors, many of which are out of our control. Anyway, sorry. Hope your appointment goes well, or better yet, you miss it all together because you're giving birth.


BTW, the beeswax lanterns sound beautiful. Maybe we'll try them in a couple years when my eldest is older. This year, we will be modge podging pressed leaves onto a glass jar to make our lantern. Ha. I also will braid rafia into a strand the length of her head. My eldest then can put leaves through the rafia braid to make leaf crowns. We've also already starting pressing leaves. I might try to make a mobile with the pressed leaves... but that's more for the altar than a family project.


Maia - Oh no about the bee people. Sending some good energy towards that house.

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Originally Posted by Maiasaura View Post

I'm feeling really bummed about the house today greensad.gif The bee people never scheduled another showing, and there haven't been any others. Caregiver wishes she could get a down payment cause she said she'd love to be able to buy it, and I would love to have her live here. She's already familiar with the house. I told her about the United Way class that I took on First Time Homebuyers. It was excellent and they have ways to get down payment assistance. She's not sure she wants to put down roots, though. Gah. I so want to be out of here!

Oh man, that stinks.  I really hope you get a buyer soon. 

Originally Posted by Valerie.Qc View Post


I'm still sick this morning... will take it easy again... another day of "couch schooling"

I had asked for help for loosing weight... I never thought it would turn that way...

:(  Valerie, I hope you feel better. 


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Originally Posted by revolting View PostMaia - Oh no about the bee people. Sending some good energy towards that house.

Thank you! The realtor just shot me an email and she's getting (or staying) more aggressive at buyer's agents in the area. Yay! Hopefully soon. I just lowered the price a tad.


M was supposed to get out of work at 1:30 and he always calls me right out of work. It's 2:21 and no word yet. I called once just before two, and no answer. Shall I stress yet? redface.gif He is probably working over a little bit to make up for his doctor appointment yesterday (when he had to leave early)-- at least, I hope so. But he's gotten so responsible over the last 2 years with me, that he usually calls or texts, to let me know. Cross fingers he's fine. I just have to vent to someone about it!


Clay's baby-- enough is enough, young lady, come OUT of there nono.gif


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Maxs: HOORAY!!!!  The land sounds amazing!!  Can't wait to see pictures.


Maia: Could you rent to your caregiver for the price of the mortgage until she can get a down payment together?  Is that even feasible?? 


Clay: I love the thoughts on "true, kind and necessary" - sounds very much like ideas i heard in my education classes having to do with the speech used with students.  The other element added in there was timely.  We're talking B-2nd Grade.  It's good motto to take through life....NOW..where's that baby!?!


I hope everyone is feeling better today physically/mentally/emotionally.  

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So it's been a year or so when I was last on these boards redface.gif but for some reason I started playing catchup on here at the end of August.  Maybe because this thread is only 4 pages long and it's the 14th I'm actually kind of keeping up for a change. I was on a really long time ago as Cybele, but had switched user names to Einhorn last year.  For those of you I knew from before, I'm looking forward to trying to keep up with you a bit more, and for those of you that joined while I wasn't on I look forward to knowing you better.


By way of (re-)introduction, I work full time (just switched to 7am-3pm so I can pick the kids up after school), have 2 sons (2002, and 2005) who are both in montessori school, DH and I have been married 10 years this past august, and I'm a solitary eclectic pagan with a lot of Wiccan and Reclaiming influences. There's a women's study/practice/ritual group near me that I do group work with sometimes.  I also do a lot of volunteer work for SpiralScouts.


Originally Posted by revolting View Post


Tarot: Does anyone have a tarot deck that's fairy tale themed that's kid-friendly (I've heard a few are not) OR have recommendations for another good deck that's good to work with young children? I was thinking a fairy tale based one, since she'd be familiar with many of the stories. However, while I don't want Disney-ified fairy tales, I have been saving some of the more dark tales for when she's older, and I'd prefer a deck that while true to the original stories, were not dark.

I have The Whimsical Tarot for both of my kids. we've only done a little bit of it, and you have to find it used (getting the second deck was a challenge), but it's got fairy tale and nursery rhyme themes that are not dark, but not Disney either.  the fool is the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, death is Sleeping Beauty, there's a lot of nice images.  http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/whimsical/   There's another kid-friendly deck I know about, but I'm drawing a blank on the name right now.


I hope to be on a bit more, if real-life lets me.


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Debbie- Welcome back!


Clay- You keep popping into my head these days!  I hope tonight's the night!


Maia- I have a feeling October is going to be a good month for you.


Valerie- Wishing you well!!



To everyone else- Hi! 

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