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Teachers gifts?

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This is my daughters first year of school. She is in preschool and they have room moms at my daughters preschool. What I'm wondering is when the holidays or teacher appreaction day rolls around, is it okay to not participate in the class gift? I have so many cute ideas I want to do and I really don't want to do that AND give 5.00+ towards a class gift idea.



Is it OK to not give towards the big gift? Or is it REALLY frowned upon?

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I vote give toward the class gift if it's not a financial hardship for you. I've been class mom, and it is kind of a PITA when people don't participate. It makes you a good citizen of the community.


Plus, I'll be a little Scrooge-y here, most teachers would rather get a $50 g.c. from the class than a bunch of little gifts. Teachers do LOVE handmade cards and nice notes.


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I would go for the class gift but also give ideas towards it unless the class gift is something I don't agree with.  I don't contribute to gifts for the classroom but I do go in on things that the teacher can use for herself.  Remember that you can also use your cute ideas for the PE, Music, and Library teachers at holiday times.  The support teachers are with the kids their whole lives and make a really big difference in their lives but often go unappreciated.

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