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A Waste Free Lunch Story from a Reuseit Mom + an Offer to Win Her Fav Lunch Pack- Congrats Ell-Bell - Page 2  

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I liked that you could get the to-go-ware bamboo utensils without a case (to replace forks with broken tines at less cost. I also liked the go tube and  http://www.reuseit.com/store/kids-konserve-stainless-steel-food-container-nesting-p-1989.html  which we'll have to try. 2 of them are shorter than the to-go-ware sidekick, which we like, but it only fits in the center of the top section of the kids to-go-ware lunch kits.


thanks for a lot of good ideas. we already do a reusable lunch but I got some great new ideas.

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Oh, I love the Klean Kanteen tiny bottle with sippy cup tops, that would be perfect for my one-year-old, and of course the lunch skins reusable snack bags are awesome! Great prints! I am on the hunt for something for my hubby to pack his lunch in too, so those black and dark colored lunch boxes and kits look awesome as well as the bento boxes! Love them! 


Will go like you on facebook now! Great company!

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I didn't realize there were sleeves for my KK and Sigg bottles available at reuseit.com! This will help with the "sweating" that they do and avoid getting the content of my bag wet. 

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Ok... I LOVE so many things on that site that I created a shopping cart and filled it up... Total is just under 200 dollars, lol. The things I loved the most were:



People Towels Reusable Hand Towels, 100% Organic Cotton, Love Not Waste
Cryopak Flexible Ice Mat, Set of 2 (36 pouches total)
To-Go Ware RePEaT Bamboo Utensil Set with Recycled PET Carrycase, Merlot Cover $12.95
Airtight Snack Containers, Set of 3
LunchSkins Snack Bag, Aqua Dots
Wrap-N-Mat Large, Made in USA, Red Check
And I plan on buying them all as soon as I get the money! Totally worth it. I am most excited about the Wrap-N-Mat and the Hand Towels. I think those will be the neatest and the ones that will help the most will be the Utensil Set and the Snack containers, to keep me from buying so many individual packaged food... :)
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I REALLY like the stainless steel lunch kits as well. What I like best is all your variety!!!!! this goes way beyond packing lunches.

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Great article and great website!  Our family has been using the Laptop lunch systems for a couple of years and they work great-I love that I can pack good healthy food and not worry about wasteful or harmful packaging.  My only complaint is that the lids don't always fit on the containers correctly, which leads to spilled food in the box, so I had to get rid of a couple of the containers for that reason.  I'd like to checkout the Lunchbot system.  Also it really helps to have more than 1 set of lunch box systems since life is busy and it is hard to wash the lunchboxes every single night. 

thanks, Erica

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I loved the Dabbawalla Lunch Bags, so cute!

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Not so much related to lunch, but I purchased the pack n tote grocery cart helper a few months back and looove them. 

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The robot lunch bag is *adorable.* I also love the selection of reusable snack/sandwich bags. I've never thought of that before -- we've been re-using the disposable ones, which do eventually have to be thrown away. Great ideas!

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http://www.reuseit.com/store/togo-ware-3tier-stainless-steel-food-carrier-p-1392.html  This with 




I'm a midwife and often will have an entire day out of the house for prenatals (I do in-home care, no office). This is awesome. My youngest teen loves taking a bento box for her lunches and I have to send a daily snack in with the 2nd grader. 


I don't have a dishwasher (thank God) or a washing machine (adding on a mud room soon to our ol' farmhouse)... but I'm guessing the bags would come just as clean with a hand scrubbing? 


I wish we had these http://www.reuseit.com/store/wrapnmat-regular-p-137.html on our camping trip. It would have been nice to have a ready-made placemat!

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I have never seen glass snapware before. We used to use Lock & Lock plastic containers before we switched over to all metal and glass.

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Reuseit.com has a lot of cute kids' water bottles that would be perfect for a school lunch.

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I really like the choices of lunch containers and the variety of prices.  Love this site.  The article was great.  Thanks!

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I love the variety of food containers at REuseit! The Lunchbots Stainless steel containers are great...will have to pick up a few of those! Also, I love the Nalgene food containers! We use these at work (a research lab) and they are great, but I've never seen them marketed for food. What a great idea!

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We are big fans of the Wrap-N-Mat to replace plastic baggies, but now I have my eye on the WasteNot Saks Snack Bags. It would be great to pack snacks and fruit in them, and also to carry them around to put in leftover snacks!

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lunch box.......................$ 15

4 plastic containers...........10

1 aluminum container..........5

Nalgene food jar..................5


sandwich bag.......................9

organic cotton napkin.........12

nalgene bottle.......................7

camelbak bottle..................19




I know you can do it for less than this by thrifting, making your own napkins, etc. but yikes! I am not spending that kind of scratch for stuff that is all too easily lost/thrown in the trash by accident/forgotten on the playground, etc. What's wrong with reusing yogurt tubs, bread bags and sending foods which need no wrapper? Obviously, I am not out to win the contest here. winky.gif


Also, everyone should know that ice packs don't keep food in the 'safe zone.'

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I ADORE the FABKINS napkins for kids. My daughter might have to fight me for them. they are almost to cute to wipe a messy mug!

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why have i not found reuseit before now. how exciting to have all the great things in one spot. this totally fuels my obsession with lunch packing. do not tell my husband.  I love the spork and the stainless straws.

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I love all of the "Plastic Bags Blow" products!  We have gotten rid of all of our plastic, and I hope other households will do the same!

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Reuseit.com is new to me. I love that you offer so many different items from different manufacturers, so I can easily compare all the options on one site. 


These bento containers are now on my list:



It would be nice to pack several things without using several tiny containers (that's what I'm doing now because I don't have a larger container with sections). I know my daughter can open and close this type of box, and the reviews look great. I will be getting some reusable shopping bags, too!

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