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A Waste Free Lunch Story from a Reuseit Mom + an Offer to Win Her Fav Lunch Pack- Congrats Ell-Bell - Page 3  

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I like the Insulated Lunch Bag by Four Peas (http://www.reuseit.com/store/insulated-lunch-four-peas-fairy-pink-earth-pink-polka-small-p-2864.html).

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I was most impressed by the glass straws, and bamboo case....what a fabulous find!!!!!!......as ALWAYS. and thru the years raising 11 children, MOTHERING has been my guide, and has always taught the best parenting, nursing, and birth skills ........thank-you....PEACEnamaste.gif

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Liked the large range of products offered under one "roof".  We own Kleenkanteen bottles and Wrap 'n' Mats but would like to purchase other items as well.

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I didn't realize how many different kinds/types of produce bags there were!  Can't wait to get some!!

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Love the GoodByn!

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I'd love to get these spill proof reuseable water bottles. We have a few, but not spill proof and we spend a good amount of $ every month on Capri Suns, not to mention the waste.



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Some parents do find thrifting to be an economic option, but for those who are looking to buy their kids something new for the school year here are some numbers to consider:


  • One year of disposable lunches: Brown paper bags ($26 @$4/50 pk) + snack baggies ($85) + bottled water or juice ($260) = $371
  • One year of reusable lunches: Cloth lunch bag ($7) + reusable water bottle ($12) + wrap n mat ($7)+ snack bags ($2) + hemp napkin ($8) = $36
  • Wastefreelunches.org estimates that eliminating disposable packaging and single-serving items can save families $250 a year.


I personally haven't found many ways to reuse single-serving lunch items like empty yogurt cups or bags of chips, but reuseit does have some resources for people looking to reuse other disposables: http://www.reuseit.com/take-action/diy-resources

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That is a really excellent point! My son's school composts food waste, and his lunch is waste-free. So other than dropping his apple core into the compost bin, he never goes near a trash can.

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ooh, love the stainless steel, especially the ones that bundleup!

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i love the glass waterbottles! i've never seen those before and i'm not a fan of drinking out of metal. thanks for the clue!


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Wow, you really have a wide and interesting product range!  


I found the Orka by Mastrad Vegetable Keep Sacks interesting. I could use something like that, as I notice many veggies need to be kept separate, and we don't have much counter room in our kitchen. We have a real veggie/fuit organization problem, and this would be one idea to solve that!


As a side note, I already have the Eco Charge Solar/Pull Flashlight, and I use it every day when leaving and going back into our bedroom during and after putting my son down for the night. I sit it on the windowsill to charge during the day. We don't even live in a very sunny area, but even so there have been few times I've actually needed to pull to charge it, and the battery has never died. It's great! Highly recommended.


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I love the lunchskins sandwich bags!  And all the stainless steel containers are awesome too.

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Very interested in the snackTAXI Sandwich Bags...I've been wanting an alternative to all those baggies, baggies, baggies!

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WasteNot Saks Snack Bag, Carnival Bloom would be great for all 30 of the little fingers in my house AND I love the fabric design!

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I love the idea of sending soup or pasta to school in a thermos.  The Thermos Nissan 10 oz Stainless Steel Food Jar, looks like it would be a perfect size.

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I've never considered sipping tea through a straw before, but these fascinate me- http://www.reuseit.com/store/loose-leaf-straw-wisdom-wands-p-2325.html. It's so pretty and look at all the tea leaves my Irish mother-in-law could read afterwards. 


Thank you for this well timed contest. I'd love to win, but even if I don't it was a good nudge. I'd been meaning to go back to reuseit and buy another water bottle for my daughter. Contest entered and shopping done shine.gif


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I love the muslin produce bags and ALL the food storage items - it's too hard to pick just one!  The reusable sandwich bags are such a great idea; I hate using so many plastic bags.

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My daughter went to her fist day of preschool today. I didnt; realize we were supposed to send her with a snack (oops). i haven't had a lot of luck finding the right combo of items to form a  good package for her. I love the choices at Reuseit.com.  I also had never even thought about a glass straw. Brilliant!

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Cool website! I now have it bookmarked. I like these for the kids and these for me! winky.gif

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