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A Waste Free Lunch Story from a Reuseit Mom + an Offer to Win Her Fav Lunch Pack- Congrats Ell-Bell - Page 5  

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Oooh!  I have found a solution to storing my fresh produce in Ziploc bags...which I'm vowing to rid myself of!  The Flip & Tumble Reusable bags look awesome- bring them to the store, avoid the plastic produce bags, wash the produce right in the bag and store them in the fridge!  Perfect!  Just what I was looking for!

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What an awesome site...I love the replace disposables section. I am really getting into bento boxing my kid's lunch this year and this site has further inspired me!


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Love the produce bags and nellie's dryerballs! Never been to this reuseit site before but think I will return! "Liked!"

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I LOVE the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag"!!  


I will admit, when any of my 3 boys leaves their lunch box at school, they use a plastic bag (meant to be an incentive to look in the lost-and-found or the bottom of their locker, for their lunch box).


However, your very witty "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" is like a plastic bag without the shame; PLUS it's more reasonably priced than most school-lunch boxes; PLUS it looks like it would have plenty of room for reusable containers!  That's my biggest challenge, in packing lunches.  I have two teenage sons and a 'tween, so they want a lot of food in their lunches!  But a sandwich box, a side-dish container and even a small drink container strain the zippers on most lunch boxes, even the soft-sided ones.  So, where's a Mom to put the container with fruit (which the 'tween will only eat if it's sliced...); the carrot and celery sticks and dip; and the cookie?


What a great idea you have!


Update:  I just bought two.

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I love making my kids waste-free lunches, and I want to check out the To-Go Ware lunch kit, snack stack, and 2- and 3-tier food carriers from reuseit.com. I am hoping to move away from plastics to other alternatives, such as stainless steel.
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I enjoy the reusit.com site and have bought quite a few lunch items for both my kiddos.  I am thinking the fit and fresh kids value lunch pods may be next.  I love the idea that the ice pack is attached.  It won't take up all the space of the ones we currently use or could be used concurrently.  Living in AZ, I am always fearful of putting anything that need refrigeration (like cheese sticks or milk) even in thermal stuff.  This might be a nice option!

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I'm digging the Camelbak Kids reusable water bottles.  It's time for my boys to ditch the sippy cups!

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I love the To-Go Ware stainless steel lunch kit, snack stack, and 2 and 3-tier carriers. I make waste-free lunches but want to move away from plastic to other alternatives. Great site!
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I've visited Reuseit.com and found a lot of things to add to my wishlist!  My favorites were the LunchSkins Reusable Sandwich Bags.  I'm in Maine, and I think the red lobster print is adorable!   One of my daughters would LOVE the brown wolves print as well.  :) 

Another of my favorite items was the CamelBak Stainless Steel Kids 12 oz water bottle.  It's the perfect size to send to school and seems like it would be easy for my children to use.  The butterfly design is cute.  I am impressed with the sporks, as well.  My girls would love those!


I've liked Reuseit on FB. 

OK, my fingers are crossed.  praying.gif  Winning the 6-pack lunch kit would help us make the shift to reusable lunch accessories.  Right now, I'm using disposable sandwich bags for my 1st and 2nd grader's snacks and lunches, and I don't feel great about it.guilty.gif

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I like the shape of the snack and sandwich bags.  Some bags I cant get my hands into, but these look well designed.

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Your story resonates with me!  My son started kindergarten this year also. Last year I found the Wrap n Mats and love them!  

The website is fun to browse through!  I love all the patterns and variety of pocket-style sandwich and snack bags offered.  Especially nice to see was the large sized Wrap n Mat for a big sandwich.

I also appreciate the search option on the left side of the page where I can filter my search by type of product I would like to replace! Awesome!



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Man's lunch set!!!!!!!!!! We totally need this. Hubby uses baby's b-milk cooler, lol i don't need it because i don't pump or go to work, so i re purposed it! the ladies he works with get a laugh :)

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I loved the bottom four squares: Top Facts, Myth Busting, Feature Image, Feature Video.  A great source for information.  For products, I like the utensil set with case!  Very cool way of keeping the lunch bag clean :)

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I love the reusable lunch snack bags!  Gotta get me some for the kiddo, and maybe the mommy too!

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Those lunch bags are awesome! I love the place for the ice pack. I think I need some of those reusable produce bags. I try to not use the bags, but you really need them for apples, plums, peaches, etc. Oh, and the LunchSkins sandwich bags. So cute!


I like Reuseit and mothering on FB :)

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the cotton muslin bags - like this one: http://www.reuseit.com/store/reuseit-produce-snack-organic-cotton-muslin-p-689.html remind me of the bread bags my friends in Italy use. I don't know why i never thought to use one for a sandwich - after all it's practically the same use! - but now i will. love this! 

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I'm glad you don't sell stuff with lead! haha...I also found the light my fire spork a great consideration for kids. thank you!

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I liked the reusables for real men section.
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