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Bajingo Juice into the Fall - TTC #1 in our 30's - September 2011 thread

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Conceiving  #in  Our  30's September 2011 banana.gif

est. 2006

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So how is the new month going?  Waiting to O right now.


As for EWCM, I think I learned the most from fertility friend.com.  Other than that, I don't have that much information about EWCM.



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Thanks for the new thread, Lilac!  :)  I'm going to check your chart and send you lots of good O dust and perfect timing vibes. 


AFM, I ovulated Tuesday evening.  On my left side.  It was unmistakeable!  Luckily we BD'd that night too, so hopefully we caught that eggie.  I'm feeling pretty good today and keeping my hopes way up that I will be pregnant in a few days.  :) 


Anyone have plans for the Labor Day weekend? 

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Just wanted to pop in to spread some baby dust!!  I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing, reproductive Labor Day weekend!!! Just know I think of y'all often, and can't wait to see all of you in the graduates thread very soon.


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Ugh.   This is going to be a wasted month TTC - DH is going to be working out of town when I should be O'ing.    He hardly ever travels for more than a day or two at a time and this time he is out of town for 4 days.  irked.gif  So frustrating!

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Whoops! I posted to the August thread at first; where does the time go?



So, hi, I'm Zig and I'm 38. Dh and I TTC when I was 33 & 34 for about 16 months, and, then, well, life got in the way. We moved, I went back to school, and we've both changed jobs a few times since then. Things are still pretty crazy, but we're ready to try again! We ditched the birth control in February and I've been making a stab at tracking my cycles since the beginning of the summer. I'm looking into fertility testing our track record from my early 30s wasn't stellar and I can't imagine anything has improved since then. I'm currently CD23 and I'm not quite sure when (or even if) I ovulated yet. I was charting pretty well the last time and I know I don't ovulate consistently. Anyone have a recommendation for favorite OPKs?


PoorUglyHappy, I'm so sorry about your dh's travel. Mine has been traveling a lot for work this summer, too, and does present its challenges. 


I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all! wave.gif

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PoorUglyHappy:  That happened to me in July when it was supposed to be our first month of trying!  How discouraging to see/ know all the ovulation signs and know the egg is making a lonely trip "down the tubes" by itself!  Good luck next round!

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Aw, PUH- good luck next month! Sorry to hear about the bad timing.


Around 6DPO and yesterday I got out of the shower and noticed my boobs have big blue veins running through them. Trouble is, I have no idea if they're always there or if they popped up in the past few days. I totally psyched myself out last month by noting every little possible sign and really don't want to do that again. Just have to stay strong and take care of my body and keep busy :). One more week and I'll know...


Hope everyone in the States is having a good holiday weekend!

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Hope everyone had a great long weekend or regular weekend!

Hope that o comes in a reasonable amount of time, lilacvioletiris!


Pitchounette, that's great about the timing! I hope that this is your month.


Sorry about the timing, pooruglyhappy. May the schedule change unexpectedly!


Hi Zig, welcome. I don't have a lot of experience with opks, but out of the three I've tried, I'd rank First response unmistakeable as very expensive but most accurate and foolproof, since it measures your levels from day to day. Next was the dollar tree brand, which now I may stick to since after using the FR for a month, I know what the correlating positive looks like for me with these cheapies--not darker than the control line, so everyone is different. We know I ovulated last month because of my progesterone levels, so my lh just doesn't darken the test as much as a "normal" woman. Finally, I never got as much as a test line with early pregnancytests, but I was not holding my urine or limiting my water intake that month, so I can't really disparage them.  Good luck!


Hi TeamViddy sounds like an interesting symptom. I have never experienced that, so I hope it's a good sign!


Afm, cd1, so I'm focusing on calmness, health, and fertile thoughts for the month ahead. I love how well ibuprofen works when I take it only once a month for af! What a wonderdrug!



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PUH, that's rotten about your timing this month!  I hate waiting and waiting and then to not have the lil' swimmers even available, huge bummer!!  Although they say that sperm can live in fertile CM for up to 5 days, maybe you could try and BD right before he leaves.  :)


Hi Zig!  Welcome!  My experience with OPKs is mostly positive.  I have an *extremely* regular and predictable cycle, so I know the 3-4 days before I ovulate to start testing.  This month, I tested one day with a negative then the next two days were positive.  My favorite brand is the smily guy---ClearBlue, I think---and it totally takes the guess work out of reading the strips.  (The strips only stressed me out).  We refer to mister smily guy as GSB---Golden Showers Boyfriend.  Love that name and I love his happy little smile!  :)


Oooh, Viddy, that sounds promising!  I think we are cycle buddies!  I'm 6dpo today (Monday) and so far zero symptoms for me.  Think I'll test on Saturday morning if my temps stay up, which should be 11 dpo.  No more crazy early testing for me.  It only left me broken and shattered.  When are you planning to test?  You can help me stay strong.  :)


Andaluza, I couldn't survive AF without ibuprofen.  I take 600 mg every 3 hours for the first heavy flow day.  Seriously, I know that's a lot, but without it I am rolling on the floor pulling my hair out in pain.  So yes, it is our friend. 


AFM, I did a little project this weekend that I think will help.  Our front bedroom will be our baby nursery, but it's been full of boxes and junk since we moved in last November.  (Yes, we even call it "The Junk Room", gah!)  Something clicked and I realized I need that room cleaned out and *ready* for a baby.  I've been trying and trying to get pregnant, but I'm not living my life like it's going to happen.  So I made the first change by cleaning out that room with DH.  Now, it's empty and ready for our baby.  I feel like it all seems that more real now.  Do I sound crazy?  I don't know, it just resonated with me.  :) 


It's finally cooled off here and I have so much more energy.  Hope everyone has a wonderful (4 day) week!!! 

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Zig, I added you to the list!  Welcome. 


I think I O'd on Sunday because my temp spiked Monday and was up again today.  I will wait until tomorrow to see what my temp is.  Had really nice amounts of EWCM and DH and I BDed twice this weekend.  Think it helped that we were away from home visiting his parents so it was a more relaxed atmosphere.


I didn't use the OPKs.  I found them too stressful last month.


Pitch, I am totally with you on the "preparing" for baby front.  I purchased some maternity patterns this summer to make myself some clothes.  I haven't cut them out yet but I think I should get to it so my body gets the message, "Hey, Carla's ready to have a baby.  Let's do this thing!"  I crocheted a baby bonnet and part of a baby sweater while riding in the car back and forth to my in-laws.  I live in Michigan, USA and they live 8 hours away in Ontario, Canada.  I think that is part of the getting ready!

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Pitch and Lilac, I have been afraid to get maternity clothes. My sweetie asked a few months ago about setting up the nursery (also in the "junk room" although ours is more of a "laundry explosion makeshift closet room") and I flipped out and told him I don't want to do anything till I hear a heartbeat. I am terrified of miscarriage, mostly because I just recently learned how common it is. I think I will come to terms with it relatively soon, but for now it still scares me. But I definitely see the benefit in setting your intentions for having space for the baby to grow into... In fact, there's a maternity shirt I've had my eye on, maybe now is the time :).


Pitch, yes! I hope to wait until next weekend (SO far away!).

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hey everyone,


welcome, new members!


i am cd 30.  no af.  seems like she's coming and neg. preg test.  last month i was late on cd30 too. 


just made appt for fertility specialist that's 45 mins away but the highest rate of success in the area.  i am pretty bummed out in general, just wanted to check in and say hi.

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Hello ladies!  I hope all is wonderful with everyone. 


wave.gif ValH & Hykue - I see ya.  winky.gif


Thinking of you - Caly, Taxlady, Boots...  smile.gif


Welcome to all the new ladies - BellawithBaby, Zig - I hope you will move to graduates list soon.


Thanks for September Lilac!  (I would love to help with the thread, but I'm still in stalker mode - how often does it need to be checked?)  fingersx.gif your temps stay high!


Sorry PoorUglyHappy - happened to us too.


Thats great Pitch!  I should follow that idea.  My furbabies are in what would be a baby's room.


hug2.gif Cathleni.  I'm there with you.


AFM - so the take-a-vacation-or-break-and-you'll-get-pregnant idea doesn't work either.  I decided no fertility treatment for August since I was going on vacation.  I still temped and did OPKs despite saying I wasn't going to and felt really positive about it.  I had EWBJ, positive OPK, BD'd A LOT!  It was awesome.  Didn't stress...it was awesome.  I felt like this could be the month and was even excited at the idea that I would get my BFP without RE.  Temped once I got home after an amazing trip and it was low....oh well.  AF came not long after...  I know passing these lows are going to be worth it once I get my BFP, but man does it suck for now.  I am very lucky...half full....HALF FULL. (I just need to remind myself at times...)






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No sticky bean for me this month! Tested this morning and got my negative. This was my first month trying so I am not too down.
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Hi Zig, welcome!


Things are going well for us, I'm on CD #2 and since it's my first month off of birth control, we will probably prevent during my estimated fertile days this month.  If it happens outside of that window, we've decided it was meant to happen and things should be fine.  Trying to keep my diet clean, and am starting Bikram's yoga tomorrow!  I was planning to run a marathon October 9th, but my priorities have changed and I'm downgrading to the half distance.  Per the doctor and several running formus I've read, since I've been running high mileage for so long, I can safely continue running if I get pg between now and then, and into my pregnancy.  I have now been taking chia seeds almost daily for a week, and notice the following differences: clearer skin, more energy, more satiety from food.

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Calpurnia, I just started training for a half marathon.  I am already a runner, I just have never committed to longer distances than 5 miles or so.  I am of course paranoid that the exercise will prevent me from a BFP, but my doctor insists it won't since I am already a runner.  I am addicted to the endorphins though.

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Originally Posted by PoorUglyHappy View Post

Calpurnia, I just started training for a half marathon.  I am already a runner, I just have never committed to longer distances than 5 miles or so.  I am of course paranoid that the exercise will prevent me from a BFP, but my doctor insists it won't since I am already a runner.  I am addicted to the endorphins though.

Keep running until told otherwise!  Fit women generally enjoy easier pregnancies and deliveries.  When you're in shape, you're less likely to suffer PMS, cramps, and the general doldrums of life.  Plus, all of us ladies should do healthy things to make us feel good about ourselves!

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Just wanted to pop in and say hi, thanks for all of you for thinking of me. heartbeat.gif


School year is going well but SUPER busy. And haven't even started on half our responsibilities.


Cath, did you start the school year yet? I hear you about being bummed and on the way to the doc again. I hope you're enjoying your new kiddos, do you have kinder? Big class? I have 33 7th graders this year in homeroom!


Bel, I am so glad you still have some hope! You are right to and not be sucked in by the self-doubt and worry. It's going to be worth it. xoxo


Val, your ticker is AMAZING! You are so close. Thanks for all the love and wisdom you have poured into this thread, I hope it rains down on you and your babe a hundredfold and you have an awesome birth.


Hykue, thanks for the shout out, hope all is well on the farm!


Tickletoes, sending some love your way!


Lilac, thanks for taking care of the thread again. :)


AFM, I am headed back to the gyno this month. This is the month she told me to come back if we hadn't conceived. Her nurse said on the phone that then she'd give me some "medicine" which I assume means Clomid since I'm already on metformin. Still need to make that appointment. Want to do that this week. It would feel good to have a plan, I'm unsure if need further tests before the Clomid? Val?

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Good to see you again, Boots!  I figured the school year was going to be a bugger, but 33 kids in homeroom?  That seems insane.


I am bummed this morning, after 2 days of higher temps, today's temp is way low!   Maybe I didn't O on Sunday like I thought.  As I have looked at my charts, myabe today is it, but my EWCM is being screwed with my allergy pill, which because of pollen around I have to take to keep myself sane.




Anybody want to chart stalk?

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