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I am so, so very sorry, Pitch. Feel free to send me a PM if you ever want to chat. Sending you a really big hug... Take really good care of yourself, okay?

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Oh Pitch, sweetheart, I am so sorry. Sending you strength.

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I am so sorry to hear this, Pitchounette. I am afraid no words can help, but hug2.gif

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Oh Pitch, I am so, so sorry.  hug.gif

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Pitch, I'm so sorry. greensad.gif

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Pitch - I am so sorry.  Sending you prayers and strength.

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Oh, Pitch, I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

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Pitch - Sending you hugs. hug.gif 

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nice sarahfaith. This is not going to be easy!!!!

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pitch this is terrible I AM VERY SORRY. this is so awfull. sending you some love

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Well my wait maybe already over sadly!!! I wasn't feeling good this morning. nausea and all. so I was kind of excited but turn out that AF showed up  a week early!!! Can you believe that!!! Bummer. Sorry sarahfaith I want be joining you in this crazy wait. Good luck

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Pitch, I am so very sorry.  Sending lots of love your way.

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Pitch - I'm so very sorry.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  hug2.gif

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*sigh* I was cornered today by a former student's parent. She hadn't seen me in months and was all excited about the babies being born on staff (2 in one month, another imminent, and a third in a few weeks). "How's married life? Are you pregnant yet? Well, get to it! We need to catch you up with all the others! You need to be joining the mommy club!"


She meant well. She really did. But ouch. I'm so glad I had my big melt-down in August and that month is blessedly over. I put on my fake smile (which I think looked convincing), told her that we were certainly working on it, and went on my way. Some day, I hope those comments will sting less.

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Sorry TickleToes for the downer comment from a parent.  I had a similar experience on Sunday evening.  I saw my little sister who just got married in June and her first comment was, "So is there a little bambino growing in there?  (She then commenced patting my stomach)"  Shakes my head, I told her, "Please don't ask that.  When I know, then you will know."  I didn't want to go into the monologue that I have had 20 days of EWCM, no ovulation spike, and I wasn't sure when or if I was going to ovulate this month, so I wasn't likely pregnant and if I was, I wouldn't know it yet.


Another of my sisters got an IUI done a week a go Saturday.  She is hoping she is pregnant and will likely know by the end of this week.  I am excited for her!  She has been trying for 5 years, but she is 32 years old so her "clock" isn't ticking as loud as mine.


Another day of no temp spike, and copious amounts of EWCM.  September  has been a bust for me so far.  Oh, O where are you?

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TickleToes & Lilac sorry that you're having to field those questions.  Your time will come though and it is going to be oh so sweet!  I jsut keep reminding myself how much more I will appreciate it when we do find out that we're having a baby.


AFM - I'm on CD10 so crossing my fingers that we get the BD timing right and that O happens Thurs/Fri.


Are you ladies in the BD every day or every other day camp?


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Originally Posted by sarahfaith View Post

Are you ladies in the BD every day or every other day camp?


I'm every other day to every day, depending on how tired DH and I are...

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DH and I are in the every other day camp, too.  As my DH says, "I have to let the bunkers reload."

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That's hard, tickletoes and lilacvioletiris. It's amazing that people don't think before they speak, although I bet they think it is harmless chitchat. I guess my husband and I have been married for so long and childless (10 years) that people at this point assume that we are not having children (except for my parents and in-laws, who have clearly not ever lost hope).


Hi Sarafaith. We are trying to follow my dr's orders to bd every other day, but I think I may do every day starting today because I've started getting signs that O is imminent. 


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Pitch, So sorry for your news. Wishing you strength and peace.


I laid off stalking this site for a while...after a 2WW filled with psychosomatic craziness, AF reared her ugly head, but only lasted half as long as usual!?! Back to the drawing board...had my fifth IUI 4 days ago, after Clomid (days 3-7), HCG shot, and am now on Prometrium (100mg, 3x/day). Come on already! 


I hope all you teachers are back into the swing of things. I mustered up a positive attitude, but 2 weeks later I'm already a bit frazzled with the kids. Hopefully it's just all these medications I'm on.


Wishing you all the very best! I love reading your posts.



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