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Had my baby!

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Anton Franziskus was born Aug 31 at 11.39pm by emergency c-section. Baby's doing great and nursing like a champ. Will post story and pic later when I've caught up on sleep.

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Congrats! Sorry you did not get your VBAC:(

Healing vibes being sent your way! Enjoy your sweet newborn snuggles! :)

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Congrats!!! Can't wait to hear your story! Had to come on here to check for story!
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Glad to see you had your baby fellow-Mainer! Sending happy healing recovery vibes your way and enjoy your sweet baby!

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Congrats! Enjoy your sweet little one!
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Congrats!! Glad nursing is going well! Can't wait to see pics and read your story

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Congratulations, I'm glad you guys are doing well! Hope things heal beautifully :)

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Congratulations! Hope you recover quickly. 

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Congratulations FischK, so sorry you didn't get your VBAC though. Hope you have a quick recovery and are enjoying lots of newborn snuggles.

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Congratulations! Looking forward to the story and the pic!

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Congratulations! So glad nursing is going well, that's such a great feeling. Hope you feel rested and happy.

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Congrats!! I'm looking forward to pics and your story! goodvibes.gif
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Congratulations! Sorry about not getting your VBAC, But I'm happy that all are healthy and well. I look forward to reading your story and seeing pics. :-)

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