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New to Prescott, AZ

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We just moved to Prescott, AZ and are looking for some like minded families or Mamas to connect with...anybody out there want to play? I have a three year old. We're a home birthing, breast feeding, co sleeping, no tv, kinda family - but friends of any kind are so so nice.

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I'm in the Prescott area, Prescott Valley to be exact. :) Feel free to message me any time. We home school, home birth, breastfeed, and all that as well. I'm pregnant, but our youngest in 3. Plus four more older kids. ;)

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Welcome to Prescott!  I live in Prescott and have a 7 year old.  We are no-vax, co-sleep, breastfed, etc.  I used to have an online group called Prescott Mommies, so I know a lot of moms in the area who have younger children as well that I could introduce you to.  I'm a psychologist and I also teach parenting classes based on nonviolent communication.


You can PM me or find me on Facebook if you want!



Sarah Edmonds

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