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Dingos sprinting through September

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Come one, come all to the shiny, new Dingos September thread.

Did I really just start a new thread? Bolt.gif
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Oh yes you did! Subbing here...and trying to figure out some running-related goals for the coming season.

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working out my goals here. also working out my schedule.

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Thanks for the thread, Real!!!!

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Good morning, Dingoes!


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Here's the race list for the August thread. Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list

kitteh - Santa Monica 5000 10K - October 2

bec - Prairie State Half Marathon - October 8

tjsmama - Denver Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon -October 9

doctorjen - Kansas City Marathon - October 15

mommajb - Columbus Marathon - October 16

bec - Corn Maze 5K - October 16

bec - Des Plaines River Trail Half Marathon - October 22

JayGee - St. Louis Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon - October 23

Nickarolaberry - Marine Corps Marathon - October 30

bec - Hot Chocolate 15K - November 5

DiannaK - Louisville Sports Comission Half Marathon - November 12

Naughty Dingo - Seattle Marathon - November 27

Nickarolaberry - Disney World Marathon - January 8, 2012

 Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post

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run.gif2011 Dingo Race Results  partytime.gif



babybugmama - Walt Disney World Half Marathon - January 8 (First half of Goofy challenge) - 2:21:14
babybugmama - Walt Disney World Marathon - January 9 (Completion of Goofy Challenge) - 5:08:02
Nickaroloberry - Disney Marathon - January 9, 2010 - 4:59:14 (PR!)

HomeBirthMommy -Walt Disney World Marathon -January 9, 2010 - 6:12:57

Realrellim - Frosty's Frozen 5 and 10, 10 miles - Jaunary 15 - 1:33:51

Tjsmama- Yeti Chase 10K- January 22 - 1:05:18

Realrellim - Snowman Stampede 10 miles - February 19 - 1:29:05

Nickarolaberry - Scrub J 10K - February 19 - 1:01:42

JayGee- Ofallon YMCA Indoor Triathlon- February 26 - 47:14

modmom- Disney Princess Half Marathon - February 27 - 2:16

Runningmommy- 10K - March 5 - 47:16

Nickarolaberry - Sarasota Half Marathon - March 13 - 2:03:50 (PR!)

Nickarolaberry- Springfest 5K- March 19 - 26:43 (PR!)

MelW - CVRR Half Marathon - March 20 - 2:10:51 (PR!)

poppywise- Oakland Half Marathon - March 27 - 2:34:57 (PR!)

Mel38, poppywise -Cooper River Bridge Run 10K - April 2 - 1:09:18 

bec, and bec's dh - Reach Out and Run 5K - April 9 - 37:40

Nickarolaberry - 10K - April 9 - 58:45 (PR!)

Realrellim - Platte River Half Marathon - April 10 - 1:57:38 (PR!)

Geofizz - runcbus 10 miler - April 10 - 1:34:42

Penelope - Lincoln Half Marathon - May 1 - 2:17:42

Bec - Indy Mini Half Marathon - May 7 - 2:43:20

Naughty Dingo- Lake Monona 20K - May 7 - 1:50

Naughty Dingo - Syttende Mai 20 Mile - May 14- 3:15 

tjsmama- Summer Open Sprint Triathlon (converted to duathlon due to weather) - May 22 - 1:34:23

Mel38- Charleston Sprin Triathlon Series - May 22 - 1:31:07

Naughty Dingo- Madison Marathon - May 29 - 4:29:43

Realrellim - Bolder Boulder 10K - May 30 - 55:33

tjsmama - Bolder Boulder 10 K - May 30 - 57:13

doctorjen - Streator YMCA Memorial Day 5K - May 30 - 27:39

bec - Naperville Triathlon - June 12 - 1:51:24 

tjsmama - Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon - June 25 - 3:40:16

Realrellim - Grand Park Run for Independence (5 miler, but a little short) - July 2 - 44:54

doctorjen - Streator Run for Glory 5K - July 2 - 26:27

Realrellim- Middle Park Half Marathon - July 9 -  2:00:25

memiles - Warrior Dash - July 16

Realrellim - Lookout Mountain Triathlon - July 23 - 1:42:39

tjsmama- Courage Classic 3 day bike ride, including a century - July 23-25

MotivatedMama - Beach to Beacon 10K - August 6

tjsmama - Ironman 70.3 Boulder - August 7 - 7:03:05

bec - Bangs Lake Multisport Festival (Olympic distance triathlon) - August 14 - 3:44:27 ( PR!)

doctorjen- Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K- August 14 - 26:37

Realrellim - Splash Mash Dash Triathlon - August 20 - 1:28:35

tjsmama - Splash Mash Dash Triathlon - August 20 - 1:23:51

tjsmama - Venus de Miles Road Ride - August 28 - 4:32

Dmitrizmom - Pufferbilly 5K - September 10 - 45:03 (7 min PR!)

Realrellim- Devil's Thumb Ranch Trail Race (7.5 miles)- September 17 - 1:15:29

bec and bec's dh - Warrior Dash Upper Midwest - September 17 - 41:13 

JayGee -  YMCA Lakeside 5K - September 24 - 24:05

Realrellim - Granby Oktoberfest 10K- September 24 - 1:05:50 (pushing the double jogger!)

tjsmama - Oktoberfest Sprint Triathlon - September 25 - 1:36:42

poppywise - Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders 5K - September 25 - 32:47 (gun time)



2010 Results

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Thanks for the new thread, Real!


The kids have off of school, so not much opportunity for exercise.  Maybe a short treadmill run later.  Maybe.  It might be a rest day. My butt and legs are sore from the 100,000 squats and lunges we did in class yesterday!  How she managed to make us do them without making it boring is a mystery, but she did!

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Not much to report here. Work Wednesday, an *easy* bike ride with my out-of-bike-shape-and-pulling-a-chariot friend yesterday. No homework has been done, although my books did all finally arrive yesterday, so I guess I should get that started today. I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 9. yikes.gif That is highly unusual for me!!! And then had to get up at 6 to get my scholarship application that's due today done. My phone has rung at 4am three of the past four days (only exception was when I was already scheduled!), with work wanting me to come in, but no can do. DS heads to Ohio for the long weekend tonight. I MUST get homework done tonight. Must must must.

Time to get DS dressed and off to school! Then, time for a run...
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I'm welcoming a new month here because it means I'm closer to my new home and my new babe. :)  15 days on the countdown to the farm, so in celebration I reserved my goats.  I think James will be reserving our new puppy that we will train to guard the animals from predators today.  I'm taking a break from canning all my garden goodies and going to the beach before the fall weather comes in this afternoon.  My swollen feet need a dip in the water - this humidity really does it.


Happy September!

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Happy September Dingo superstars!


Thanks for the new thread Real. 


Jo - How are your kitties? 


Sparkle - How nice of you to provide such a stellar example!  But yes, weird if you shouldn't be such a great host.


Bec - I'm going to try to pretend I'm in that class today.  I got up early enough to do some exercise this morning but only managed to do some stretching.  Yet again my hamstrings are crazy tight.  Trying not to get discouraged.


Also trying to stay organized and move through the day without getting overwhelmed.  But did have a bit of a panic attack realizing that this year Ali G is set for 8 fewer in-school hours a week.  And I have at least 27+ extra hours a week of things I need to do without her in tow.  That said I need to get a move on.

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JenLove ~   I'm so excited for you to meet your new little one.  You've been working like crazy.  I thought of you this weekend when we drove up to Edwardsville for a dinner out orngbiggrin.gif.


Jooj ~ how are your kittens?


RR ~ 4+ mile walk with my friend this morning, most of it spent kvetching about the school here eyesroll.gif


NRR ~ DD2 got in trouble at school yesterday for "playing" during rest time.  Honestly, these are 5 year olds and they are expected to lay perfectly still for 20 minutes????  Not loving kindergarten for her AT ALL.  So far all of her work has been about colors and letters of the alphabet, and counting to 10.  Ummmmmm..... that's not going to hold her interest for long.  This summer she kept herself amused in the car by seeing how hight she could count (well into the 300s before she got tired).  I'm frustrated.

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Sprints last night at the track.  Whew, it was hot.


I woke up this morning to the power having a conniption fit, which finally resolved with the power going out on our block, taking out the rest of the town 10 minutes later. 


If your only way into your garage is with a electric garage door opener, I recommend changing that before your power goes out.  If you think that the fire department should have a slim jim to open your garage door for you without the power, you'd be wrong.  It cost $100 for DH to go to work this morning.  That's how much a 7 am locksmith call costs.  Grrrr.

Originally Posted by JayGee View Post


NRR ~ DD2 got in trouble at school yesterday for "playing" during rest time.  Honestly, these are 5 year olds and they are expected to lay perfectly still for 20 minutes????  Not loving kindergarten for her AT ALL.  So far all of her work has been about colors and letters of the alphabet, and counting to 10.  Ummmmmm..... that's not going to hold her interest for long.  This summer she kept herself amused in the car by seeing how hight she could count (well into the 300s before she got tired).  I'm frustrated.

The getting in trouble is your in:  The buzz word is "differentiated instruction." 


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JayGee, my dd could never rest during rest time, and since she was 3 or so, daycare allowed her to quietly "read" during rest time. It was always fine. I personally was never able to rest until just recently myself. It blows my mind that people expect everyone to just be able to shut it down.


Thanks, Dingoes. Kitties both got an anti-inflammatory shot this AM and drops for me to give them against the inflammation and fever for the next couple days. Vet thinks it's calicivirus, which makes sense according to Wikipedia and Google. bag.gif Fever and lameness were the symptoms, then going off food and lethargy (scary lethargy). She found some indication on one's tongue, but there was no upper respiratory, no GI, just cats that suddenly were miserable and couldn't walk, with a high fever. I did oral rehydration and baby vitamins, and shortly after the shot, we got them to eat a little high-end, liver-based wet food. Soon after, first kitty started eating regular food. Second kitty is about two days behind, so I'm hoping to have him feeling a lot better tomorrow, with the help of further anti-inflammatories. If they weren't in our house, though, they'd both have died. Lucky cats. Their "outside friend," a stray we feed on the patio, has been crying, missing their faces. Cats are so weird.


Took the kids to the beach this afternoon. We played in the water (not exactly exercise, but it was nice) and watched the sun set before walking home. I'm looking forward to next week, when everyone else has to go back to work and the kids and I will once again have the beach to ourselves.


Also looking forward to book club. 


I hate reading about culture shock because I am such a textbook case, it's embarrassing.

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

The getting in trouble is your in:  The buzz word is "differentiated instruction." 


JayGee - This. Perfectly said.


Jo - hug2.gif mama.  Just because what you are feeling has a name and is well documented doesn't invalidate your feeling it.  I'm glad your kitties are feeling better.  Definitely lucky little souls!


Well, I could have had a hot, muggy run because my friend offered her husband to watch the kids.  But, instead, we went to breakfast and then to buy candles at Bath and Body Works (2 for $20 candles) instead.  bag.gif

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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
NRR ~ DD2 got in trouble at school yesterday for "playing" during rest time.  Honestly, these are 5 year olds and they are expected to lay perfectly still for 20 minutes????  Not loving kindergarten for her AT ALL.  So far all of her work has been about colors and letters of the alphabet, and counting to 10.  Ummmmmm..... that's not going to hold her interest for long.  This summer she kept herself amused in the car by seeing how hight she could count (well into the 300s before she got tired).  I'm frustrated.

I got in trouble in second grader for finishing a book overnight. Teachers can be so good or just so bad.


On kindy -- I think it is totally a normal kindy experience to do colors, letters of the alphabet and counting. Our (very good) program did it here (with an excellent teacher). Yet again it comes down to not limiting oneself to just the basics. Today we're doing the letter D. Here's big D, little d. Write some words that start with "d". Most kindergarteners will write stuff like do, dad. Our kindy teacher encouraged Erin to think bigger -- dog, donate, December, dark, dragon; oh and hey Erin, we're working on colors can you draw a dragon and color it a dark color green?  In my (limited, n=1) experience, gifted kindergartners struggle with kindergarten because the stuff they are doing academically they already know. So the skills we all want them to learn in kindergarten are tough to do if the content is boring (listen to the teacher, stay on task, etc.).


Can you do a half day? We no longer have the option of busing for half day or a dedicated half day classroom. But you *can* pick up the kids half-way through.

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Yes to what Kristin and everyone else said, JayGee.


Not that it's the same thing, and my dd2 is older but last year (in 2nd grade, in a MONTESSORI which is supposed to easily differentiate instruction, even in a public one) my dd2 was shutting down and playing pretend to herself in the corner because she was so bored. Then after we had her tested and got her a gifted IEP which the teacher/school is required to accommodate, the teacher 'rewarded' her finishing her work plan by allowing her to watch videos on the computer. irked.gif Needless to say we were not very happy.


And by the way, this gifted 8 year old still has trouble with the long days at school. She gets tired, she wants to come home. She is very 'well behaved' as in does not make trouble for anyone -- but she also doesn't speak up for herself when she needs more of a challenge. 


I will never, ever, ever understand teachers who reprimand children for being children (i.e. as a kindergartner not staying perfectly still and 'resting' for 20 minutes) or for striving to achieve more (i.e. finishing a book overnight). I've taught mostly all age groups, and I get how hard it can be to address the very idiosyncratic needs of 25 separate kids at the same time - but hey, that's the job. It's a responsibility and a calling, and if you can't handle it, do something else.


I may post on the yahoo group later, yesterday was a Bad. Day. Sigh.


Today however is going ok. Good 6 mile speed workout, success finding most of what I needed at Costco (and the cheesecake they were sampling was good too even when I removed the crust), and challah dough is mixing in the bread machine. 


Later, Dingos.

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Subbing with 13miles on the books this morning.

Hugs to all.
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Well, when I turned my calendar page from August to September I FREAKED right out.  Man, I hate getting back into a routine.  My kids are, like, the last in the country to start school; they go back next Wednesday.  We've been scrambling to set up drum class for DS, ballet for DD (and buying new leotard and shoes), piano for DD, and soccer for both kids.  Likely we'll need to find time to buy new cleats for this season.  We've been meeting teachers, buying school supplies, and checking in twice so far with DD's plastic surgeon, which is an hour drive each way for a 5-minute appointment.  Plus the cost of parking and our doctor-visit-means-donuts bribe.  I need to write notes to DD's teacher, gym teacher, and the school nurse to explain her restriction on dangerous play for the first couple of weeks of school.


I'm beginning to feel more and more weighed down with guilt that I'm taking the kids out of school for a week in the middle of October to go to Disney World.


Amidst all that, I've actually been running.  Thank goodness for my neighbor!  Without her, I would have slacked off all summer long.  Once the kids are in school, I'll have that block of time while DS is in kindergarten to run.  This is a good thing, since my neighbor has knee problems and doesn't want to run more than four miles ever, and I am signed up for a half marathon in October.  For which I have not trained even one iota.  It might be a good idea to run something more than four miles at a time this month in the way of preparation, huh?  nut.gif


I've been thinking about cutting sugar from my life, so I started that today.  I would have started yesterday, but I met my mom for breakfast, which included a frozen mocha drink, and also bagels and cream cheese.  And DH went out last night and bought ice cream and I would have felt bad making him eat it all alone.


Anyway, for those who have gone sugar-free, how strict were you about it?  Did you cut out all bread?  Bagels?  Crackers?  Pasta?  How about things with natural sugar but no added sugar, like cottage cheese or natural peanut butter?  I don't know how extreme I'm willing to go, and I don't have an actual medical reason besides the knowledge that I have a bit of a sugar addiction that I'd like to break.  Oh, and on a side note, old-fashioned oats with cinnamon and cut-up apples mixed in is horrifically bland.  I ate a whole bowl, continually talking myself out of adding brown sugar or honey to it.  It's going to be a long month, if I'm able to keep this up.  Oh!  I just remembered that I eat Starburst candies on my long runs.  I'll probably keep that as an exception to the no sugar thing.  And further motivation to run.  lol.gif


Nic--I'm sorry you're feeling lousy.  If it's something a coffee date would help, let me know and we'll make plans to meet somewhere in the middle of the state.


Alex--I'm glad to see you here.  I'm sorry for all you've been through the past couple of months.  I hope that your DH and the other people around you are being supportive and helpful.


Sorry for the issues with names!  It was the trend in my college, on the first day of class for someone to raise their hand and ask the professor what he or she wanted to be called.  Some were good with first names, some with Professor, some with Doctor.  It was good to know right off the bat.  What a pain to have people in your personal lives not acknowledge what you want to be called, though.


Jo--I hope you'll be able to get into a good routine that feels settled to you as the weather starts to cool.  It was nice of you to take care of the kittens, and I'm glad they are feeling better.


That's about it from here.  DD is at a birthday celebration--into the big science museum to see an IMAX movie about tornadoes, out to dinner, then back to the planetarium and a late night at the observatory.  She was so excited, so I hope it goes well.  The boy having the birthday was her very best friend in kindergarten and one of two of her best friends in first grade, but they won't be together next year in second.  I love the kid so much, but he's a little awkward, a very deep thinker, and I worry that DD will ditch him in favor of her girl friends.  I'm trying to preserve the relationship as much as I possibly can, especially since DD is the only school friend invited today.  I hate the thought of him thinking she's his best friend and her not reciprocating.


Okay, now I'm just manufacturing trouble where none exists at the moment.  And my real point was that without his sister here, DS is clingy and wants me to make him a cup of tea.  And give him the rest of my sugar-laden ice cream from last night.  I'd better get on that.



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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Sparkle - How nice of you to provide such a stellar example!  But yes, weird if you shouldn't be such a great host.

Plady - I have no idea what you are talking about lol.gif

Jaygee - I think some of the frustration in the beginning of the year (this is the 2nd year I am experiencing something similar) is that teachers are trying to see what kids know. Does everyone in fact know how to count to ten, know colors, etc. That, and they want to try to get everyone on the same page, or at least the same starting point. I noticed a big jump in differentiation after the third week, however we are at a Montessori. Just yesterday, ds was complaining that he had to do a work that he already knows how to do, and I said, it's been 3 months and your teacher just wants to make sure you remember before she sets you loose on the next level. DD1 too is doing a review of things she did last year. She's more patient about it, but I chafe a little at seeing her not be more challenged.
I plan to talk to her teacher (new to her, whereas ds' is not, and I am confident that she knows how intense he is and that she knows what to do with him winky.gif) sometime after the 3rd week to make sure they know what my expectations are loveeyes.gif Can you do that with dd2's teacher?
I too totally appreciate how difficult it is to meet the individual needs of 25 kids, but hello, that is imo the greatest challenge and should be the greatest focus of teaching. I'm sorry you are frustrated

As an aside (one I might have already shared redface.gif), when I was teaching we had a very diverse student population, from kids who were headed straight to Harvard, easy peasy, and kids who were reading years behind their grade. The parents of the smart kids were the most demanding of us teachers, and we took to referring to them (in dept. meetings) as "The Mother's of Excellence", as in "ooh, the mother's of excellence arent going to like that..." Now I am a mother of excellence, and I tell teachers that, as in, look, I get it, and I'm sorry, but yes, I am one of THOSE moms lol.gif So far, they laugh with me and it makes my *concerns* easier for us both to talk about. That said, I also do a lot at the school and feel like I am part of my child's and other childrens' education there, so I hope I am more part of the team than just an upper class white mom telling them how I want them to teach my kid

RR: well, yeah, I went to the gym, did the bike/run brick, although not quite as hard as usual, and it mostly felt fine (pain between 1 and 2), but now crap.gif it is ACHING. It feels like bad menstrual cramps. I may call the PT place I went just to have a partner in this. I think I reached my deductable early in the spring with my knee somaybe it would be cheap. We'll see

NRR: Sat next to a guy on the bikes today who turns out to be the founder of a charter high school in one of the rougher neighborhoods here. This, after I watched a documentary last night called The Lottery that got me all inspired and fired up. I didnt mention to him that I was/am a teacher, but got to thinking later, it may be worthwhile to contact him and see about volunteering. This would be a good way to get my sea legs again and have something more current on my resume, and then I got to thinking duh.gif why didnt I do that at any of the high schools around here this year. They could likely ALL use the help and it would be a good way to make contacts, although not at all the reason Im doing it. Mostly that documentary reminded me of my kids (students) and I miss that...
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