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Trying to feel grateful that we had the $270 to pay the registry of motor vehicles so we can then pay another $50 to renew our registration but instead I am feeling very very frustrated that stuff just seems to keep coming up.  It feels like we are never going to get ahead.  I was hoping to use that cash to go towards our oil heat but decided to pay the fines and renew our registration as it was due today and I feared getting pulled over and incurring more fines and fees. 


Lately it feels like one thing keeps leading to another.  Sigh....


Thanks for letting me vent redface.gif

Yes, it's a pain, but you will probably appreciate a little less stress for having it taken care of.  I had an unexpected $50 bill this week too, which is annoying when dh is bringing home $400 less a month than he did last month because the season is changing.  Ugh!