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So... aside from DD's behavior, what are you going to do about your issue with your SIL.  Are you going to approach the subject with her?  And were you planning to do it anyway but just wanted to get some insight on the proper way to do it?

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Really, I'd let this one go and promise yourself that next time you'll say "thanks Sis, we've got this under control." It sounds to me like the time she jumped on you for 'correcting' her child was several years ago. This incident is slight. If this is a bigger pattern of behavior with your SIL, then think about what that bigger pattern is that you're worried about.


I once yelled at a friend's child. I was horrified the instant I did it, but it was a visceral reaction to an unsafe situation. There was a pinata, and the child darted through the pinata area to pick up some candy just as an older child was getting ready to swing with a bat. It's possible to overreact innocently enough. If SIL was in 'parenting' mode or was 'protecting' her little brother, I could see it happening without any other agenda on SIL's part.


The 'work' that you need to do is to figure out of SIL has an agenda, and if she does, whether ignoring or discussing it is the best you can do.

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 I am going to let it go. But in the future I will have a standard response to SIL correcting my kids. Something non-inflammatory and innocuous, like: "Thanks, but I got it."  There are issues with DH's side of the family anyway, unfortunately.

Yes, SIL does have an agenda when it comes to me as a result of that incident so long ago. I still have trouble believing that my warning her DD caused so much damage, but it did nonetheless. This all plays out in subtle comments. The comment to DD was probably part of that. Oh well. I am just going to handle it as described. If she pushes too far with the correcting, we will have to talk about it.

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Good on you mommy!  I hope this all works out well. 

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