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What are you knitting these days?

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I have been happily working on shawls and old projects that never seem to get finished all summer and now I can't seem to stop making hats and mittens! I guess it is better to do  those now so that they will be ready when the cold weather comes instead of waiting until my kids need a new hat to cast on for one.

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I haven't been knitting near enough considering I've got a ton of holiday presents I need to get at


I am knitting a light blue preemie sweater b-c Im 30w pregnant and seemingly going at any moment. I don't know if the baby is boy or girl so Im doing light blue w butterfly buttons. Then a green,blue,purple stripped hat to match


I also have the second sock on the needles for my FIL for xmas.

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My brother had a new baby in May and it's been so fun knitting clothes for her- I miss my kids being so small!  I made her a little sweater and a skirt. 

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I'm trying to get ahead on Christmas.  I'm always giving one lucky person something partially knit with the needles still in it.  Last year, I did leg warmers for many of the people on my list.  I sewed mismatched buttons up the ones for my nieces which turned out cute.  This year, I'm making shrugs.  I made ones for my nieces that coordinate with last year's leg warmers.  I've been impressed with how they keep track of the knit things I give them and use them.  I think I'm going to make the boys arm warmers (like leg warmers but for arms).  I think my son would wear them.  Sometimes he doesn't want to wear a coat but his arms are cold.

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The Dude Sweater (on Ravelry)  My DP is going to be "The Dude" (The Big Lebowski) for halloween.

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I finally started a wrap for myself with a pattern that I have been looking at for years.  I am about half way done.  I can't wait to wear it this fall. 

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I started some socks today to take with me to work on at a conference I will be attending this weekend. Socks are great because I don't have to pay attention to a pattern and except for the heel and instep I don't really even have to look down while I am knitting. There is a sweater I am dying to cast on but I think I need to promise myself to first finish at least one of the two 98% completed sweaters I started last year.

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I currently have a lace scarf on the needles and my second of a pair of socks (first socks ever, kinda fun to knit). Next is new hats for the kids for winter and one for DH and myself. Then who knows what. I also just finished a adorable little pair of baby booties for a friends newborn. 

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Just finished another sweater and now I am trying to decide whether I should make more mittens for gifts this winter or some socks - just because I love knitting socks.  smile.gif

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I'm new to knitting (been crocheting just about all my life, though) so i am cranking out a lot of scarves, haha! I've done a couple nice little beanie hats...but would love to move on to sweaters, shawls and ponchos...I just don't like reading patterns. I do much better looking at something or being shown how, you know? Anyway, I think this homemade Christmas is going to be all about winter scarves at this rate, hahaha!

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I have ben barely knitting for so log.  I have the aeolin shawl sitting on the dash of my car (Fading... yes I know.) and I work on it everytime my dh drives. It has been a ufo for so long.....  Oh well.  I am starting on the baby hat from living crafts- I think I might knit one for each of my kids.  I have been contemplating starting a new sweater for myself too.  I have some really nice dark rose ella rae that is calling out to me.  I have kind of lost my knitting desire.  Perhaps it is due to little hands pulling out the needles a time too many.

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I took a hiatus from knitting for several years when my kids were little. There was nothing relaxing about it with so many little hands wanting to pull out the needles and I rarely had time to sit down in those years. Now two of them are teens and knitting makes it easy for me to hang out with them which gives us some good time together.

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A friend of mine just had preemie twins, so I am working on teeny-tiny hats.  It was a bit of a challenge to find out what size to make them since they are only 2 lbs (and that's after a bit of weight gain!) but I found a couple of resources: http://www.thepreemieproject.com/volunteer/measurement_guide & http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/size-chart.html

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I have a patterned dish towel for my mother for Christmas on one set, and a Cerus scarf in a linen stitch on my round needles...I desperately want to get the scarf done and move on to softer material because I've got friction burns and blisters on my index fingers from having to knit so tightly (my little ones like to pull needles out of my hands too)...

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I just learned to knit, and made 2 pairs of socks! I am so proud of myself, but really they are pretty easy.


Now I have started a hobo bag, made of recycled sari silk. The yarn is from Darn Good Yarn - check out some of their beautiful, unique materials! I am becoming a little bit obsessed, but loving it!

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I was crazy busy knitting for a fundraiser - now i have nothing to knit - i actually started a chunky cable knit sweater in a deep forest green for my 20 mo old DS - since he wont be wearing until the fall - i made it a size 6!  My next projects are going to be some hats and scarves for X-mas.  I got a great pattern for those cashmere neck warmers - forget what they are called....

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I finished that shawl btw!  It turned out so pretty and has sat in my room ever since.  I should wear it sometime.....  I knit a little new baby skirtie- in case this new kid is a girl- I just need to do the cord for it.  I am also knitting a few new diaper covers- nothing very exciting- just a little knitting for in the car I guess to keep me from going insane.  I almost never knit in the house anymore...

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I've been knitting a few baby outfits lately. It's so much fun creating with wool




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Lately, I have loved knitting hats and baby washcloths on those Knifty Knitter and In The Attic knitting looms.  I have made tons of hats to sell at local bazaars in the area.  My 3 year old neice, Brianna, loves to go with me to the local craft store to pick out more colors of yarn to use for the hats. 

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These are adorable!!!

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