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I have been using knitting looms and knitting up a storm lately.  I have made baby, kid, and adult hats.  I have made tote bags, baby bottle covers, washcloths, etc.

Currently, I am making a multicolored scarf with  stretchy yarn I found at JoAnns Crafts.  All of the stuff I am making is for a Holiday Bazaar at the county fairgrounds in November.


The knitting looms I have been using are Knifty Knitter (long looms) and In The Attic (round looms), as well as the Tadpole wooden knitting board.  I thought I'd let everyone know, in case they wanted to use knitting looms.



(proud aunt to my 3 year old neice, Brianna)


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I just finished up a pink bonnet style hat with a big flower on the side for dd(3) and I've got a pair of teeny tiny booties on the needles for one of the many babies I've got joining the family soon. Seems like it's a full on baby boom again.

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tpintsch- those are seriously adorable!  I am in love!


This isn't really knitting- but I made a "Fringle" for my little one's newborn pictures. It is one of those all fringe blankets that they use for photo props.  I really thought it would use a lot of scraps- but not so much :/.  It was cute for the pictures though. I also made her a little munchkin hat in cream and brown stripe- also for the photos.  I just have no patience for knitting right now- but should start on some mittens for the kids and just keep that bag in the car...

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Nursing my new baby has left me surfing the internet way too much.....  So I had to bust out some knitting to keep me from adding way too many Pinterest projects and way too many Amazon orders.  Soooo i dug out my old Interweave magazines and found a couple of projects to work on that I have yarn for already...


http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tuckernuck-cardigan  This is for my new baby.  I have some cream baby alpaca just begging to be knit up- and this is the perfect use and my little one needs a lovely soft warm sweater for fall.  


http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/berry-and-bramble-cardigan  This is for me.  I am knitting it out of some beautiful dark rose wool- I almost have one skien almost knit....  But I love the ribbing at least.

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After smelling my gross, mildewy kitchen sponge, I decided to knit dishcloths. I bought a huge skein of cotton, and I am doing each one in a different stitch, but the same color and size. When I am finished, I will have a pile of pretty, reusable dishcloths, and will have learned about 15 different stitches, and how to read a pattern. And eventually, it will turn out to be cost effective, as I have been throwing out sponges pretty quickly these days.

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It must be fall - I am making socks, mittens and hats again!


My son needs a new hat for the winter and both daughters have asked for socks. They are into beanies too so I will probably make a couple of those as well. Then it will be time to get back to my sweater lol.gif


I have weaving regularly too and that is satisfying. 

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I'm knitting log cabin squares for a blanket to give to my in laws this Christmas. I have like half of them done but am getting bored, wish they'd go faster. I don't even know just how they go together yet. I have another, quicker, blanket to do after that for my SiL but I need a bigger needle set, some baby things to make (my LO is due in Jan, he or she is going to need some wool outer things), and a few small Christmas gifts like hats and gloves and mittens for various family. I'd hoped to do a lace shawl for someone else but won't have time I think. Maybe I will attempt it. Hopefully a few items for me too before the winter's through - maybe during my couple weeks off from chores after baby comes.

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Sweaters for my two youngest, and a hat and mitten set for baby boy.



 Just cast on this http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/easy-pullover-for-babies-toddlers-and-kids

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I'm working on a pair of longies for my 9 month old since it's getting cold out and I'd rather dress her in cute wool than buy her pants. :-P I'm also carrying around a ball of yarn for a beret that I need to make her for her Halloween costume (I really should get on that!) and I need to make her and my other daughter both mustaches for their costumes. Based on my 3 year old's request, they're going as Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters. 


I also have a couple of hats on needles that I'm feeling bored with. I never thought I'd be one of those knitters that lets projects hibernate! Oh well. Guess that's your life with young ones. 

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I finished up that little baby sweater- it turned out little also.  hmmm. or I have a super huge baby.  Well it will fit for the fall and be outgrown long before spring- but oh well.  I also knit a darling little wool bonnet for her.  I just started a scarf for myself.  It is a rusched one from 101 Designer One Skien Wonders.  I am using a thin black wool with sequins on it.  I think it will look amazing with my grey wool coat.  I also bought some Manos to make my baby another pair of Longies.  And I should dig out that sweater I started for myself....  

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I've been crocheting snowflakes like mad since the beginning of October.  I plan to include one with each Christmas card I send out (something I've planned to do for years and never followed-through on).  I am currently finishing-up a little hat set for my niece which is in her favorite colors and has a little matching hat for her American Girl doll.  I have plans to buy yarn this week for a few of the Christmas gifts I'm knitting (a scarf or cowl for my twin sister, socks for my Mom and MIL).  I'm really looking forward to buying some yarn, as I've been stash knitting my way through the last couple weeks because things were really tight financially.  

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I recently made the cutest hat for my neice, Brianna.  Its dark purple and multi-colored verrigated yarn combined.  She loves it.  In fact, I had to basically pry it off of her during church service 2 weeks ago, when she wanted to wear it the entire service.


I am also making baby bottle covers to sell at a local holiday bazaar in 2 weeks. 

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Originally Posted by tpintsch View Post

I've been knitting a few baby outfits lately. It's so much fun creating with wool





These are way too cute! Did you knit or crochet the embellishments?

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I just finished making some melt and pour soap and decided to make some sweaters for them. I followed this great pattern, with my own tweaks, of course. It was super simple so I ended up making a bunch! They'll make great holiday gifts. Here are pics of mine: mamawolfeknits.blogspot.com and the pattern link is there, but if you want to go directly to it: http://lookwhatnicolemade.blogspot.com/2009/11/bamboo-soap-sweaters.html

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Made this for a breastfeeding basket for my friend who had her baby shower today. Her nursery theme is Nightmare Before Christmas. :-D It's hard to sew a little jack o lantern face on a yarn ball! 






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I have been busy knitting up a storm after taking a nice long break.  I have also discovered Manos yarn and I tell you I can't believe I never had it before! But currently I am knitting DD some slippers.  I have been searching for what seems like eternity trying to find the perfect slipper pattern and I think this is it.  http://blog.makezine.com/craft/craft_pattern_bunny_hop_slippe/  I am knitting them for my little girl so I am using a strand of acrylic ww with a strand of wool lace and a strand of sock yarn.  They are pink/mauve/self striping with some fun hand dyed roving for the thrums.  I have one knit except for embellishments and she loves it!    I am going to have to make myself a pair next though....  I also remembered why I have knitting with acrylic.  my hands are soooo sore- but I know how fast we wear out wool slippers here... way way too fast :)

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Super cute iowaorganic! You'll have to post a picture when you're done. 

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I'm doing a ton of these neck warmers for Christmas.  In super bulky yarn they knit up fast and they're really cozy and cuddly.  I modified this pattern (for those in ravelry):






I also just finished the sweetest hat and bootie set for my neighbor's newborn.  






Pattern from here:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/seamless-cable-booties

I love this pattern.  It was so super simple and quick that I finished both booties in one day!


I don't know where I got the hat pattern.

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I've done a pair of socks for myself and these were the first thing I ever knit in my life so I think I did pretty well on them :)




Knit one of 2 itty bitty baby sockies for my best friend's little baby who's only just going to be 3 months old on christmas eve, I'm making him a matching hat with that, my friend's other son wil also get camo socks and I'm making my best friend a matching pair as well :)


This is the first of 2 I'm not impressed that I had the second one almost entirely done, made a mistake and couldn't figure out where I made it so I have to recast it on tomorrow.




And these are the start of my friend's two at a time toe up socks :)


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I recently got a sock knitting loom during Black Friday sales at JoAnns crafts.  So far, I have only made the cuff of one sock, but its looking pretty good.  Will post a picture later on.



(proud aunt to my 3 year old neice, Brianna)

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