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Recommend a Kindy Curriculum

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What I'm Looking for:


A curriculum that focuses on classic children's literature, fairy tales, and folk stories; nature study; art and seasonal crafts; and practical work. I'd like something easy to adapt to a variety of different levels of ability.


That does not include: a lot of seated work, formal math or reading instruction, a religious tone or undertone


Any recommendations?

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You might like Oak Meadow.  I know a friend who is using it and likes it. 




I'm not sure how much, if any, formal math/reading instruction there is.  It sounds light on formal math (one of the reasons it's not the right curriculum for us.  Here is the kindergarten description:


A rich tradition of oral language and classic stories provides the backdrop for your child’s first exploration into the world of literacy. Each week students are immersed in a language-rich environment as they listen to stories, recite poetry, and learn new songs. Familiarity with individual letters is achieved through activities that engage the student artistically, physically, and musically. Emphasis is placed on integrating the sounds and shapes of each letter in preparation for First Grade.


In Math, students are gently introduced to the world of numbers through play-based activities, crafts, and storytelling. Math skills are fostered through working with patterns, grouping and sorting, and learning to draw geometric shapes.

Science, Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, and Health round out the Kindergarten experience. Each week students participate in nature walks, watercolor painting, puppetry, storytelling, circle songs and games, cooking, gardening, movement activities, and imitative games.


A healthy, nurturing rhythm of learning is established that will serve you and your child for years to come.

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Well, I mistakenly bought an Oak Meadow Kindy curriculum that I'm looking to find a new home for, if you're interested.  It is used.  I paid $110 postage paid for it, and I really need that back.  PM me if you're interested.


Onto other ideas:


Enki Education 

Little Acorn Learning

You can combine either of the above sources with Ambleside online or children's classic lit of your choice.


We are doing Little Acorn Learning along with Enki fairy/folk/nature tales, and some classic read-alouds for our kindy year.


ETA:  If you are interested in the OM kindy curriculum I have, I can throw in A Little Garden Flower's kindy book for free, and The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit (which has 4 tales).  Looking to unload here, LOL.

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Uh oh, Lux--why mistakenly? Mine is on it's way as I type!!! 

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I'm curious as to whether Oak Meadow stands pretty well without the math or reading part?

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Seasons of Joy.  I've used it with two kids through Kindy and love it.  It's more of a guide than a curriculum, but each season has five themes with tons of songs, verses, and activities to go with each.  Lots of outdoor focus, plenty of stories.  The author (who is an MDC mother) says there are 10 weeks of activities per season, but we've found it to be nearly endless, and it's so enriched our home life and Kindergarten experience.


I've looked at A Little Acorn Learning (a friend has it).  It's wonderful and full, and if you are the type that would like it all spelled out for you, as in, "On Monday, we're reading this story, doing this craft and eating this snack", then I'd splurge (the menus are something I'm considering still....they look great!).  ALAL really does look wonderful!   If you want more of a guide that you can personalize, I'd say get Seasons of Joy.


If you are looking for seasonal lists of great classic children's books, check out Waldorf blogs.  Several bloggers make wonderful lists of age- or season-appropriate books and they are usually all great books.  Actually, try a search right here in the Waldorf board, too!

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revolting: For the K year OM would probably be ok without the math and reading. Personally, for the K year I would take a more laid back approach than OM offers even excluding any of the academics. I second the suggestions of either LAL or Seasons of Joy, depending on how planned out you like your curriculum.

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Originally Posted by Holiztic View Post

Uh oh, Lux--why mistakenly? Mine is on it's way as I type!!! 

I was looking for something specific in the kindergarten book (archetypes of numbers) that is in the newer versions but the version I bought (used) was from 2001 and did not include the archetypes.  I already had other plans for kindy so I can't use the other parts since I had other things planned out.  I still think it is really good but it just didn't meet the specific need I have.  Let me know how you like it!  I'm looking hard at OM for grade 1.

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I would look into Little Acorn, and then supplement it with the literature suggestions (minus the Bible stuff) on Sonlight... either P3/P4 or P4/P5.  


I've also heard great things about Seasons of Joy.  One good thing about LIttle Acorn is that you can buy it month to month to see if it's truly what you're looking for.

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We're using Enki and doing K and 2nd this year. I love it, absolutely love it. The folk, fairy, nature, sage and trickster, and math stories are wonderful, and so appropriate for my children developmentally. We love the music and movement, and there are so many ideas that have really resonated with my dc that I just would not have come up with on my own and did not find when researching seasonal and academic songs and movement activities on my own. 

And for 2nd, the cultural studies are very well done. We're studying Native Americans right now for our LA block and although ds has had many opportunities to explore this are of study with a nature program he used to do, the games offered in Enki have been so much fun for him! Both my boys join in, and play the same games when their friends are here. 


If you're looking for a holistic program that is a lot of fun and very creative, I would definitely look into Enki. It is a lot of prep though, as you are definitely buying a resource library, not an open-and-go curriculum. But this is also what I love about it- we make it work for us, pulling from a vast selection.


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