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Who has a bump to show off??? Post up some pics!

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I've got nothing but a bit more fullness than normal. No semblance of a bump other than my normal pooch. But I know there have to be some Apirl ladies with the bump! Shre your pictures!
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Unfortunately, I started off with a rather round little pot belly that drove me nuts specifically because it made me look pg, when I wasn't.  Now that I AM, I'm no longer able to suck it in, but still well aware that it looks beyond what would be appropriate for 10 weeks-- I know that it's all ice cream and that tiny babe is chilling a bit south still.  My dh just told his supervisor today, though-- and I'm feeling like I'm getting closer to just owning my tummy and blaming it on being pg (though I don't want anyone to ask when I'm due because I'ma fraid they'll just laugh, since it's so far away still!)

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oh iv got a belly, its bloat! haha im only 6 weeks but i feel like i look 20 weeks. ;) no pics till at least 10 weeks for me.  but i cant wait to see all the others!

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I'll be 8 weeks(ish) on Monday, so I will start taking belly pics on Mondays.  I didn't do it for my first, but got most weeks in from 9 weeks on with my second, and loved to click through and see the progression through the weeks.  I'm excited to do it again.  Here's the link to my growing belly of my last pregnancy:



I'll post a link once I make this one public as well.

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I haz a belly, as of yesterday! I bought a new pair of maternity pants and in them I look pregnant. I still fit in regular pants, and anything not maternity makes me look slightly dumpier. At this point I prefer the pregnant look :)


Unfortunately camera is out of batteries. I need to take a pic of the hair too. I'll try to post something later today.

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I looked down today and I can see a pooch that is baby and not just bloat or fat lol!  I will start taking pics around 9 weeks, so come on tuesday!

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I forgot to take my nine week shot, but I'll take ten and probably share the contrast between five and ten. Can't wait to see all your pics!

I'm definitely noticing tighter pants and shorts this week. I've been wearing dresses and stretchy skirts so I hadn't notice anything til now!
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I'm excited to see all your's belly's :)  Jenny, I really enjoyed yours...the best was the last one with your little precious!


I've had some major growth that is not bloat for a couple weeks now.  Not sure if it's because this is my 4th pregnancy and maybe has something to do with being the smallest I've ever started out pre-pregnancy weight but we often wonder if there might be two blessings. Not the greatest shot of just belly yet and not just a belly shot, I wanted to leave a more special memoir of this time....




You can check out prior weeks if you want in my facebook album http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150249673936436.325740.535791435&type=1 or my belly gallery of Ollie http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.437249101435.236802.535791435&type=1 Friend request me if you feel like it too hearts.gif

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Tanya - your family is beautiful. So full of love!
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Yes, I have felt bigger for a week or so.  I've had a pooch anyway, but this one isn't sucking in all the way anymore.  I thought it was just bloated because I do not feel that hard lump at the bottom of my pelvis yet.  But then again my uterus is tipped, so that may have something to do with it.  My one pair of pants and one pair of shorts are both unusable, so I'm onto a drawstring skirt today.  It was a little depressing, may I just need to go shopping and then I'll be good.  No pics yet, but it would be really fun to document this pregnancy that way.  I haven't done that since with my first, 12 years ago.

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I took a "before" pic at 9 weeks, so I'll post that tomorrow when I have the camera.  There's a hard lump between my pelvic bones, but all you can see in the pic is my usual muffin top.  orngbiggrin.gif


ETA: Let's not be one of those DDCs where the skinny girls have one thread and the rest of us have another for pics--i hate to see that crap. We're all beautiful and full of LIFE so let's share it together.  I'm not ashamed of my chub.  love.gif

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I'm at the point where I can either look fat and frumpy in non-maternity a size larger, or go for the "hmmm, is she pregnant? maybe? again?!" look with a maternity shirt.  Think I'll salvage my pride and go for the maternity shirt.

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JustKate: Hear hear!


Admittedly a lot of this is chub and stretching from DD, but I'm noticeably (to me) larger and if I"m wearing the right pants I look pregnant. So here's me at 9w6d/10w from LMP :)

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I feel like mine is huge already! I am about the size now that I was with dd at four months, lol. It's a crappy photo, but laying down shows my belly at its smallest usually. And... I was feeling too lazy to stand uporngtongue.gif


Photo 192.jpg

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i can feel my womb now, and my pants are getting tight. i looked pregnant before i got pregnant apparently b/c someone asked if i was  expecting while i was wearing a bikini 5 days before conceiving. will post a pic when i am finished feeding the baby squirrel i found this morning.  loving the pictures!!

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sorry, wasn't sure it would work, picture below.

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Thursday Girl, your link isn't working.

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10 weeks.jpg


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I don't have my camera up yet, but just had to say that you ladies are all beautiful!!!  sunflowermoonbeam-- I would kill for hair like yours!  :)

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Thanks! Sweet Potato, it's actually pretty easy to get it (well, the curls are genetic). I shampoo once a week, never use heat or product on my hair, oodles of conditioner (Suave Naturals ftw), and comb it out while wet. Been doing that for, oh, 4 years now and when pulled straight it's past my butt with almost no split ends! I also spend approximately 5 minutes on my hair every day, you really can't get easier than that :)


Though to bring it back on topic, one of my biggest regrets with my daughter's birth was not putting my hair up. 30 hours in the water with (at that point) waist length hair was just a bad idea. It took me over an hour to comb my hair out two days later.

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