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Natural Alternative to Petroleum Jelly...Congrats to our winners!

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The winners are: Toolip, Cyllya, Zebra15, A.Jewell, & Amatullah0!  

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Hi Moms!  


We are excited to introduce an excellent, all natural alternative to petroleum jelly.  A majority of the typical uses for petroleum jelly are topical, which is why we feel that having a natural alternative is so important.  



A message from Waxelene

"Why do you need a natural alternative to good old petroleum jelly? Petroleum jelly has that amazing thick consistency that has traditionally handled all of those things that other cosmetics cannot - from removing makeup to moisturizing skin, but health and environmental concerns have created a need for a natural choice. Waxelene does everything that petroleum jelly does, but also nourishes skin with beeswax and plant oils.


Petroleum Jelly, (aka petrolatum), is a petroleum by-product, just like the gas in your car. Potentially hazardous chemical additives are used during the heavy refining process, and recent studies have shown that some of these chemicals have even be found in the finished product. We now know that your skin absorbs whatever you put on it, including cosmetics ingredients – whether good or bad. Waxelene is made from only four simple and minimally-processed ingredients.


Waxelene uses only natural beeswax, organic soy oil, organic rosemary oil, and natural Vitamin E oil (made from soybeans). No more ingredients? It's true! Waxelene has discovered how to make plant-based oils and beeswax into the thick rich consistency of the old PJ without hydrogenating the oils, or using chemicals derived from petroleum. Forget synthetic preservatives, colors, or fragrances too – Natural antioxidants in Waxelene's ingredients are actually beneficial to the skin.


Use Waxelene for:

Preventing diaper irritation.

Dry/cracked skin, wind burn, and chapped lips.

Stretch marks.

After sun.

Makeup enhancement (add that extra natural glow on lips or face) or makeup removal.

Chafing protection from sports – sweat/water resistant!

Eczema and psoriasis – stays on and keeps moisturizing for hours!

Find your own use for Waxelene!


Waxelene can be found at Whole Foods and other natural stores as well as online at (https://waxelene.com). See the location map: https://waxelene.com/location_map


See why others love Waxelene!:




MDC would love to offer our moms a chance to try this product and give some feedback to all the other curious moms out there. 


If you are interested in trying Waxelene for free please do the following:


1) Reply to this post and tell us what you will use Waxelene for. 

2) MDC will use Random.org's List Generator to choose 5 moms from this thread.  Waxelene is readily available in most natural food stores and carried at Whole Foods.  The selected moms can purchase Waxelene, and MDC will reimburse them with proof of purchase!  

3) Give a quick Review on MDC's Waxelene Product Page


Thats it. What would you use Waxelene for?





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When I discovered the excema spreading on my hand, I had no idea what to do. I tried almost everything. I started out using petroleum jelly, then switched to lanisoh ointment, which is what I am using now. I tried an unpetroleum jelly for a while, but switched bac to lanisoh lanolin for the consistency. I would love to try waxelene!

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I get horrible hang nails and I have yet to find anything that works. I would love to try waxelene a try!
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My son has severe eczema and we've tried every topical solution we can think of to ease his discomfort (while we ultimately find the root cause of it--which is proving difficult to do!).  I hate the idea of putting anything potentially toxic (like petroleum) on him that will be absorbed, especially since he's just over a year old, but you can tell that the itching drives him crazy.  

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I use henna to color my hair, and I'd like to use Waxalene to keep my skin from absorbing the color.

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I would love to try it instead of Chapstick!

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As moisturizer on dry winter feet.

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Ever since I was a kid, I have to constantly keep my lips coated with petroleum jelly because my sensory issues (or something) cause them to feel horrible otherwise, and my skin all around my mouth would end up rubbed raw if I don't keep them coated. It'd be nice to try Waxelene, especially since I'm probably eating tiny amounts of whatever I put on my lips.


Come to think of it... is this a condom-safe lubricant?!

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Every winter and whenever the air is dry for days on end the inside of my nose cracks and bleeds. I've been using petroleum jelly to keep it moist and it does seem to prevent my nose from bleeding. I'd love to try Waxelene. It'd be great if I could get similar comfort from a non-petroleum based product.

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