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Newborn Can't bend legs with cloth diapering

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Hi, I just started cloth diapering my newborn (he's actually 9wks but was a 6week early premmie) so far I really like cloth diapering except for that it is so bulky on him that he can't bend his legs at the hip and get into the comfy fetal position that he likes to sleep in so much. I would like to stick with cotton for ease of care... should I invest in some fitteds?

I am using the newborn orange GMD prefolds with an XS thirsties cover and a size 1 duo cover. I also bought a newborn grovia AIO which I just finished washing so haven't tried it put it on him yet. He is around 8.5 pounds now. Any advice would be appreciated!

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What fold are you using for the prefolds?  Maybe a different one would help?

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I leave it open in the back and fold it to pull it through his legs. Then pull it apart a bit at the front to get the edges to overlap and then I snappi it. It doesn't seem to big at that point but then when I add the cover he just can't move his legs. I tried the grovia newborn AIO last night and liked that better, maybe I'll get a few AIO's (even if they're not cotton) just for the next month or two. I have some fuzzibunz sm size but they are still way to big, at least on his thighs.

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I would order some doublers for him....you can use them later when he gets bigger! Softbums sells newborn "pods" made of bamboo!!! OR get some preemie prefolds from GMD for now. Again you can use them later on as doublers! 

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I used small homemade flats from flannel sheets in the origami fold and just laid a fleece blanket under my kids. I don't like bulk either.

Try a bikini twist? It makes it much narrower between the legs.
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When DD was that age, a lot of the time I just did a prefold with a snappi and a lot of times we just went naked with me holding a cloth diaper underneath her while nursing.
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I used some size 0 kissaluvs fitteds. They worked lovely. Also flats are thinner, cheap, and you can fold them where they are not as bulky as a prefold, i really liked those in the early days. Plus they dry super fast! They are now my favorite hand towel...mine are just too small to use on baby and I dont like the trifold method. (too messy when he poos).  Baby will grow fast so you should not have to worry about this phase for long. Once baby hitts 10 lbs everything will fit wonderfuly.

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