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my 17 mo old daughter just calls it 'milk', although it sounds more like 'mak' :)

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My daughter has been sick for the past few days, and we've been doing a lot o skin to skin cuddling with her next to my belly. Somehow in the past few days she has picked up the word belly, but she's a little confused about where my belly ends, and now she keeps asking for "belly milk". The last time she finished nursing she said, " belly milk! yay!"

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It's so sweet to read these! DD1 used to call it mama milk and other side when she was done on the first side.
DD2 somehow started saying num-num. No one ever says that, I don't know how she decided on it. She also says other side!
In the morning when she wakes up, she sits up and says num-num then looks at me and nods her head while smiling. It's so cute.
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My dd (2) says "nurse" for the left side and "nur-side" for the right.  I'm guessing because she usually starts on the left and then I'd say, "lets nurse on the other side" when I switched her.

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My first two said "Kippies" (made up by the first) and the last three have said "Numnums" (made up by the third.)

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My 24 month old doesn't really call them anything.  She just says "nurse."  However, if I'm taking too long to nurse her, she's happily (and loudly) ask, "Where are you pink?  There it is!"  It doesn't bug me at home, but it's extremely embarrassing in public!

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we have mo-mos here! translation- more milk, which she would sign and try to say, but more milk came out mo mo... and its still mo mos! also "udder dide" which used to be just "dide" (side, other side) and bey-ey (belly) because she rubs my belly while nursing, did while i was pregnant with her brother.


he doesnt say much yet :)

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My 14mth old doesn't say anything but will sign for it by raising his fist up in the air and kind of waving it around.  That was just how he interpreted the sign for milk I always did so we went with that LOL. 

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Nay nay go goes

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We'll see once he starts talking...right now he squeals "Ya na na" but that's general for "I want that." I say "chi chi" which is what my younger sister called it. She picked it up from our Guatemalan house keeper. 

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DS called it num-nums

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DS calls it "Mommy milk" or "beebee" I think because I used to call him "my baby" a lot when I'd do it, though I'm not sure and he's not old enough yet to explain (26 months).

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Nanee Naneenee!

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My 23 month old calls it 'nuk'. She learned the sign for milk when she was about 10 months, so when she'd sign, I always replied, "Okay, let's have some milk", and her work for milk came out 'nuk' when she started talking, so that's still what she calls it. She says milk now for her coconut milk, but nursing is still 'nuk'. :)

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My 2 yr old DD calls it Nur Nur. It's interesting to see all the different names LOs have come up with for it! Cute.

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Nursey mommy....or sometimes mommy juice...

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