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I have used this plenty before, and have just started using it again this cycle.  All has been going well, got my highs, moving right along, then suddenly today I got a peak on CD 12, which is super early for me...took an OPK to back it up and nothing...and when I look at the test stick it is totally smeared (though I can't remember exactly what it looked like right after I took it...just that about an hour maybe after it was a sea of blue,) I think I dipped it into the urine for too long...took some more opk's this afternoon and nothing,,,used a monitor stick to see how it read, and the estrogen line was strong, barely and LH line at all...


So, I am wondering how this is going to confuse my monitor...and me, as I chart, fertility friend, etc.  Anyone have experience with this?  I am so annoyed!  Planning a natural IUI next month and this was my test month to get to know my cycle that much better!  Do I just let my monitor think I had the peak early this cycle?  How will that confuse it for next cycle?  Don't really want to reset it, as then it takes a while to "get to know you" again!