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Giving up...would you? (UPDATE)

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So I am on my 5th recurrence of mastitis.  Yup, I said 5th.  DS isn't even 5 wks old yet.  I am so freaking sick of this.  I have thrush and a cracked nipple on top of this and I might have Raynaud's syndrome too.  The world does not want me to breastfeed.  Ugh. 


So I'm not giving up breastfeeding, but I feel like I'm ready to give up trying to fight this naturally.  I've tried poke root, other herbs, massage, pumping, nursing, etc and that all works for a bit and I feel better and then it comes right back.


I can either do the natural things and just stay in bed forever because any sort of activity makes it come back (this time it was a short trip to Whole Foods), or I can give in and take antibiotics.


I did not take so much as a Tylenol during pregnancy and it really bothers me to take something that will get into DS, but at this point I can't be the mom I want to be.  I'm in bed all the time.  I cry a lot because of the pain and frustration.  I've been researching and it seems like only a little antibiotic gets through the breast milk, like less than 1% it said. 


I feel like I've given it the ole college try, but I'm so sick of having this infection EVERY week!!!  I can't do anything!!!!  I feel like I've missed out on the first 5wks.  Not really since we've spent 24/7 together in bed, but I've missed out on things I had envisioned doing with him.  I guess there's no sense in being upset about that now.  Can't get time back. 


Would you continue trying the natural stuff and just confine yourself to bed or would you give up and take antibiotics?  I hate this!


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SoonToBe - I would definitely take antibiotics and not feel the least bit bad about it. I would argue that you gave it way more than just the ole college try. ENJOY your time outside of your bed!!! You deserve to! :D Best wishes

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soontobe, big hugs mama. You need to be healthy so you can keep your sweet babe healthy. There is no reason to justify any of your decisions. It is already hard w/o everything that you had to deal with. Go with your gut and the decision you come to decision is the right one!


taking antibiotics does not make you less of a mother! Feel confident that everything you are doing for her is exactly what you both need.


deep breaths, this too will pass.

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Take the abx!  Sometimes you just need to do that to kick whatever it is that's causing the infection.  I really hope that solves it for you, and that it's the end of breast infections forever!  stillheart.gif

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I could never beat Mastitis without antibiotics and seriously, one dose and you will feel so much better! I had not had antibiotics in 15 years or so and did not want to take them, but had to. I still had multiple infections in a year, but the antibiotics kick it really fast and when i was done I would pump myself full of probiotics.


Don't feel bad about the meds, you need to feel better to enjoy being a mother and to enjoy life!

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Get yourself on antibiotics asap mama!  I also had mastitis (10 times across 19 months), cracked nipples, thrush and raynauds.  It is hell!  You want to get back to enjoying your baby...antibiotics will help you get there and prevent you from getting really really sick.  The raynauds will also tone down dramatically once you have the mastitis under control.  I would make sure to be taking probiotics a few hours before/after the antibiotics for the thrush and so you don't get it worse.  Keep doing all your natural things (garlic, vitamin c, and staying hydrated helped me quite a bit), but take the antibiotics too.  Be well! 

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I third, fourth, and fifth the decision to take antibiotics. Mastitis is a serious infection. This isn't you rushing to your doctor to take abx for a mild cold... You're dealing with a big gun illness, and have exhausted the natural routes.

I know two moms who have been hospitalized for mastitis. Take the abx and don't feel the least bit guilty! Abx are GOOD medicine when they are actually needed, and mama, mastitis is not to be taken lightly. Really!
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You are not giving up if you are trying to get better.  You might have to resort to the next level.  That is just how things go.  You try the least invasive things first, which you seem to have done and since they didn't work it is time to start moving up the on the list of things to cure your problem!  You just have to do what keeps you and baby healthy and happy.  If antibiotics are it then that's just what needs to be done!  There is nothing wrong with that.  You have to take care of you first, you can't care for anyone else if you are not in good health.  So, doing this for you is doing what is best for the baby too.  This is such a small thing in the grand scheme of events you have planned for your family.  The sooner you can feel better, the sooner you can live your vision for your family.  My opinion is, take the antibiotics, get better and be happy starting your new life with the little one!  It isn't giving up, its doing whats best for you and your family.

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Me too. Take it!

If you're worried about the effects, take probiotics. They even have them for babies (this is such a weird thought for me, but hey! Mine's taking them like a pro!)


Enjoy this time, do what you need to do. :)

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Agreed! Take the abx and feel better. You've tried everything else, and your baby needs you to be healthy and happy.

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Take the abx!  They are not the devil, and this is not an example of overusing them!  This is a big lesson of motherhood; sometimes you are going to make decisions that surprise you, or are reallyreally difficult.  Be gentle with yourself, and allow yourself to make those different decisions.  You are going to feel so much better, and be so much better able to enjoy your baby!

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I've taken abx for ONE case of mastitis!  I applaud you for trying the natural approach, you gave it your all.  It didn't work.  You need to be well, and you need to be enjoying this time with your son!!  It's your decision but I think if I were you I'd start abx right away, and have pbx on hand for when the course is over.  You can do this!!

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I only had mastitis once and it was AWFUL.  I definetly agree it's more than ok to go ahead with antibiotics.  You are an amazing woman to not throw in the towel about breastfeeding.  My family is already urging me to quit/supplement due to sleep deprivation- and it's only been 6 days!!!  You are a trooper!!

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oh honey, you've given it your all! Take the abx, get over this already and enjoy your life!
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Take the abx! Some women, sadly, can't breastfeed. My sister is one of these women, but they're quite rare. You've given it your all in the natural way, so just take the abx and hope for the best. Here's hoping the mastitis clears up quickly! stillheart.gif

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It's already been said, but GO FOR IT!  A happy baby needs a happy mama. :) 

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Thanks ladies.


I went to the walk-in clinic/urgent care since it's the weekend and a holiday weekend at that.  I expected to go in, get the prescription and be on my way.  Nope.


What an experience.  So my boob is way worse than it has been the previous bouts...redder, more sore, and VERY swollen.  It's so swollen that there is almost no nipple and DS couldn't even get on.  Flaming red.  Anyway, I told the doc the history and all that and he looks at my boob and based on everything, he said it was a very serious infection and I needed IV antibiotics right away and I was on the verge of being hospitalized.  My pulse was 126, fever was 100.4, and my blood pressure was up.  He said all that means it's a systemic infection.  I discussed my concerns with him and told him I thought he was being a little alarmist as he was telling me I would lose my breast if I didn't do the IV antibiotics, etc, etc.  He also said since it's been recurrent, that I need to see a breast surgeon to rule out cancer.  Um, hello!  Talk about being a little over the top.  I told him I needed to discuss things with my husband.  DH and I decided that I went there for antibiotics and knew I wanted the penicillin family (lowest transfer through breast milk) and that's what was in the IV and that there was probably no difference in negative outcome for DS if it was IV or oral.  Plus, this is definitely the worst it's been and once I decided (with all your support) to go for it, I was ready for it to be done.


So I had the IV antibiotics and I also have to take oral Augmentin too.  He wants me to go back tomorrow to check on it, but I don't know if I will.  I can tell if it's getting better without him telling me.  He took a marker and drew and outline on my boob of where the redness was so he could see if it gets better or worse tomorrow.  I can tell that myself.  He also wants me to see the breast surgeon on Tuesday, but that seems a little out there at this point I think.  I think I pissed him off because I questioned everything, but I need to be an advocate for DS and I wasn't taking anything that could possibly hurt him. 


What a fiasco!  I really hope this kicks it and I'm done with the infections.  In the mean time, I'm pumping, using heat, etc to help the boob.  I'm going to try nursing him again and see if he can grab on.  I just pumped 3.5 oz just from that one boob so it's more pliable now...maybe he can suck on it now. 


Thanks for the words of support ladies.  I've really been through the ringer this past month.  I really hope it's almost behind me now. 


Becky, where did you get your baby probiotics and how do you give it to him?



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I know this wasn't directed at me but the other Becky:


I thought my DS needed probiotics too but they told me as long as I was taking them, he would get them through the breast milk.  You can find them at most heath food stores, some even come in liquid form otherwise you can mix with a little breast milk and give it that way too. 

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DD is sadly on abx right now, and I am giving her the baby pro-biotics (in assigning to taking them myself -- I figure you can't be too proactive about thrush). I just measure out the recommended amount (comes in a powder), and then I get my finger damp with breast milk, dip it in the powder, and then let her suck it off.

I am obviously not Becky, but thats how we've been doing it.
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I'm taking probiotics for thrush right now and also giving some to River too. He gets the Udo's Choice infant powder. I dip my wet pinkie finger init and smear it on his tongue two or three times. He just gives me a dirty look but hasn't cried yet!
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