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A beautiful note...

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My darling daughter (who is 7) wrote this for me this morning. I'm having a hard time with my mental health right now (lots of anxiety and sobbing). It made me sob, but it's so beautiful I had to share.



note Sept 2 2011 no name.jpg


(By the way, the underlined word means she's not sure how to spell it. It's supposed to be 'beautiful', but I'll take being 'befutil' too.) I know we'll have work to do when I get well, but this note has kept me going for today. My children are amazing souls. I love them so much.

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Awww, that's great! I'd be tempted to frame that. She's a good speller!

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That made ME cry! So sweet. 

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Lynn, when I see your daughter's note the phrase "what goes around, comes around" comes to my mind.  I notice that you give so much of yourself to others here on this mother site; it is so lovely that your little one is able to give to you in your time of need. 

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And reminders from our children are exactly why I LOVE being a mother. You are one loved mama and they understand so much more than we can fathom. Thank you for sharing.
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Aww... and clearly you're an awesome mom, to have a daughter who would write you that letter. I'm sorry that you're suffering right now, but I'm glad you're still able to feel how loved you are. There have been times during the past 18 years when the only thing that kept me from suicide was the thought that my daughter loved me so much, and would be so devastated if I did that. It's a very powerful love...
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bawling.gif oh lynn what a sweet sensitive dd you have. to have that kind of understanding and to be able to find a deep way of connecting with you as support. 


oh befutil mama you have a befutil dd. 


this note is all about YOU. not so much about her at all. 


methinks this child understands a LOT. 

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I agree with PP - frame that note!  She will be embarrassed by it when she is older, but you will cherish it forever.  Frame it, and put it near your bed - that way you'll see it before bed every night, and first thing when you wake up.

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so sweet.


Lynn, I do not know what you are going through - but I just want to let you know I have always valued your words and wisdom on MDC.  


I do not doubt you will come through this - it might just not be today.  Take care of and be easy on yourself,



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Thank you everyone. She is an amazing child, and I worry about her so. She's this amazing combination of highly sensitive + don't get in my way. She comes across as bossy and prickly.

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Mine was like that at that age. She really came into her own during the next few years, as she learned to step back and take a second look at things when her feelings felt hurt, and to channel her bossiness into real leadership. Those are big gifts and it takes some time to grow into them, but they'll serve her well later.
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That is just so sweet and wonderful!

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That brings a tear to my eye too and I've never met you. What a sweet child smile.gif
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Lynn, I  was thinking about you today. I hope things have evened out a bit for you and that you are feeling stronger.  That is a sweet note!

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Thanks -- things are looking up. I'm not completely back to normal, but I'm over 50% there. I actually had periods today where I wasn't thinking about how I'm feeling. I was able to play with dd tonight while ds and dh were at soccer practice. She had a writing contest for 'my' stuffed animals, and then judged the results. "Bjorn, you need more details. What was the troll's treasure? You score a 7." It was pretty cute. She's been having a hard time lately with the start of school and a mom who was anxious. I've also been gone a lot in the evenings because people are coming over to walk with me. That's probably the best therapy I'm getting (other than the meds). She's a sensitive, old soul.

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Lovely card. And VERY GLAD to hear you are improving!

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lynn so glad to hear things are improving and that you have others to come over and help walk with you in the evening. along with your own sweet sensitive souls. 


i am so glad you have the support which i have discovered makes a HUGE difference. 

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What a sweetheart! So glad to hear you are on your way back to normal. I too value your input and have been thinking about you and pulling for you.
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