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I had my baby! :)

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Andrew was born last night at 11pm exactly. He was 9lbs 5 oz!! I can't believe he was so big! haha! I think this DDC just has big babies. Seems like there is a lot of them! I went in for an appointment on yesterday with the midwife, and I was dilated to 5 and contracting lightly, so we walked around all day long, and came back that evening. Contractions were harder, so we waited around the birth center and labored. I got to 8, and she broke my water because it was just bulging but not breaking on it's own yet. After that things got hard, and I got in the tub. I labored/transitioned in the tub for a little bit, and he was born in the water after 10 minutes of pushing.



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Sounds like a wonderful birth. congrats!
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Congrats and welcome, Andrew!

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Sounds like a good labor!!  I'm glad it went well and you got your water birth!  And what a big baby for such a petite mama!  Welcome, Andrew, and congratulations on your BOY, Angie!!  joy.gif


ETA: You look fantastic and so in love in that picture.  Andrew is such a handsome fella!!

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oh, congratulations! he is precious and the two of you look just radiant. this ddc does make big babies!


enjoy your sweet little man! joy.gif

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Sounds like a great birth! Congratulations! You two are lovely :)

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Aw, big congrats Angie! And such a lovely photo!!
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Congrats, Angie! He's a beautiful big boy!!! Enjoy your babymoon! smile.gif
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Yay Angie, congrats!!! He is adorable, and I am glad your labor went well!

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Congratulations Angie. I only logged on today because I had a feeling you'd had your baby boy yesterday. He is gorgeous. Enjoy the babymoon Mama.

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Congrats!  He's a cutie!

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Congratulations! He is sooo cute, and you look gorgeous for just having given birth!  Your pictures on FB are amazing!

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Omigosh, you are both adorable! Congratulations!

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Congratulations on your big, beautiful boy! I'm glad you had such a nice birth and I loved looking at the pics! 

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Congratulations!  He's adorable

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Thank you everyone! I still can't believe he is here... and that I have a boy! haha. love.gif

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Originally Posted by love4bob View Post

Thank you everyone! I still can't believe he is here... and that I have a boy! haha. love.gif

joy.gif  So exciting!!


If you're anything like the rest of us going from a girl (or girls) to a boy, it's going to be a fun transition.  Quite a few times I've slipped and said "she" and called him some very girlie nicknames by mistake!  LOL!


Enjoy your babymoon!!  

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Congrats!!  joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

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Congrats! You are both adorable!

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Congrats!! He's precious!
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