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Christmas gifts for teachers

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OK---I know its only September.  lol.  But I was thinking about what to get for my daughter's kindergarten teachers this year, so I can start saving my money.  In the past, we gave a $25 gift card to each kid's pre-school teacher.  For kindergarten though, DD has a morning teacher and 2 aides in the room, and an afternoon teacher also with 2 aides.  She also goes to a different room for both reading and math.  So, that's 8 teachers!  I don't know if I can really afford $200 in gift cards.  Does anyone have any other ideas?  Should I just give gifts to the 2 primary teachers?  Or maybe larger gifts for the 2 main teachers, and smaller ones for the others?  Maybe coffee mugs for everyone?    I guess I do have a couple of months to figure it out...  ;)

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I give homemade cookies to each of my two kids' primary teachers (i.e. two small tins of cookies, along with a homemade card from each kid). That's it. I wouldn't feel obligated to do more than that. Maybe a thoughtful card of thanks and good wishes for the season if another teacher/aide had made a particular connection with my child. No way would I be considering $200 in gifts!

Some years the room parent will take up a collection for a present from the class. They never ask for more than $5-6 per person. If that happens, I consider that my gift.
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My experience as a former public school teacher is that the gifts are just too much.  Teachers walk out with bag and bags of stuff that is really appreciated but not needed.  It often took me multiple trips to the car often over a couple of days to get it all home.  And if I'm brutally honest I would say it is all often a burden.  So much to get home.  So much to figure out where to put and what to do with it all.  And then so many thank you notes to write and send at an extremely busy time of year.


The most beloved gifts are heart felt letters of appreciation.  This one tops the list of things teachers most like to get and is absolutely free.  But other suggestions include some sort of gift for the class like replacing a well worn but favorite classroom book.  Maybe a sign for the classroom.  A stack of lovely thank you notes might also be nice. 


Some things not to give... coffee mugs, candles, or any knick knacks.  Teachers have way too many of that stuff.  I often had to regift or donate a lot of that stuff.  One year, no exaggeration I was given18 coffee mugs.  One mom gave me a set of 8.  I already had cabinets FULL at home.  I appreciated being thought of but it was really too much!


I really think the gift giving thing is just gone to a bit of extreme. I hope that helps!

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I don't think you should feel pressure to buy eight gift cards.  


I generally buy for just the main teacher, although I will buy for other teachers in certain circumstances.


I generally stay away from contributing to group gifts...somehow there always seems to be a fiasco.


It it totally okay to buy no presents as well.  

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That just seems like a lot to me! I have to say it's never occurred to me to get teacher's aides gifts, of course, our school doesn't have one aide per room. There are 2 or 3 who just sort of float around wherever they are needed and do playground duty, etc.


My SIL is an aide and she does get gifts...she works 1 on 1 with special needs kids. I think if I had an aide working all day with just my child, I would definitely get her a gift. But that doesn't sound like the case with your DD. These are aides working with everyone in the classroom, right?


If you do want to do gift cards, I would do them for the two main teachers. Then have your DD draw pictures for the aides and other teachers.

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I like the cookie idea.  I did Chrismas cookies wrapped with pretty saran wrap and tied with a nice bow for neighbors one year.  I couldn't find any decorative wrap or anything last year.  I'd like to do something for the aides, as they spend all day in DD's room and often teach portions of the class.  If I could think of a cool craft for DD to do (she is only 5 though), that might be a nice gift.  Maybe I could do a homeade card and cookies? 


I hadn't thought about a group gift or anything.  I've never been asked to participate in anything like that.  But, this is our first year dealing with public schools, so I guess its a possibility. 


We'll still do a gift card for DD2's pre-school teacher, as that seems to be the standard at her (private) pre-school.  :) 

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We've always gone in on a group gift. I don't organize it but some of the room moms do. I just donate some cash and they usually get a gift certificate to somewhere. Makes life much easier on me! If I didn't do that I'd do a small gift card to a local coffee shop/bakery.

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