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Newborn nighttime system?

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I like using prefolds, but last night I went through a million soaked diapers!  The covers are preventing leaks, but as soon as my little guy gets wet he starts fussing until he gets changed.  I'm just too tired to change his diapers 20 times a night.  What are my options for keeping him dry through maybe two or three tinkles?  If the system is bulky, what do you dress your little one in for the night?

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For the first couple of weeks I used fitteds and a wool sleep sack. I had to change every couple of hours when he woke to nurse and if he pooped any other time. At around 4 or 5 weeks I switched to Wonderoos pockets stuffed with a PF. The Wonderoos have a stay-dry lining inside so baby doesn't feel the wetness so much. I can go all night now without having to change him.
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I love a fitted + wool cover for the early overnights.  We used Clovers (not available now, unfortuantely) + Aristocrats wool soaker and then moved into sustainablebabyish fitteds + wool longies.  


I love a gown for my babies- makes diaper changes super easy.  Just pull up the gown, change and pull back down. No messing with snaps/zippers/pants.  

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