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Originally Posted by egmaranian View Post

I popped at the breastfeeding clinic yesterday in hopes that I could talk to one of the ibclc's and got to spend some time with the head lady, who is super nice. I got to work with her when DS1 was a newborn and I really like her a lot.

Anyway, she thinks in probably being overly sensitive based on my past issues and since Alexander is gaining weight and has good diaper output, I don't need to be doing weekly weight checks at this time. She says I'm already dong everything they would tell me to do and congratulated me to recognizing the signs of possible trouble all on my own. We ruled out tongue tie and determined that my pump still has good suction power, so no need to replace it.

She also said the fussiness Alexander was going through was more likely related to a growth spurt than to my milk supply.

So, I do feel much better. But i'm not ready to just relax quite yet. I'll still pump as often as I can and I plan to give the expressed milk to Alexander whenever he shows signs of increased, unexplained fussiness. He hasn't gained any weight at all in about a week, but his fussiness at the breast is down. I'm just still a little on edge I guess.

so glad you're feeling better! I think I'm often oversensitive, too, have to remind myself that there are other causes of fussiness, I don't have to feel bad about my breasts every time the baby cries! I was upset the other day bc the LC had suggested hunger was behind his afternoon fussiness, but no- he just needed more help going to sleep, nursing doesn't always get him there!
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Originally Posted by elevena true View Post

eg----i'm glad to hear that his fussiness is down and that things seem to be better then you thought!


afm, i went to see the lc for follow up today....it was a new lady, and she was very sweet. she found a slight tongue tie, and am upper lip frenulum!!!!!


this is actually more exciting to me then i can tell you. every little bit helps---or hinders---the milk balance. y has an appointment to clip the ties on tuesday. i am hoping it will really make a difference with his latch and transfer.


other big news--- y has gained a pound in 10 days, so he is up to 11. 4 oz. (at one month, as big as poetrylover's babe was at birth. i am so amazed. she totally gets the big baby award love.gif)

she also surveyed my milk makers...and definitely identified some underdeveloped glandular tissue--- one one breast more then the other, and on the under sides of each. this also feels really good, though it is more of a confirmation of what i already knew then anything else. it feels good to have an answer, even if it is what i had in my heart anyway.


and before going in, i had decided i was going to "do the dom."  i am just anti pharmaceuticals in general, but i feel like the trade off is worth it. i ordered a supply earlier this week.....let's hope it gets here on the sooner side of things!


justthinkin-- how is your babe doing? has he jumped back up to birthweight yet? i hope you are both well.

Congrats on the weight gain & hooray for some answers! I really hope the clipping helps, and it is so nice when your struggle is acknowledged and given a name... I know people just want to be hopeful and helpful, but it's frustrating when they want to suggest all the usual answers to "fix" a supply problem that's beyond the usual!

DS is close to birth weight - 8 & 7 at day13, yesterday, brthweight of 8 & 10. But that shows a daily gain of about 1 oz. per day over the last week or so! I've been pumping more, which is cool, but leaves me second guessing when to use the SNS or not... Trying to track SNS intake v. What I pump after to see if there are some SNS feeds I coud phase out!
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Oh, so glad to hear things are going better! When I was identified as having igt when pregnant with baby #2, it was really encouraging for me to have a reason for the troubles, so I totally get how that was good for you. Hopefully the meds will help supply and you won't have to supplement with formula, but if you do, it really is okay. It helps me to think of it in terms of giving formula is saving his life. It is the only choice because I don't have enough milk. I encourage you to think of it in terms of you helping your child rather than mama guilt thoughts that you're hurting him - which can be tempting. You're getting help and you're doing everything you can, and your baby is lucky, lucky, lucky to have you as a mama!

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