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What are the risks of Mo/Di twins?
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I had an amazing twin VBAC in the hospital at almost 40 weeks to di/di ID twins.  It was just my husband, midwife, ob, and two nurses.   I felt nothing but love and support.   This was at  a hospital with an extremely high c/s rate.  However, my providers were amazing and supportive.  They key is the providers (IMHO) and not the location.  


I really never felt comfortable with a homebirth.   Looking back at  my birth - it could have happened at home.  But it was in a hospital with the availability of immediate emergency care and a NICU if needed.    My twin b did turn transverse.   The ob was able to turn her - but that could have become a scary situation.  I did have some heavy bleeding but the IV pitocin was able to control it.   


If I were to have another baby and it was a singleton - I would birth at home.   I believe in home birth very much.  However, twins are more complicated.  I'm not telling you not to pursue it.  But - as hard as it is  to come to turns with - it is higher risk.   


As far as an emergency c/s --- if you are in a hospital --- my OB  said that from the time of the emergency to baby would be less than 5 minutes.   This was without an epidural and needing general.   However --- I was in the hospital, had a saline lock, monitoring, an OR room ready to go, care providers who were right there with me.   I don't think it is fair to say that response time at home or even outside the hospital is the same as being right there in the unit.   

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