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poor baby - and you! hope you are able to rest today


pics done! Gabe didn't want anything to do with my belly, but we did the best we could. Maybe we'll be able to get a few good ones at the shower on SundayIMG_3389.jpgIMG_3384.jpgIMG_3358.jpg

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those are beautiful pics, kat! you always look so pretty.

carrie ~ i was wondering what the trouble with side lying was. i hope it gets better soon. idk what i'd do if i always had to get up to nurse. i'd be one very grumpy mommy, i'm afraid. i do not do well when i'm sleep-deprived.
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Kat - You look fabulous!!  And look at your little cutie pie!  Aww!  I'm so so happy you did pictures!  You'll never regret them!

Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

carrie ~ i was wondering what the trouble with side lying was. i hope it gets better soon. idk what i'd do if i always had to get up to nurse. i'd be one very grumpy mommy, i'm afraid. i do not do well when i'm sleep-deprived.

TBH, I am a very grumpy mama!  It's hard, I'm so short fused with Nora.  I try so hard but her tantrums are epic lately and she brings me to my knees in ways I never knew was possible.  Sigh.


I'm hoping by 3 months, this whole spitting up thing is in the past.  I'm so tired of it!  But like I said, his dipes are good and he's gaining weight, so it's ... just a laundry issue.  Gah!


Nora went to gmas for the whole afternoon!! She had a potty accident and I didn't pack extra panties for her (whoops) so my MIL texted me and was like nvm I found pullups, don't worry.  I was like, oh no no no.  Pls don't put her in pullups she HAS to learn potty accidents are NOT ok.  I told her to just put her knit shorts back on and DH would run over with a few extra pairs of panties.  Turned out it wasn't truly an accident, she went potty and then was done, went back to playing.  Then while she was playing she suddenly jumped up and had to go again, and just didn't make it fast enough.  It was #2 and was (sorry, TMI) a bit loose so she just had a tummy ache.  She only 3 years old!  I think she did fabulous and accidents like that are part of the process. So I'm not upset about her having the accident like I was when my MIL first texted me.


Regardless, I took Finn grocery shopping with me, then came home and got a good 2 hour nap in!  Yay!  Mama is feeling rested!

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Maybe Nora's tantrums are a response to your sleep-deprivation (among other things). I'm not blaming you so, please, don't take it that way. It is very possible, though, that she is extra-sensitive because you are so tired and grumpy. My kids act up more when I'm in a bad mood because I set the tone. KWIM?

I'm at a loss of what to do about K pooing in his pants. I keep him in Pull-Ups because I cannot stand to clean poo that has smeared all down his legs from trying to take underwear off. Having to clean him up or put him in the shower 3 times a day is wearing me out.

I am so tired now. Sleepiness just suddenly hit me. No sore boobies, though, so not mastitis this time. fingersx.gif We had a good day. I had to go out and run some errands and D was wonderful in the car. Not a peep out of him the whole time we were out. He's getting where he can spend more and more time sitting in his seat or laying on his blanket rather than always in my arms. It gives me a few extra moments to get some things done.
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We are definitely feeding off each other.  Don't worry, no offense taken, it's just the nature of the beast right now.  


Glad you had a good day!  Those are always welcome!  How trained was K?  Was he doing really well and regressed, or was he still having some misses here and there?  Nora was pretty much solid, so I don't want her going backwards if I can help it.  


Re: cds - I'm looking for something a little trimmer than the BG's.  Whats a really good pocket or AIO, preferably OS, that's nice and trim?  GroVias are nice but pricey.  Any other ideas?

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K had been using the toilet without any accidents for at least 3 weekes by the time D was born. He has completely regressed since then. Ethan actually put him in the shower tonight to get him clean. thumb.gif

The Muttaqin AI2s I have are OS and very trim. They are kind of pricey and I haven't used them much to tell you how well they work but I really like my Muttaqin OS cloth. I think she stocked some today. http://hyenacart.com/MuttaqinBaby/ I just checked and she doesn't have any OSes now, but if you join her Yahoo group, you'll get an email when she stocks. OS dipes cost more up front but cost less in the long run if you only have to buy one set. i really like swaddlebees but i don't know what they have now. it's not the same as when i got them 4 years ago.
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akind1, love the photos! Now I wish I had done maternity photos!


Baby_Cakes, you think the BG 4.0s are bulky? I put those on when I want something trim! lol.gif


What's up with the tummy issues? I have had an upset stomach most of the day and tonight, DD threw up. I can't tell if it was from an upset tummy or if she just ate too much. But whatever it was, it's no fun. She's asleep now but she was so pitiful for the past couple of hours!

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I think they are only bulky right now because they are on the smallest setting (Carrie, correct me if I'm wrong) - I LOVE my swaddlebees (or blueberries - same company) - but I have the sized diapers. Technically DS can fit in either a medium or a large at the moment. I mean, there is not telling how Finn will grow, but he's almost at a point where mediums would fit, and while not OS, mediums seem to go a LONG way. (FWIW, Swaddlebees makes OS dipes, I just use the sized diapers because they are significantly cheaper) - stalk diaperswappers and see if you can find some OS AIO's for cheap. (or at least less than full price)


Thanks for the compliments on the pics - DH did a great job! - I'm glad we did them, even though I think DH wasn't too thrilled about doing them, he likes how they turned out. I used to not like my picture taken - still don't really - but I"m only going to pregnant with this baby once, and I want some tangible reminders. I also want BF'ing pics this time too. I was a little reluctant with DS, but I've seen such tasteful ones done that I'm really excited to try to do some with Norah.


DS has gone down to bed so easily the last few nights! like 5 minutes tops! I am so glad - I hope it lasts!


Baby girl was moving in some super uncomfortable/borderline painful ways last night before I laid down. I don't know if it was my position or hers, or a combination. But really, I'm ready for her to do her squirming on the OUTSIDE!


scored some great deals at consignment last night. my mom got the pack n play/bassinet I wanted for only $40! so that was fantastic, I got DS enough jeans - with the adjustable waist! - and a couple items for DD. I still really need sneakers for DS - all the ones they had were extremely beat up. I think I'll have to buy those new, so need to watch for sales.


Busy weekend ahead, hopefully will distract me from wanting Norah to come sooner than later . . .



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Annie ~ What dipes do you usually use?

We had tummy problems last weekend and earlier this week. On day Dylan threw up what seemed to be a ton of breastmilk. I couldn't believe he even had that much in him! He's only spit up maybe 3 times total so that was very surprising. It was only the one time, though. Oh, and the one really nasty poo. Maybe that was part of it all. My neighbor had a bad day, too.

I agree that mediums do seem to last. As big as my babies were, we never needed large diapers. Swaddlebees are the trimmest diapers I've used. I really like them for that and they are super-absorbent, never leaked. The nice about their AIOs (if they are made the same) is that they are pockets, too, so you can stuff them with an extra soaker if you need more. They don't make a diaper without PUL anymore, though, do they, Kat? Or maybe it was hemp. I know I couldn't find diapers like the ones I had for K. I gave them to a friend who was supposed to give them back but she totally flaked on me and dropped off the face of the earth and I never heard from her again. She lived in SC. Kat, maybe you can find her and get them back for me. lol.gif

I like the Rainshine Design OS pockets I have. I got them in a co-op so I don't know their availability or how much they cost retail. Have you tried Fuzzibunz OS pockets? I've not tried their OSes but I have a few old style sized pockets and think they are really trim.

D slept almost too well last night. It was weird. There were 2 or 3 times when he got restless and was doing his hard grunting. I tried burping him, which worked sometimes, and nursing him. He would only nurse for, literally, a few seconds. I don't think it was even a minute each time. Then he'd go back to sleep. I don't think he got much milk. I guess that's ok because he wasn't fussy like he was hungry. I was right there offering. He just didn't want it or couldn't stay awake long enough. shrug.gif

Kat ~ One more thing. I don't think you are supposed to buy used shoes, especially for kids. I remember reading once that the shoes become at least somewhat conformed to the original wearer and will never fit anyone else properly.
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I bet it is b/c they are on the smallest rise setting.  Duh.  Maybe once he's bigger they won't seem so bulky.


I'm trying to decide if I want to buy more diapers so I don't have to wash as often, or just buy sposies to fill in the gaps.  Sigh.  Do I really want to shell out another maybe $100 for an extra day or so, or should I just keep doing what I'm doing?  Decisions.


I think I figured out what I'm going to do IRT the trash can sitch.  I'm going to get a smaller trash can for the sposies, and use the big lidded 13 gallon w/lid can for my wet bag.  Ta-da.  The sposies will get thrown out daily and the cloth will be in a can.  I'm a genius.


That nap yesterday was exactly what I needed, and Finnley slept great last night, too.  I'm a new woman today!


Re: shoes - We like Sketchers for DD, and we also buy play shoes at Target.  I hate to spend even more than $10 on shoes she'll get completely mudded up/wet/dirty.  Sketchers can be pricey even at the outlets.  Her current pair were only $20 but still, those are her shopping shoes and not her play-outside shoes.


Oh - I think I figured out my sling.  I'm getting to be a pro and it's really comfy now.  If I start it up high enough and tighten the top rail first, it gets tight enough to hold him in place but not too tight that it hurts my neck.  I'm super happy b/c it's much easier for me to use than the wrap -- even though the wrap is ultimately more comfortable long term.

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MW: generally I don't buy used shoes; however these don't look like they were worn at all; they are on the dressier side, so maybe if they were, it was maybe once? or maybe they bought the wrong size :shrug who knows? A lot of times stuff at consignment is still new with tags, so you can luck out buying new things for way less than retail.


Carrie - as far as diapers . . . you shell out maybe $100 for an extra day that will last you forever (or at least a long time) or shell out maybe $20 a week? IDK I don't buy sposies on a regular basis so forget how much they cost . . .either way, up to you! I think for us, we'll just continue to put stinky diapers in disposable baggies and toss in the regular trash (when we are using sposies on Norah and Gabe) - right now stinky cloth goes in a baggie, and then in the diaper pail. I think I want a second one, but DH isn't convinced. right now the pail hold exactly enough diapers for me to do laundry about twice a week. Once the new baby arrives, not so much. But then, I'll likely be wanting to do wash every other day then.


hooray on your genius-ness! and a nap!


The swaddlebees/blueberries I have do still work like a pocket, plus the inside bit flips out in the wash, so it also washes and dries like a pocket. (the insert is only sewn in one end) however, I am pretty sure most of it is things alot of people don't like - PUL on the outside, and I'm sure the inner has some sort of poly- too. however, I don't mind, and they have really cute patterns . . . DS has worn their medium from around 14 lbs until now, and he's about 24 lbs I think. New they run about $18 each. though I've scored some like-new ones on diaperswappers for around $10 each.



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I have three types of dipes that I use. I have 2 dz yellow edge 3rds from GMD, 12 Flip stay-dry inserts and 4 BG 4.0s. Right now I'm still putting the newborn inserts in the BGs. The Flip covers are basically the BGs without a liner. I've pretty much gotten in to the habit of using the GMDs at home and the Flips/BGs when we go out. Also I've started putting DD in the Flips at night since she's sleeping longer.

Baby_Cakes, have you looked on craigslist for diapers? I have found some great deals on there.
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Ok, so, I got the Funk Rock.  Directions said to do a 30 min soak first, then wash.  I didn't feel comfortable doing a soak with soiled diapers.  Something seemed wrong about that, diapers soaking in poopy water.  So I'm going to wash them first and then do a soak and then wash again.  I'm also not going to wash the wet bag with them.  I think maybe the PUL from the wet bag is making them smell?  Maybe?  Worth a shot leaving it out for now.  Hopefully my dipes are fresh as roses when this is all said and done...otherwise, idk what I'm going to do.  


I just checked craigslist, thanks for the idea.  Nothing right now but I'll keep looking back!!


Any other postpartum mamas still in maternity clothes?  I'm down to 167 but NONE of my pre-preg clothes fit.  I bought a few new tops from target and one pair of shorts, but I don't want to spend $$ on jeans.  I should.  I'm sick to death of pulling up these stupid maternity jeans!  I have some lounge wear that I live in, but sometimes i just want jeans and a t shirt.  Especially now if the weather stays cool, you know?  I just can't wait to get back into better shape!!

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See if you can find jeans on clearance or something. Maternity jeans (at least mine) suck!  I will probably wear them today, because it's chilly, but I really, really don't like them! With DS, I had lost a good bit of weight prior to getting pregnant and still had my larger jeans, and I fit in them right after. I am really hoping, since I've not gained much this time, that I fit right back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I miss them!


Yeah, I might do at least a good rinse prior to soaking. I hope it works! I found that my Planet Wise wetbag did smell up the wash. It's why I gave up on it and just use trash bags. More waste, less hassle.


I love DS's naptime! I sure hope he keeps these long afternoon naps up after the baby arrives, because I have a feeling that we all will need it!

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I'm still completely in maternity clothes and DD is almost 9 weeks old! redface.gif I have lost almost all of my pg weight but I tried on my regular pants the other day and they just don't fit right. Plus I like the full panel coverage when I'm pumping since I don't have DD to shield my belly.
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gosh, I keep losing the thread. greensad.gif


I'm still in maternity clothes.  I lost 20 lbs at delivery & then another 5 over the first week, but maybe 1 since then.  So I'm still up almost 15 lbs.  I haven't even tried on my non-maternity stuff b/c I know how discouraging that would be!  I should start walking again.  



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ok, im in such good company, i feel better.  lol.

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Haha, Carrie! I'd been thinking about that post you made on FB about a new pair of pants or something. You said you finally fit into something, I think. I meant to post that I finally fit back into my maternity clothes. lol.gif At the end of my pg I got too big for most of my mat clothes but refused to buy more. Now that I'm down about 30 lbs. I can wear most of my mat clothes comfortably again. There's still one pair of shorts that uncomfortable around my waist. There's no way I'm going to bother even getting my regular clothes back out yet. I know I won't fit in them. Not only do I have extra pounds, but like Annie hinted at, everything is different now (even after baby #4). It's not chilly here yet so no need to think about wearing jeans. I've got some decent looking mat pants to get me through the winter.

I have been meaning to ask you guys about some nursing tops I bought. They are those babydoll style with the empire top and then a bottom that goes out from just under the breasts and is loose and baggy and what I call dress-like. I guess that's the style now but I think it looks horrible on me. It makes me look like I'm still pg and just short and dumpy. I'm thinking maybe that style is really only good for taller people? What do you guys think? Is that the style and should I keep them or should I return them? If I ever get a chance, I'll post a pic of me wearing one so you can see.

Is that how you are normally supposed to use Rockin' Green soap or is that an extra step for getting stink out or because you are just switching? Charlie's Soap says to run the empty washer at least once with just Charlie's Soap to get residue off the washer. I couldn't do a soak even if I wanted with a front loader. I do always do a prewash.

I forgot the Swaddlebees now have the soaker that flips out. That's great! The old ones didn't do that. That's my one complaint about AIOs. The enclosed, sewn in soaker is so thick I wonder if it gets really clean, especially encased in PUL, and takes forever to dry.
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MW: I think Carrie got FunkRock -not regular detergent, but a special treatment for smellies? I think.


Is it the style? well, depends -it is if you want it to be. I don't wear that sort because they do make me look pregnant when I'm not (and I'm shorter than you!)  - If you don't like, then don't bother. I can only do the empire waisted stuff if the belly of the shirt is cut straight and not loose.


Well, the bassinet I chose doesn't fit right next to the bed. it's a bit big by maybe 2 inches. Unless we can find DH a narrower nightstand (or he loses it all together . . .) It fits about a foot away in the bay window. I think I can live with that. I did really want it right next to the bed; like the co-sleeper, but since it's *not* a co-sleeper, it doesn't need to fit right next to the bed.


I need to add bassinet sheets to my list of things to buy. I think mostly we are getting gift cards at this shower on Sunday  - because MIL told people to get us that. I don't mind gift cards, honestly, but I didn't create a registry for my own enjoyment (ok, partly, it IS fun to walk around and create a wish list ;)) but also, so people have some idea of what we want, and buy that. grr. DH and I are pretty much convinced that MIL is only doing the shower because her family kind of pushed her into it. I just wish she'd show a little more enthusiasm over this baby. Now, FIL is excited, and is obvious about it.


Anyway - it's nice and crisp here, hope everyone is enjoying similiar fall-ish weather!

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Empire waisted stuff is really hard to "pull off" when you still have extra weight.  I know I'm the same way, I just can't wear it.  I bought shorts at Target but they're a juniors size 15 and though they fall down a bit, at least they're normal shorts!


No, the Funk Rock is like a special de-funking thing.  You *can* use it every time, but I'm pretty sure it's meant to just get the stinkies out.  Regular Rockin' Green you use like any other detergent.  The Funk Rock is like a powerful ammonia/stink fighting thing.  I have a top loader so soaking is easy.  I just have to get back down there and do a rinse, then another wash.  PITA, but hopefully worth it.

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