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my wonderoos are lined with microsuede and i've never noticed a smell with them. they are very old. i bought them used when K was a baby. maybe yours need to be prepped more and once any residue from manufacture is completely gone, the smell will go away. idk shrug.gif
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JJ, I just want to second the advice to discuss your preferences with at least DH for if things go differently than expected. I typed up a list of people for DH to call including the info for the local contact for NILMDTS in case something happened to DD during her birth. We also discussed multiple time that if DD needed to be somewhere else, then DH would stay with her. That was so helpful when we did find ourselves in an emergency situation. DH knew to stay with DD without us having to talk about it in the moment and he was able to call our church and get one our priests to meet them at the other hospital to baptize DD as soon as she was settled in the NICU. It is a very hard conversation to have but so helpful to do it when you are not in the moment, you know?

DD is becoming more of an infant and less of a newborn. She's a lot more aware of her surroundings so we need to do an evening routine now and in a less stimulating environment. I thought we wouldn't need to start that for another couple of weeks but I guess it's good to get her routine in place before I go back to work.
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JJ: re: braxton hicks, etc - it's never too early. Now if you were having regular, painful contractions, I'd be concerned.


With DS, I paid so much attention to all that - the Braxton Hicks, etc - that I think I got myself worked up into thinking he was coming 1/2 a dozen times. This time I'm actively trying to NOT pay attention to them so much. I figure when they are the real thing, there will be no mistaking them. (but that is just me, trying not to get myself psyched up for no reason)


Carrie, not sure exactly what to do with the dipes. Have you tried sunning them after a wash? for me this is not good just for stains, but also for a good airing out of smells.


As for the spitting up ...  I second the idea of a good chiro (who has experience working with kids). I have some of the same issues as your DH - the problem is that some of them I think practice a bit outside their scope (I process short term disability claims, and see far too many chiro's telling people they need to not be working for a while. I'm not sure that this is always really within what they should be doing . . .but that's another story). HOWEVER - I see a great chiro that DH and I both trust, who also does a lot of pediatric adjustments, should DS need it. He's helped my back pain during this pregnancy, and I think helped my hips so this baby can settle into a lower position than DS ever did. (on a side note, he's also a great advocate for homebirth, etc. He caught at least his wife's last baby - they have 3 - at home and is anti-vaccine. It's nice to know someone IRL who has the same principles. In this area, they are few and far between)


Otherwise, if he seems happy, etc, I think I'd just watch and wait.


My shower went well; got mostly gift cards, $$, which is good. Trying to prioritize the things left that we want. People keep asking me if I think she'll come early, or if I've got any signs of her coming . . . . Like what, I want to know? she'll come when she does, and we're ready for whenever she wants to arrive.


Kinder - totally get someone to do maternity photos! I think all of us have found them to be worth it. DH did mine. If you've a friend willing, taker her up on the offer! Even if your other LO's aren't too into the belly (DS wasn't) if you at least get some with kids and bump all in the same frame, it's something!


Annie - it's sweet and sad all at the same time to see babies going from one stage to the next. I'm all for routine - just majorly against scheduling (my sister's roomate with a 3 WEEK old says she's trying to get babe on a schedule. Not going to happen, I told her. babies that young, as soon as you get what you think is a good schedule, a growth spurt or something happens and throws it all out of whack) - good luck with the routine! With DS, his "routine" was a diaper change, pajamas, and nursing to sleep - that's it. Now it's just a diaper change, pajamas, and maybe a story. I don't have the energy to do an elaborate routine.


I actually slept pretty well last night. - deeply for once! - hoping these last days until baby girl arrives go quickly.

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I agree with Kat that a good chiro is the key. It does seem that a lot try to work outside of their realm. There is one chiro in town here who advertises that he is the only pediatric specialist. Too bad he's so expensive and recommended that I see one of the worst OBs in town for a mammogram. That really made me question his judgement so we don't go to him anymore. Most of them are much more natural living oriented, which is nice. They don't get freaked that we don't vaccinate and usually are quite supportive. If you can find a good chiro, you can find a wonderful ally in your quest for a healthy family.

Well, I think all of my kids have a cold. Ethan has had a stuffed nose for about a week. I thought it was allergies until a cough developed and Dylan and Kellen started sounding stuffy. It doesn't seem to be too bad so far. Ethan's not complaining about feeling bad, just coughing. Poor D is very congested, though. greensad.gif
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We won't have a super complicated routine but I will focus on keeping her in a quiet darkened room. I was just keeping her out in the living room with me until she fell asleep but the other night it was almost 1 AM before I could get her settled. So we'll just do the stuff we need to do: nightly weigh-in, bath, meds, oxygen check and bottle. I'll probably add in a book and turning on her sleep sheep while sitting in our room with most of the lights off.
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When Sean is home he does bath before we do bed but there isn't much of a thought out routine. I do tend to do the same thing every night so it becomes a routine. It's hard to figure out what to do with such a young baby. If I take D to bed too early, I just get frustrated from sitting in the room for so long with him not going to sleep. Last night was such a Duh! moment. He had fallen asleep around 9:30 but K came running in the room and jumped on the bed and woke him up. (I can't tell you how angry this makes me but since I'm the only adult I haven't figured out a way to avoid it.) After that he was fussy, fussy, fussy. Just wouldn't settle down, wouldn't go back to sleep, screamed after just a second or two of nursing, screamed when I held him up or tried to burp. I just could not figure out what he wanted or what to do. Around 11 I finally got so tired I just couldn't stay up any more so I laid him down next to me and tried nursing him again. Usually, if he's up and fussy, laying down with him just makes me more frustrated because then I keep going up and down trying to figure out how to calm him. Anyway, as soon as I laid down with him he started nursing and was asleep within a few minutes. I think maybe that's what he wanted to do all along but I just wasn't getting it. Of course, with our past experience, there was really no way I could have known that was what he wanted. Sorry if that doesn't make any sense.

I have started reading to E and K at night again. D seems to really like it. It's one of the few times when he sits on my lap for 30 minutes or more without fussing or nursing.
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I'm almost sick of dealing with the diapers at this point.  eyesroll.gif  I got some Huggies snug and dry sposies and man, I love those diapers.  They feel like paper but are really absorbent and NO LEAKS so far, even when I'm too lazy at night to change him.  It's tempting to ditch the cloth and go full time with sposies.  bag.gif


Kat - awesome on the $$ from the shower!!  I'm sure you're feeling as ready as can be now!


Alysia - sucks about the colds.  Do you have a Nose Frida for Dylan?  That thing is a godsend.  Works so much better than a bulb aspirator!!  Re: bedtime - I applaud you for doing it yourself.  DH has taken over bedtime with DD.  It would be pretty much impossible for me to get her to sleep with Finn in my arms.  DH was supposed to go to Dallas (trip got cancelled, I'm so happy about that) and my resolution to bedtime was going to be putting DD in bed with me and just letting her fall asleep while I nursed Finn down.  Once he woke for the first time in the night, I was going to leave the room, and let her sleep sound in my bed.  I had no other solution!  Do your boys sleep through Dylan's wake ups and cries?  Nora is thankfully sleeping through everything, though she is in her own room with the door shut.


JJ - welcome to the 3rd tri!!  BH's all the time!!  It's good that otherwise you're feeling well though.  


AFM - Thanks everyone for the chiro recs.  I'm still thinking about it but DH wants absolutely nothing to do with that.  He doesn't like the very idea of chiropractic, so it makes it hard to convince him of anything.  When it's me and my body, it's one thing, but I think I have to give him a say when it's his baby, too.  LOL!  


Last night, Finn fell asleep and let me put him in the swing around 9.  It was heavenly!  I got to eat a snack, have computer time, and watch Heroes all while DH put DD to bed.  Then he came out and Finn was still out!  TMI, but we got to have sexy time for the first time in a LONG time.  I'm not ready to DTD yet, but other things are more than welcome.  I'm feeling very touched out so I find I don't like receiving at ALL.  But I don't mind and actually do enjoy giving.  So at least we're both happy, right??


I still haven't made any decisions about birth control.  





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Disposables definitely sound easier! I just can't deal with the recurring expense of buying diapers over and over. I made a comment to my sister, who has two in diapers, about how she handles the cost and she told me her MIL buys all their diapers! No wonder she didn't try to PL her older daughter before the younger one was born!

DD has been giving me clues about when she's ready to go down for the night. So I think I'm going to start her bedtime routine about an hour before she's been falling asleep so we get used to it.
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i must have missed something about JJ and BHes. headscratch.gif

Haha! Don't applaud me. Bedtime consists of any # of us heading to bed some time between 9 and 10. There's a lot of fussing and shushing that no one abides by, fighting over who's going to sleep where even tho we all sleep in the same spots. Poor K makes the rest of so angry because he cannot settle down and be quiet and stop squirming. I know it's a personality thing and not him doing anything on purpose but by bedtime I just can't take anymore. He literally goes and goes and goes until suddenly I realize it's quiet and look over he's asleep. He crashes. Ryan was the same way so I'm anticipating K to be a lot like Ryan when he gets older, too. Finally, sometime between 10 and 11 we pull out Harry Potter to read. That settles everyone a little but K still squirms and interrupts me constantly, which drives me crazy. K usually crashes some time soon after that and E and I stay up and read for a bit more or we decide to go to sleep ourselves. It's not a pretty thing at all.

it's really pretty awful. by the time everyone else is asleep i'm feeling like a horrible mother. i especially feel bad for K. it's not his fault he's hyper but he drives us all crazy. greensad.gif i don't know what to do about that. i don't have the energy to keep up with him.

We all sleep in the same bed and we just go to bed at the same time. There's no way I can get either E or K to sleep in their rooms with D in my arms and there's no way I can put D down long enough to put either of them to bed. I'm hoping that once Sean is home he can take over bedtime of those two and get them to sleep at least together in E's big bed if not both in their own beds in their own rooms. E keeps saying he'll sleep in his room but when the time comes he gets scared.
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Disposables can be easier . . . except for dealing with blow-out poo. DS had lots of those. Which is why I'm not convinced to go totally sposie until the mediums/OS fit DD. That and it's sad, but I really, really, love the cuteness factor of cloth. and I don't mind washing.


Carrie - you've got to do whatever comes easiest. I don't know if you have any to hand, but sometimes I add a couple drops of a citrus essential oil - like orange or lemon - to the rinse/spin (or you can put it on a damp washcloth in the dryer with the diapers) to give a boost of fresh scent. plus citrus is a natural disinfectant. DH has a large stock of various EO (being in massage and all that), so I always have some kind of EO and add when needed.


DH does bed time most of the time with DS. I figure, better now than after the baby is born. Sometimes MIL or FIL does it, but mostly DH. I just can't anymore, as it involves sitting on the floor, very still, until DS is asleep. which is anywhere from 5 min to an hour, depending on the night. my pelvis hurts too much for more than 5 minutes of that, and my legs go to sleep, and it's very hard to get up off the floor quietly.


MW: you are not a horrible mother! or even close - you have to do what you have to do. when it's you by yourself, survival is key.


oh, and Carrie - yay for sexy time! - DH and I need to work on that . . . natural prostaglandins and all that. (plus it'll be a few weeks after the baby is born). If you are done, done with babies, are you feeling like doing anything permament? like a vasectomy for your DH or something for you? or want to stick with natural methods? Just curious.

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I love the cuteness factor of cloth too much to go sposies, too. Plus, then what excuse would have for spending all our extra money on yarn? winky.gif I have so much that I'm actually trying to sell some of my least favorites.

I hate to say it but I don't know if my math was off but when I worked it out, I found it was actually cheaper for me to buy sposies for 2 years than to use cloth. And that was just factoring in the cost of diapers, not the yarn I buy to make soakers or the cost of washing and drying. I did that years ago so I can't remember all the details but I think the type of diapers I buy is a big factor. If you do with just 2-3 dozen PFs that you can use throughout your babe's entire diapering life, I think you save a lot of money. However, if you do like me and buy expensive fitteds made with pretty fabric, it can get really costly. It's kind of silly since the diapers are covered but I can't help it. They are so darn cute! With baby #3 I'm not so into the really cutesie stuff but I just couldn't bring myself to buy plain diapers.

As far as doing what is easiest, I've been using disposable dishes and utensils so I don't have a ton of dishes to wash and put away. I feel a little guilty about the extra trash but my sanity is more important right now.

I'm waiting to pick up on cues from D that he's ready to go down for the night. Right now he usually falls asleep around 8:00 and sleeps for a while. That would be the perfect time to put him down but E and K are still up and making so much noise that they wake him if I try. And, of course, he wakes up when the rest of us are ready for bed from all the noise and commotion. Things worked a lot easier when it was just E and K. K slept so easily and E was so quiet it was never a problem. K would fall asleep around 9 and stay asleep. E and I would stay up for about another hour and go to bed and K would not wake. It was so nice. But K is so hyper that is just not happening now.

Oh, Carrie, you asked if they stay asleep through D's waking. Yes, they do. D doesn't make much noise, though. Most of the time he just grunts and squirms a little. I look at the clock and if it's been about 2 hours or more from the last time he stirred, I nurse him. If it's been less time, I try to settle him in other ways but will nurse him if nothing works. He really doesn't cry, though.

My MW asked at my 6 week PP check what I was planning for BC. I don't think she puts much stock in LAM. Or maybe she's just so used to the medical practice protocol that she doesn't think about who she's asking. I'm not worried about pg being a risk while Sean is home to visit. I would be very shocked if my cycles came back that early. When he comes home for good, we'll discuss it. I'm perfectly fine with charting and abstaining or using condoms. Sean would be happy to get a vas but I'm not comfortable with anything permanent for either one of us. If he insists on getting it done, I won't divorce him now, though, so that will be ultimately up to him.

Ryan got off work early and came over so I could take a shower. Aaaaaah! So nice to shower and blow dry my hair and fix my eyebrows without worrying about when D might wake up.
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JJ: re: braxton hicks, etc - it's never too early. Now if you were having regular, painful contractions, I'd be concerned.


With DS, I paid so much attention to all that - the Braxton Hicks, etc - that I think I got myself worked up into thinking he was coming 1/2 a dozen times. This time I'm actively trying to NOT pay attention to them so much. I figure when they are the real thing, there will be no mistaking them. (but that is just me, trying not to get myself psyched up for no reason)

Oh, no there's no question they're BH, lol. They're very noticable. No tpainful, like I said, just... very evident. It's just that it feels like she's started to get 'settled' into a position, and it feels like it's too early for that-- but then I can't imagine her being this active for the next month or so before she -does- settle. Between her moving like crazy- both squirms and hard, fast jabs, and the BH, I pretty much don't get any "quiet" time these last few days. 

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oh, re: diaper costs, because that was a huge thing for me too- I don't know how it would be cheaper to do sposies, unless you were looking at someone who had maybe all sized diapers, and all like... brand new blueberry minkees or something... and then 3 dozen of them. We've got about 3/4 of a stash right now, almost all pockets, and I think we've spent around $300? I'm just pulling that number out of my head, it could be a bit higher or lower... but if you figure OS diapers, and even $15 each used, times 24... that's only $360. Now obviously it's more than that if you don't want to do laundry as often, or buy new, or etc etc... but I don't think it's unreasonable to say $400 for a fairly complete stash, right? And the average figure always thrown out for sposies is around $2000. A quick google tells me an average baby uses between 6-10,000 diapers in a three year period. I just can't imagine sposies being cheaper, you know? 


Now, more convenient... that's a totally different question. lol. 



I'm with you MW on the throwaway dinnerware btw. I think I'm going to buy a couple packs for December, and I'm planning on doing all of our freezer food in aluminum disposable pans, so I don't have to wash pans. 

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i wish i could find disposable pots to use on the stove. lol.gif
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LOL! omg that would be brilliant. 

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Carrie- have you tried washing your entire stash with a squirt of original blue Dawn dish detergent? It's the only thing that worked to get rid of build-up. I also used 1/4 c of bleach every once in a while. Then rinsed until no more bleach was left. 

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Re: comparing costs: w/ fitteds and wool cloth can be very, very pricey, especially if you don't make your own longies/shorties/skirties/soakers, etc.


And sposies don't *have* to cost that much - not if you know how to coupon well, and aren't really brand picky. For us,not that I've done the math, I think it's probably a wash. With cloth you do have the added bonus of being able to usually use the diaper through at least 2 kids, and they still have resale value, which is fantastic. Sposies, not so much.


diapers just aren't one of my things I'm super crunchy about - I *love* my cloth, and would love to convince more people to give it a shot, but if they don't, oh well. Breastfeeding now, that's another story. 


oh, at the shower MIL gave, at least 2 people gave us diapers. sposies. They've SEEN me change DS's cloth. So I don't know if they forgot, think we do cloth because we can't afford the sposies, or what . . . Not sure. I was tactful though, and said well, actually you'd be surprised how much we've left over from DS in the small sizes. (which is true. I think I have about a dozen packs of size 2 and 3-4 size 1's). But thanks!


JJ - I'm at 39 weeks (well tomorrow) and while I think this little girl is settled into a general position, it's amazing to me how much she can still squirm and move around. I keep telling her she'd have way more room if she'd just come out already ;) and this on top of BH and some false labor type contractions. No rest for the weary pregnant women!


They do make disposable crock pot liners. Now that's pretty awesome!

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Originally Posted by Kindermama View Post

Carrie- have you tried washing your entire stash with a squirt of original blue Dawn dish detergent? It's the only thing that worked to get rid of build-up. I also used 1/4 c of bleach every once in a while. Then rinsed until no more bleach was left. 

Not yet.  I think that's my next step though, when I can get to it.  I'm up to my ears in spit up laundry.  I srsly am doing multiple loads of wash every day, it sucks, but if I don't we are out of burp cloths and I'm out of clothes.  DS nailed the bed big time last night so I threw all the sheets in this morning.


Kat - how thoughtful you got all those sposies now. winky.gif  


We aren't 100% ready to do anything permanent bc wise, though today, I am 110% certain.  I"m about to make the damn appt for him.  LOL.  I feel like until I can make a decision we'll just use condoms...and once fertile signs come back I think I'll revisit the question and decide if we're ready to be done, or if I'll start the pill.  I don't *want* to do hormonal but I refuse to do another IUD.  And if I feel like CTA, I'll just do that.  I'm so ready to have good, not pregnant, not trying to get pregnant, good drunk sex.  Sorry if that's TMI but I feel like it's been forever!! lol.gif



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Carrie, don't know about the drunk part, but otherwise I agree! It would be nice to not worry about trying to get pregnant, or not get pregnant, or just not be pregnant while DTD. We've got a brief window after the baby is born I think - maybe a couple months - unless, because I'll be nursing more and pumping less this time - maybe AF and fertile signs will stay away longer . . . where that might be possible.


bummer about all the laundry! too bad Nora can't quite manage that one yet!

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Ok ok, the drunk part is negotiable!  lol.gif

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