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Lately, anything with my feet up :)


In general though, I'm loving hot tub time (it's turned down to bath temp, and I bring a book out), or just mindless tv time- I'm working my way through the entire series of criminal minds, so I'll put it on, grab my crocheting and sit through three or four episodes. 


We went camping last night, which was a ton of fun, good to get out and get some fresh air again... But then we had to come home tonight and go to my niece's birthday, and it was just... exhausting. None of the 5 girls are disciplined at all, and they are all very very coddled, but not in a good way. More in a "Leni just walked by and she has a sad look on her face" *cue her mother freaking out running out back to find out what's wrong.* I'm all about being sensitive to their emotions, but as a result these kids haven't learned any way to control or deal with their own emotions, so the house is a gongshow of emotion and stress. And... to top it off, their A/C cut out last week, and they didn't bother to tell anyone... so there's the entire extended family crowded into the house, all getting hotter by the minute. DH was literally bringing cool cloths for my neck and changing them every few minutes, it was that stuffy. blah. 


Tonight I'm going to sit on my butt, with my feet up, as I've discovered that I have no ankle bones. And this is a new development since Thursday. Need to cut that swelling off at the pass. 

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it depends on what i'm into at the time. i'm a homebody so i will knit or read if i have something good or soak in a hot bath. that's usually a big one for me b/c i very rarely get uninterrupted time for a bath. rarely, i will go shopping for myself if there's something i've been wanting but can't look for it with the kids.

jj ~ i've just been reading about the harm caused by coddling children too much. i agree with a lot of the ideas in the book about certain things being bad for kids but i don't agree with the solutions. one thing that has me thinking is that it states that kids spend 6-8 hours a day watching TV. i don't see how that can be since most kids spend 6-8 hours at school. how do they have time for that?
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I think it's different whether you consider it tv time, or screen time. For instance when I was nannying, I had little girls who were allowed unlimited screen time by their parents (I tried to limit it while I was there...). So an average school day for them was 30 minutes in the morning before school, and then after school they would either be on the tv/movies, computer, Wii, gamecube or DS from about 330 until 5 when dinner was served, then they'd eat dinner and do homework, and then normally go back on the screens until bed- so from about 6 until 8pm. If you add it up, that's 4 hours right there... and that doesn't count any time they spend watching 'educational videos' or on the computer at school, or those who have later bedtimes.  I think it evens out, since obviously there are parents who do limit it (moreso probably the type of parent you encounter more on MDC here). One of the other families I watched limited to 30 minutes screen time per day- the child could choose tv, movie or computer, but it could only total 30 minutes. It meant the rest of the time he was forced to find things to do- crafts, outside games, legos, imagination building. But a lot of parents would rather just turn the tv on. 


Anyways, that's my long winded story to say that I think there's got to be a balance btween everything where kids are involved, and the problem comes when that gets out of whack. Same with tending to their emotions and sadness--- obviously a good thing! But there's still a point where it's just too much, you know?

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Knitting...that's what I'm wanting to get more into. I have a pattern to make a wool newborn kicking bag but I keep messing up so I have to start over again and again. I haven't picked it up for a month. The other day I attempted to have a bath but soon enough (and sure enough) my 5yo appeared at the door undressed with this huge begging smile on her face. So, I had company after that. It was actually kind of funny because she kept telling me to sit "criss cross applesauce" so she could have room to "swim". I kept telling her mommy is not flexible like that anymore! I guess I consider myself a homebody too but I find that I end up going nut-so after a while. I really need my alone time and my time with my close friends. I'm just not good at letting go and letting my DH take over. Often times, it makes things harder for me in the end because I have to clean up and reorganize the disaster they've left for me. 

He just does things differently then me and I have a "system" that works. Uhhhh, I need get out more!


As far as coddling...I totally agree. I've dealt with that in my own home. My DH was totally coddled growing up (and still is in many ways) and it's been frustrating navigating the ins and outs of co-parenting with him. He's let up a little but he still does it. It's catching up on him though because the kids act one way when he's alone with them and another when we're all together. They have no respect for him and my son has "learned helplessness" now! It drives my DH batty when he has to watch all the kids alone because DS always "needs" him for one thing or another. I'm all for kids figuring it out and when they can't, I help them by brainstorming solutions or when they are younger, I just give them solutions for them to try out! 

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what's a newborn kicking bag?

that same thing happens to me when i try to take a bath. or, now even worse is that I can't relax because I'm waiting for the baby to wake up. If he does, by the time I'm sure he's awake and I need to get out it takes me so long to get out, dry off and get dressed that he's crying really hard by the time I can get him. I don't even bother to try to take a bath anymore.

Get your dh to take the kids out somewhere, to the park or to get ice cream. That way they won't make a mess of your house and you can get your alone time. I can't get alone time if we all stay home and dh is supposed to be in charge. It never happens. The kids always come to me and, again, I can't relax if I hear one of them upset or crying. Last time I tried to take a bath by myself while everyone was home, K was crying and screaming and banging on the bedroom door. I kept waiting for dh to do something about it. His idea of doing something was to ignore ds. So, I had to get out of the tub because I couldn't take it anymore. Not very helpful on dh's part if I have to get out of the tub and tell him to come take care of his child. eyesroll.gif

A lot of the ideas in this book I'm reading are new to me. I never would have thought of today's parents as being coddling because so many seem to be so completely disengaged from their kids. I'm sure a lot of people looking in on me would think that I coddle my children because I do do a lot for them and I don't tell them to suck it when they are hurt. I let them express themselves (within reason). I let my boys cry, for goodness sake. But I also encourage them to do for themselves and be independent. I think that's another one of those fine line things. It's hard, sometimes, to see the line between being caring and and empathetic and coddling.

OMG! D just fell asleep as quiet as can be lying on the couch next to me. Why won't he do that at 3 in the morning?
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Me time?  What's that?  LOL!  No, honestly, I like to just go to Target and shop, or get a coffee and a magazine and go somewhere and sit and read by myself.  If it's @home, I go online, read blogs, shop online.  


DD went to Grandmas!!  joy.gif I'm home alone with just Finn.  It would be sweet but I can't find the damn TV remote AGAIN.  The thing is as thin as a credit card and smaller than my cell phone and keeps getting lost.  It's so frustrating!  DH is going to somehow get the TiVo remote to work with the Apple TV.  That one is at least normal sized.  UGH.  I really wanted to watch Drop Dead Diva while I sit here and nurse the baby.  Sigh.  Stupid remote.


Here, the TV is usually on all the time, but we also have Pandora on it and if we aren't actually IN the room watching, but want background noise, I'll put that on.  It's nice to have something going while you're playing, or doing dishes or cleaning.  It doesn't have to be like we are glued to the TV.  It's becoming an issue w/Nora b/c she wants to watch episode after episode of Thomas and after 2 of them she's so cranky. TV gets to her.  She is much more defiant and stubborn when she's been crashed out in front of the tv all day.  She watches more than I'd like b/c of the baby and us adjusting, but slowly we're getting out and about and playing more.  It's just been a tough adjustment.


AFM - I can't stop being HUNGRY.  I literally feel hollow all the way down to my feet.  I don't think I've been full or satisfied since giving birth.  It's obnoxious!!  I just want to eat and eat and EATTTTT!!!  There isn't enough food in the house ever.  Dinner feels like a snack most days, even if I have 2 helpings.  Even after Papa Johns, 4 slices of pizza and numerous breadsticks, I was hungry -- literally my stomach was growling -- about 20 min later.  UGH.  

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Carrie ~ I'm the same way with hunger. It must be the breastfeeding. I can never get enough to eat. It drives me crazy. I stocked up on protein bars just so I could have something to grab and eat after a meal to help satisfy me. It doesn't usually work but at least it's something. I have found that very high fat meals fill me up more, like a fast food meal. But, of course, I don't want to eat that all the time. If I eat anything lean like a chicken breast with rice or potatoes and a vegie, I'm starving immediately. The idea that eating more protein will fill you up doesn't work for me. I think my body needs fat.

We have the TV on a lot here, too. My kids don't usually sit and zone out in front of it, though. They are constantly up and moving around, doing other things. Sometimes I wish they'd veg in front of the TV. lol.gif They rarely pass up playing outside with friends to watching TV or playing video or computer games. I like to think that's because they know it's always available to them so they don't feel need to sort of guard it and devour it in mass amounts, same as with food. KWIM? That's the idea, anyway.

We have a huge remote that came with the cable and I still can't find it half the time. I have to make sure E gives it to me because he's forever turning on cartoons and then running out to play and I'm stuck watching something obnoxious and silly while nursing D. Can't get up and search for the remote then.

ya know what i was thinking. we should start our own online book club. That could be a cool thing we could do if we decide to start a group on here. We could read a book at our own pace and discuss it on our own time from the comforts of our home. we could alternate between fiction and nonfiction depending on what we are interested in. i would love to have someone to discuss these parenting ideas with. most of the time their are parts of every book that i like and don't like and would really like to get other perspectives on it all.
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I'm reading Nuture Shock and well...I'm shocked to learn some of things in the book! Anyone here read it yet? 


Kicking bag= http://www.etsy.com/listing/77055844/rainbow-kicking-bag?ref=sr_gallery_40&ga_includes%5B0%5D=tags&ga_search_query=baby+sleeping+bag&ga_page=2&ga_search_type=all&ga_facet=

It covers the cloth diaper so you don't have to use a separate cover plus it makes middle of the night changes a lot easier....apparently! I need to spend some time fiddling with it again. I really want to make it. 


I never considered my online time "ME" time. I don't know why. Probably because 9 times out of 10, someone is on my lap, talking to me or sitting next to me! I'm definitely not a fan of TV over here. I've never been even when I was younger. I have ADD only when it comes to the TV. My wind wanders and I have a hard time focusing on the show. I get bored very easily when the TV is on.  I do like going out to the movie once or twice a month with DH. I can do that but anything more makes my mind go wacky. My kids get a movie about once a week, sometimes only once a month depending on our schedules. We do a pizza night followed by a kid movie for them most Friday nights. Every.single.time my two youngest DDs have a huge, huge meltdown afterwards. They definitely don't handle TV well. I remember reading somewhere that it really activates a part of the brain that typically only activates when we are super stressed. I'm not going to get all scientific because I can't remember enough but it made sense when I read it. I think my mind's resistance to TV is because of this.  I always reacted VERY strongly to violence on TV when I was younger. I would get fight or flight sometimes and have to turn the TV off. Then I'd be angry for a while afterwards as if I was violated myself. Weird, huh. 


Eating while nursing is SO MUCH FUN! Just remember or take note (unlike me last time I nursed), that when you wean, you have to slow it down! I gained almost 20lbs after weaning my last baby. I only ever lost 10 of it but I didn't try that hard, LOL! It's so fun to eat, eat, eat and still lose weight! Enjoy the food. I definitely agree with your MW...lots of healthy fats are the way to go! 

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That's what I thought you meant, Kinder. I made something similar, a couple of sleep sacks. They are open at both ends, making changing even easier. I can see where having the foot end closed would be nice, though, because a lot of people complain that older babies kick the sleep sack up to their waists.

I have not heard of that book. I'm reading, "Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World." I have mixed feelings about it.

I've lost another 3 lbs. so now only 10 lbs. to my pre-pg weight, even with all the eating. Although, I haven't really been eating that much. I just want to but I either can't find the time or can't find anything I want.
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Hi ladies! Sorry for being quiet for so long. The wireless router was messed up at my house this past week and DH just fixed it.

Things have been going pretty well here. Still not able to get DD to latch so pumping all the time. Oh and my dear friend AF came to visit at 6w5d PP. Ugh. It really messed up my milk supply so I had to start pumping every two hours during the day to get a decent supply back. I need to go get some fenugreek.

Can't wait for the next round of baby announcements!

Oh and I can't believe how big Dylan and Finn are! I was so excited last night because DD hit 9 lbs. But I have already packed away the newborn stuff and some of the 0-3 month stuff is getting too small.
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Annie - glad things are generally going well! I'm glad you are able at least to pump - though nursing would be great (less fuss anyway) -


Books: I read mostly fiction, not a whole lot of non fiction, it gets boring. I'm willing to give stuff a shot though, if someone can point out a good book.


TV: like Carrie, ours is background noise alot. DS tends to only sit and veg when he's tired. otherwise he's moving around and barely pays attention to it. He doesn't get computer time, but does get time with our iPhone and iPad . . .last night he nearly fell asleep watching Elmo. (on youTube) - we don't ever watch Sesame Street on the TV - for him we stay on Nick Jr. No commercials, and I like most of the shows there. Since moving in with my IL's, DS has so many other distractions, the TV is on a  lot less - which is a good thing -


We are working on safety with DS; thing is - he's sort of oblivious to danger. It's not so much that he's fearless, its just that he has no idea that somethings could cause him harm. With the road thing - he's not even 2, so obviously I'm outside with him, but I'm not always right next to him either (I'm a lazy mum, like to sit on the porch and watch him play :) ) so I would love if he would listen about staying in the yard. Though really, I still need to work in MIL, she keeps doing "don'ts" which DS just does not respond to well. Sometimes I honestly can't think of a better way to phrase it, but he responds way better to "stay on the grass!" than to "don't go in the street!"


MW: can you, or do you, drawstring the end of the sleep sack so you can get it to stay down, but still have the ease of a bottom opening for diaper changes?


Carrie  that remote sounds tiny! no wonder it gets lost! and hooray on alone time with Finn


I finally found some EPO so have started that - but just internally. the pills I got are so huge, I don't think I can swallow them. From what I've read, internally seems to be the more effective method anyway. No real contractions lately, lots of Braxton Hicks. I'm trying to find a good mental balance between being ready for baby girl to come any day, and knowing it could be nearly another month. It's hard. Also, beginning about this time, we were trying nearly every induction method we could to get Gabe to come, and none worked, so other than the EPO (which is for cervical ripening really, and NOT a real induction method) I don't want to try anything. Haven't even been walking as much . . . need to though! I think maybe that was part of the problem with DS, I was far to tense about trying to get him to come, that I couldn't relax and just let him do his thing. anyway  . . .


JJ: you holding up  ok?


I too, am ready for the next set of birth announcements!

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I am so sick and tired of spit up!!! faint.gif  Yesterday and last night were like, the worst.  So much puke.  His new nickname is Sir PukesALot in this house.  Makes nights rough b/c I sit up to nurse (still can't side lie b/c of this issue) and after he's done I gently raise him up to my shoulder to burp and BLACHGHHG - puke down my back and in my hair!!  And of course all over my pillow.  


It might have been something i ate.  We had lentils for the first time since he was born and things were MUCH worse than normal.  Is that a typical food that would cause tummy issues?  His poops were also very runny.  Almost mucuosy.  




Horrible mother of the year award.  I DREAMED last night I changed Finn's diaper.  I didn't IRL.  We got up this morning and I went to change him (in my mind again) and I realized it had been a dream. I felt terrible!  I took his dipe off and let things air out for a bit.  LOL.


And Kat, if that makes you a lazy mom, I'm even LAZIER!  LOL.  I don't hover.  I sit back and let DD figure things out.  If she calls me over, I'll come but for the most part I let her wander and play and do her own thing.  Especially at a park or playground.  I don't like being that mom who hovers and whatnot.  Unless it's a slide she needs help with or when she was littler, stairs or it was higher than I thought she could handle, I sit back and watch.  Your DS will soon learn about the dangers of the street (or not, and he'll give you a heart attack running full speed towards a busy road irked.gif) and you'll be able to tell him to look both ways for cars, etc.  DD is mostly good with that now.  But still not 100% trustworthy, I'm learning.


I did EPO, but not even religiously.  Hopefully baby girl comes before you get too miserable. orngbiggrin.gif  I'm so excited to "meet" her!! 


A book review/club sounds good!  I don't get much time to read (how the heck are you all reading!?)  but I woud love to contribute.  Maybe I'll charge up my kindle...

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Baby_Cakes, I thought the same thing about the reading! Every time I sit down to read anything, DD starts squawking. It's like she has some sort of sensor! But I'd love to try to do a book club. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to read some.

I can't keep the tv on for long periods. The sound drives me crazy. And the kids get testy and grumpy if they watch for too long. This summer when we were home all day, we would go whole days without turning it on. In fact some days it wouldn't get turned on until DH would come home and turn it on. I do keep the radio on for background noise though. I usually switch between NPR and music channels.

Oh and Baby_Cakes, the lentils could have been the problem. They can make people pretty gassy. DD had a few days of almost projectile vomiting/spitting up. I started spacing out some of her evening feeds and that helped. She likes to cluster feed in the evening but then she gets too full.

Only four more weeks until I go back to work. I'm worried about how our care provider is going to do. She's going to be staying with my goddaughter's mom and right now I don't know how she's going to juggle the two of them. DD wants to be held SO much and her DD will be 19 months. She's a good toddler but she still needs lots of supervision. Hopefully by that point DD will be ok sitting by herself for longer periods by then.
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Annie, is your caregiver open to babywearing? It may be a help when juggling a young toddler and a newborn.


FWIW - I am not reading anything at the moment. would love to, but need to go by the library or something as I am all out of books! and I've re-read all of mine so much. (and as for pregnancy and birth books, I've gotten to the point where all I really internalize is "blah, blah, blah" or "yadda, yadda, yadda" - it's so repetitive!


One one hand, I hate to hover - it just doesn't come very naturally to me - OTOH when out with other moms who DO hover (not anyone I know, but just other random people) or what happens more often is that DS is the youngest one on the play equipment, I kind of feel like I *should* be near at hand, just in case. I don't know why, but I rarely see other people's under-2-year-olds anywhere near play equipement - be it the toddler playground, a regular playground, or just the play place at a fast food restaurant. Even though DS really can't do much with some of the stuff, it is a generally safe place (soft surface) for him to run and climb a little.


oh, eating! I know this baby has dropped because I have been able to eat! for the first time in ages! I just hope I don't double my weight gain here in the last couple weeks . . .I've been able to actually finish what I put on my plate, and even eat second helpings! (sorry, but it's been so long since I could - pretty much this whole pregnancy - it's like I've forgotten how to eat!)


Enjoy the eating while nursing. I did lots of finger foods that I could do one handed. Annie, do you always double pump? or do you have some sort of contraption that allows you to pump hands free? (they look kind of like a scary bustier or bra) that may allow you to read or something while doing that.


oh, and I think lentils are a sort of bean, so def can contribute to gas. Does he really need to burp right after a feeding, or do you think maybe letting his food settle 5-10 minutes and then burping might help?

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I can't wait for the next baby announcement! (kat winky.gif) Why are you doing EPO at all? It isn't usually necessary for anyone. I know it's a "natural" way of ripening the cervix but doing anything to change things or speed things up starts getting into the unnatural realm and could potentially cause problems. I know you are anxious to go into labor sooner rather than later and on your own to help avoid a c-section but I don't see the need for using anything for induction until you are at least 39w. JMHO

That hovering is what I think this book I'm reading would put int he coddling category. The author talks about giving children the freedom to skin their knees and so on. If we don't let children experience some things for themselves, how will they learn? Of course, I'm not talking about anything really dangerous like allowing them to run in traffic and wait for them to get hit by a car but giving them the space to try things helps them learn for themselves. Then we can discuss what they did, what they were hoping to accomplish, what happened and what they would or would not do next time (in a non-judgmental way).

Reading: I've been reading this book for months. I just get snatches here and there. The constant interruptions were the reason I started knitting. I can be interrupted while knitting, put my work, come back months later and pick up right where I left off. Can't do that with reading. That's why I thought a book club on here would be fun. We can read at our own paces and discuss things on our own time. We wouldn't have to worry about finishing the book by a certain time and/or going to a meeting.

Carrie ~ Have you tried holding Finn sitting up with a burp cloth or rag underneath him so that he's not leaning over you? I don't know how to describe it on here. I sit D up and put one hand under his chin with my fingers on either side of his face to hold his head p and support/pat his back. That way, if anything comes out, it goes down toward his lap rather than on me.

And, yeah, lentils are legumes so they can definitely cause gas and poop issues.
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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

That hovering is what I think this book I'm reading would put int he coddling category. The author talks about giving children the freedom to skin their knees and so on. If we don't let children experience some things for themselves, how will they learn? Of course, I'm not talking about anything really dangerous like allowing them to run in traffic and wait for them to get hit by a car but giving them the space to try things helps them learn for themselves. Then we can discuss what they did, what they were hoping to accomplish, what happened and what they would or would not do next time (in a non-judgmental way).

Carrie ~ Have you tried holding Finn sitting up with a burp cloth or rag underneath him so that he's not leaning over you? I don't know how to describe it on here. I sit D up and put one hand under his chin with my fingers on either side of his face to hold his head p and support/pat his back. That way, if anything comes out, it goes down toward his lap rather than on me.

And, yeah, lentils are legumes so they can definitely cause gas and poop issues.

Letting them get hurt is one thing.  Like, for example, Nora loves to run on the sidewalk.  We always tell her to be careful, don't skin your knees!  And she shouts back, "I won't, I'm being very careful!"  Still, every so often, she trips and falls and skins her knees.  It's like, I can't never let her run on the sidewalk.  I tell her to run on the grass instead.  But she WANTS to run on the sidewalk.  What can I do?  She knows the consequence if she falls, she deals with it when she does (albeit badly, she's a crier and a drama queen when she gets hurt) but it's her choice, ultimately.  


I'm talking about those helicopter mom's who won't even let their toddlers sit 3 feet away in the grass or in the mulch, and have to be right on top of them circling and making sure they're ok.  I used to be like that when DD was littler.  


Alysia, I've tried doing that burp technique and we get spit up on the floor, which I suppose is easier to clean than my clothes.  lol.gif


Kat, Sometimes I let his burps just come up on their own.  If I put him to my chest and just lightly rub his back, usually his burps come up on their own and they aren't as juicy.  At night this is usually what I do, too.  Nurse sitting up, put him to my chest and lay back down.  Once he starts fussing, I sit up a bit straighter, and he'll burp on his own.  But if it's a cough/sputter/can't breathe sort of situation, I admit I thump gently to see if I can get it out.  Neither is foolproof.  Spitup happens 50/50 either way.


I'm hoping in another month he'll be bigger and better able to deal with my milk supply.  We shall see.  He's 4 weeks already tomorrow!  Where is the time going? happytears.gif


GTK about the lentils!  


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i forgot to comment on wording things to kids. i agree that making a positive statement about what the child can do instead of a negative statement about what they can't do is better. besides being positive instead of negative, it sort of closes the door. if you tell a child not to run in the street they may think it's ok to stand or walk in the street. no one can list everything thay don't want the child to do. however, if you tell the child to stay on the sidewalk or play in the grass, there's no need to try to come up with ways around that. but then according to this book you don't want to direct the child too much or you're getting into the coddling realm.

on eating, i looked into nutrisystem yesterday b/c i thought i'd eat better with that even tho it's a diet plan than how i'm eating now. all the meals are ready to go. a lot you can just grab and eat. some you heat in the microwave. i could have sworn they had a breastfeeding plan but was told they do not. irked.gif the only thing left i weight watchers, which isn't easier than what i'm doing b/c you have to make your meals and count points. i've been wondering if i could do it using their foods that are sold at the grocery store but there are only like 3 i can eat. ugh!
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I agree with that - positive vs negative words. It's easier too.  


What about Jenny Craig?  My ILs are constantly doing it or restarting it.

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i was going to look into jenny craig. i think my sister did that one. i think they have the option of making your own food or using theirs. i'm getting discouraged at finding something for breastfeeders. i'm not really looking for a weight loss diet, just a meal plan with premade foods so i don't have to think or prepare anything. i know i can add extra food to make sure i'm getting enough calories but i'm worried about my supply decreasing. also, i'm getting concerned about my nutrition at this point. if my dh were home, he would prepare everything for me. he likes to do that sort of thing.
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I'm trying something kind of drastic for us today. Every time E says or does anything mean, nasty, teasing or attitudy, I immediately send him to his room. I'm trying not to make it a punishment but more of time for him to regroup. There's not set time limit he has to stay in his room or anything specific he can or can't do while in there. He can come out and rejoin us whenever he feels that he's ready to be respectful. As soon as he does or says something else, right back he goes. He's still reacting to it like it's a punishment, though, so I don't know what to do about that.

I'm doing something similar with K. Whenever he gets way too hyper and out of control, I have him sit in a chair or on the couch with me for a little bit. If he can't sit still and be quiet there, he has to go to his room, too. I wish I didn't have to do this but I can't take the almost constant bickering and noise and commotion anymore. I do give K the option of going out in the backyard to run and jump and yell and scream but he doesn't want to by himself. I can't go out with him because the whole point in him settling down and being quiet is so I can get D asleep and have him stay asleep for a while. If I go outside with D while K plays, that defeats the purpose. greensad.gif
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