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I agree re: the EPO. I am horrible about remembering to drink enough RRL tea to do any difference, so I don't bother. Since the EPO is natural - and not harmful in anyway I've found - I figure giving it a shot is worth a try.


The vingegar - I do dilute; I use about the same as you would fabric softener (around 1/4 cup or so). with my washer you dilute the fabric softener too, so it just seemed to be appropriate. That, and one time I did fill up the dispenser and the diapers came out smelling like, well, vinegar. FWIW, we have a top loader, not a front one.


I am so sleepy - I'm just so restless at night, and last night I got a truly wicked leg cramp. I hate those! I had to get out of bed so I could apply enough pressure to relieve the pain. Just all in preparation for when baby Norah arrives, I guess! (not the leg cramps, but the lack of good sleep)

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Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

Re: ideal weight - I don't go based on BMI charts - if I went by that, I'd need to weigh between like 98 and 115 for my height. Which I think is NEVER going to happen. They don't take into consideration boobs, or bone structure, or muscle mass. 


I have lots of friends that love WW. I'm not really into diet plans. Just want to make good lifestyle changes. Eat less crap, move more.

Yeah, it's funny how they assume everyone is going to be the same bone size and structure. It doesn't work like that. 


And I'm the same way with dieting. I've "tried" it a few times, and it's just not something that's feasible for me. I was pretty underweight my entire like up until high school, and never had to restrict in any way whatsoever (bag of popcorn and three egg omlette as an after school snack, yes please!)... so once my metabolism slowed down and I actually started gaining weight, I tried to "diet" but I just end up starving and miserable. So the plan is to eat lots of healthy fruits, veggies and proteins (which should in theory work, since most of them are finger foods!), and just keeping active each day. I find it way easier to add in exercise than to reduce my food intake!


Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

I'm using All F&C Small and Mighty.  I have a friend bringing me Country Save to try, and like I said I have the Funk Rock on its way.  



going back a bit - regarding the EPO, RRL, etc -- I don't see using those things as interfering with a natural process at all.  I see it as helping your body prepare as best as possible for labor.  Same as eating spicy food, etc.  These things might kickstart something that's already happening or going to happen, but don't actually do anything with the process itself.  Castor oil I feel differently about, but still, if I went really postdates, I don't think I'd personally be opposed.  


Carrie-- I'd love to hear how the Country save and rockn green both go. I think we're going to end up using Country Save. I want to use rockn green, and had people tell me not to bother. Which sucks- because I was excited about it!


Also agreed about the EPO, to me it's in the same category of using RRL tea. It's something to prepare your body. I guess the difference could some in someone who was using one obsessively in an effort to bring on labor right away, as opposed to it being a matter of preparation, you know? But it sounds like your plans for it are good, so I wouldn't worry! Speaking of, I need to get my hands on some RRL. I wanted to buy some locally, but have been lazy about sourcing it. 

Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

I am so sleepy - I'm just so restless at night, and last night I got a truly wicked leg cramp. I hate those! I had to get out of bed so I could apply enough pressure to relieve the pain. Just all in preparation for when baby Norah arrives, I guess! (not the leg cramps, but the lack of good sleep)

I've been drinknig as much water as I can- and I'm still getting horrible leg cramps almost every night that have my waking up crying out in pain. I actually asked about it in our DDC, curious as to how that pain compares to cxn pain, because *headspin* at the thought of lasting through hours upon hours of that. 



Question-- I have my glucose test on Thursday, and it's a "no prep" test, so she told me to just do whatever I would normally in the morning, and then come in, and they'll do the blood draw. Wonderful. I'm just wondering what the best kind of meal is for me to eat beforehand to get an accurate reading? I'm horrible for eating breakfast, but I want to make sure I eat -something-, I just haven't decided what. 

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Carrie ~ I'd been meaning to suggest vinegar. I use vinegar probably about once a month. I just fill up the fabric softener cup in my machine, run a wash like normal and then an extra rinse. You can also try baking soda to neutralize odors. With my front loader, I just shake some into the washer because I use liguid detergent. If I used powder detergent, I could probably just add it to the detergent cup.

I got that fishy smell when I used All F&C. That's why I stopped using it. I know some people say they use it without problems and I think it is listed as ok on that safe detergents list I saw. Maybe it has something to do with the water, whether it's hard or soft. I could never tell what was what. Here I'm told we have really soft water because it feels like i can never rinse all the soap off my hands when I was them. I haven't used the All F&C here, though. That was in Hawaii. Don't know if the water there would be considered hard or normal. Definitely not soft like here.

Annie ~ Your kids are lucky. Maybe someone in your school district got the message about families not having any time together because the kids had so much homework. I don't recall having too much homework when I was in elementary school but that was in the mid-1970s to early 1980s, a lot more years ago than some of you. I spent a lot of time with Ryan doing homework by the time he was in 3rd grade. Of course, he fought doing it so it would have taken probably half the time if we didn't fight about for the first 30 minutes or so. Part of that time was in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and part of that time was in northern Virginia.

I can't remember exactly how long it took me but I lost the weight pretty quickly after having both Ryan and Ethan. I did exercise a lot after having Ryan. I remember doing Denise Austin and Gilad fitness shows on TV. After Ethan I just walked. I tried taking him to the gym but he cried so I quit doing that. I never did lose all the weight after having Kellen. I kept about 10 lbs. on. I don't know if that was age or lack of exercise. I can definitely tell it's harder for me to lose weight now than 10 or 20 years ago. My metabolism has slowed.

Carrie ~ I agree that EPO and RRL tea are more natural than other things. Actually, I wouldn't put the RRL tea in the same category as the EPO because, again, consuming tea is part of normal life while applying EPO internally to your cervix is not, at least not that I've ever heard of before. Is there anywhere that women normally apply EPO to their cervices throughout life? I can totally understand why one would try that if they went post-dates and their hcps were hounding them about it and/or there were some other concerns about going past the EDD. (Although, now that I'm typing that out I still don't really get that because I'd just tell the HCPs to kiss my butt since they couldn't force me to submit to any medical procedure against my will.) I'm of the mindset to trust my body and trust the process. Since my body was made to give birth there's no reason to mess with the process in any way. I just don't see the need and wonder why you would want to add to your plate, so to speak, by doing something that's unnecessary. Like you posted before, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. winky.gif

WW is supposed to be about learning to eat healthy rather than really being a deprivation diet. It's supposed to teach how to make healthier food choices and learn what normal portion sizes are. I don't need help with that. I know all of that. I just need someone to prepare the food for me. I just saw a commercial for a grocery store about 30 minutes away where you can order your groceries online, someone gets them for you and all you have to do is pick them up. I'm seriously considering trying that depending on the cost. I know the grocery store is more expensive than the ones I normally shop at because I went there once. May be worth saving the stress of shopping, though it probably won't really save me much time because I'll spend about an hour driving there and back. Anyway...

What did I miss? I always miss something even though I write a book.

Oh, kat, yeah, I forgot about adding a drawstring to the sleep sack. That would be very easy. The thing rising up wasn't an issue for me. I don't even use mine anymore because D grew out of them already and grew into the Wonderoos so I don't need a wool cover for night anymore.
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Cross-posted. smile.gif

I've read mixed reviews about Rockin' Green, too. Some people really like it and some seem to have issues. That's how it is with just about every detergent, though, so I really think it's something you need to try for yourself. I have used Charlie's Soap for years now without any trouble but I'm going to try Rockin' Green because a local store sells it. I got a sample to try. It would be nice to be able to buy it here and not have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping an extremely heavy liquid detergent bottle. Sometimes you can find a co-op for Charlie's (and maybe others) but I don't think they would save me any money.

Haha, JJ, as painful as leg cramps are, they don't compare to labor. But the really hard part of labor doesn't last hours and hours (usually).

For the glucose test, eat a high protein, low carb meal like eggs, 1 piece of toast or a small piece of fruit and a small glass of milk, if all of that even. Some say the toast, fruit and/or milk is too much carbs. The point is to have protein to slow down the metabolism of the sugars you will drink, if you are doing the glucose drink.

Oh, and on the diet, make sure you eat healthy fats, too. The body needs saturated fats or the brain doesn't function properly. It's trans fats you need to avoid.
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Leg cramps are sharp, severe, they suck, and don't bring you closer to meeting your baby.  LOL.  Labor for me is painful, but it's pain with a purpose.  The only purpose of a leg cramp is to piss me off and make me lose sleep.  So they're harder for me to deal with!!  Round ligament pains are the same way for me.  They HURT and take your breath away.  I think they're harder to deal with than labor contractions.


Alysia - That's interesting you had the fishy smell with the All F&C!  Hmm!  Food for thought.  The Funk Rock is a powder, shipping was only $5.95 and I found a coupon for a dollar off.  


My girlfriend just stopped by with the box of Country Save -- and she also gave me a brand new still in package GroVia AIO to try!!  She also threw in an extra wetbag that's gorgeous, and a little tote for Nora.  How nice!!  She's a sweetheart.  I need to hang out with her more.


After Nora, it took me probably 9-10 months to lose ALL the weight, but I honestly did not start exercising or really trying until she was about 6 months old.  I was too tired and honestly didn't care much.  Then all of a sudden, I'd had enough!  LOL!  


JJ - for breakfast before my draw, I had whole wheat toast with peanut butter and coffee.  LOL!  I was told the same thing, eat normally, but I figured some good carbs and some protein would be better than sugar cereal.  I ate around 9 am, and drank my juice 30 min before my appt at 11.  Do you have to drink glucola or are you doing something like OJ or jellybeans?

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well, technically, a leg cramp has a purpose, too. it's your body telling you something is out of whack, usually an electrolyte deficiency. try getting more calcium, magnesium and potassium. through food is best but you can take supplements if needed. i get restless leg syndrome when i'm pg and the only thing that relieves it for me is a sports drink like powerade or gatorade. i can't stand the drinks but if i don't have at least one 8 oz. glass a day my legs drive me crazy.

not to harp on the EPO thing (really i'm not trying to redface.gif), but it occurred to me that what bothers me about using it prophylactically is that the initial assumption is that the female body needs help having a baby. not only is that not true, i find it disempowering. it sends the wrong message to uninformed women that their bodies can't do this on their own. they need some kind of help, no matter how benign the help may seem. but if we start with the assumption that the female body works perfectly fine on it's own, we don't need to do anything except let it work.
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MW: I guess part of my issue is that I didn't go into labor on my own really last time, being induced at 41+6, and never fully dilated or effaced, therefore it's kind of hard to trust my body to do it without any help. So I figured this one thing might actually physically help, and helps give me peace of mind too, that I'm doing something.


I've never used the all free and clear. I will use Purex natural in a pinch (it's what we use on regular clothes), but right now am using the Bio-Kleen laundry powder, which I really like, and have had no issues with. I buy online through Amazon.


I also use Borax in the wash, it's a good deodorizer/stain releaser. When I have really bad smells/stains I'll use Bac-Out, but don't often because it's pricey.


The thing with labor pains is they come and go (generally) - leg cramps come and you have no idea sometimes when they will end, or if they will. That and I can rationalize labor because it serves a purpose. leg cramps, not so much.


for the glucose test - def lots of protein. Or at least more protein than carbs. If you are doing dairy, do full fat. it actually has less sugar than low or no fat.


Gabe went down easy for a nap today, hooray! fx we get to do maternity pictures this afternoon. That's the plan, anyway.

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kat ~ i understand your POV. i've chatted with many women who can't trust their bodies b/c of past problems with either fertility, pregnancy or birth. but there are a few flaws in the thinking that the past dictates the future. first and foremost is that every pg is unique. even if a prior experience puts you at a higher risk of the same thing happening, it won't necessarily happen again. second, it's not always a problem to go to 42w or slightly beyond. unless there is a specific medical reason why baby needs to come out now, you can still let things go for a bit, maybe submitting to NSTs and/or a biophysical profile to check on things. third, (i had a third but have been interrupted so many times that i can't remember it. lol.gif maybe it will come back to me.). oh, maybe my third was that regardless, there's no need for concern or intervention before you are even at 41w3d (which is the true normal length of a pg allowed to progress without intervention). the idea of 40w being when baby should come is a myth. you are not overdue once you hit 40w1d. you still have another week before you need to even entertain the idea of being overdue.

oh, yeah, fat is good to eat with carbs and protein. it slows down digestion, thereby slowing down blood sugar spikes.
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mmm toast with pb. That sounds like a good idea. I might do that and a hard boiled egg or something. no milk here. The only stuff I drink is chocolate, and that's a glass or two every 2-3 weeks. I get all my calcium through cheese and other foods. 


Ok, stats help lovelies. What percentage of pregnancies go full term (or 40 weeks), I'll take either statistic. 


My nutcase of a SIL is now telling people that I need to be prepared to go into labor any day now because she "didn't know to expect to go early either, and was caught off guard". She keeps telling people she's worried about me because she thinks I'm going to go early and am somehow in denial or something. FYI-- I have TWELVE weeks left, and she gave birth at 35 (three times in a row, and then one 37 weeker), and oh yes, there's the small detail of her having a bicornate uterus-- a very good reason for her not to have gone full term. I have no reason to believe I will not go full term. 


So I'm going to post a snippy fb status about not being a time bomb, and did you know that x % of pregnancies go to 40 weeks? But I can't find a reputable statistic. 

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12 weeks to go - whoohoo! - but I do wish I had stats. with all of the current interventions and crap - not to mention increase in multiple births - the current avg gestation is probably less than it should be.


all that said - it's not that I want to have this baby, like, tomorrow, but I have to remind myself that it is possible - 41+3 is an average after all - then again I really don't want her to be pushing the 42 week mark either, like DS - it's just added stress. past 40 weeks, I'm perfectly willing to "submit" to NST's and BPP's if it keeps me out of the OR. And I remind myself that the dr's 40 weeks is 1 week after my 40 weeks, so really, all things considered, I have probably up to 43 weeks before they get pushy (or if they get pushy at their 41 weeks, it's really my 42). I just don't like to think that it may be mid-October before she arrives. I can't really wrap my head around that - even though I might need to! (FWIW, the OB's 42 weeks would be 10/19/11 - that seems such a long time away!)


enh, what will be, will be. still trying to walk the line between being ready and being patient.


JJ - peanut butter toast is yummy! not a bad breakfast, or snack either (I eat some several times a week!)


Next appointment is tomorrow, fun stuff! now that I'm at a practice I like, I don't mind the appointments, or even that they are every week now.

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i don't have any stats but i haven't looked. i agree with kat that most current stats would be skewed anyway. i'll see if i can find something.

and, yeah, tell your SIL that it's not surprising at all that she gave birth early with a bicornate uterus. maybe she was in denial. eyesroll.gif

PB and whole grain toast sounds good. add an egg and you'll be good to go. just watch what you drink. no juice or too much coffee or tea with cream and/or sweetener.
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JJ - that means you're in the 3rd tri now?  Ooh, how exciting!  I hope these last few months don't drag for you.  I know you're due around Christmastime, right?  I was just thinking I need all the time I can get b/w now and Christmas, but I don't want these months to drag for you and for other mamas expecting around then!  LOL!  Pssht, pay no mind to your SIL. I did a quick search and it said 10% of all pregnancies go past their due date, so does that mean 90% of pregnancies go earlier or on time?  Not sure that stat works in your favor, lol.


Kat - it's already mid-september!  I know the days feel like months and the weeks feel like years, but soon you'll be holding your little girl!!  I hated the last month.  I like seeing that you're still mostly feeling positive about things!  


Just washed my dipes in country save.  I'm about to dry them.  I'll lyk how it goes!!  Why is this so exciting??

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wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pregnancy
...fewer than 5% of births occur at exactly 40 weeks; 50% of births are within a week of this duration, and about 80% are within 2 weeks.[13

http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1046/j.1469-0705.1995.06050353.x/abstract;jsessionid=1F5524387C6E30901E9C2386DDCCB9EF.d02t03 refernce from wikipedia. i didn't read it further but you might be able to.
The length of uncomplicated human gestation.
Mittendorf R, Williams MA, Berkey CS, Cotter PF.
Obstet Gynecol. 1990 Jun;75(6):929-32.
Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts.

By retrospective exclusion of gestations with known obstetric complications, maternal diseases, or unreliable menstrual histories, we found that uncomplicated, spontaneous-labor pregnancy in private-care white mothers is longer than Naegele's rule predicts. For primiparas, the median duration of gestation from assumed ovulation to delivery was 274 days, significantly longer than the predicted 266 days (P = .0003). For multiparas, the median duration of pregnancy was 269 days, also significantly longer than the prediction (P = .019). Moreover, the median length of pregnancy in primiparas proved to be significantly longer than that for multiparas (P = .0032). Thus, this study suggests that when estimating a due date for private-care white patients, one should count back 3 months from the first day of the last menses, then add 15 days for primiparas or 10 days for multiparas, instead of using the common algorithm for Naegele's rule.


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totally OT. does anyone know how to unblock someone posts after you've blocked them on FB?
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I'm trying EC, sort of. Whenever I can I hold D over the sink to see if he'll pee. So far nothing. shrug.gif
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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

totally OT. does anyone know how to unblock someone posts after you've blocked them on FB?

Yep, go to the bottom of your news feed and click Edit Options.  You can uncheck the X by the person who is blocked and they'll reappear on your feed.

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MW, is it a Harris Teeter near you that offers that service? Our HT does that and I seriously considered it those first couple of weeks home when DD needed me all the time. If I didn't have DH here so I could go shopping at night by myself I would totally use that service. I remember it being reasonably priced.

JJ, I can't believe that you only have 12 weeks left! I know it's probably not going that fast for you but it seems like just yesterday you were finding out you were pg!

I got myself all set up to take my temp this morning and then when I went to do it the battery is dead! Grrrrrrrr!

I don't want to jinx it but DD has slept 7 hrs straight the past two nights. Unfortunately I haven't planned my pumping times well so I didn't sleep that whole time but I did get 5 hrs straight both nights. I don't feel like a zombie anymore!
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Annie - yay! - on consecutive hours of sleep! I remember feeling so much better after my first 5 hour stretch after DS was born. It's amazing what a little sleep does.


MW: according to the new algorithm you posted, I will probably deliver by October 1st. I'm cool with that  - I basically would really love baby to come before my birthday - which is 10/15 - I would rather she didn't come on 10/4 (my little brother that died was born that day, and it may seem weird). And DH just wants her to wait until after Friday, which is when his massage therapy national exam is. Other than that . . . she's welcome to arrive whenever!


I think EC is great for those that can or are willing. I'm only crunchy enough to CD. I need new snappi, but need more $$ in the budget. I have ones I use on DS, but think they'd be too stretched out for use on a newborn.


Carrie, do let us know how the new detergent works out. I'm curious!


38 weeks today! doctor's appointment this afternoon.

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Yay to pgs moving along. It does seem like just yesterday some of you found out you were pg. Crazy how the time flies for those not carrying that baby.

Carrie ~ Thanks. Fixed my FB. thumb.gif

Annie ~ It's a Lowe's Food. I shopped there once because they sell organic meats but it's quite pricey. I used to have my groceries delivered when I lived in northern VA. It was so nice to come home and find all the food sitting on my doorstep. I hate grocery shopping. I'd save money shopping online, too, because there aren't all those flashy displays and junk food sitting in the middle of the aisles to entice me. Hm...maybe I should try it. I might save money even if the individual stuff costs more.

Kat ~ I'm not doing anything scheduled or difficult with the EC. I just hold him over the sink for a little bit after a diaper change. I'm trying to pick up on the times he screams like he's hurt but there's nothing wrong. I think that might be a pee cue. I haven't gotten into that yet, though. Just not feeling jumping up and trying to get a diaper off him and get him to the sink real fast. One of these days I may try having him diaperless for a while and see how that goes. I need to give him diaper free time sometimes anyway.
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I do feel like a zombie!!  Finn was up every 2 hrs last night, and then for some reason Nora woke up at 4 crying for me (she wouldn't let DH near her) so I lay with her for 30 min or so til she fell back asleep.  Around 5 I finally got back in bed.  Then finn woke up at 6.  Blah!  I feel back asleep w/him on the couch at 630 ish and then at 7 -- yes SEVEN AM -- Nora called out like she was up for the day.  This girl always sleeps til 9!!  WTF universe?? And she's been a whiny tantrumy hot mess all morning.  A shower and lots of coffee are helping with my mood.  She wants to go out for bagels but with her attitude I'd rather just lock her up somewhere, lol! 

Originally Posted by akind1 View Post


MW: according to the new algorithm you posted, I will probably deliver by October 1st. 

How exciting!  That's so soon!!  joy.gif


Also, I have a few brand new snappis I'll never use.  Want 'em?  I send them to you for free, as a thanks for the hat even.  LOL.  LMK.





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