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Hey everyone,
Wanted to let folks know A Living Family is looking to start an attachment/natural dads group for folks in the Philly area. Are you or someone you know interested in a dads group? If you are interested in finding out about this and other free support groups we offer, please email us or join us on Meetup (dates and times, discussion+RSVP). Some topics and groups are: babywearing, EC/cloth diapering, baby-led weaning/solids, natural birth and homebirth, breastfeeding, child-led play and parenting (RIE, Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia principles), and more.


Here are links:


Facebook: A Living Family 
Twitter: aLivingFamily



Child-led Playgroup: Sept. 9 (Fri) @ 10 am -- Fitler Square (23rd and Pine)
Birth Story Circle: Sept 17 (Sat) @ 3 pm -- email or join Meetup for location and other info


Feel free to email with questions or if you have need for support.

Hope to see new folks on line and in person! 

sheila and jen