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I heard scary baby giggling and "kitty! nom! kitty kitty!". Big kids left a bag of grapes on the table where Mae could reach. She was trying to force feed them to the cat.
Just wow.
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just1more~ congratulations!  I can't imagine keeping up with this toddler stage while going through the first trimester...you are one tough cookie!


Dd isn't a demolition machine, but she is a mess machine.  Hats and books, hats and books...it feels like I am constantly picking up her trails of hats and books.

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How can you find out the area a small chocolate cookie can be smeared into?


Give it to a 1 year old. :| Thanks to my 6 year old for THAT one.

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Originally Posted by Kelly1101 View Post

I would absolutely night-wean if I were you (we night-weaned at like 11 months).  


With both of mine I did the Jay Gordon thing.  I'd say it's worth a shot.  Hope things get better for you *hugs*


Also look into naps.  What's going on with naps right now?



A giant yeahthat.gif.


DD was such a crappy sleeper to begin with that, with night-nursing, I thought I was going to lose my mind.


Night weaning was my savior.  I didn't follow any specific plan (although was going to use Jay Gordon if our rocking her in her car seat (since she used to sleep in that at night) didn't work.


I really hope you get some sleep soon.  I felt like a human being again once DD was STTN!  Good luck!

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Thanks! :)


The last thing dd destroyed?  Hmm...she's always pulling stuff out of the trash can.  And the other day, she was really, really proud of her drawing on the wall. :)

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Mae may be in her terrible twos a year too early... but she's still such a good baby.


I'm so sick I can hardly get off the couch. She's content to just play on the livingroom floor where I can see, watch her couple of tv shows and sit next to mommy while mommy reads to her. No fits, no freaking out of I can't get up the moment she shows that she's getting hungry, just so happy with her right now. I needed this as the morning sickness this time is worse than it was with her and with her it was pretty darn bad!

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Trimming the tree :D 

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Not really toddler related, but 

424 days = 1 year 1 month and 29 days. 


That's how long it took me to lose 100lbs.  Still plugging along, but it's a nice milestone.


33ish wks.. so yes I got BIGGER! 







The smallest belt on my coat is about 4" too big now.  

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Oh AMANDA!  CONGRATULATIONS!! You absolutely deserve to celebrate. That is quite a milestone.  Go you!

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Hey! So, what are your LOs loving to eat???? Mine hates sitting in his chair, throwing a fit most times. Sometimes he gets over it and gets into trying to pierce things with a fork, and trying to deal with the spoon. We are still doing no dairy and no soy, and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to feed him lately! He won't eat the purees anymore, but still throws things on the floor all the time. He likes avocado, chicken and beef cut into tiny little pieces, noodles, spag and meat sauce, and I'm trying to think of new things that are soy and dairy free but easy to eat. Any ideas??

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Originally Posted by porcelina View Post

Hey! So, what are your LOs loving to eat???? .... He likes avocado, chicken and beef cut into tiny little pieces, noodles, spag and meat sauce, and I'm trying to think of new things that are soy and dairy free but easy to eat. Any ideas??


DS likes cooked carrots, mixed veggies and sweet potatoes. I either cook a sweet potato (or yam) and cut it or mash it. I also bought sweet potato fries. Our stand-by food when we don't have anything is mac&cheese (but that won't help you).



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Caitlin will almost always eat yogurt (not helpful for you, I know), black olive slices (fun to stick on the end of your finger) and pear chunks. Also, most soups are good. I pretty much always get a cup of soup (lentil and black bean are great) or chili with my meal when we eat out since I know she'll eat some of that plus whatever else I get. I can give her the beans to pick up and eat (or chunks of meat in chili) or feed her from a spoon. Pumpkin bread was a big hit last weekend. I love this vegan recipe for blackstrap gingerbread (it's a cake consistency - not cookies, but not too sweet), so I'm going to make it soon and see what she thinks. Apple slices and chunks are usually well received. Oh, and she found out yesterday that she likes chocolate chips straight from the bag. :)


She no longer wants to walk anywhere - it's run, run, run, all the time. She has tons of words and signs - I love hearing her talk. She even answered the phone in her sleep this morning. Never opened her eyes, just went from snoring, to putting her fist by her ear and saying, "Hi-eeeee" then right back to snoring.


My big girl:



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Originally Posted by jenifera2 View Post

Apple slices and chunks are usually well received.

Just curious, are the apples cooked? Or crunchy? If crunchy... how does she do with it, did it take her a while to learn to chew it?

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They're raw and haven't ever been a problem for her, but she's had 12 teeth for several months now. I started by letting her bite very small pieces off a whole Apple that I had bitten the peel off and left bumpy. Very small pieces of a softer Apple like McIntosh would be good for learning, and quite ripe pears are also great
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T eats absolutely EVERYTHING. He loves all meat, especially meatballs, any kind of noodles, beans (black, kidney, great northern, refried), chili, anything tomato-y, sliced pears, sliced apples, halved grapes, banana but only bitten off the whole, berries of all varieties, TJs cereal bars, super sticky oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins, ww waffles, corn, peas, fish.  He is a great eater!


He had 8 teeth by 9 months, and we did tablefood from the get-go with him, so he has been eating a lot of this for months now.


With the raw apples, if you slice them paper thin, they can chew them very easily.

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I tend to just hand him an apple or a pear.  LMAO.  It occupies him as well as feeding him, which is a plus.


I don't let him eat apples without me being very close in case he has trouble, but he's pretty good at chewing and we've never had a problem.

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Jennifera2, I'm all over that recipe, thanks! Soup is also a good suggestion!!


Yes, DS2 loves apples as well-- he only wants anything to do with large pieces, like the whole thing or a quarter, so I let him have at it. He only barely has two teeth on the top, and barely two on the bottom, and only one of the top ones is over a bottom one, LOL! But, he loves apples. The sweet potato fries are also a hit with him. He also loves all fruit (too bad they are all going out of season) and sometimes eats (cooked) carrots...Oh, and chicken hot dogs cut into little pieces. He'll also sometimes eat pb&j in little pieces. I also make dairy-free pancakes which he loves.


I'll have to try some meatballs now and see how they go over. Also, I used to do a chicken/apple sausage with DS1 when he was little, maybe I'll try that (DS1 now refuses to eat them).


Yesterday gave him some rice-r-roni type food, which was a bad choice -- made him (and me) feel sick (fussy and had to poo), kept him up at night, and made him vomit this morning. Turns out it had soy protein in it (along w who knows what preservatives!). Oh well, just a reminder it's not always a great idea to take a shortcut with food! 


Keep the ideas a comin'!

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Originally Posted by JulieInChicago View Post

WOW, congrats!  My best mommy friend and I both have the same outlook - we will think about #2 when this gets easier.  HA!  right?

That said... I still have yet to STTN, even just once.  It's such a struggle.  I have a feeling our only possible solution is night weening and maybe CIO or a long process of No Cry/Pantley.  I just want my sanity back, but I keep telling myself that his comfort and trust is so much more important.  He's down at 7, then up at 11, 3, 5, and 6.


Anyone else still in the sleepless boat?



I've been out of the loop here for a while, but I just want to say this is a FANTASTIC picture! My husband is a photographer and would appreciate it as he's always trying to get that perfect shot of our son. Love this. 

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Ok... Tantrums... YES. Not so bad yet (I've been broken in by my 2.5 y/o nephew) but the worst are when he's tired and we have to change his diaper. To him it is the END OF THE WORLD. My goodness....  Eating and nursing... well... as of this week we are officially done nursing. I wanted to go till 2 years, but it just didn't work out. His latch got worse and worse to the point he was leaving deep cuts in my nipples. I have the scars to prove it. So I kept cutting out one feeding a day.... and now we are done. He's had more bad REALLY BAD reactions to cow's milk. So he is currently dairy free, and I give him almond milk with pro-biotics each day. We also are getting some frozen BM from a friend soon. Sooo glad for that since he will get some much needed anti-bodies over the winter. He eats almost anything. He is such a good eater, I'm so so glad for that. He currently loves, all types of beans, all fruits and most veggies. He just got his first molar today, so needless to say he cant do leafy greens yet. 


But for having only 7 teeth for a long time (since July) he's an amazing eater. 


His food reactions were the worst last week when on Wednesday (2 hours after having straight cows milk for the 5th or 6th time) he threw up all night. He's had eczema, non-stop runny nose, gas, diariah... its not been fun. We are seeing an allergist Monday. I have a feeling he's allergic to more than just dairy... but we will know soon. He wakes on average 3 times a night, usually going back to sleep pretty easy. When we co-sleep though lately he just wants to literally lay ON me. He used to be fine being next to me. This makes sleeping pretty difficult. He's all toddler though! 

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Hi ladies-

I have been MIA for a while.  So glad to see all the fun photos of our kids!  They are getting so big.


I am feeling baby fever already.  (I see there are many of you moving on to more DDC, jealous).   I am still waiting for AF to return.  Took 13 months with DD1, now we are past 15 months and I am feeling the itch.  DD2 has been sick (Croupe then the stomach flu) and regressed to almost no food and only nursing.  I am hoping that AF will return soon.  The girls are 26 months apart and I really am liking the spacing and would love to have it again..... COME ON AF.


What are you guys doing for Christmas for the kids?  We got DD2 the cutest little doll and I can't wait for her to open it.  She is pretty crazy about DD1's dolls and think she is really going to  love it.


She is still not talking really at all, maybe saying Mama and Dada and trying to say Chloe, but it sounds nothing like Chloe. She will sign milk for just about everything she wants.  She started walking at 14 months and now she is just all over the place.  She climbs up our HUGE playset and goes down the spiral slide by herself.... she is pretty daring (and I think DH and I are a little more easy going than we were with DD1).  I am loving this stage and love watching my girls play.  SO heartwarming.



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