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sk8: thanks for the comment-- my husband is a photographer by training!  Hope the allergist appt turns out well.  



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Maeryn just amazes us every day... she's getting so smart so fast. Tonight alone she's had us in stitches the whole night, a few minutes ago she was sitting in a cardboard box and goes "Bye daddy!" and starts making a motor noise and pretending like she's driving!


Earlier, I picked her up near the Christmas tree and she shouts "Oooooh!" and squirms to get down. I think nothing of it... until I remember I let the big kids put candy canes on the tree last night. I told them to put them up high enough Mae couldn't reach (so past the "no ornaments" line as Mae refuses to leave the ornaments alone, she wants to take them off and put them back on) which they did... but they didn't put them high enough. 

Maeryn walked across the room, grabbed her purple chair, carried it over to the tree... and I grabbed my phone to get a picture lmao.



Ignore the books all over the floor, Mae's favorite game is "empty the bookshelf while mommy has no energy"

This pregnancy is really kicking my butt! I was so lucky the last two times that my youngest was either 2 or 4 years old (depending on the pregnancy)... chasing a 1 year old while dealing with the first trimester is so tough!

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Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post

Ignore the books all over the floor, Mae's favorite game is "empty the bookshelf while mommy has no energy"


That's the last thing we notice! I am sure everyone here has toys, etc on the floor constantly. At least we do at our house, I just wait until after DS goes down for the night, otherwise it's pretty pointless to keep trying to pick everything up. orngtongue.gif


She's too cute! DS has been pulling (yanking) ornaments of our tree. *sigh*


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Mae is getting too big too fast. She can get in our can cupboard... she was sitting with a can of tomato paste near her the other night and my husband says "Mae, can you put that back please?" and she grabs it, without even looking at it, took it to the cupboard, put it away and shut the door.


She understands SO much. Bedtime, go give mommy kisses and follow daddy to bed. If he doesn't let her turn off her own bedroom light she pitches a fit. Where's your drink? She will go find her sippy cup. Would you like another cracker? She will come RUNNING from the other room to get it.

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How are your LO's naps?


DS will normally take two good naps. However depending on the day, he is either with my Mom, me or DH. I'd like to get him on a routine, but DH isn't very diligent about following the routine. Some days DS is with DH, he only get one nap or two short ones.


My Mom said LO's this age still need two naps. DH seems to think he doesn't really need both. I don't know if this is a battle I should fight for.

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LOs at this age, in my opinion, need however many naps they show a need for.

Mae, most days, gets 1 long nap (from about 10 til around 1) but some days it's 2 shorter ones (9 to 10:30, 1 to 2:30). It just depends on when she gets cranky or starts laying down.


Her bedtime routine doesn't change at all based on which sort of nap she gets.

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NAPS--We're in the some days two, some days one camp as well. There is no easy answer, I don't think, at this age because the two naps to one nap transition takes a lot of time and often is a two-steps-forward-one-step-back kind of thing.

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Ozzy went down to one nap at 10 months.  Later than his sister, who went down to one nap at 9 months.  *kills self*


I really envy other people's napping children.  

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I can generally get 2 short naps out of Lila or one longer one, but lately she only takes them in the Mei Tai. She loves to be worn.  

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New pics! 

Last weekend having Mexican food (YUM!) 




Snow Day! 



And with Santa Claus



What are your babies doing? :D 


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Amanda--the picture of Lila with Santa Claus is cracking me up.  I love how she's looking at him with such suspicion!

After all my handwringing a few months ago about Ellie's 2 or 3 word vocabulary (what can I say?  I'm such a prototypical first time parent...biglaugh.gif), we've had a language *explosion* in the past few weeks.  It's almost as if she hit 16 months and decided we were finally worthy of being talked to.  Ha! 


In other exciting news, she's finally getting more hair.  Not a ton, but her scalp is no longer clearly visible.  I'm holding out hope we'll be able to make tiny pigtails by her 2nd birthday!


How's everyone else doing?

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Mae's potty training. At just under 16 months. WTF child...


and it's all her choice. I'd rather she not but she's done everything else (but talk) early so hey why not, right?

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Originally Posted by Laurski View Post

In other exciting news, she's finally getting more hair.  Not a ton, but her scalp is no longer clearly visible.  I'm holding out hope we'll be able to make tiny pigtails by her 2nd birthday!


You sound like me with my first DD!  I even took pictures of her first pigtails because I could barely believe she'd finally grown enough hair.  My DS has more hair--and has had more haircuts--than his sisters combined in their first 2 years of life.


Mae-That is crazy!  T asks to sit on the potty sometimes and does tell us when he is pooping, but he's not PTing. He does have the awareness, but he's not ready. I figure he'll probably do it on his own like DD2 did


Amanda--Gracious is she adorable! 



AFM-Weeeeelllll...add me to the list of repeat offenders!  I'm joining another September DDC. I'm just over 5w now. We were unsure of #4, more when than if. So we decided to give up our half-assed preventing and just leave it up to God. And we got pg the very cycle we decided that!  Ha. I'm due 4 days after DS's 2nd birthday, but knowing me, they'll be 2 weeks apart. AT least.


Oh, and we had T's 15mo well check this week. He is tall and skinny--97%+ for height and only about 60% for weight, just like DD1 was at that age. He seems so much smaller than DD2 was, but they're very close to the same size. He's ahead on all of his milestones, and she was amazed at his gross motor skills. He is such a crazy climbing monkey!!

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woo hoo pinkbunch!

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Congrats Pink Bunch! 


Our dd3 sounds like Mae...


She is all over the place, and seems to already know everything.  She is talking in sentences often, saying things like, "Look at that! Rainy today!" She loves to look at books, but not to be read to.  She turns the pages and reads/sings while she does it.  She loves to play with our big dogs, and to chase the kids around.  It's imperitive that all stuffed animals/baby dolls be wrapped in blankets.  She brings them to us with a "Help you", and throws them on our lap.  Then she squeals when we hand back a wrapped baby, and says, "Thanky!"  And runs off down the hallway.  We have a hammock swing in our basement, and she'll wiggle into it and flip and twist and swing all around.  Her favorite is to lay on her back and be twisted up and spin down really fast.  Huge giggles, and then, "Din!!!"  She's trying really hard to jump (and sometimes can), and is also working on the potty thing.  It started because every.single.time. we put her in the bathtub after supper...ugh, you guessed it.  After one or two times of us being grossed and saying, "NO!  NO POTTY IN THE BATHTUB!!!!  AHHHHH!"  And pulling out she and dd2 out as fast as we can, she now stands up, and says, "potty?" and we can put her on the toilet instead.  She's been bringing me diapers to change her (even when just wet) for a couple of months now.  It seems like the more I have, the quicker they learn stuff, and the shorter time they want to be babies.


Oh, and I hate naptime.  She takes one easily enough, but no longer two, though she still could use it some days.  The real problem is that the other kids need some quiet time in the afternoon, and my pg self does, too.  But, dd really needs to be in bed by about 10a, and sleeps to 12 or so.  So, just when she is up raring to go, it's time for lunch and the others to go take a break.  So, I have to be "on" all day.  Right now, dd is in bed, and I plopped the others in front of a movie so I could lay down for a few minutes.  Today it's my own fault.  Dh was out of town (gets home today), and I buzzed around MDC until way too late, lol.

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oh my amazing baby.


goes from not even having a name for me to not being able to STOP saying "mom... mom... mom" lol but I'm still loving it, I was feeling left out when she had a name for everyone but me.


So far today I've gotten;


in the bathroom with my morning sickness (at 16 weeks, ugh) "Mom?" "what?" "ah you ah-why?" after the third time she asked the exact same thing I realized she was actually saying "are you alright?" then she goes "Mom?" "what?" "you nee wawa?" (I know, at least, wawa is water)


sitting at the computer trying to figure out tax stuff "Mommommommommom" "what?" "where dada?" "he's at work" then she nodded and walked away. She's used to him being on Skype when I'm at my computer since he's been gone for a week, when he comes home next week our little girl is going to be super happy I think!


Then, it was "mommommommom" "what?" "kitty?" "over there. what does kitty say?" "MAO!"



and to think just a couple weeks ago she was barely saying more than a dozen words and most of them were everyone else's names.


I guess this is what happens when you make it a point to talk to children in full sentences like they are full grown even when they are babies. My other two were around too many baby talkers i think and they took a lot longer to get a grip on full sentences.

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Congrats, PinkBunch!  That's wonderful news!


So that makes, what, 3 people in our DDC who are pregnant?  Or am I missing some?  So exciting!


(We're actually talking about TTC in June or so...my cycles are still all over the place, so who knows how long it will take.  Never thought I'd even be *considering* another one given how challenging DD's first 9 months were...biglaugh.gif)


I just love, love, love the toddler stage so much.  Even tantrums are not so bad, considering the incessant crying, screaming, and not-sleeping we struggled through when she was an infant...


DD's a huge fan of running, jumping, and dancing now.  It's really cute to watch her hop down the hallway (even if it means it takes *forever* to get down that hallway some days...)


Love all the updates!

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Not a baby by far... :( I mean, I got another on the way so I can't be TOO sad over it, right? But man, I miss her being a tiny baby.

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I know! These babies are growing up WAY too fast.  *sniff sniff* 


Here's my girl being super silly! 

Silly Lila.jpg


And here she is helping me with my hair! She did her hair before she got to mine! 



And I'd really like to shamelessly plug my blog.  Lila's been helping me workout (seriously.. seeing her do baby squats is the cutest thing in the WORLD!) http://arealwomanssweatjournal.blogspot.com  I'm down 130lbs since the day before I gave birth! 

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Originally Posted by Amanda_Reyasmom View Post

I'm down 130lbs since the day before I gave birth! 

Awesome mama! That's amazing!!


I love that some of you still post pictures. I keep meaning to post some myself, I just need to remember to do it.


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