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I don't like the ill, kill in Cillian and I think Caeden has the "ayden rhyming factor" that we've seen way too much of. The Ciaran will not get spelled or pronounced correctly by most folks.... making it better middle name material. That's where I put the unique name.. in the middle. The child can claim it or hide later depending on how much they like it.
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How about:





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Caedan. No, I don't think of Aiden when I see or hear it. The other two names sound a wee bit too feminine to me.

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I like Cillian best but prefer it spelled Killian. You could call him Killy when he's little. I wouldn't worry about "kill". 


I don't like Caeden or any "aden" name. Ciaran looks and sounds feminine. I think Kieran looks more masculine even if it sounds the same. What about Kian, Ian, Callan, Callum....

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Yeah...I think the verdict on "Caeden" is that it is in the "Aiden" family and to be totally honest (no offense to any of you who have kids with the name "Aiden") I am so sick of it! Working in the nursery at our church and with lots of toddlers- names like that are a dime a dozen. Not to mention I have 3 friends who named their kid "Aiden" and my sister in law just had a boy and what did she name him? Aiden! I couldn't believe it! Ah! So...Being that I am trying to be original, I am realizing that there are consequences to that. Not only that, even though Caeden is my favorite name on my list, it really is too much like so many out there and that rhyming family. 


That being said, I'm loving some of the other suggestions I've gotten! Someone suggested Cullen...I like that.


The more DH and I talk about it, the more we're leaning toward some of our other names. We've had 2 categories: The Scottish/Irish trendy/unique names that I was thinking of OR this list:







I've always loved "Patrick"...and it's still very Irish. When I was concerned about the shortening of it to "Pat", DH reminded me that his own brother whose name is Jonathon, never gets called John, because he makes it clear that it's not his name. Also, since my kids are homeschooled, there isn't a lot of "playground time" anyway...we are apart of an ongoing playgroup, but that's it.


Arg. Well, we still have lots to think about but it's really helped to have more suggestions and all of the feedback! It sounds like some people still think of "kill" with Cillian, and it's a good point about some people pronouncing it wrong.


Ciaran is out for us- I have asked too many people about it and 90% say that it is too hard to pronounce. I don't want to do that to this kid. 


I really wish I could just decide. This is the first pregnancy that I didn't know what the name would be from the moment of conception eyesroll.gif And it's really bugging me that I can't just "love" one! My mom told me "You'll just know" but I haven't felt that way about any one name.


SO wasn't expecting another boy to name either so it's been challenging in this name department. Hoping for name wisdom sooner than later...


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I don't know if this is really Irish, but there's a little boy at school named Collier.  I love that.  It fits with your other names, I think.  :)

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Colin is nice, too. Though not as long as the other boy's names.
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Cillian makes me think less of killing, but definitely of the beer....


I love Ciaran! It isnt at all "girly", not that I believe in that anyway. I think it's perfect. Be prepared for 99% of people to mispronounce it though. Most people will pronounce it "See-ah-ran"

With that said, my son's name is mispronounced 99.99% of the time and I still love it tons and think it's perfect for him. If it has cultural significance and beauty to you, it will also have that for your child. I am not a fan of "Americanized" spellings of names to make them more palatable to most single culture Americans.

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Love this name. It has a Celtic/ Irish sound but won't befuddle Americans trying to say it or spell it.
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I like Cillian. I do not know if I will have any more children, but if I did and if it was a boy, I'd pick Cillian! I like the same style of names as you. :)


My sons are Griffin and Finnegan.

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Caedan - very popular, I know a lot of caden's and I just think trendy when I hear it.

Ciaran i like it but read it as Kieran with a C.

Cillian - I just see Sill-ee-un and then think cillia and hair inside bodies that catches dirt and germs and such. I do like Killian though.

A world of baby names has a nice scottish section, my library had a copy that i borrowed.

Thoughts? I do not like "Aiden" or any other names rhyming with it besides Caedan.

I've been to about 20 baby name sites so I don't need any website suggestions. Just your true blue honest feedback on these names and your favorite! Thanks in advance smile.gif


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a third name is so tricky! We're expecting our third, as well, and I like the way my first "go" together-- Stella and Julian-- but coming up with third names that worked was stressful! I love the Irish/Gaelic names. Are you down with mainstream Catholic names like Patrick, or Sean or leaning towards more medieval-y? I considered Rory this time, but I think it's only appropriate for a red-head, and I like Devon/Devin, but the girls may have stolen that one. I know some Kieran variations, and I can never remember who is who or exactly how to say them. Did someone mention Rowan? (or is that a girl name too? I can't keep up!)
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