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Need Help. Diapers are already repelling - only 3 weeks old!

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I have some things stacked against me, I believe. We have hard water and a front loading washer. These are brand new dipes - babe is only 3 weeks old and for the past week he has been peeing all over me. Diaper is DRY. They aren't too big/small. Water does bead up when I run water on them. I am so bummed right now. I am not sure what to try. I have read so much conflicting information. Last time I did not have a front loading washer and never ever had repelling issues, though I had stink issues a couple times.

Would the front loader in some way cause the repelling? Like not getting the detergent out? I'm using 2 tbsp's of rocking green. The only other thing I can think of is that there was some lavender oil in my wipes solution I made and now I'm reading that can be an issue. Do I try dawn? Sportwash?

My wash cycle is a long cold wash with no detergent and no spin so that it saturates the diapers. Then put detergent in really hot wash and an extra rinse.

I'd appreciate any advice/input. I'm really upset that it's only a couple weeks in and we are dealing with this. All of our gear has been peed on and I change my sheets twice a night! Can't give up and these are expensive dipes!
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Are you sure that you washed the fabric up to absorbency before you started using them?  If there's hemp in the diapers, this could be 9-10 times.  I might try running them through the washer a few times on the hottest setting with no detergent at all.  Front loaders are easy to use too much detergent in.  Try cutting back to 1T?  Or, honestly, I might try using a teeny tiny quantity of a more conventional detergent.  Like Tide, or Target brand.    

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Thanks for your reply! They've been washed at least a dozen times - no hemp. Most of the diapers are fuzzi bunz (microterry inserts) and itti bitti's AIO.
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We use FB with a organic cotton pre fold inside.  The inserts didn't work well for us.  Our strategy is a rinse on hot, then a full cycle on hot.  Once a week I boil water and put that in with the wash.  It seems to work.  I cringed when I read about having to use Dawn or Tide when I was in this boat.  I did try it and it wasn't the solution for us.  I think even with a front loader you still could get some boiling water in the wash.. might be a challenge.  I have tried everything and this worked for us.  Good luck to you!

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IMO, the major drawback to pockets is that they can, sometimes, start repelling.  Boiling water will probably help.  

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I'd strip with dawn.  I don't have a front loader, but I have heard other people talk about adding water to the wash, or a cycle that would allow extra water.  Also if you have hard water, you might go with hard rock instead of classic.  

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you could try adding baking soda to every wash too. it helps soften hard water as well as fight stains stink! there are some interesting links on this page about water softening.  http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/201827.html

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I have a front loader and have to add extra water to the washer. I use really hot and pour it in the top where the detergent goes. Also, I use vinegar as a rinse which helps get the suds out. I run a cold quick wash cycle, adding cold water; a hot wash cycle with detergent and oxyclean and vinegar as the softener; then a hot rinse cycle.
When you add the water, keep looking at the water in the machine. If there is soap left in the diapers you will see suds appear as you add water. I think the diapers/inserts are so absorbent that they soak up the washer water and leave nothing for the washer to use for cleaning/rinsing, that's why I add extra water.
If there are still suds after the last quick wash then I run another hot rinse and spin cycle also adding water.
I do use Fuzzi Bunz also and prefolds and both soak up all the water and they can stink if I don't add water to the washer.
Dawn stripping didn't work for us because it took so long to get out the suds and it didn't make a difference.

Good luck!
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Try Calgon. Ive heard with hard water that solves the problem. I would not boil your pocket dipes only the inserts! YOu could melt the PUL in boiling water. Do you have build up in your washer? do you use only Rocking Green in all laundry?

Do you use dryer sheets in the dryer ever at all? If so you could be causing this to worsen. Good luck.


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