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Originally Posted by Attila the Honey View Post

Wednesday: peanut noodles

Thursday: fried potatoes with tempeh bacon and applesauce

Friday: goulash made with burger crumbles

Saturday: pizza



How do you make the goulash, Attila? I'm interested! wink1.gif


Originally Posted by catnip View Post

I usually curry cauliflower - same recipe I use for curried pumpkin or squash, just cauliflower instead - red lentils, coconut milk, spinach, onions, raisins, spices. Let me know if you want the recipe.

Yes, please! eat.gif 

I came too late for my cauliflower.. it had all brown parts in the stems and looked rotten inside so I tossed it..*sigh*

Now I have 4 ginormous eggplants that I got from the market yesterday, now I need to think what to make with it. I use it for tomato sauce with eggplant sometimes (here in Sicily it's called 'Pasta Norma' -with pasta, of course lol) but I don't want to 'waste' those beautiful things just for sauce..


Any ideas? I'll have to dig out my 'Vegan Italiano' by Donna Klein, she should have something with eggplant..


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Originally Posted by nald1 View Post

what goes into the chili to make it spicy and sweet?  that sounds GOOD!!!


Also, any veggie butternut squash soup recipes out there? 


it's kind of a combo of a little vinegar or ketchup with hot sauce and brown sugar or maple syrup.  It's YUM!


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Swap in cauliflower for the pumpkin. I usually just put in as much as I can fit in the pot.

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It supposed to start getting cool and fall-y next week! I'm so excited! Now I'm thinking things like:


Butternut squash baked penne with carmelized onion and sage breadcrumbs

Black bean and butternut squash chili

Tempeh shepherd's pie

Black bean sweet potato enchilada casserole

Broccoli soup and drop biscuits

White bean soup and bread

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Thanks gator-mom! I'll have to keep this concoction in mind!



thanks for the link! Too funny, my cauliflower curry w/chickpeas is actually quite similar to yours, but I've never had it with pumpkin and red lentils! I'll have to try it next time when I can get my hands on a cheap(er) pumpkin. The last ones on base at the commissary were 5$ and up for a medium sized one..dizzy.gif


PS: I came across a site with several squash recipes. I assume you guys in the US have it easier (and cheaper) now getting good squash? 




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wow thanks for the yummy-looking recipes guys!!
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Originally Posted by catnip View Post



Swap in cauliflower for the pumpkin. I usually just put in as much as I can fit in the pot.

Made this tonight with butternut squash and it was a huge hit! Thanks for the recipe! :)


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Sorry, girls, I was totally slacking with posting this week's meal plan.. I winged it mostly due to a full freezer and planning around using those ingredients I have on hand..

So far we had curried Butternut Squash Soup on Monday and yesterday pasta w/sauce for the family, I had vegan mac 'n cheese from fatfreevegan.com . [ I'm still looking for *the* perfect mac 'n cheese recipe.. I have a few more to try and hopefully I'll find one I really love.. FFV's yesterday was ok but since I've made it in advance, it soaked up all the sauce so it was dry like heck..]

For lunch with plenty of leftovers I've made a Pasta Salad with 'mock feta' which turned out nice. 


Today I'm planning on making the Gypsy soup that has been mentioned somewhere here, it's Mollie Katzen's recipe, I believe?


Not sure what to make the rest of the week.. DH brought 2 big stalks of broccoli from the market as well as 2 huge eggplants.. After having made fried eggplant cutlets last week as well as baba ghanoush (sp?) I might make the cutlets again from one of the eggplants and use the other one for my 'Norma tomato sauce'.

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Tonight we had a lazy dinner of ravioli, butternut for DH and I, cheese for the boys.


In the last few days we've had:

lemony cashew basil pesto spaghetti

tempeh and rice skillet

bean tacos

cashew ginger tofu with rice and "clean out the fridge" veggie stirfry. 


Tomorrow will likely be squash and veggie soup.


So far for the week I am also planning:

lentil loaf with sauteed mushrooms and onions, gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans

spaghetti and 'sausage'

white bean pasta

cauliflower and chickpea curry

some sort of tofu and broccoli stirfry over rice

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We made chili this weekend, and tempeh shepherd's pie with squash and brussels sprouts roasted with apples and onions. we had soup and bread, and tonight I'm intending the last of the garden tomatoes in pasta pomodoro tonight.

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Made stir fry tonight with Japanese eggplant, carrots, mushrooms and tofu.  And tomorrow I'm going to probably make eggplant parmesan (we got a lot of eggplant in last weeks CSA).

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Two days ago was homemade pizza.  Yesterday was a simple vegetable soy-maple stirfry over basmati rice.


Today is rainy and cool so I'm making some potato leek soup for dinner that we'll serve with leftover pumpkin pull apart rolls that I made yesterday.  I might make a lentil and wild rice salad as well.


The rest of the week and weekend is up in the air still.   

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Yesterday, after reading about the Goulash that someone made I had a real craving for it.  So I made it and it turned out awesome.  It was

so easy and super quick.  My mom used to make the non veg version when were kids so she gave me the recipe.  Sautee lots of onions and

garlic.  My mom said that she uses the same ratio of onion to meat.  Anyways, so after sauteeing the onions and garlic I added lots of

hungarian paprika.  Next time I will add even more.  Sautee a little but make sure it does not burn.  Then add some tomato sauce and water

to thin it out like a stew.  Let simmer.

She said to add some dried herbs like Italian seasonings or dried basil.  I added dried basil but next time will do the other.  Then I sauteed Gardein Beef Tips

for a few minutes as the directions say on the pkg.  Then I added this to the sauce.  Served with boiled poatoes and some salad.  I also added some hot

chili peppers. It was delicous!!  Had leftovers tonight.  Next time I will add more paprika.  I'm sure it would be great with crumbles too. 

It took me all of 20 minutes to put together. Thanks to the previous post for giving me the idea. 

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