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Dont give up Mama! And its never too late to bond.. :-)

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I am going to get yelled at! :)


I am painting the bathroom today. Well, at least one wall. My husband has been saying he has been going to to it since we moved in March. I labored in the bathroom at the hospital with my last baby and have a feeling I will be in the bathroom again this time too, but since I am staying home (fingers crossed) I refuse to look at the gross wall while in labor.

It is just dirty and needs to be painted. It hasn't been painted for 13 years and it's time. I don't even care if the rest of the bathroom gets painted, just the wall that I will end up looking at. :D


So, at 37.5 weeks I am painting. And I don't really care if it pisses my husband off. I can't take it anymore!!

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I switched out the kids summer to winter clothes.  I HATE that.  I also had to go through the closets because I didn't exactly do a good job of sorting and labeling the last two change outs.  I swear I am moving South to avoid this chore!  I HATE HATE HATE it!


I also vacuumed all the louver closet doors.  Each room have 4-8 of them to do.  They look SOOO much better now!  DH said it wouldn't work.  Well he was WRONG!  Yeah!


I think I may be nesting for the first time ever.



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NC05 - I hear you about those times when the husband says he will do it and then never does. So frustrating. We had a big pile of wood and rocks in the back of our SUV that my husband removed from near our rental house fence when making a repair to it. I got tired of seeing it in the back of the car after a week (plus how stupid is it for gas mileage to drive around with another passenger's worth of weight?). So I removed the whole pile to the garage floor so he could do whatever he had planned to do with it. He got mad that I did it and said "it's not like it was going to stay in there FOREVER" and here it is, maybe four weeks later...guess where it is? And guess where it would have been now if I hadn't moved it. So anyway, I would have done the same as you, sometimes if you want something done you just have to do it yourself. 38 weeks pregnant or not. Sigh!

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I only painted for about 20 min before I decided I was happy. Lol my husband is actually finishing the rest of the bathroom now. I will feel guilty about taking up part of his weekend later, but not now. He also turned over the garden for me today too, so things are getting done, just not in order.

I am starting to be super irritable about everything. It seems like it is the way to be before having a baby though. It amazes me what will just rub me the wrong way and I am embarrassed by how worked up I can get.

I think my two little guys can sense the upcoming change and they have been testing the boundaries big time over the last couple days too.
Sigh, almost done!
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My 3.5 year old has been driving me BATTY. My patience level is directly related to how rested I am though. The night before last I was up for 2 hrs in the middle of the night with some intense practice labor and yesterday I had so little patience with her. It was horrible. Today was much better. Anyway, glad you got your bathroom painted! DH put the pile of concrete (minus the wood) back in the car to take it somewhere to dispose of it, but then forgot as he had a bunch of stops to make on his outing. So it's back in the back of the SUV now. I just have to laugh! He was awesome to me today though, made a giant pot of chicken noodle soup and helped me make some roasted butternut squash soup so I could freeze them. Also helped with the laundry, making beds and picking up. I hear you though, the irritability seems to be part of the final stages of pregnancy. I remember it from last time too.


I have the house pretty much the way I want it now for labor/birth/beyond and am having to work my tail off to keep it that way. Ugh!

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Lost my uterine seal yesterday!!!! Nothing to speak of for most of the day until I sat at my daughters soccer game in the sun and drive an hour there and back. Spent the rest of the night breathing through some heavy contractions. These ones actually hurt for the first time. I got to a point where I felt to tired for labor and needed to rest and I managed to pass out in the middle of it all. And guess what?! I woke up with no contractions, again! Well, its a full moon and I know its right here. She also completely turned to my left side and it feel so weird after having her on the right for so long! Ive got nothing to do today but get the ball rolling so once the kiddos are out the door to school Im going walking!

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Im in the same boat Dlynn! I've been pretty quiet about it, but my water released in a flood on the front sidewalk as we were saying goodbye to some friends on Sat night.  The kids were cheering...so maybe the whole neighborhood knows. Anyway...it's following my typical pattern so far, this is my 4th babe who began with my water breaking and NO LABOR to speak of....it took just about  72 hrs for my active labor to begin afterwards so Im waiting .....patiently....or at least trying to.  today after the kids get off to school, Im going walking at the beach with my husband. maybe we'll do some kissing too <3


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Thinking of you nurnur and hoping labor begins for you soon!


I have been very crampy again today with some regular squeezes so that is fun. The weekend was so quiet after some very intense practice labor on Friday night that I really thought was the real thing. I am trying hard to get a research article finished up today, believe it or not (maybe it's just me who thinks this is a ridiculous thing to be working on at this point but I have no choice) so it's not hanging over my head.


I have an appt tomorrow and midwife is going to check my cervix. Very interested to know how things are looking!


Oh and today is my birthday. 37, boy do I feel old. Especially for having a baby soon. :) But I feel really good nonetheless. Quite unventful with the focus being on the baby's arrival, plus my two other children are sick and our pregnant babysitter with morning sickness is taking care of them...not a happy crew around here today!

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