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Having #3 (and maybe #4)...

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Hello everyone!


This is my second time being apart of a MDC DDC. I'm expecting my third baby towards the middle of April but my 4 year old son suggests that its twins, a boy and a girl. He was right about his sister and I was right about both of them. This time, I can't tell if its a boy or a girl at all, so maybe it is both and that explains why I'm not clear one way or the other?


My first child was born unmedicated in a hospital with midwives after 38 hours of labor. It was empowering because I saw what I was capable of in the face of bad odds and inadequate support. Labor and birth in and of themselves were not that hard, but it really sucked to fight off the midwives and resist their efforts for a backdoor induction and augmentation. I had PTSD after the experience which made the first year of motherhood additionally difficult. That's when I became a birth advocate and started working in the birth community. First with Solace for Mothers and then with the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services.


With my second, I planned an unassisted homebirth and it was awesome. She ended up coming faster than we thought she would so I have good memories of being pleasantly surprised.


With this one, my mother lives with us now and I feel like she will need a midwife there to help her understand what is happening. I have a great midwife in mind and I'm really looking forward to another homebirth, with a midwife standing back and watching while she quietly explains what is happening to my mother. Now its just a matter of knowing if it is twins and if the midwife I'd like to work with will attend a twin homebirth.


I may have a big project going on during my pregnancy and I'm not sure if it will work out or not, but I'm going to keep going with it until it no longer does work. I'm working on opening a business close to my house and we'll just see if everything falls into place for it! This is not out of character for me, with my first I started graduate school when I was pregnant, with my second, I wrote my master's thesis, so why not with my third open a business that puts my degree to use?

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Hi jenneology,


Wow maybe it could be twins. I don't have any clue what the baby's sex is yet either. With my first I knew she was girl almost immediately after I knew I was pregnant. I had lots of crazy dreams to confirm. This pregnancy not so much. So you're thinking of opening up a business? That's awesome. My husband runs a business from home right now and by early next year I'd like to open up a store front and my other goal is after maternity leave, quit my current job and work part time in the business. Excited to see someone else with big goals. Maybe we can help keep each other on track :)

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What kind of business are you thinking of? I'm also considering a store front, but I either need partners or a business loan which I'll be actively pursuing next week.

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We run a cell phone repair business. I need to rewrite my business plan and then I'm looking at getting a $20,000 loan to get us through the transition 4 month period and buying things for the store. Realistically I'm looking at opening up the store around January/February.

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Wow! With a new baby in April! What are your plans for making that work? How is it going getting the loan?


I've been networking but nothing has panned out, except on the doula front. I have a feeling I'm going to lose the space but since I was invited to join a doula collective, I'll still be plenty busy. My last effort to get the store front going was to contact an existing business to request they consider a collaboration. Haven't heard back...

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