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How often do you go out during the week? Playdates etc?

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Hi fellow SAHPs,


I have a two and four year old and spend almost everyday going out with them. I get so exhausted!! More than that, I feel I should be able to stay home with my kids all week without going crazy...........is this possible? How often do you take your lo's out somewhere? I almost panic in the am if I have no one to visit or to meet us at the park ect. I feel so weird that I can't just find enough things to do around the house with just the three of us. I want to start a new routine this September. Anyone out there with some good ideas to stay content and busy at home with two lo's???????

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I have a 3mo and a 2yo and we stay home a few days a week.  I don't think it is necessary to go out every day because it is so exhausting getting everyone to move and then keep them happy.  We do the park & playground a few times a week and have a few playdates too.  If we stay home, we play outside, go on walks, DS1 will "help" me do dishes and clean the house and otherwise we will read, play, etc.  Since your kids are older you could try craft times- finger paints. play-doh, etc. and have them help you do stuff- make a game of it. 

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i used to go out every single morning and then every single evening with my then 1yr old and newborn. staying in the house drove us NUTS. 


now that ds1 is 2 1/2-ish and ds2 is 1, we can stay home 50% without going crazy because they can play with each other, and ds1 is starting to play on his own (without me! gasp!) 


but i noticed when we spend 2-3 days in a row at home, its torture! it also seems harder being at home, because instead of other people and things and cars catching their attention, its like Im the one who has to be in "teacher mode" or something. always full of ideas and gentle voices and food lol. 


if you want to stay home a bit more without going crazy, learn to make every day little things into a fun event. my ds1 will spend 20 minutes washing one cup in the sink. seriously. or when im looking for a lost toy, i end up singing some silly song, "where is victors tooooy, tooooy, tooooy? where is victors toooooooooooooy? mama cant find iiiiiiit!" hahaha! and search the house and have LOs look under things etc, etc...


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never i have social anxiety i only take them out if hubby is with me.

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If I spend half a day home then I'm doing great. I do have 4 kids so someone constantly needs a ride. Back before they were school aged we'd stay home maybe 1 day a week. 

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Thanks for the great replies...........keep them coming!

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Before I got pregnant and rotated between bedrest and "limited activity", we usually did a playdate or class every morning and then most afternoons some sort of errand or playing with the neighbors.  DS is three and extroverted, as am I.  Being stuck in our house has been a huuuuuuuuge challenge for me and I was really depressed about it initially.  We're both starting to get used to it, but I find myself using the TV to entertain DS while I chat on the phone, email, or come on MDC way more than I ever used to.  I am definitely still climbing the walls though, as is DS.  Being a SAHM and staying home can be hard.  I don't think there is anything wrong with doing a lot of running around if it keeps mama sane.  In terms of things to do at home... we read lots of books, do art projects/crafts, pretend play (ughh...have to say I'm really tired of pretend play)  and rotate toys so very few are out at a time.  Then when we pull something out, it often feels "new" to DS. 

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Most days.  There was a thread about this within the past couple of months.  We do almost all free stuff.  A mom's group, LLL, playdates at friends houses, library, walks with other moms, that kind of thing.  I'm a real pain in the butt if I don't get out with some regularity.

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I have one DD (12 mths), we go out most days - even if it's in the backyard or to the park down the street. I try to get all my "chores" done in the am, then she has a nap; during which I usually do cleaning that I can't do with her following me around, and then we go out when she wakes up. Sometimes if my hubby is home I'll sneak out to an am yoga class.


Our outings are rarely playdates, I have very few IRL mama friends; usually LLL once a month, grocery shopping, library and "window shopping" at the shops down the street. 

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