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I had my baby!

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Contractions started around midnight, 2-3 minutes apart and they were painful. No bloody show, no water breaking... finally at 6am I decided to go to the hospital to see if anyrhing was happening. I was discouraged that 6 hours of straight pain resulted in only 4cm dilated. (Previous to this labor, my longest labor was 5 hours) .

At 11 am, I was at a 6 and I let them break my water. Finally around 3 pm I went for an epidural (my first). I hate needles with a passion but I was literally crying at the pain. I had 3 easy labor and deliveries before so this was new to me. I was able to sleep for a half hour or so, then pushed her out in less than 5 minutes. She's preterm so she's being observed in the NICU, but so far she seems very healthy. 6lbs, 12 oz. 20 inches. Olivia Marie. And she is so precious!
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Congrats!  I hope your little girl gets out of NICU asap and you both get to go home soon.


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Congratulations mama!
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Congratulations on your new baby girl!


I'm sorry the birth threw you for a loop -- I think I recall you saying in a chat thread recently that you thought you'd have a longer labor this time around. Sounds to me like you did great despite the more challenging labor! love.gif

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Congrats Mama!  Hope you are both home very soon to babymoon together!

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Congratulations! I am pretty sure we were due on the same day, so I am only mildly
jealous you aren't pregnant any more. smile.gif enjoy your sweet baby. I hope you guys get to come home soon!!
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Congratulations, and welcome Olivia!!!  I hope she is out of NICU soon!

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Congrats!!  hope she gets out of the NICU soon and you get to take her home :D

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Oh honey congratulations, what an eventful labor day!! Hope your beautiful baby ous home in your arms soon!
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congrats!! I had been wondering if you were going to go soon, based on your recent posts. :) Glad she is here and can't wait to see pics!! Hope you are feeling good.

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Congrats on your little bundle! :-)

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Congrats on your new baby girl!!  Hope she's out of NICU soon!

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Congrats mama.  I hope you get to take her home soon.

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Blessings for you and your family!

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Woohoo! You were right - real labor was very close at hand! I hope she's out of the NICU soon! 

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Congratulations! I hope both of you are home now and enjoying time together.

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